ReadyNas Ultra 2 Bootmenu selection does not


I was informed by my NAS (RNDU2220) that a new firmware is available which I have tried to install via the "Remote Installation" option of the WebGUI interface. At first things went well, Raidar said that an update is performed. After updating the device unbootable, when I press the power that only the blue activity Led turns on, no LED drive. I thought that something was wrong and that he has decided to perform the operation to reinstall OS. It is absolutely crucial that I have do not lose data wherever I didn't do a factory full reset, just reinstall the OS.

Up to this so bad... I followed the guide as described here:

I managed to get the SIN to the State where all the LIGHTS are on, and now I'm supposed to scroll the boot menu options by pressing the Save on the front button. But when I press this button at all nothing happens, which means that no change in configuration of LED and all 4 LEDs stay lit no matter how much times I press the backup button or for how long I hold, or all 4 lights are extinguished after a simple click on the button Save and only the blue activity LED is turned on with the FAN running at high speed. Network is not activated at this stage so Raidar does not see my SIN no more.

What I am doing wrong, how can I leave the NAS reinstall the OS without a factory reset when bootoptions selection does not work? Is there a way to Flash the OS on USB without the need to choose a startup option, and without losing the data on the disks?

Any help is highly appreciated

Mdgm thank you for your time and effort, unfortunately nothing worked and history has ended with me pay $60 for a software recover data. Who worked happily

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    Welcome to the Forums EITHER!  The DAQmxCreateAOFuncGenChan is supported only on products Elvis II.  For other devices, including the 6251, you must use the ordinary DAQmxCreateAOVoltageChan and create your own data buffer.  I would recommend looking in the following example:

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  • MacBook Pro and SanDisk Ultra II 960 GB does not

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    My next goal is to enter the SSD in the MBP. He chips Intel SATA and is not supposed to have bizarre problems. Once again, I have installed the operating system and started via the USB port, no problems. It does not start when installed internally via SATA. If I drill the old HD, it starts immediately. The SSD makes a folder with one? in the middle.

    I have repartioned the reader for Mac. I also tried to clone with all disk utility, same result. I guess I could try SuperDuper or clone of carbon. I just installed another OWC drive in an other iMac and used disk cloning utility, and it worked perfectly.

    I wish that I had bought the OWC drive now, but I'm stuck with this open disk and I would like to make it work. Has anyone else had problems? I think that the drive is bad, but when in a dock player, it works very well and will start the computer via USB.

    When the SSDS was to the iMac 27 inches, she would not even allow the target disk mode, ot any source of start-up. I really thought that the video card was defective at first, but this player has been creating chaos.

    All the words of wisdom are welcome.

    To make a long story short, it's the SATA cable. The computer would boot from a classic HD so I thouhgt the SATA cable was OK.  Apparently, when these cables fail, they can operate at low speed, but there still may not work at all in trying to negotiate a connection with a 6 G SSD speeds. I also noticed that with the wrong cable, the link negotiated with the convnetional reader speed was 1.5 Gbit/s which was lower than expected. I replaced the cable of a reputable vendor and I got another job of SSD. I think the SanDisk that I ended up returning was really beautiful AND compatible.

    I was clued in after a brand that I know with certainty was compatible would not work either. PowerBookMedic sells relaible cables. "cheap" replacements are not recommended.

    Hope this helps someone else.

  • Static assets selection does not work in 10.2

    Here, dear

    I have an application with selection of static assets, whose exhibition structions aset looks like this:

    |     |----720x720
    |           |----ui1.qml

    The intention is that when run on devices of 720 x 720 (q10/CAD), must use the ui1.qml sub-folder '720 x 720'.

    Everything works fine when build Momentics 10.1, but when build Momentics 10.2, the built application does not work. Which means that it always uses the ui1.qml under the heading 'assets' regardless of the DPI of the device.

    There that anything must be updated for the 10.2?

    Thank you


    Just to finance a solution soon as I posted this: to add an entry in assets/gear - assets.xml:


    Hope this helps someone as well.


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  • Bindings.Select does not work with the primitive properties like string etc?

    My code works when I use a < String > ObjectProperty, this however does not work when I use a string instead.

    Don't know if this behavior is a bug or expected.

    The NBS are:

    The impression is:

