Recent calls and highlighting phone numbers

Hi all

I tried to find a solution here, but found no of topics about this...

The problem is when someone phone book calls and has 2 or more numbers, when I press the "info" button, none of its figures is highlithed, so I don't know, what number used to call...

I hope I'm not the only one, and there is a solution for this problem...

Incoming call on my friend with 3 numbers attached.

Thank you.

If you type just the entry in the list of recent, it must call them on the number called you.

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    I just re-read this thread again, how many numbers is affected?

    You can call the carrier first, make sure your line is an option correctly.

    Let us know how many numbers, OK?

    Thank you




    < re-titled by host >


    Follow the steps here:

    If you cannot connect to a cellular network or cellular data - Apple Support

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    my account blocked and why phone numbers

    Please contact Skype customer service


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

    If my advice helped to solve your problem, please mark it as a solution to help others.
    Please note that I usually do not respond to unsolicited private Messages. Thank you.

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    I am using the screen of the organisation (Structures of work-> organization-> Description). Here we define the classification of the Organization as "Training Center", I only get a field to store telephone numbers. I know that we can have the phone number attached to the structure of localization work.

    As we have many laboratories and rooms meeting/training in the same place, I don't think this is a good option to create multiple sites for the sake of phone numbers.

    We have sown flexfield descriptive "Org Developer DF" used to define the Types of information organization. As a seedling, I'm not touch to activate the additional fields.

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    Thanks for your help in advance!

    Could define a location Extra Info structure (multiple lines)? Any org would then one place for his main address, but which could in turn have several entries in location additional Info to save details etc at this point in the meeting room.


  • framework of the call and the phone calls

    Hi all

    is there a way to start a phone call on BB10 since a uri like this: "such: 55555555 '?

    I tried the following:

    Hi Marco,.

    Yes, unless you have an email client, which I think you do not have.

  • Watch will not appear the phone numbers in the recent

    Since the update my watch stopped display of phone numbers in the area of recent call in the phone icon.  Last call and the number that is displayed is March 22.  Any ideas on how to solve this problem?  Thank you

    Hi Scott

    It can help to disable the twinning and re - pair your watch. The app shows on your iPhone takes a backup of your watch when unpairing via the app choose to backup restore when the possibility to put courses in place. Most of the data and settings will be restored, with a few exceptions (for example cards Pay Apple, access code).

    Cancel the twinning of your iPhone - Apple and Apple Watch Support

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  • Apple Watch is no longer display of contact names - only the phone numbers on the texts and phone calls

    PROBLEM: When I receive an SMS or a phone call on my IWatch, it now shows only the phone number or e-mail address of the sender, rather than their names.  At the same time my IPhone matched 5 c displays the names of my contacts perfectly list view text message or phone call.  This problem just started occurring in the past week.

    CAUSES: unknown - it worked one day and the next day it didn't.  I don't remember edit particular parameter associated with it. Although my circle of friends on the IPhone appears differently now, too, without the my change.

    TROUBLESHOOTING: I turned off my Iphone, tried resetting, powering my iwatch and checked the settings for the IWatch on my Iphone and my Iphone settings.

    PRODUCTS: My software on my Iwatch says it's updated: OS 2.2.1.

    My Iphone's software is also updated: IOS 9.3.2

    My sister is also having the same problem with his Iwatch paired with a phone SE 5.

    I wonder if this is a recent development and how to fix it.


    It can help restore your sync data:

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go: Watch My (tab) > general > reset > tap reset sync data.
      • Nothing seems to happen when you tap it, but the process will be executed in the background, invisible to you, so allow a few moments it ends.

    If you have not already done so, you can also activate iCloud Contacts:

    • On your iPhone, go to: settings > iCloud - turn on the Contacts.
  • View call logs, but with contact phone numbers, name, and not only

    I have to be able to show that a list of the call connects to my request.  But for thosenumbers who have a name in the address book, instead of simply to view phone numbers, I have to be able to show the name of the

    number.  (just like the native blackberry app call log done)

    Up to now the following seems to work OK, as long as the amount of data is small:

    • When the main screen is first created, walk the database by calling PIM.getInstance () .openPIMList)
    • Adds a new entry in a hash table for each unique telephone number in the database that points to the name of the contact
    • After that the Hashtable is fully charged, list of call logs
    • As the newspapers call list is displayed, phone numbers search in the hash table, replace with name when a match is found

    But when the Contact database grows, as the order of 500 entries, it takes a lot of time for

    walk from the database to generate the hash table (10 seconds), and while what the application is blocked

    and things seem stuck to the user. This must occur before the first screen is displayed and so after

    the user clicks on the icon and the first screen is being built, the user is thinking ' what's going on..?

    until the screen finally opens.

    Is there an API I can tap in which already provides this mapping for me?  (given a call number journal or by phone,

    Efficiently search the name of the contact with that phone number, if necessary).  That way I wouldn't have to build

    the hash table.

    Or, possibly, some advice on a simple signal of progress to the user while loads of app... This might be simpler than

    trying to tackle the problem with a multi-threaded approach.

    Unfortunately there is no way, I was. I tried to re - implement research of the phone application and came across this as well, as well as some other hidden implementations that are much faster then the public APIs.
    You can try to work with itemsByName, it is also not very fast, according to the number of entries you have.

    Maybe PhoneCallLogID methods can help you?

