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I'm new to the community and also new to Nas storage system and I need your help.

I created my Netgear account and registered the product.

I; Im trying to connenct to the page ReadyCLOUD using my Netgear account.

The 104 Nas is discovered, but when I try to access it I get a message that says: the ReadyCloud device Communication error lost communication with my storage system. When I clik the button 'Try Again' I'm on a loop.

I guess I do something wrong.

I also believe that I did not create a ReadyCloud account, since I connect with the credentials of Netgear.

Help, please


Did you check the online documentation?

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  • Failed to create a ReadyCloud account error 5000000100

    Hi all

    I get the 5000000100 error when I am trying to create a ReadyCLOUD account.

    Any ideas?

    I tried on Chrome, Firefox and IE. All the same.

    Thank you.

    Forget it. He now works.

    I took a different username. I guess the one I picked originally was in use.

  • migrate from ReadyCLOUD account does not work

    I received several emails to migrate my account readyCloud used to account for single sign - on (SSO).

    I used the 'how to', such as:

    "After the transition, when you visit ReadyCLOUD, you will be asked to migrate an account MyNETGEAR.

    During the migration, you will be asked to enter your existing account credentials ReadyCLOUD... »

    Nothing happens like that. I find no hint of the 'transition '.

    Does anyone know what I need to do?

    Best regards


    SvenF wrote:

    This means, I just have to be patient?

    For the moment, Yes.

  • problems to migrate ReadyCLOUD account

    I have problems with an account is migrated in theory, but something has failed, when added to the nas, e-mail me the user continue to appear and not as old accounts.

    occurs only with an account

    Hello ceitix,

    I was told that these accounts cannot be deleted. Since that account name has no approved product from Netgear, then I guess it should be nice just to do not then use it with ReadyCloud and use a new one, that you created.

    However, I am still awaiting further responses to this topic.

    Kind regards

  • Readycloud migration and upgrade Firmware

    Hi guys,.

    I got the same email that others have had about the Readycloud account migration to a single account of Netgear.

    I stopped using Readycloud to access because of inconsistencies with connections and now do things via Filezila without any problem.

    Should he change on behalf of Netgeat? and what of the update of the firmware?

    When I bought my camera in 2013 I put things up without problem, and the following year had notification of an update of the firmware. Duly updated and he missed so much that the only way I could get access to the NAS should return to 6.20. Since this bad experience, I did no updates that things work fine for my needs. I would rather not be updated if I don't have to.

    Can't wait to hear the responses.


    If you do not use ReadyCLOUD, then you wouldn't need to install the update of the firmware immediately or upgrade your ReadyCLOUD account for a SINGLE authentication account.

    However running such an old firmware as 6.2.0 missing a number of improvements, bugfixes, security fixes and other improvements.

  • R6300V2 and ReadyCloud

    My (older) R6300V2 is compatible with ReadyCloud; in other words, can I create a ReadyCloud account and use it via the R6300V2 wireless router.

    Back story: installed a RN212 ready NAS last March, but has not created the account of ReadyCloud during initial installation (the installation program has said that this could be done later). I would like to configure the ReadyCloud now, but not sure if the R6300V2 is compatible for the Support of Netgear page lists only the R6400 and higher routers.

    Hi @blue52,

    As it is, the only routers supported are those set out in the following support page.

    Kind regards


    The community team

  • ReadyNAS Replicate

    After the migration of my account ReadyCloud account that I can not log on the Readynas replicate page. My ReadyCloud works ok after the migration, but when I try to log in my reply nothing happens. Why? I do wrog? The backups work although I get e-mails confirming that.



    Hi 55north, MugiMuc, ReneC,.

    You need to use your old account (the one you use to connect before) that is not the ReadyCLOUD migrated / my NETGEAR account.

    Kind regards

    NETGEAR community team

  • Download iPhone error Media

    I'm having a problem of downloading of media (photos) from my iPhone to my NAS.

    I have a ReadyCloud account and I created a folder in my home folder ReadyCloud account, no problem. I then put the iPhone settings to send media on behalf of ReadyCloud and the folder created, once again no problem. However, when I access the ReadyCloud iPhone to sync application, I get an access denied error and the application continues to try. I found that if I create a folder outside my ReadyCloud account, public folders is to say it works. He suggests, there is a problem of permission settings, but I don't see how to change this in the ReadyCloud account. Ideas assuming I did it enough, clear please.

    Have you tried it with the new ReadyCloud (running the software on the NAS 6.5)?

    You are forced to migrate to the new stuff now anyway, then you should start by confirming that the problem persists.

  • Connectivity issues after upgrade to 6.5.0 remotely


    After the upgrade to 6.5.0 I had naturally create and update an account MyNetgear to use ReadyCloud on our 2 NAS boxes. At the beginning it was a headache because he beat absolutely all remote access (as others in the forum mentioned). However, I found that the main way to solve the problem was to leave ReadyCloud on both of our NAS devices and then join again (in addition to some full power cycling for luck). It seems that no device was able to make a clean break from the old normal upgrade process ReadyCloud accounts.

