Realtek audio driver problem should be fixed.

I have a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 8 installed and updated as much as possible without jumping to 8.1

The driver realtek audio does not often now after only a year and a half. I have to disable and re activate driver all the time to get sound of my machine, and even that is only a temporary solution. This problem needs fixing (I also do not like a forced reboot every time that your company has a patch to update, as opposed to allow8ng us to update when it is convenient for us)



These drivers are the province of Sony and RealTek. Windows did not eventually
drivers for the thousands and thousands of devices out there. If the manufacturer of the device OEM
is responsible for providing the correct drivers.

Sony - Contacts

Sony - drivers

Sony - Support

Sony - Forums

RealTek I hope this helps.

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  • Realtek Audio driver problem

    I have a problem with my audio driver that comes no doubt of my motherboard (Asus M5A97 MORE)
    This happens almost every day. Anytime my pc audio just cuts, if I try to reactivate it by unpluging and pluging back in my headphone or mute and reactivate of my audio mixer I have constant ear noise squeal.
    The only way I can fix it by changing my audio type: stereo at quadroponic and it is back to normal, but about 3-4 hours later that the audio will cut again.

    Occasional whole audio driver will be out later I have to restart my pc to fix, but when after restarting uninstalled my audio driver it's self from my pc and I have no sound at all. So of course I just download and install the driver, but it still happens.
    Is this a problem with the sound card on my motherboard? Because I reinstalled my windows and this problem still occurs.

    Hi Kris,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that the continuous sound break and sound driver gets uninstalled after a reboot. I can understand the inconvenience, and will be happy to respond to your request. Let me ask you;

    • How to install the audio driver?
    • Remember to no particular change in the computer before the show?
    • What security software is installed on the computer?

    This could be due to the incompatibility of the driver, damage, any third-party software or a card of the same mother as well. Let's try the following methods and check the status.

    Method 1: Make sure that your playback devices are activated.

    Right click on the speaker on your taskbar icon > select "playback devices"
    In the empty space, right-click and select the two ' Show disconnected/Disabled Devices "

    You can see icons for your speakers and headphones now?  You may need to activate these two.

    Method 2: Run the audio Troubleshooter

    Click 'Start' > select ' Control Panel '

    In the top-right of type search field Troubleshooting > select "Troubleshooting"

    Click "Hardware and sound" > select "play Audio"

    Method 3: If you have not tried this method, try it. Visit the computer manufacturer's support Web site and install the latest sound driver and check.

    You can see: Asus - Support

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • Tecra S11 - nVidia or RealTek audio driver. That you install?

    Tecra S11 nVidia vs RealTek sound driver - which one should I install?

    I installed nVidia and realtek audio driver also. I've got BSOD when I plug headphones 3.5 mm jack. When I want to listen to music with my Bluetooth stereo headset also got BSOD.

    I reinstalled the drivers for card its nvidia and realtek. My Tecra S11 is very slow since I installed the latest video driver from nvidia site nvidia.

    Windows 7 very very slow since then. Start time of Firefox until sometimes 20-30 sec

    Can you please post the exact model name and model number?
    You can find it on Toshiba sticker placed on the bottom of your laptop.

  • Satellite L300 17L - audio driver problems

    Audio driver problems, I use Windows XP SP2, I installed the MS patches, but still there is no sound.

    And in the control panel in the sound section says that there is no audio driver installed.

    I need help please!


    It s a known issue and when you search a bit in the forum you will find a large number of publications on this subject.

    Remove the sound card from the Device Manager and the high definition Audio Controller from Device Manager.
    And then update Windows with KB835221 & KB888111 patch, reboot several times, and then you can install the driver from Realtek but download and install Realtek driver directly.

    Good bye

  • Audio driver problem

    I have a Toshiba Satellite U305-S7448.  About 75% of the time it starts, it does not load the sound driver and there is an adjacent X to the icon of the spear.  When you hover over the "speaker" icon, it sets up a message that says: "no Audio output device is installed".  I passed to the Toshiba support page and re downloaded the realtek audio driver.  No help.  An audio device does not yet appear on Device Manager.  Vista updates are up to date.  Now what?

    Device Manager try and search for new devices.  If you do not, it could be a problem with the hardware itself.

  • Realtek audio driver is not working on Satellite A100

    Notebook computers typical product
    Satellite family
    Series of Satellite products
    Satellite A100 (PSAA2) model
    Don't model brief no PSAA2E
    Windows XP operating system
    Driver driver Type Sound
    Country-United Kingdom

    It is a reconstruction of the system after a hard disk failure. All services work except sound.