    ObjectProperty < String >--> < String > ObjectProperty: abc

    String-> string: null

    String-> < String > ObjectProperty: null

    I expect all cases to print 'abc' good

    import javafx.beans.binding.Bindings;
    public class SelectBindingTest {
        public static class A {
            private StringProperty comment = new SimpleStringProperty(this, "comment");
            private ObjectProperty<String> commentObj = new SimpleObjectProperty<>(this, "commentObj");
            String getComment() {
                return comment.get();
            StringProperty commentProperty() {
                return comment;
            void setComment(String comment) {
            public String getCommentObj() {
                return commentObj.get();
            public ObjectProperty<String> commentObjProperty() {
                return commentObj;
            public void setCommentObj(String commentObj) {
        public static class B {
            private ObjectProperty<A> member = new SimpleObjectProperty<>(this, "member");
            A getMember() {
                return member.get();
            ObjectProperty<A> memberProperty() {
                return member;
            void setMember(A member) {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            B b = new B();
            A member = new A();
            final String expectedString = "abc";
    // this works
            SimpleObjectProperty<String> targetStringObjProperty = new SimpleObjectProperty<>("initialTargetText");
            targetStringObjProperty.bind(Bindings.<String>select(b.memberProperty(), "commentObj"));
            System.out.println("ObjectProperty<String> -> ObjectProperty<String>: " + targetStringObjProperty.get());
    // this doesn't work
            SimpleStringProperty targetStringProperty = new SimpleStringProperty("initialTargetText");
            targetStringProperty.bind(Bindings.selectString(b.memberProperty(), "comment"));
            System.out.println("StringProperty -> StringProperty: " + targetStringProperty.get());
    // this doesn't work either
            targetStringObjProperty = new SimpleObjectProperty<>("initialTargetText");
            targetStringObjProperty.bind(Bindings.<String>select(b.memberProperty(), "comment"));
            System.out.println("StringProperty -> ObjectProperty<String>: " + targetStringObjProperty.get());

    EDIT: Sorry for the horrible formatting. Can't seem to understand how to properly insert empty lines.

    Read the fine print in, java.lang.String...)

    All classes and properties used in an affair of selection must be public.

    If you do your commentProperty, getProperty (and setProperty, although I suppose it doesn't matter) methods in public class has, it works as expected.

    Post edited by: James_D (link fixed javadoc)

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    I checked in the preferences to see if something was wrong, but everything seems fine and put in cell my file pref Illustrator and plist and restarted, but still the same. Any ideas? I accidentally hit a key combination to hide them?

    Short re - install to fix, I don't know how to get back them! Should I just re-install?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you!



    We do not display > show/hide edges, are we?

    Edit: I think that we are.

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    I watched an on-line tutorial of how to make GIFs using first Pro CC. When you select the exit, an animated gif choice appeared in the output drop-down list of the CC Pro first used in the tutorial. However, the menu of my CC out first place Pro does not have a selection of animated gif. How to make a selection of animated gif to appear in the menu of my CC Pro exit first?  I would like to create gifs with my CC Pro first.

    It is possible that the Media Encoder has allowed this earlier, but now, you have to use Photoshop to make it work. Simply, it worked for me. (I'm on a Mac 10.10.5.)

    1. Via Media Encoder, export your movie or animation of Premiere Pro (or After Effects). For Format, choose JPEG. For the preset, choose a corresponding sequence setting. Choose a folder to export the sequence in so it is easy to isolate later.
    2. Open Photoshop, then choose open. Navigate to the folder where you saved the sequence and select the first image in the sequence. Click on the sequence of images at the bottom of the dialog box, and then click OK.
    3. Choose a frequency of images in the next dialog box, and then click OK. In Photoshop, which will open the movie as a film with a visible timeline at the bottom.
    4. Choose file > export > save for Web (Legacy). At the top right, select GIF. Bottom right, replace the Options setting in a loop once in Forever. Click the small play button to watch the animation loop. Click Save.
    5. Load the GIF saved in your browser and it should loop. See picture posted here.

    Please post a reply if this procedure works for you. To avoid a few snags, that I met during an attempt to do this, I recommend having your game size and the duration of the film frame in Premiere Pro and not try to do any resizing later. When I resized it later, the loop never happened; He played only once.

  • Select does not select.  What I screw up?

    I learn the Flash of a book titled "Essentials For Design:
    Macromedia Flash 8 "

    Using the selection tool, when I double-click on an object to select it, it
    doesn't work. What happens is that it produces a light blue square contour
    around the edge of the object and then "extends" or "explodes".
    the outline to the limits of the scene. The object is not selected

    If I double-click again, it selects the object but it does not
    as it should be.

    What is this blue outline and therefore not select the object as
    He is supposed to... of the first double click?

    In the intro to the objects, there you draw a square and a circle. You
    Double-click the circle and move it on a part of the place.
    Clear and then select the circle again. Get out of the place and he
    at the intersection of the place. Fine and dandy.

    I did a little more exercise, which none seemed to change the any
    preferences, and now when I try the same operation on the circle.
    square, it does not work.

    What's different, that's when I double-click to select an object, rather
    as the selection of the it, he draws this blue line which delimits the outside
    size of the object and "extends" this square saw outwards.

    If I double-click AGAIN it selects the object but to do the same thing
    drop procedure it has no effect on the shape of the square. The
    circle does not have a piece of the place.

    I hope this makes sense.
    Help! How can I get FLASH works like I think it's supposed to?

    Thank you

    You probably have "Object Drawng" lit.

    When you select the oval or rectangle tool, you will find a box down in your box options, just next to the magnet of the Horseshoe-fix tool option. It looks like a circle with a box around it. With this market anything you draw will be created as an object. This means it behaves as something that has been grouped and you need to double-click it to edit it.

    Just disable this option when you draw and you should have no problem.

Maybe you are looking for