rearrange the files in the folder "iTunes media" is gray

I have a good size iTunes media folder which WAS organized in subfolders - music, movies, etc.  I just noticed that my most recent files are not saved in these subfolders.  Instead, everything will be saved in iTunes Media.  When I consolidate files, everything said is it.  I want to rearrange the files in the folder "iTunes media" but this option is grayed out.  Any suggestions on how to get everything converted?  I am looking at about 80 artists a few singles and other full CD.

iTunes is a database application. You must organize your music within the interface of iTunes and let iTunes organize real files. Otherwise, it's only a matter of time before the database is interrupted.

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    If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this problem, it would be great.

    iTunes shows that what was added for it, not anything that could be placed in the media files. Drag and drop this file in ...\iTunes\iTunes Media\Automatically add to iTunes. As it is a valid file your (AAC format with .m4r file and hard job) less than 40 seconds it should be brought back in the ringtones folder and added to the tones of your library section.


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    I have problems with the download of iTunes (error - 50). One of the solutions I found that could possibly help is to delete the content in the download folder that is located in the iTunes media folder. I use an external hard drive for all my iTune downloads and my computer is an Apple iMac 27 "(mi Oct 2011)." I tried all the traditional methods to remove the content in the folder, but I keep running into the message that it cannot be deleted. I'm relatively new to the mac computer and of course all the ways that I'm used to in Windows do not work here apparently. So, what's the solution guys?

    I'm not under Bootcamp right now.

    How did the external drive connected to the iMac? With the external drive connected, terminal of OSX, can you post the output of

    diskutil list

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    Drive f, I right-click on the ITunes folder to create a shortcut, but the shortcut only brings back me to the folder, does not run the ITunes program. How can I fix it?

    You create a shortcut to the folder - not in the iTunes program.  You must locate the main executable file to iTunes and make a shortcut to THAT (there probably is one already made in the section of all programs on the start menu you can copy)-then move it to the F drive and it will start iTunes.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

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    Move individual or even several images from one folder to another is relatively simple using drag / move. First thing you need to do is to create the new destination in the folders Panel. In the grid, click on one of the existing folders that contains your pictures, do a Select All Cmd / Ctrl +, drag the images selected in the new folder in the folders Panel.

    Lightroom can be a bit slow when moving files, so be careful to not rush things or you will end up in a tangle.

    Note also that it is probably easier and safer that move you folders in subfolders of the lowest level (that is, the folder that contains the images) rather than above the folder hierarchy.

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    I ve encoding video files in adobe Media Encoder, but in the destination folder, there is only the files that show 0 bytes. I ve lost my subject first through this process...

    I can find the Date in the Media Encoder Cache folder - is it possible to use it to re-create media?

    No, you can't.

    What do you mean by the loss of the raw material?

  • How do I move the folder cache media?

    For the user with SSDS 'C', the cache file quickly fill the player; Therefore, it would be advantageous to move the storage of the cache on a data drive.  Yet, I have to find a way to handle this task.


    Please check Edit Menu/preferences/Scratch disks and the media in particular Cache category. In preferences, you can point the media Cache (consistent Audio Files) to disk save the location of your choice. Note: in the preferences, you will see the current folder location of Cache files from media as well as the amount of free space on the hard disk at this location.

    While you're in preferences, check out the other categories, location and the free space on the hard disk at this location. See especially the video previews. At his hard drive, you can find the preview files which are generated automatically whenever you make timeline content... for SD card, dv.avi and for HD, MPEG2.mpg (same format that the preview of video source or again... they can accumulate a lot).

    There's also edit Menu/preferences/Media and the Media Cache database. Better use the Clean button it is for maintenance purposes. This concerns the media Cache files folder to the location Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common in the common folder is the media Cache files folder that contains video files in line (CMPD)

    This media Cache files folder again seems return/regenerate to its default location, no matter how hard you try to redirect.

    Questions or need any clarification on any of the above, do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you.


  • Songs in the iTunes Media folder not in iTunes library

    The iMac all my iTunes songs were dying, so I have them saved on a hard drive external and then transferred in my Macbook. Now, all the songs are in the folder iTunes Media, but they will not appear in the library when I run iTunes. If I play one of these songs, it will add it to the library, but with several thousand songs, which will take much too long.