    Both posted Realtek drivers on the support page do not work. The operating system is Win XP Home SP2 and fully updated with the latest versions of Microsoft operating systems and software. I tracked 9 other realtek drivers supposed to work with Satellites but none were good and I am running low on time. Anyone got any ideas?

    Thank you


    Alphaleader's right.
    First of all patches must be installed. Then restart the laptop and remove PCI devices with yellow exclamation mark appearing in-system devices > Device Manager.
    Then restart the computer and reinstall the Realtek audio driver

  • Envy 17-n108tx: Realtek HD Audio driver problems

    17-n108tx want my laptop is preinstalled with Windows 10 and have jumped several hoops for upgrading to Windows 7, I found myself with a minor problem...

    When I first start up in Windows 7, I have no sound, and the light on the button mute on my keyboard no longer works.

    When I try to 'test' output in the sound properties my device, I get the error "the device is used by another application. (edit: disabling the option "allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" does nothing to remedy).

    If I disable and re-enable the "Realtek High Definition" Audio device then I suddenly audio again, but the light on the button mute remains broken.

    If I choose instead to reinstall the audio driver (sp72117.exe), and then the two audio AND the mute button light work as expected - at least until the next reboot.

    I have currently only SP1 is installed from Windows Update. I can go ahead and install all the other minor updates to see if any of them address this problem. During this time, but I would like to know if someone else might have a solution to this inconvenience. Having to reinstall the driver again and again is hardly a solution.

    Thank you

    Finished installing any other Windows 7 update that helped my audio to work even after a restart, but the light on the button mute was still broken.

    For anyone else who has a similar problem, this is how I fix (unless it breaks again in the next 24 hours):

    1. install SP1 and other updates. If it was not more than 140 of them, I could have tried to determine the exact KB.

    2 uninstall the Realtek HD Audio device via Device Manager - do not forget to remove the pilot with him.

    3. Select Action-> Scan for hardware changes, Windows will install a generic audio driver.

    4. make a generic audio driver right click and select "Update driver software", then "Browse my computer for driver software".

    5 find your "C:\SWsetup" folder and click Next. Windows should automatically install the appropriate driver files that sp72117.exe left to count.

    I suspect that installing the driver manually, as opposed to allowing sp72117.exe to install it because the case. But I do not know for sure until I have reformat again in the distant future. Who knows, maybe I'll give 10 Windows another shot at that time.

  • HP ENVY 15 No. TS: no Realtek Audio driver

    A few months ago, I tried to fix a few audio problems I mentioned in another thread, and I uninstalled my Audio Realtek driver. I realize now that might have this audio driver help me with something else, and I tried to get it back. I went to the Web Realteks site and installed the HD Audio driver for my OS, and he went through the installation process and restarted my computer. However, the driver does not appear in my device manager (I also checked the hidden drivers). I have the files for it in my program (x 86) and my C:/drivers/Win/Audio file, but is not in my device manager. In ADDITION, the Realtek HD Audio Manager (what I really want to go back) is not found. Thanks for any help!


    It's a TouchSmart from HP ENVY 15-j073cl. Please try for audio:

    All drivers for your computer (do not use this site):

    Kind regards.

  • Audio driver problem, I get error "no audio output device is installed".

    My laptop made a weird noise, after that my laptop suddenly is not all sounds more. When I check the audio it says "no audio output device is installed". I been looking for this difficulty in the last days and found no problems. I tried to reinstall my audio driver (Realtek), but then an error occurred. It says 'extended attributes are incompatible. Help, please!

    Farel salvation,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you no longer have sound in Windows 8 and you also tried to re - install the audio driver. I appreciate the efforts made in the patches that you have already tried. Let me ask you;

    • What is the brand and model of the computer?

    There could be several reasons for this cause and diagnose the problem, we will try the following methods and check.

    Method 1: Run the audio Troubleshooter

    A convenience store is an automated tool that can find and automatically fix problems with your PC. Audio troubleshooting can diagnose and troubleshoot equipment and playback of sounds common.

    Method 2: Look for important and recommended updates by using Windows Update

    1. Drag from the right edge of the screen, tap settings, and then tap Change PC settings.
      (If you use a mouse, point to the lower right of the screen, move the mouse to the top, click settingsand then click change PC settings).
    2. Press or click update and recoveryand press or click on Windows Update.

    3. Press or click check now.

    4. If there are updates available, press or click on the link and then press or click on install.

      Windows Update will tell you if the updates have been installed correctly.

