Rec'd dropbox to the message with a photo of the friend doc. Such notice, thought has been expanding doc, immediately went to the zip file downloads. Open the folder several files, open 1, did not open the funny code file. I'm ok, anyone who sent hacked.

Received email claimed friend which contained dropbox. In dropbox was the photo of the small document and note to friend. (I wasn't familiar with dropbox). The document had seen listed by it. I clicked on see thinking I was enlarging document to read what it was. A folder of zip file immediately went to the download. I opened the case and he had several files listed, suspicious code. One who does not I opened. The person called and they said that their e-mail had been hacked. Someone had mentioned to them that it would be Zeus. Although I have downloaded zip file and open a folder which looked ok, and I did not open the file with the code of suspicion. I agree with you?

I agree with you?

Yes. Just delete the files and the message.

Tags: Mac

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