    So, how do iTunes to recognize songs in the Media folder?

    File > add to library... and choose the folder where your media is.


  • Cannot connect to iTunes Media folder on another volume during synchronization.

    Whenever I try to manually sync my iPhone (iPhone 5, 32 GB, iOS 9.2.1) via USB with my MacPro5, 1 (OS X 10.10.5, iTunes current 12.x, 48GB of RAM) I get an error message (-54) that iTunes can't connect to the volume that contains the iTunes library.

    The Tunes library is located on a RAID volume, separated from the volume 'system '.  The path of the volume is specified (and has been re-specified) on the tab 'Advanced' in the iTunes preferences.  The path to the iTunes folder is Master/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/iTunes.  (There is an additional media 'MP3' folder in the folder "iTunes Media" he thus.)

    Note, it ia a comment harsh in the Advanced tab, that it is best to place the follder iTunes in /Music on the users on the system drive folder / startup.  It is not desirable in view of the size of the music library.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

    There are several things that you need to understand your current situation.  The iTunes library file is a database that keeps track of you iTunes media.  It sets your iTunes library.  It is usually called iTunes Library.itl.  The iTunes folder (in your folder music startup disk user account) is the default location for the iTunes Library.itl file.

    Then, there is your iTunes Media folder.  By default, this folder contains all the files media real iTunes, classified by iTunes in subfolders by media type, artist, and album.  The default location for the iTunes Media folder is also in your iTunes folder (in your folder music startup disk user account).

    A common option to move your iTunes out of the startup disk data is to put your iTunes Media on an external drive (or network storage) folder while keeping the file iTunes Library.itl on your startup disk to the default location.  To do this without iTunes lose track of your media files (where they are), set a folder iTunes Media vacuum to the location target.  Change the location of the designated iTunes Media folder in the Advanced iTunes preferences pane to point to the new iTunes Media folder.  Then tell him "consolidate library" so iTunes copy your multimedia files and organize them in the new location of the iTunes Media folder.  This command is to organize bar menu-> file-> library-> library-> Consolidate files (checkbox).

    NOTE: The iTunes Advanced preferences pane, the TWO check boxes to keep iTunes Media folder organized AND copy files to iTunes Media when adding to the library folder to check (unless you have a specific reason not to).

    ANOTHER common option is to copy your folder full of iTunes (with the iTunes Media folder and iTunes Library.itl file) for the external storage, disk, or network manually (using the Finder).  Then, use the option to open a different iTunes library

    Open a different iTunes library file or create a new - Apple Support

    to select the iTunes Library.itl file to the new location.

    The main difference is the location of the iTunes Library.itl file.  The iTunes Library.itl is frequently consulted and updated by iTunes.  If it is on the network storage (with the much slower access compared to a directly connected disc speed), it can adversely affect the performance of iTunes.  Therefore, the first option described above may be preferable, by storing media files on the network storage for the file iTunes Library.itl on the internal drive.

    In your situation, the iTunes Installer is used?

  • Put iTunes Media folder back in its original location?

    I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to a 2 TB SSD is more partition my main drive.  I used to keep iTunes Media folder on a separate data partition.  Now, I would like to return the iTunes Media folder to its original location / considered.

    Is there a particular process I should follow?  Any tips?  What should I watch out for, so I don't lose anything?

    Thank you!


    First of all, you can make a copy of the media on a separate volume of additional backup, if you can.

    You don't say where the media folder is now, but if it's on the old disk, just copy or move the folder iTunes media to users / your name/music/iTunes. Open iTunes preferences / advanced, and then set the location of the iTunes media folder by change to hit and then navigate to the iTunes folder and select the folder that you moved.

  • Separate places for iTunes media library and database

    I am currently using iTunes with my iTunes together on a NAS library and adding pieces can take forever. I want to do the following:

    1. keep my music in a folder on the NAS

    2. continue to use iTunes to manage and organize songs with the structure of the artist/Album/song, I added new things

    3. move the iTunes itl and xml files to the local hard drive

    4. without having to rebuild the database, if possible. I have a massive collection and the database on NAS won 48 hours.

