Reboot instead of shutdown when it is docked

That's basically the problem

Computer laptop x 240

Dock: Thinkpad Dock Pro (40-1 M20) this is important cause, the firmware update tools should be for this version (m20 40a 1) if someone has a link to it.

I do not have this link:

But in the case where it does not work I would like to update the firmware of the Dock.

If anyone has a guide to the (40A 1 m20 Pro Dock) model I'll appreciate it.


Solved the Bios Update

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  • X 64 Home Premium Vista update triggers a reboot instead of the stop

    I just bought a laptop Gateway FX P7805u and when I stopped it worked fine.  But after I've updated every time that Windows Vista I have that he would choose stop this would trigger a reboot instead of a shutdown.  I returned the phone thinking it was a hardware problem.  But the second laptop worked fine when I got it again, then after the update, it starts again the same problem.  I know that the laptop has been on the market for awhile, so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem or anyone know a work around that because I would like the updated but still with having them a stop function I have to hard stop with the power button every time and is not a stable medium to be shutdown

    Hi Jnlsn01,

    Method 1:

    You can try to download the patch from the link below and install it.

    Method 2:

    Click Start.

    Right click on computer, then click Properties

    Click Advanced system settings.

    Click the Advanced tab, and then select settings in the startup and recovery section.

    Remove the check mark next to automatically restart under the system failure.

    Click OK to close the startup and recovery, click OK again and then close the System Properties window.

    1. reboot the computer.

    NOTE: The computer restart is no longer automatically when a problem occurs. Instead, a blue screen appears with more useful information.

    2. Please make a note of the error message and error code present on the screen and send it to that we can solve the problems in this regard.

    Thank you

  • Tecra A10 - how to disable the fingerprint reader when it is docked


    I use a Tecra A10 with a 2 Express Port Replicator.
    How can I disable the fingerprint reader when it is docked and still use it when undocked?

    Thanks for your help


    As far as I know that something like this is not possible.
    Following this logic, it will be possible to have access to protected files when the laptop is on docking station.

    Either you use fingerprints or not.

  • Tecra 8000 TV out when it is docked

    The docking station for the doen't Tecra8000 replicate the TVout connector, but I have a cable to right angle that matches the TV normal port when connected and allows the cable out the host unit. TV connector normally output is disabled when it is docked and is there a setting in the registry or something in 98SE to re - activate?

    I connect my Tecra to a TV to watch DivX movies on the big screen, with the audio goes to my stereo, but I need to use the device with the Replicator, because the server containing my video files on a network, so I need the capacity of the network. I COULD use a network adapter, but then that beats the purpose of a docking station with the LAN!

    Retro Hi

    I'm a bit confused. As much as I know some Tecra 8000 have no LAN card. If your camera has card LAN and LAN port why you n t plug it directly into the TV and LAN without Port Replicator?

    I'm not sure if the port is disabled, but you can test if you can 100%. If there is no success, you must use the PCMCIA network adapter.

    Good bye

  • ThinkCentre M83 ist perform the restart (reboot) instead of the stop


    I have 10AJ001RMZ Thinkcentre M83 with Windows 7 PRO 64 bit and installed latest BIOS and can not stop.
    If I press the Windows shut down, the VBI making every time reboot (reboot) instead of the stop.

    I disabled WOL in the BIOS, but it does not help.
    Knows anoyone howto to solve this problem?

    Sorry, the BIOS has not been more recent.

    I installed FBKTB9A (27/11/2015) earlier, disabled WOL and now it seems to work.

  • When using the docking station when my laptop can connect USB. printer, etc... ? I know that I can connect my laptop to a docking station.

    When using the docking station when my laptop can connect USB. printer, etc... ? I know that I can connect my laptop to a docking station.

    When using the docking station when my laptop can connect USB. printer, etc... ? I know that I can connect my laptop to a docking station.


    With Docking Station, you can connect all the cables for printer, keyboard and mouse, adapter directly to the charging station.

    So whenever you use a laptop, you have just dock the laptop on the docking station and not need to re connect all cables again.

    This will help you when you move frequently with the laptop.

    Docking station will save your time, outside any other aspect, that it has to offer.


  • My computer is locked after 10 minutes instead of sleep when not in service

    Original title: locked computer

    My computer is locked after 10 minutes instead of sleep when not in service


    Could you please clarify the question?
    1 - is your computer hangs / freeze when you wake the computer from sleep mode or when the computer begins to sleep?
    2 or it is locked and it will prompt you to enter the password?
    3. what type of screen you get when the computer crashes?
    4. have you installed the latest display drivers?
    Hope to hear back rom you soon!

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Is there a possible way to stop the reboot in the Middle when machine restarts?

    Is there a possible way to stop the reboot in the Middle when machine restarts.

    Waiting for answers... !!


    Thank you for keeping us posted.

    I would say to run the system maintenance utility and check if it helps. Please follow the steps in the link given below.

    Note: Resolution of the problems of system maintenance search for unused files and shortcuts that you clean or remove so that your computer can run faster.

    Open the troubleshooting of the System Maintenance Utility.


    I hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.