  • SIRI refused to call 3 phone numbers of the figures suddenly


    I talked with Alexis in the Apple Support centres to TX and she confirmed after checking that it is a known issue and that she is wanted in. HOWEVER, it also sounded like this problem was not given serious attention it should have because she actually said that she could not say WHEN or even IF this problem would be solved!


    I live in the region of the San Francisco Bay area (California) and I discovered today that SIRI consist is more 3 digit phone numbers. I suspect the recent 9.3.1 IOS upgrade at the end of March has broken it.

    Here's the background: in CA, there is a service 511 people can call to get the traffic information on accidents and traffic problems in their neighbourhood. It is WIDELY used in the SF bay area CA by the drivers that are on the highways, etc. I used the service 511 SEVERAL times and he has always worked, but I him have not used in the last month or so because that I did have major traffic issues to deal with several weeks. Today, there are traffic problems and much to my dismay SIRI would compose is 511.

    I awakened SIRI and said Dial 511. SIRI responded initially with the appellant , but then 2-3 seconds more late SIRI came back and said that I can't call 511. Tried several times, same problem. After I got home (not driving now) I've done a few tests more and find SIRI refuses to dial ANY 3 numbers. I tested 411, 511 and 611 (the latter is the support for my operator AT & T number). Have the same problem with all 3. Call these numbers by manually entering the number works as expected.

    Again, I have used this feature strongly with 511 for a very long time - last time was probably sometime in March and it worked, but as I said I found it was 100 percent broken today.

    Yet once, Alexis of Apple support confirmed this problem has been reported on several occasions and is a known problem but she left me a very bad feeling that Apple cannot take this problem very seriously.

    I need to remember that this is a MAJOR issue. 511 traffic information is a HEAVILY used service in CA and the LAST thing you want someone to do is to pull out their phone and dial this hand because SIRI refuses to make the call!

    Please ensure that this problem is given a HIGH priority, as it is a major security problem because of the 511 service. After all you don't want people tempted to pull out their phone to dial 511 manually when they are driving, as this could cause an accident!

    Note that I have no idea if 911 works even as it's not something you can really try to test calls with since I do not have a real emergency situation. If 911 is broken in the same way, this problem would become even more serious.

    Thank you

    Allen McWongahey

    It is a user support forum. Nobody here can do anything about yourself. You can, however, provide your feedback directly to Apple via this link:

  • all my phone numbers are highlighted in blue anywhere on my computer, I need that turns off

    How to disable Skype function that makes all the phone numbers on any site or document have Skype blue highlight... I knew how and I forgot... Please help

    Uninstall the addon, click call .

  • Recent calls from contacts with multiple numbers


    If I for example XYZ contact with several numbers with the same name (for example: 123 mobile, mobile 456)

    When I call or receive a call missed this contact, if I open recent tab and selected information from the record, he mentions just all this customer numbers

    I don't know what number I had asked, or what number called (123 or 456)

    Thank you


    The phone number that was called to must be blue.

  • Using Facetime and iMessage with multiple phone numbers

    I often travel internationally. When abroad, I get a local SIM card and so a local phone number. The problem is, anyone trying to send messages to my becomes phone number inside a bounced message until I go home. I am looking for a solution to this problem. What I want to do logically is to pass all my iMessage and Facetime messages to my phone number internal to any international phone number that I have the chance to have for the week or two, I'm out of the country, without actually transferring phone calls for the international number.

    How can I accomplish this?

    If during the passage of an international SIM inside, if I use a different AppleID to save the number, can I add the domestic AppleID to iMessage and Facetime and have forward SMS messages to internal phone to my phone number - actually give my 2 phone numbers for text and using Facetime?

    What happens if I have a second iPhone (say one IS minimal) think I swap my SIM home - then I have two iPhones, one with an international SIM card and the other with an internal SIM card - then - I associate the two phones with the same AppleID (as if I had the same AppleID on an iPhone and iPAD) and make it work? In other words, a text Message sent to my iPhone internal SIM also towards my international SIM iPhone? This I must have my internal iPhone with me, or I can leave home and have it still work?

    Any suggestions for other ways to solve this problem?

    Thank you!


    You should always be available for the Apple ID that is associated with a phone number at one point.

    SMS is out of scope for this, because it is a function of carrier managed by your carrier at that time and linked to your SIM card.

    You put a new SIM card in your phone, FaceTime and Messages should register again your Apple ID for/with this new phone number shortly after. I do not think it deal only with the functions of automatic reference to FaceTime or Messages, because they are themselves a transfer function.

    To the Apple server... "go get my friend with the Apple ID of [email protected]." Server Apple think and said: "OK, it uses the 888-555-1212 phone number right now, so I'll send your application there.

    Ring, ring... you download a FaceTime application.

  • How can I find the phone numbers called from this phone?

    How can I find phone numbers of this Iphone 6?

    If you open the phone application, the list of recent calls recent 100 facts/on calls the device, with the exception of the deletions which can be done on the device. If the list is empty, then the phone has not made/received all calls or the list has been removed.

  • Composition of the phone numbers with pauses and extensions?

    With the Pre, is it possible to insert pauses and extensions in phone numbers in your contacts list? And have the phone to dial them all at once when you compose?  What to do to have these numbers in your calendar for an event such as a conference call?  I would like to simply touch the number to the event and do all numbers with pauses and extensions to put me in the call.

    To insert a two-second pause in the dialing sequence, enter a T where you want than the break to appear. To include a stop in the numbering sequence, enter a P where you want to stop to appear. to call the next set of numbers after the stop, press the screen.

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