    To check the optional updates by using Windows Update:

    1. Drag from the right edge of the screen, tap settings, and then tap Change PC settings.
      (If you use a mouse, point to the lower right of the screen, move the mouse to the top, click settingsand then click change PC settings).

    2. Press or click update and recovery , and then press or click on Windows Update.

    3. Press or click see detailsand press or click find updates. (If you can't see the details, it are not updated optional available.)

    4. Under option, tap or click the update you want to install, and then click install.

      Read and accept the terms of the license and then press or click on Finish if the update requires it. You may be prompted for an administrator password or to confirm your choice.

    Method 3: Install the software from the manufacturer of the device. If your device is equipped with a disk, this disk can contain software that installs a driver for the device.

    Method 4:

    1 right-click the volume in the taskbar icon, and select sounds
    2. scroll down about 3/4 on the events program: the list and select the option that says Windows user account control
    3. change the sounds: option ( no), and then click OK

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • Satellite L850 - error message after installing the Realtek Audio driver

    Hi guys.
    I have a Toshiba Satelite L850 PSKG8A-07E001.

    I've upgraded to 8.1 Windows 64 bit

    Toshiba Service Station software advised to update my sound driver to

    It says to uninstall the driver installed before you install the new driver.

    I uninstalled Then I installed and received the following error.

    * Error code:-5009: 0x8002802b *.
    * Error information: *.
    * > Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (163) *.
    * > Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (402) *.
    * > Kernel\Component.cpp (1163) *.
    * > Kernel\CABFile.cpp (389) *.
    * > SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1541) *.
    * pAPP: Realtek High definition Audio driver *.
    * PVENDOR:Realtek Semiconductor Corp.*
    * PGUID:f132af7f-7bca-4ede-8a7c-958108fe7dbc *.
    * $ *.
    1408.1410* BT_OTHER *@Windows (9200)

    Then I tried to install the old one back and received the following error.

    * Error code:-5009: 0x8002802b *.
    * Error information: *.
    * > Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (163) *.
    * > Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (402) *.
    * > Kernel\Component.cpp (1163) *.
    * > Kernel\CABFile.cpp (389) *.
    * > SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1541) *.
    * pAPP: Realtek High definition Audio driver *.
    * PVENDOR:Realtek Semiconductor Corp.*
    * PGUID:f132af7f-7bca-4ede-8a7c-958108fe7dbc *.
    * $ *.
    1380.1382* BT_OTHER *@Windows (9200)

    Now the original driver was designed for Windows 8. I am now running Windows 8.1.
    The new driver does not work. What should I do?

    I have loged on Toshiba's web page for this laptop downloads. The driver does not exist.
    Where to find gas station?


    > Where to find gas station?
    Good question. My question is: why change something if not necessary?
    In any case, have you tried to remove this driver and install an old?

  • Tecra 9100: Yamaha audio driver problem


    I've just formatted my hard drive and installed Windows XP Pro.

    I ve installed all the latest drivers but I m in trouble with one. audio driver for the yamaha ac device.
    I get the yellow mark next to him.
    So I tried to uninstall, but when I reinstall I cannot start code 10.
    It s the latest driver so I put t know what s causing the problem.

    Can anyone shed any light on the subject, thanks rob


    The outcome is known for me.
    The audio driver is simply not compatible with Win XP SP2

    Yamaha AC - XG driver used the PortCls function to check the version of the operating system. XP Service Pack 1, PortCls function is changed, while the Yamaha rider cannot get operatingsystem version correctly. This problem also happens to Windows XP SP2.

    Yamaha already provides the fixed driver. The fixed driver version is the following;
    yacxg.sys with software synthesizer
    yacxgc.sys free software synthesizer

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A100-920 - Audio driver problem - Win XP Pro

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem with audio driver. I can't seem to find one that works anywhere, I looked at several forums and the Toshiba site for drivers without success. I basically hit a wall, so I hope someone can provide a working solution. :)

    Audio device:
    Feature: 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller
    Manufacturer: Intel

    (Information retrieved using a Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD)

    Although a windows system it labels as "Realtek High Definition Audio Controller"? (I'm not an expert with the drivers, so maybe this is a stupid question...) :)

    The computer is a Toshiba Satellite A100-920 (PSAA9E) Windows XP Professional.

    I spent hours trying to solve this problem, so I hope this is the last mile. :) Thanks to anyone with suggestions.

    Best regards

    You use Windows XP Home with SP2 or SP3?

