Receive error message "Windows - No disk" in Vista

I have an error that I can't cancel or remove the error is "Windows - disk number.  Treatment of the 0xc0000013 0x75B3023C 0x833A07B4 0x75B3023C 0x75B3023C exception Message parameters ' with the option "Cancel, Try Again or continue" and it doesn't matter which option I try it will not work. How can I solve this problem.

Windows - no disk


This happens usually when you get a cd/dvd in particular a removable disk so that windows is reading. If this happens with your hard drive, you may have a bad power supply or a loose connection. This applies to a drive dvd/cd rom so, because on reading, the reader will have more power and thus your system resets the drive. Check your power supply (SMPS) or hunt for loose connections.



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