ReadyNas 316 | How to remove \data\home\Backup

I can't remove the \data\home\Backup on the admin page. I can't find this file on the mac Finder


The file has now been eliminated.

Once the balance, I'm finished running please run another UI, accessing the system > Volumes, selecting the volume and choosing the balance.

Once this is done, I would like to run a Defrag.

It is better not to fill the volume to more than 80-85%.

I recommend you to plan a balance every few weeks or more. I also plan a defragmentation.

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    Ask the developer of the app. This is not an Apple product.

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    Hi all

    for the first time user, looking for a good site.

    My problem is I had a PX126E - 1 16 for about 6 months now and it has been great for backing up photos and Favorites etc.

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    I agree with Homer.
    If you connect the external HARD drive to the laptop, then it will appear in my computer.
    There it is necessary to mark the new recognized external HARD drive, right click and choose format.

    This procedure will format the entire external HARD drive and erase what was stored on the HARD drive.

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    Here's what I found:

    by train: data/filename landed the file in app/native/data/filename

    try:... /... / Data/filename received the error

    by train: / data/filename received the error (hoping to slash leader was compared to the sandbox)

    I even on a lark tried: $HOME/filename, who literally created file app/native / $HOME!

    so he tried a ${HOME} with the curlies. I got an error saying unable to resolve the path variable.

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    You cannot package the file into the data, you copy your files at startup, if they don't not exist your app/native/data for example

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    Posted by nolden7
    to back up my files, which I did for years. Kept of each of them.

    How will you do these backups? What software do you use?

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    INAME my cradlepoint router network wireless netname then my homegroup is associated with that name.  for some reason, I leave the homegroup.  router is always named netname and homegroup is named netname1 and so on and so forth.  How to remove names of group residential previous thos.  I was there once and that you can not find the way back.  Thank you

    Try to go to control panel > network and Internet > network and sharing Center and then click the icon in the form of House directly below the words 'Show your active networks' - Note that you must click on the icon, not the name of the blue network.  Which will make appear a "Set network properties" dialog box and includes a "merger or clear location network 'choice left."  Maybe it's one of the things most well hidden in Windows 7!

  • How to remove the old backup RMAN

    Hello Experts,

    Please English me to remove my old backups RMAN. We act in RMAN backup on a daily basis on the disc. you want to delete the previous day from the disk backup.

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    Ideally if your backup is automatic, you need to add a line "delete noprompt obsolete device type disk;" at the end of backup scripts based on your retention policy clean the old not required for backups.


  • How to remove the iPhone backup is the mac book...

    I recently had to back up my phone to my mac book I was away and the phone was damaged. As I have a mac mini at home that I use for backups, I would like to delete the backup that is on my mac book.

    Any advice on how to do that would be great.

    in iTunes-> Preferences-> devices, click on the name of your iPhone, then the option 'Remove the backup' below.

    Find and manage your backups iTunes - Apple Support

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    If I go to the event viewer in computer management and select these words. He did a search on the summary of the events of Admisitrator, recently seen nodes and newspaper summary. I want to remove all references in the summary of the events of the administrator, but I want to continue to use the log for all future events.

    I tried to do by ensuring that there is a check box FILE reviews "Show all hidden files" and I also took the checkbox "Hide protected operating system files".  I have to program Data/Microsoft/Event Viewer and the folder is EMPTY.

    Is there a way to do this correctly?

    The observer of events (local) summary of administrative events on my computer displays the event in the last hour, last 24 hours and 7 days. Do you mean that you have received errors Event ID 315 2,000 over the last 7 days?

    If you say yes then the priority should be to find why you get so many errors. It so happened that I had the same report and wrote the following to another forum on January 2, 2012. It can help to solve your problem.

    This error was gets me a few months. This afternoon, I tried to resolve an event ID: error 2 and found a blog that offers a solution to this problem:

    If you ignore the warning and click "Leave the homegroup" and restart the computer, your home network still works. You can also get no event IDS more: 2 errors and the bonus for me was a cessation of the event ID: 315 errors. I rebooted the computer several times and errors have ceased.

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    How do I remove the persistent data of my Simulator please help I searched in internet they r saying go like this...

    ago I me answer please go through it you will get answer for this...

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    Before giving an imac, I need to delete all the data of a personal nature. How can I do this? Thank you

    What to do before you sell or give away your Mac - Apple Support

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    I don't want to keep iPhone 5 backups. I set myself now iCloud not to backup my iphone when I plug in, but how do I delete an old backup, I created which can be on my computer rather than iCloud? I don't know, actually. I think that my iPhone has been saved just once before. And the backup actually on iCloud and on my computer as it would have been in the past?

    Is always a good idea to keep a backup copy

    That being said - you can have backups in iCloud and iTunes

    The iCloud maximum return can be deleted by  - system preferences - iCloud - backup management

    What about iTunes - if you're bent on deleting of backup - you can google for where the backup is stored on your computer and delete it

  • How to remove data in three tables at once with the same key.

    I am new to Oracle ADF, I have a requirement like these, I have three tables such as employee salaries, teams of all these have a common EmpNo as common attribute, I have the search form these returns all employees related to this search query, when I click on the button Delete the particular employee data should delete all tables of the three based on the EmpNo.

    Any help is appreciated...

    (1) the easiest way is to mark the constraints of foreign key to WAGES employees and TEAMS of EMPLOYEES like ON DELETE CASCADE. The DB server then removes the necessary lines each time you remove a line from the employee.

    (2) another way is to implement a Before delete e-DB trigger on the EMPLOYEES table, where you can remove the related rows in other tables (have in mind that if you have foreign keys you can get an Exception Table mutation, so this approach is perhaps not very good).

    (3) an ADF is to implement a custom EntityImpl class for the Employee entity and substitute the remove() method where you can find the related entities of TeamMember and salary (via EntityAssoc accessors) and call remove() methods too.

    (4) another way of the ADF is to implement a custom EntityImpl class for the Employee entity and override the doDML() method where you can remove the lines needed in SALARIES and TEAMS through JDBC calls tables whenever a DELETE operation is performed on the Employee of the underlying entity.


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  • How to remove a corrupt backup?

    The system tells me it can not save, because my current backup is damaged.  But I can't know where to delete the bad ones.

    Thank you.

    iCloud or iTunes?

    If the backup is to iCloud see: manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

    If it was to your computer via iTunes see: find and manage your backups iTunes - Apple Support

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