  • VB 6 application on Windows 7 64 bit turns black instead of white when active control

    Our VB 6 application shows a simple form with a few text controls and radio buttons.  Text controls is by default disabled (gray), but when the user changes an option button, the control is enabled if the user can enter some data into it.  On a Windows 7 64-bit workstation, the control becomes black instead of white when turned on, then the user is unable to see what they type into it.  Y at - it any resolution to this problem?  The form works very well with Windows XP and also works very well on a Windows 2008 R2 64-bit server.

    Hi Mark,

    Your question of Windows 7 is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the Microsoft Developer Network. Please post your question in this Forum. You can follow the link to your question:

    For reference: (v = vs. 80) .aspx

    Hope the above information is helpful.

  • Wireless mouse does not work when it is docked.

    I have a new laptop Latitude E7440, with a mouse Dell Wireless and E-series docking station.  When it is docked, the wireless mouse is disabled.  Receiver must USB mouse be connected to the docking station to make it work? It would be quite embarrassing.

    Thank you


    Hi dwells1957,

    Thanks for the post! Looks like you might have the USB receiver connected to the USB ports on the back of the system? While anchored feature transfers E7440 of ports at the back of the unit to the Wharf (by disabling these ports).

    Rear ports Latitude E7440 & E7240 system are disabled when it is docked on an E-port I / II or E-port Plus I / II

    If you connect the USB receiver on the dock or on the USB port on the side of the system, it should work correctly when it is connected to the docking station.

    Kind regards

  • Wireless issues when it is docked

    I have a Dell E5540. I recently put in place to host after the dock for more than a year. The issue I'm having is that when the laptop is connected my wireless connection is going to almost nothing. Less than half a Meg.

    When I leave the dock wireless jumps to normal. Read about it, I found a 'solution '. If I open the lid of the computer laptop while its anchored my wireless is normal... close it... and his return to zilch.

    I think it's a setting somewhere, but so far, nothing works.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Hi mcftlf,

    Thanks for posting.

    The antenna for the without wire is located in the lid, so when it is closed, it does not receive a good signal.  Opening the lid exposes the antenna to the area of signal more to pick up the wifi signal.  Best way to solve this problem is to use a wired connection, when it is docked, or open the cover.

  • When I go to stop xp my system reboots instead. I have to turn off the power out. What can I do?

    This is a new Board of Directors with processor AMD II 4 GB Ram.

    Try to start with clean boot and the removal of all external devices (except keyboard and mouse).  Then, after that the PC is running for a few minutes, try and closed.  See if you get a different result.  Also, make sure that you are up-to-date with the Windows updates, and hardware drivers.

    Follow the steps in this article to resolve problems with a clean boot.

    Advanced problem resolution by clean restart.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • W30T-A-101 - battery #2 satellite: Absent - even when it is docked

    After his return from the first W30T-A-101 because of his failure, we are now on a second unit.

    The second unit appears not to recognise the second battery in the keyboard; or there is a problem with Windows 8.1 and the material.

    Battery #1 watch load/load in connected or disconnected mode.

    Battery No. 2 is ALWAYS showing "Absent" even when the section of the Tablet is rooted in the keyboard.

    As suggested on the forums, we have detached and rebooted, to no avail.

    Toshiba failed to load the required drivers, or think that we still have another laptop with a failure?

    Satellite W30T has a power supply in the screen and another unit of battery in the base.
    Usually the two batteries must be present and must be recognized and billed.

    Please note that there are two connectors DC: one in the Tablet and the second in the keyboard dock.
    Please connect the power adapter into the keyboard dock to check the State of charge of battery.

  • iPhone 7 creation of a circuit when on a dock

    Here's a weird one for you...

    I just got my iPhone 7, and everything of fine. What is strange is that when he's on the dock (one official apple) and connected to a power supply, the back of the phone vibrates as I slide a finger or fingers (I tried with 3) top. This does not reach the screen and doesn't happen if I also touch the metal casing with a finger of the other hand at the same time. I guess I'm creating a circuit which is triggering the haptic motor which works only when it is connected to the power? It's strange. I even if it was defective at first, thinking he was going to vibrate a little all the time is on the dock, but realized that happens when I touch and move my fingers softly through the body.

    Can any who else reproduce it, or is mine just special?

    It's something because he does, if I touch it with both hands, to complete the circuit, and it only when not connected to the electric/static.

    Just it takes off from the wharf, used another socket, USB plug and cable lighting. Put the phone on the couch face and ran my finger on it... doing the same thing! My wife came in one I tried. Done here also. I touch it with his index finger on his left hand and run his right index finger to the back, and he has ceased to be. Once she took her left index finger he started to do it again.

    The vibration feels stronger at the top of the phone.

    We had Antennagate, now Vibratorgate! Laughing out loud

  • Mac crashes when you click docking station

    Yosemite 10.10.5 running.

    Intermittently, when I click on an icon in the dock, my iMac is suspended for anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute or more. Repairing permissions, zapping the PRAM and reset SMC do not help. Any ideas?

    Menu-> ForceQuit-choose Finder > Apple, relaunch the Finder.

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