    One of the devices is now working to distance again, but when I try to log in second place that he just always says that ' a user space with the same name already exists. Change the local or the username ReadyCLOUD'.

    The problem with that is that the only account on the device is "admin". In addition, as new ReadyCloud connections use e-mail instead of user names addresses, I can't imagine that ever, I created an account with this "username". I looked through everything I can find in the admin page and I can't find other users anywhere. I even went through all network protocols in the settings window for our single part, and "admin" is the one account mentioned.

    I did reinstall an OS, but it doesn't help.

    Can anyone suggest anything? Thank you

    Default factory reset solved the problem at hand, as well as several other insidious old problems such as errors of certificate which browsers panic whenever I tried to view the page admin and downtime of 5 minutes about (something on this unit is not really older than a year or two).

    Effective it's good, it is difficult to recommend default resets to a lot of people. 18 TB of backup via a gigabit connection isn't funny. Yet, it is not for lack of Netgear 10Gbe is so crazy expensive.

  • Deleting an account of Netgear ReadyCLOUD

    I want to completely delete an account on the Netgear ReadyCLOUD Portal I created. Anyone know how I can do this?

    @Vasily We don't delete accounts.

    You can create another account or use the same old ReadyNAS account remotely that you migrated to MyNETGEAR.

  • Cannot save my router on behalf of readyCLOUD

    I'm trying get readyCLOUD up and running. I created an account on readyCLOUD but when I try to register my router in the interface of the router with the login and the password of readyCLOUD that it does not work.

    About 20 seconds after you have entered the user name and password it simply says that registration has failed and that I should check my username and pw. I have now tried several times, chaning the password several times as well. Nothing works.

    @Snailstick Can you try to log on to your account ReadyCloud now? This should be fixed now.
    Let me know if you're still having problems.

  • Merge 2 accounts mynetgear

    I have set up my ReadyCloud with a new MyNetgear account, at the time wherever I forgot an existing slot and old email account which products approved for use in it.
    Is it possible to merge the accounts, or transfer the products approved for the new account.

    Hello @dannyrb78

    Welcome to the community!

    You can PM me the information you want to merge?

    Please provide the following information:


    Phone number:

    E-mail addresses:

    Which e-mail you want to keep?

  • Users of accounts Hotmail does not invite E-mail

    Hi, I use the Netgear 204 system everything works fine. 6.3.5 software

    Although I would fix ReadyCloud access to family records.

    Everyone that I invite you has a address does not invite him.

    Anyone who has a work related e-mail gets the invitation and online in a few seconds.

    Why not going to the hotmail /gmail e-mail addresses?

    I tried searching this forum with no luck.


    I also had no problem receiving email on a test account. My guess is that the problem lies somewhere on the receiving end / Microsoft. For a test, try to add [email protected] as a contact to your hotmail account and see if that helps.


  • Cannot depend on ReadyCLOUD (Pioneer Pro)


    I have a Pioneer Pro upgraded to OS6. 6.2.4 ReadyCLOUD worked completely fine.

    I've just updated to the latest 6.4.1 beta 3 and I can not get ReadyCLOUD to switch on it.

    I tried to leave and add account several times, rebooting between departure and add and even a factory reset.

    In ReadyCLOUD the device appears under Discover but is offline on the home page.

    Whenever I have try to toggle ReadyCLOUD happens with a ReadyDROP warning, saying written off service.

    Grateful for any advice.

    Thank you


    Just like the follow-up...

    Skywalker accessible remotely kindly my Pioneer Pro and entered the correct serial number.

    This is apparently something that touched very pioneer Pro - serial number has not correctly entered in the factory.

    It's all working fine now.

    Kind regards


  • Hide the share of ReadyCloud?

    Hi, I have ReadyCLOUD works perfectly on my RN104 but I wonder if it is possible to hide certain actions or the cloud records, as being able to access it from LAN (Windows 8.1), while maintaining access to all the rest.

    What I've tried so far is delete permissions to my user readycloud of shares, with no luck, because I can't uncheck permissions of read/write for the user of such cloud. I tried this from the local administration page and page Web ReadyCloud.

    I also tried to remove all SMB network with the exception of this sharing protocols, but still can go perfectly with ReadyCloud.

    Thank you!

    Are you trying to hide the folder/part of the guest user? Or are you trying to hide from your account (owner?)?

    If it's a guest user then Anne vazart and JennC has valid article that you are looking for to correct the behavior.

    If you are referring to your account with the account owner, then there isn't an option to allow you to hide the actions. Since you are the owner, you are considered to be the admin who will have more visibility than your guest users.

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