  • Just installed Windows 7 and now cannot install Realtek audio driver

    Hello everyone, I recently installed windows 7 to my U330 and now impossible to install the audio driver realtek. He maintains did not give me an error code '0 x 00000103 '. can someone tell me what could be the problem? Thank you.

    to solve this...

    just go to the REALTEK Web site and download their audio drivers WIndows 7 HD it and install. Problem solved!

  • Microphone Realtek audio driver fails in Skype on 2015 DELL Inspiron 15 7000 series

    Hello world

    I'm having a problem with the Realtek microphone in Skype.

    The symptoms are:

    Shortly after the beginning of the conversation, the other party can not hear my voice. Video is fine, the voice of the other party is also very good.

    When it produced the green bar microphone in the Options settings / audio will not be seen speaking into it.

    However, I can hear what is said into the microphone from the speakers the.

    I uninstalled the microphone in the Manager, re-installed the driver, did not help.

    Uninstalled Realtek hi def audio driver. This helped first but then after 4 minutes speaking the problem comes back again.

    I can see that in this case the speaker icon in

    Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\manage devices\recording\microphone\microphone audio properties\levels

    is barred. If I uncross it and put increased and a level higher than zero the other party can hear me again.

    This happens spontaneously, by himself. Even without running Skype, it is so why I think it might be a driver problem.

    Any ideas? (please no advice "reinstalled the driver" - did several times)

    It seems to me that it is resolved. A ran malware bytes, stuff cleaned, rebooted.

    Works now.

    PS. This is my dad's computer... McAffee doesn't help much, especially when 'you are your best antivirus' strategy is not respected :)

  • Fill speakers Realtek audio edge problems


    I recently installed Windows 7 Pro and noticed a problem when playing multimedia files with a stereo audio source (mp3, radio, films) through my 5.1 surround pregnant (Logitech X-540). I have an audio Realtek (ALC883) edge.

    The problem I have is this: when I play stereo files, Win7, unlike XP, my them play in 2.1 (which means that my rear speakers no sound from). When I play all 5.1 content plays perfectly well, as I have my system set up correctly in the DD Realtek Audio Manager (or setting sounds Win7). I use the catch of green, pink and blue for entry (no s/PDIF).

    Now, I know there is a function called "Speaker Fill", which supposedly allows you to distribute the addicted stereo sound from your surround sound system. Unfortunately, the speaker fill option fails in the manufacture of rear speakers produce its adequate. The product through rear speakers sound distorted and incomplete. I realize that it was a stereo to 5.1 conversion attempt by distributing frequencies of differentiation of some sorts to simulate a 5.1 source. Well that feature manages to separate the voice of good background music, the rear speakers output is as I described it here before unacceptable and often not what I want to leave a stereo source (because if I'm anywhere other than at my office, say a little closer to the rear speakers, I can not listen to music properly because the rear speakers are just background noise).

    I want to be able to do is to be able to distribute the full stereo audio content through all my speakers or at least reflect the stereo for the rear speakers. Basically what speakerfill would do, only without change or distort the sound to the speakers and the centre of output.

    Of course, I could manually set all the speakers at the 'front', but that would force me to manually reconfigure whenever I want to hear the true 5.1 content. I tried different programs such as Realtek Soundback 3D or SRS HAL, I've read about people with varying degrees of success with the installation of older drivers. I installed the latest drivers from Realtek. All this without success. I even tried different plug-ins for programs such as winamp. The only thing that I found kind of do what I want is Foobar2000 when put to distribute in stereo with 4 speakers, but there still default to play true 5.1 content properly and of course, since it is an audio player, is not solve my problems of video or streamed content.

    I also read that the problem lies in the choice of Microsoft to remove the DirectShow in Windows Vista. I would appreciate if someone could help me find a way to configure my system so that it plays a stereo sound through my speakers evenly and plays my files 5.1 source properly, without having to manually reconfigure just the way he was with XP where everything worked as it should. I like Windows 7 a lot apart from this little thing, but I don't want to have to go back to XP on it.

    Something that I found to work much better with my Logitech X - 540 all use the 'matrix' on my control unit, which is basically the same thing as 'fill speakers' only without the distortion only then I lose completely the procedure to properly play true 5.1 which is weird: I expect the button reflect the stereo to back or do a filler as the software option speaker rather than doing a kind of speaker "absolute" filling with no recognition 5.1 all.

    I hope to have a real solution for this problem here, as this a forum for Microsoft.

    I had a similar problem.

    Try this,
    Sound > Sound properties > enchantments tab > check the box for the environment and in the parameters below (noting the box environment) choose the room.
    I don't know why it worked for me, but hope it does for you too.

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