Realtek audio driver is not working on Satellite A100

Notebook computers typical product
Satellite family
Series of Satellite products
Satellite A100 (PSAA2) model
Don't model brief no PSAA2E
Windows XP operating system
Driver driver Type Sound
Country-United Kingdom

It is a reconstruction of the system after a hard disk failure. All services work except sound.

Both posted Realtek drivers on the support page do not work. The operating system is Win XP Home SP2 and fully updated with the latest versions of Microsoft operating systems and software. I tracked 9 other realtek drivers supposed to work with Satellites but none were good and I am running low on time. Anyone got any ideas?

Thank you



Alphaleader's right.
First of all patches must be installed. Then restart the laptop and remove PCI devices with yellow exclamation mark appearing in-system devices > Device Manager.
Then restart the computer and reinstall the Realtek audio driver

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  • Virtual audio driver does not work on Equium A100

    I thought that my problem is solved, but it is not (referring to my other thread)

    I downloaded the audio driver as advised, but he said 'your computer doesn´t support virtual sound '.
    I bought my computer in Spain and changed to XP Professional to get the English language (and I like more Pro).

    I downloaded all the drivers in the download section of satellite in English - all are installed.
    Finally, one is the virtual audio driver is not working.
    Tried the Spanish version, too and it is said the same thing.

    All solutions?

    Thank you very much in advance!


    To my knowledge, install drivers in the correct order, if you install the operating system manually.
    It is a prerequisite not if you want to use the Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities.

    I can t believe that it of not possible to install the audio driver.
    XP Home and XP Pro uses the same drivers there is no problem of driver compatibility. I think you should follow the installation guide that you can find on the page of the driver and then install all the drivers as described in the document.

  • Audio driver does not work on Satellite U400-112 with Vista 64-bit Buss


    I installed Win Vista Buss. 64-bit on my Toshiba Satellite U400-112 but the original driver for the Toshiba site does not work properly, honestly does not at all. The only driver that works is a winner. Vista driver but when I plugged in her headphones just got pregnant shape, but there is no sound in headphones.

    Can someone help me, please?


    I have a Satellite U400 with Windows Vista 64 bit also, and I used the driver on the Toshiba site (Conexant
    It works without problems, I can hear sounds with the speakers and headphones.

    Maybe you have an old BIOS. After the installation of Windows Vista, I made an update of the BIOS so try that too.
    The BIOS you can find also on the Toshiba site.

    Good bye

  • Audio driver does not work on Equium A100 (PSAAB)


    I bought my laptop a few weeks ago, tried Vista on it for about 2 weeks but decided to change the operating system to my old XP because I did not like that Vista has taken to much power. (Like playing a game from time to time)

    Anyway, the installation went well and I checked the installation instructions on the home page of Toshibas and installed everything that was needed. I also installed the audio driver.

    After the restart there is no sound so I started, I was wondering what could be wrong. Called support and he told me to install 'Virtual Sound. The problem when I install was that I get an error message telling me that my computer do not support virtual sound.

    So my question is: is this the problem? Not getting is not the virtual sound installed or should it works even without virtual sound? It gets boring without sound and I want it to work. Anyone got any ideas what to do?

    Each suggestion or help is very appreciated!
    / Martin


    I wonder why some of the support line suggested to install the virtual sound?
    The European driver Toshiba page does not include any virtual sound utility for this laptop Equium A100 PSAAB!
    In my opinion it of not good. You n t need to install this utility.

    I checked the Toshiba page and choose your notebook series PSAAB. I found a lot of XP drivers!
    There are also 2 different audio drivers; Realtek and Realtek
    Check both!

    I see that the reference page offers different upgrades of MS QFEs. You must install all!
    Sometimes these update of MS are important and necessary to solve some problems.

    PS; Please install all the drivers in the order mentioned in the Installation Instructions

  • XP audio driver does not work on Satellite P100-106

    I reinstalled Windows XP on my Satellite P100-106 and all the works of good drivers.
    Only the audio that I can not install driver.
    The problem is that my sound card changes the name, and I don't really know how his happened?

    His name was sound card Conexant high definition and now its something to gibrish... (something not readable)

    I tried to remove the material in the hardware Manager, but again, the name is always the same.
    So, what should I do?

    Thx a lot eric.

    It seems that this has been resolved before, look for the satellites «Sound P100» P series

  • Dell gx 620 audio driver does not work

    I clean installed windows 7 and my audio driver is not working. I tried several times to install from windows update buttocks in vain. Before clean install driver installed successfully on the same windows.

    He worked as W7 installed a generic driver to stand up and go after that you were supposed to have installed the real ones.

    There is no W7 drivers available, you can try to do a repair of W7 installation, in the hope, it will be re - install generic drivers, but I wouldn't hold my breath on this one here.
    One thing you might try use it dreaded the system restore to an earlier date than to come, if you still have such a restore point on your machine.
    See you soon,.
  • Satellite X 200-252: audio driver does not work on Win XP SP3


    My audio drivers do not work correctly on Windows XP SP3. I have five speakers in my book of X 200-252 of the Satellite, but only two are detected by the operating system. When running on Windows VIsta, that there is no problem.

    I downloaded the XP audio drivers on the Toshiba site so they must be up-to-date.

