Recent recovery of HP image


I have this laptop HP 15-f039wm and even with the last (HP2000-2b19wm), it has a partition marked recovery which is aprox. 20 GB, GB 19.3 on this one, I have now. Now, it is said that there are 1.9 GB free of this RECOVERING 19.3 GB disc. Only, when I go in to see this file recovery and the right click\properties tells me that it's only 237 MB.

What I want to do is to safeguard this entire partition with all its content on my hard disk external. Where is the other 17 GB? and how can I record it on my external hard drive?


Presentation of reports.

It is a success! Had to go to control Pannel\Folder Options, make sure that show hidden files, folders and drives has been selected, as well as uncheck Hide protected files (recommended) operating system. Then I had to make a lot of progress take ownership and take total control over the first the whole score, then the System Volume Information folder then it's content. In the end he copy on my external hard drive =).

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  • Re: Satellite L300-1BV - create your recovery disc ISO images

    I wondered about this.
    Could make my recovery disc ISO images, I know I could just make a few extra copies, but I am learning to create ISO images.
    But I was a little worried about what would happen when I put a disc in the drive...

    This along with the recovery image is a bit complicated, and something like this is not possible.
    All you can do is create recovery DVDs using Toshiba recovery disc creator or directly start the HARD drive recovery using recovery Toshiba (F8) option.

    You can do with it what you want but how you want to start the installation later?
    Sorry, but I think that it will not work.

  • HP G5210UK. Disaster trying to recover Windows 7, cannot access HP Recovery or disk image.

    After a disastrous attempt to install a second OS, I discovered that I can't start windows 7. I tried all published means to affect a repair and I find that I can not restore windows in one of the ways provided leading me to believe that I may have a problem with partitions on my HARD drive, I can't find a way to get repair disk to read my partition recovery or disk image. For all the intentions, I have a PC dead... unless someone can help you.

    on the good side of things, I have an installation for Linux Ubuntu disc so I can be able to get this way, I ask a similar question on this forum.

    This happened everyday and I'm getting frantic, please help.

    Went into Disk Manager and sort partitions on the HARD disk and I am currently Assistant support, but things are rosy.  Good Heath analyst.  In any case, I think it's done, I will run some checks down load all the updates, reinstall my software... but I would call this one resolved.

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    Devices supported by Adobe Camera Raw

    Camera Raw plugin and Adobe application compatibility

    The 80 d was first supported camera Raw 9.5 which is only compatible with 14 elements. Not 13 items.


    1. