"Recent" on iTunes Playlists work removal

How can I remove a previously downloaded work I no longer want or need the selections that still show in the tab "recent"?

Thank you, everyone.

It's probably obvious, but it wasn't for me: I managed to remove the images by selecting the thumbnails one at a time by pressing the BACKSPACE (⟵) or the command (cmd) + the Backspace.

So far, after only a few shut downs of iTunes, they have not reappeared.

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    Recently updated iTunes and removed all my playlists and music. Is it possible to get them all back without re-download everything?

    Turingtest2 CSA user help document: empty/corrupted iTunes after upgrade/crash library - https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-6561

    If you do not see your content after updating to iTunes - https://support.apple.com/kb/HT203225

  • Deletion of albums of my iTunes library also removes the songs from these albums of my playlists

    Hello! I wonder if there is a way to delete albums of my iTunes library without removing songs from these albums of my playlists.

    I take my playlists seriously enough (because I know others do too) and would not that they be tampered with. The songs I have in them that I'm here for a reason and a lot of these songs are single whole albums I've saved in my iTunes library. I just recently the desire to clean my library because he got rather crowded with reckless decisions, but I can't do it until I have a solution. I'm glad that I remembered that this might affect my playlists before any serious damage was done.

    I still have to find a question like this or a setting that would allow me to do. Please help me if you have an idea of how to go on this subject! Thank you very much in advance

    No, you cannot delete an album on iTunes and at the same time not delete tracks. You could potentially change the details of the track so that less albums appear in the library, but I'm reluctant to even suggest that he. Data are always more easily thrown only recovered later.


  • I've upgraded to a newer version of iTunes.  When I opened the new iTunes, all of these songs randomly appeared in my iTunes playlist!  I have NO idea where they came from.  Why they are on my computer, and how to remove them from my iTunes?

    I've upgraded to a newer version of iTunes.  When I opened the new iTunes, all of these songs randomly appeared in my iTunes playlist!  I have NO idea where they came from.  Why they are on my computer, and how to remove them from my iTunes?

    I think iTunes might be showing your iCloud music purchases. Go to the menu bar, and unselect display-> show iCloud music purchases.

  • My sd card is not download on my computer, I have recently my system was working on, that they removed a program that I need to reinstall?

    My sd card is not download the pictures on my computer, I recently had my system worked and lost a lot of programs... I wonder if they have removed a program that I need to reinstall...

    My sd card is not download the pictures on my computer, I recently had my system worked and lost a lot of programs... I wonder if they have removed a program that I need to reinstall...

    You may need to adjust the automatic run settings...

    the following usility nay be worth a try:

    Windows XP - Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard

    Also... you can try the following steps:

    Apparently, you have an external or internal USB media player?

    Insert the memory card into the correct location on the media player...
    If open windows... Close them.

    When the card is inserted... If you go to... Start / computer... is
    player card on one or several removable disks?

    Removable (e :)) drive
    Removable disk (e :))
    Removable drive (g)

    If_Yes_you can download photos from there. Left click
    the drive letter that corresponds to the SD card slot should
    display the directory of the card and you can copy and paste or
    Drag and drop the photos of your choice in a folder on your hard drive

    Just a select group of photos do a right-click and choose... Copy...
    then navigate to the folder that you want, and then right-click the
    folder and choose Paste.

  • Songs of iTunes playlists

    I'm tired of finding songs that are still in my folder iTunes, but were removed from my playlists.  I do not understand why this is happening, but it's getting very boring.

    Recently, I made a CD for my grandson of soundtracks of her favorite movies, that I have in my iTunes library when I noticed a song is not listed under my songs.  I then checked the playlist it was supposed to be (3 different ones) and it isn't in any of them.  I then searched the folder in my iTunes music folder and it was still there.  Now, it is a song not purchased from iTunes but one that I added a disc.  Why this song would be available and always on my iPad and iPod, but removed from my playlists on iTunes?

    Your slogan, I assume you are using Windows XP and therefor probably an older version of iTunes.  If you are unable to update to the latest version of iTunes, whatever it is, these can be workarounds:

    11 iTunes for Windows: save a copy of your playlists

    12 iTunes for Windows: save a copy of your playlists

    That would allow you to export and import playlists whenever you wish (although you shouldn't).  Also, by chance, you use Apple music or iCloud music library?  Those who might have something to do with your problem.

  • After updating to the latest version of Itunes, it works really slow, takes more than a minute to recognize my Iphone and will not correctly backup my Iphone

    IPhone 6 64 IOS 9.3.1 runs the latest version of ITunes

    After I updated to the latest version of ITunes, when I run the synchronization, it goes through the six steps, and then returns the message that the backup has failed

    Running on a 64-bit Windows 8.1 Dell computer.

    ITunes now works much more slowly. Takes a long time to load. It takes more than a minute after I plug in my Iphone for the IPhone to be recognized by Itunes.

    I rebooted the machine. Remove the locked file. All have failed to solve the problem

    For general advice, see troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates.

    The steps described in the second case are a guide to remove everything related to iTunes and then rebuild what is often a good starting point, unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach. Review other cases and a list of documents to support further down the page, in which case one of them applies.

    More information area has direct links with the current and recent if you have problems to download, need to revert to a previous version or try the version iTunes for Windows (64-bit-for old video cards) as a workaround for the problems of performance or compatibility with third-party software.

    Your library must be affected by these measures, but it is also related to backup and recovery advice if necessary.

    If you have tried the suggestions above without success, then another option is to go back to the previous version of iTunes that has worked for you. See the roll back tips to installers of iTunes. Roll back of 12.3.3 will be to restore the pre-upgrade library in the previous iTunes libraries folder.


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using iCloud drive (or other Cloud services) compared with iTunes game against external hard drive, Solid State etc. to store my songs iTunes, playlists, ratings etc?

    First question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of using iCloud drive (or other Cloud services) compared with iTunes Match against Solid State external hard drive etc to store my songs iTunes, playlists, ratings etc?

    Please let me know what are the alternatives for storage of my songs, playlists, song etc. other than iTunes game ratings ($ 24.99 / year)?  Is there a way to store all my songs with my song ratings, playlists, etc. with a CD song quality? Most of my (currently 130 GB) songs on my computer are CD quality that I prefer to keep as well as my notes of each song (i.e. 5 * vs. 4 * etc.), playlists, groups (music, classical, popular, country etc.).  What are the advantages and disadvantages to store my iTunes songs while CD quality with my personal notes, reading lists, groupings in the cloud?  ICloud of Apple Drive ($ 2.99 per month or $36 / year for 200 GB) would be the best way to automatically update and maintain my rankings iTunes personal including the future editions of the song etc or using Amazon, IBM, Microsoft etc cloud or an external hard drive SSD would work as well and maybe cheaper?  I currently have my iTunes on a PC of 2007 with vista (I use a 1 8T Western Digital external upward by car for my personal info all over HP, songs, photos etc. which is currently close to 170 GB) but also have an Apple i-phone 6 & I Air cushion.  Although I did not need to have all of my music with all their sides, etc. available on all of my devices at all times as iTunes game, I still would have easy access to information on both my PC and my iPhone or iPad?  Thank you.

    In my opinion?

    I back up my data to an external drive for several reasons.  The first is my data - if I put on the cloud, someone else has control over it, they can see what I have and change the preferences to what they see of marketing.

    Almost as important as that - if I had to rely on the cloud whenever I wanted to update my playlists on my phone, I need a better internet connection I have now (working at sea).  To get the best out of the cloud, you need a solid link to home, work or mobile.

    As a spin-off - I hate the fact that Apple take away a feature in their software updates and then allow an app to be sold in their store to replace this feature - or worse still, some features that were available before the updates are now "cloud only."  And Yes - you have to pay for the cloud.  I like most of the people do not appreciate the 'accomplished fact. "

    From the back of the external hard drive ASI downside, is that to be safe, you need to store outside in a separate computer place.  If keep you them together, if one is lost, probably, they are both.  That is to say for me a full backup before you travel, then a new upward as soon as I go home.  Downside is how much data may be lost between the two back ups if I needed to restore.  For me, its worth the risk.  If I was away and say had bought a ton of new music and couldn't go home anytime soon, I can always head to the store and buy a new external drive, they are massively expensive.  Even if my computer has to go for repair and my remote is to halfway around the world - I want to buy a new one.

    Now, some will say that once you buy a new external, you spend more than you would on a cloud subscription.  It's true, but in the 6 years following the purchase of Mac that I've only had to buy a new external once - so with a little luck and planning - it works.

    I left took well - I am not a subscriber of cloud, nor do I want to be.

  • Access the iTunes playlist?

    Is there maybe a way to access iTunes playlist to flash/flex/air?

    More general question would be is it possible to use the flash ActiveX component?

    Just curious...


    ActiveX in Flex No.. But you can use javascript in the htmlWrapper, and you can communicate with the envelope using ExternalInterface. Unfortuantely security issues that prevent work when sent over the network, but it works perfectly in flexBulder or if physically installed in an approved sandbox.

    AIR it will be probably achievable.


  • Apple TV 4 iTunes Playlists

    I received my Apple TV 4 today, implemented and sought my iTunes playlists. iTunes is running on my MacBook. Y at - it something for

    See use the House to share content with other devices - Apple iTunes Support sharing. Connect to the library via the computers app music you gives access to purchases made, or more if you have configured the music Apple or iTunes game.


  • iTunes playlists show two different formats. Why is it so.

    iTunes playlists show two different formats. Why is it so.

    A playlist displays a blue screen with numbered songs and music before notation box provided for each song. The other playlist is predominently white numbered from each song and check the box. Why is it so and how both can be given.

    Use the view > view as menu from one of six different layouts. Ones you mention is Playlist and songs respectively.


  • If I buy a macbook pro, how can I open a burning all my old projects DVD and how can I burn CD from my itunes playlist?

    If I buy a macbook pro, how can I open and burn all my old projects DVD and how to burn cd from my itunes playlist?

    To burn iTunes:

    GO to iTunes > help > using iTunes and search for burn and go to burn CDs and DVDs

    Try to publish the iDVD forum to burn old iDVD projects since Apple dropped to iDVD a couple of Mac OS x versions there are.


    The latest model MacBook Pro do not come with a DVD player if yo are going to need an external

  • How to play a song by an iTunes Playlist to another

    How can I move a song from one iTunes Playlist to another (or I can't?)? Currently, I copy the song from Playlist A to B Playlist , and then delete a Playlist. I want to do a one-step process. What I do now is an extra step (i.e. two times more!) and has the potential for error in matches not songs copied and deleted. It is possible to do in a file system; It is not possible in iTunes playlists?

    I don't think that it is possible. You can see if there's a script that does for you.  It seems that you are using iTunes for Windows (another forum) so I recommend that you check

    http://samsoft.org.uk/iTunes/scripts.asp - many scripts for itunes for Windows only

  • How to get iTunes playlist active?

    My playlist of the album might look like this:

    There's a #1 song, which is in bold. Songs #2-16 are in bright characters.

    When I play songs on my iPod, song #1 plays very well, but do not appear songs #2-16, even after synchronization.

    I don't know that this is related to something, I have while setting up this years ago iTunes playlist, but I forgot what it was. Someone knows how to do #2-16 "BOLD" songs, so I can play on my iPod?

    Thank you!

    I fixed it. In the unlikely case where you are going to use the function, I'll elaborate.

  • How to transfer the songs I have in a file on my computer to my itunes playlist?

    I want to know how can I transfer songs I have in a folder on my computer to my itunes playlist?


    That would be iTunes import really need to check with iTunes support
    and their forums.


    I hope this helps.

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