Receive the error message when you try to install Toshiba Power Saver

Toshiba power saver recently stopped working - I deleted and it redownloaded this site, now whenever I try to start the installation, I get a message "Cannot be the computer id" and stops the installation.

For the first time post here so if I'm on the wrong forum or you need nothing else apologies in advance.


where you´ve have downloaded the powersaver? Maybe you downloaded a bad for your machine. It s absolutely important to download EXACTLY this software that fits your type of machine.
When you download stuff on toshiba Web sites you will have to keep an eye on the version on your machine (for example the Satellite A100 - 552-> download software of type '552' of the Satellite A100 series).

Sometimes, this solves a lot of mistakes and clarify some not very nice situations.
Please, more details on your problem. :)

Welcome them

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