Real-time execution trace toolkit to optimize the Labwindows/CVI code


I am trying to optimize a code in real-time in LabWindows/CVI by minimizing the time of each section of the code is taking and find bottlenecks in the code. I check this time using the real-time execution trace toolkit.

However, I just found it seems to be a constant error when you use the tool of real-time execution trace.

When I put the traceviewer 'start' and 'stop' right after the other, I get around shift schedule 9us. It seems that the CPU will in some "idle" after the start of the trace mode, or maybe it's the time of communication or something.

I'd appreciate it if someone could give me an idea of why this is happening. The time of real-time application window is very limited and I'm trying to minimize the time as much as possible. Even the United States 9 error is difficult to resell.

I used the following code:

TraceConfigure (1, 1, 0, 25000, NULL);
TraceStart ();
TraceStopAndSend (HOST_ADDRESS);

and there is a photo in the toolkit of real-time execution trace.

Thank you.

Generally, you might be better off picking off the clock at the beginning and end of what you want to track. RTETT my introduce overhead that becomes difficult to quantify... Which is what you probably already see. The debug mode will also implement a ton of overhead. Then... Destemming of the clock in release mode will probably give you you the best estimate.

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    Hello Jörn,

    Did some more research, the following limitationrs occur on targets LInux RTOS,

    -The Manager of memory when used on targets of Linux, saves only data for LabVIEW processes and threads, not the global memory of the systems.
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    For the follow-up of this...

    I had been running a DETT trial license since our License Manager has been out of country.  As soon as I was able to get a license of real it stopped crashing.  I'm under LV 32-bit on Windows 7 with DETT now with or without problem.  OR support was outstanding.

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    Looking through the documents Readme, it seems in fact that you can use anywhere from 1.0 for 2011 (included).

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    However, for a design it is necessary to plan in advance, if a database is required or not.

    Any suggestions?


    The staging database is used only for temporary storage where the interface between Siebel and Disqualification batch is used. It is not necessary at all if only using the interface in real time. Note that some of the 'batch' in Siebel tasks actually use the interface in real time - this applies to all data in batch cleaning jobs in Siebel and also for the workflow "UCM lot" which is in fact orchestrated by calling web services Disqualification.

    In general, the batch interface is only used where Disqualification is attached to Siebel CRM (instead of UCM). Because DQ Siebel lots do not call survival (so that you can only link to potential duplicates together).

    Note that the tables key used for the selection of the candidates belong to the Siebel database in the form of standard tables (S_DQ_CON_KEY and S_DQ_ACC_KEY). They are not in the database shared staging. The staging database is used ONLY for the data transfer for treatment in batches. It seems that you are not intending to use this interface.

    Also note that Disqualification still needs its own repository database, but if you use only a Disqualification in real-time (and not, for example, by using a Disqualification to batch migrate data in Siebel using the interface of the EIM), it should probably not push the database this hard.

    Kind regards


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    Source position thread ID unknown 0x000000EC

    Your CVI program ended on the target in real time. However, there still on the target in real time, the threads that are running or have already run the CVI code.

    Please check that your application cleans all its threads. Son left running after that your application can crash the target in real time when your application is unloaded.


    As I said I got the code and there is a lot of it. I am looking for a smart way to track down these threads. I was wondering if there are tools available that could help with this? Or any other suggestions on how to run these lines down?

    Hi DPearce,

    This article knowledge base has some information on why CmtDiscardThreadPool causes your program hang and gives some recommendations for fixing it.

  • Algorithm of PID in 'PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit' and 'real time Module ".

    Hi all

    I am recently using LabVIEW 2011 and 2011 real time Module. My application requires the PID control.

    Now, I have a problem. In the manual for "And Fuzzy Logic Toolkit PID", Chapter 2 "algorithm PID" it indicates non-interactive algorithm (also called the ideal algorithm, Standard or ISA) be used in all the screws of PID in the Toolbox. It seems that Yes from source code. However, in Chapter 3, "Using the PID software" arrays of calculation of PID parameters based on method of Ziegler-Nichols, which was developed for the interactive algorithm (also called the series, the real classic algorithm). D action has been included in the scheme of control, the settings may be different for the two algorithms. In fact, Cohen Coons and adjustment PID Lambda rules can be used for the algorithm used by the box tool with no conversion.

    In addition, there is a PID function block comes with the real time Module, and I know not what PID algorithm it uses. Can someone help me?

    Thank you in advance.


    In the "and Fuzzy Logic PID Toolkit, we use the University structure to implement all algorithms. Tuning techniques we show on the manual to express the original work and we try to keep the same as you would look at the literature. However, in our implementation of autotuning internally converted to the structure used by our algorithms to keep compatibility with our own implementation.

    If you use an external source, you can use the of Structure PID to change University, parallel or series of parameters in one used by our algorithm.

    The PID included with the real time module is a 'copy' of our algorithm, and they have the same settings and behavior. The only advantage to use this function block, you have access to the parameters through variables.

    Hope this helps...

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    so... you write a program runs on the cRIO and bring it to your servers over TCP.

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    I have a compact rio, which has a 4 way frame this chassis is the three modules of ni9234, they are related using FPGAs for application in real time, then using shared variables in the low-speed loop associated with a slave modbus to communicate with the domain controllers, the nor 9234 accelerometers linked to them with option ac coupled iepe on c modules , my problem is the real-time application seems to work well even when power loss occurs it restarts without problem and the fpga written hard disk portable bin files very well, but without an accelerometer connected I get readings of low noise as soon as I connect an accelerometer to one of the outputs 10 it just goes to a fixed number (0.03125) as soon as you unplug it again He returned to readout noise, I ran a scan on the modules and get only a spike when I connect or disconnect the accelerometer, I tested voltage at the pins on the module and I get 22 volts CC which makes it more likely that the material is not the problem, but software is perhaps the cause to hang up, I join the project and files for your perusal. I also realized a new project which, in mode directly linked scan has the module entry in the shared variable and the scenerio even once again. Help would be appretiated.

    Thank you very much


    Whren using waveform with the 9234 acquisition, we recommend the following FPGA and RT model.

    It can be extended as a datalogger with:

    or using shared variables combined with the analytical engine

    The FPGA in all this, as well as the framework of RT have used successfully by 1000s of users.  I recommend giving these a try.

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