    Can someone help me get there where it won't take me another 48 hours to rebuild?

    Not 100% sure it will work properly...  I know that you are your whole iTunes on the NAS.

    On the internal drive of your Mac, in the folder of music the user account, create a new empty folder called iTunes there.  This is the default location for the folder iTunes (with library databases and media folder).  If there is an existing folder (currently unused) iTunes , delete or move to another location if you want to keep it.

    Quit iTunes if it is running.  On the NAS, open the iTunes folder it (using the Finder) and copy all except for the iTunes Media to the (empty) folder folder iTunes disk internal.  Hold down the Option key and start iTunes. Choose the iTunes Library.itl file in the folder iTunes of the internal drive.

    In the pane iTunes Advanced preferences, is the location of the folder iTunes Media on the folder iTunes Media on the NAS, or (by default) location in the folder iTunes on the internal drive?  If he has given to the default location on the internal disk, click change , and then select your iTunes Media on the NAS folder.  The TWO boxes there to keep iTunes Media folder organized AND copy files to the iTunes folder when adding to Library Media should be checked, if they aren't already.

    Now, the real test is to see if your songs are related to files of song on the NAS, or if iTunes has lost track where the song files.  Try to play a song.  If she plays (you don't see a symbol of an exclamation mark next to songs in iTunes), then iTunes is access to the file of the song of the SIN.  If iTunes cannot locate the file of the song more and invite you to search for, locate the file of the song on the NAS for iTunes.  Using this information, iTunes can extrapolate where its music files and find them.

    If what I described is not working properly, you can run Option in iTunes using your iTunes library on the NAS and try another method.

  • Looking for a store iTunes Media in the music folder files, any body know where is the press kit?

    Hi all

    I'm trying to locate the folder ITunes Music Media; I looked in my music folder and the press kit was not there, someone he knows where

    This media file is the store?

    Here, in this folder: / Users/user/music /.

  • Disorganized iTunes Media after moving to NAS


    I have moved my iTunes for Synology NAS library and am maintaining the logical structure of the different media files.

    On the NAS, I created volume 'Media' where I moved to the iTunes library and where I want all kinds of media to reside and to share with others (Synology, Plex) apps. This volume is now the default iTunes media folder.

    I have relinked the library in ITunes without problem and can see everything as before, but when for example I am adding new content to music to iTunes (with 'Keep media' and 'Copy media in the iTunes folder') organized checked it lands directly in the 'media' instead of ' Media /Music"." Why and how can I solve this problem?

    I want to keep the structure of file like this:

    Media (volume)


    -Artist name

    -Album name


    -Name of film

    TV - series

    -Show Name



    Is this possible? Is to select a volume than the main iTunes folder of media app messes things why?

    It seems OK, I had to «Organize library...» "after moving and all the orphaned files have been moved to /Music they belong.

    I think I like iTunes a little more now

  • While sharing files between users, my itunes library disappeared from these two places. How can I get that back?

    As noted earlier, all trying to share music files from itunes between users on the same computer, my library of songs and videos have disappeared.  How can I cancel this and recover my music and videos?


    I suggest you look in the folder iTunes, if the files are present there or not. The link given below shows the default location where the files are located. If they are present, then add them to the folder. Click on the link below.

    iTunes: how to share music between different accounts on a single computer

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • ITunes media folder location has changed, but it keeps resetting to the default location


    I changed my iTunes media folder location. My internal drive has two drives (was originally a Fusion player, after a system crash, I had to clean it and install Mac OS from scratch and is no longer read as a reader of fusion, but I agree with it), so one of the discs that I use for the OS itself and the other to store the data. I've changed most of my files application for the storage disk storage. When I change the location of folder of media to iTunes, after reboot, it restores the original file to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media.

    Why does that happen?

    If this info can help, I do not have the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, so I removed it by opening bluetooth preferences and unchecked 'see the bluetooth in the menu bar. He disappears. When I restart, it seems once again, it is not happened to Yosemite.

    Thanks in advance.

    iTunes will revert to the default locations, if the configured drive is not present when iTunes opens. This happens if the drive is not mounted or asleep...

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