    If you know how to solve this problem, I would be grateful for any advice.

    The man you want to install ok your sound, while u use sp3 from beginning.
    Install XpSp2, then install kb888111 and drivers for your audio high definition!
    It worked perfectly for me!
    I had the same problem.
    Good luck.

  • Driver Ethernet for Windows XP Home edition does not work on Satellite A100

    Satellite A100-784 PSAANE-02L011G3 ethernet driver for Windows XP Home Edition does not work. Cannot successfully install driver, downloaded all the drivers and still does not.

    As a sign of Device Manager yellow. I bought my laptop with Vista BASIC and I put XP - SP2. Country is Croatia! Help me please!


    I can't believe that you are not able to install the LAN on this Satellite A100 driver!

    However, the satellite A100-784 supports a chip 82562GZ Intel 10/100 Mbit (Ekron) of Lan.

    If you want you can download and install page Intel network driver:

    You will find the drivers Intel 8256 x Ethernet controllers

    Good bye

  • Wireless driver does not work on Satellite A30-PSA30E

    All the ideas that is suitable for the above model driver, I downloaded about 5 drivers wireless on the site, but none seems not to work.

    What do you mean with the driver does not work?

    Do you have an error message or what?

    Have you checked if your laptop supports a minPCI wireless network card?

    If your mobile phone does not support an internal WLan card then you will not be able to install the WLan card driver :) very simple

  • audio driver does not work for my compaq presario r4000 notebook XP system


    I reinstall Windows XP on my compaq presario r4000 notebook, and I download
    all drivers of HpCompaq official site. But the audio driver
    does ' t work for my "Conexant AC-Link Audio.
    (PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_4370 & SUBSYS_3085103C & REV_01\3 & 13C0B0C5 & 0 & A5) ».
    Please help me to understand.

    Thank you!!


    It works! Thank you ~.

  • Re: Satellite A200-1Mes: XP audio driver does not work

    I have a problem with my audio driver (I use windows XP). I installed all the drivers xp and still does not work.
    Can someone tell me where to find a driver?
    Thank you.

    I hope that you are using Windows XP SP2 home edition. Anyway check it please this thread. Try using the instruction given by Eldorado.

  • XP audio driver does not work on a Satellite A100-02 b


    I installed Windows XP on my Satellite A100-02 b.
    But the driver download from Toshiba Site does not work.
    Installation works without any errors, but Windows cannot find a soundcard and I hear nothing.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you

    Sorry, now it works.
    The problem is, which named XP map his "PCI Device". Now, I installed the driver and it works!

  • Audio device does not work on Satellite A300

    I have the new Satellite A300 for 3 days... and its not working. I have updated drivers and it did not help.

    I removed and installed again and it didn't work. I've tried everything. But when I look in Control Panel, everything is said to work, but it is not.
    And when I try to do an audio test it fails, error... and when I try to play music in media player it says: error. Does anyone have an idea, what the problem?

    > I have tried everything.
    Have you tried to install new OS by using recovery image Toshiba saved on the computer s portable HARD drive?
    And everything works well again. If you need instructions how to do this check please how Toshiba to the document under

    Good luck!

  • Display driver does not work for Satellite L750D

    Hi Admin, how are you?

    laptop: Satellite L750D/050 PSK36A-050011
    Video card:
    Dual AMD Radeon 6480 G + AMD Radeon HD 6470 M 1 GB graphics
    (3059 MB Total: 1.5 GB dedicated + 1523 MB memory shared memory)

    I just brought my laptop yesterday,
    I format and reinstall windows7 ultimate 32 bit, and I download the display driver amd from the toshiba Web site.
    It does not work, and I went to download from Web site of amd that the drive still does not work.

    Can u please help me and tell me how to install it?

    Please, I beg you. Thank you.


    What do you exactly because it does not work?
    Have you chosen the right driver?

    Here's your laptop where you can download the driver:

    Could you please confirm that you have used the AMD v 8,836 display driver driver?

  • Audio driver does not work after reinstalling XP on Tecra M9


    After much fighting, I gave up. It's imposible to get my sound card upward operation on my TECRA M9 PTM91E, after I decided to renounce a cleaning by formatting the drive completely. My procedure is as follows:

    1 WINDOWS XP SP2 installed
    2. downloaded all drivers on another pc. Downloads of official pilot of toshiba site:
    3. install drivers in the correct order, following the instructions:
    4 no luck when you try to install the sound card driver (download page specifies a built-in realtek) first try the suite version:
    5 messed around trying the older drivers of other laptop TECRA M Series, luck is.
    6. has decided to map its just might not be a Realtek and tried other models on the download page: Sigma and Analog Devices Inc. tried those but come back an alert of recognition.

    Someone had this problem as well? My best guess is that it's just maybe a problem with the version of the driver...

    Hi guys

    I think I have an answer to your problems small software ;)

    The Tecra M9 certainly supports the ALC262 Realtek High Definition Audio.
    Compatible audio driver can be downloaded from the Web from Toshiba site or the Web to Realtek site.

    OK now to the solution

    The solution is very simple.
    You must first install the two XP patches; KB888111 and KB835221
    This must be done before installing the audio driver.

    Usually, this should solve your problem

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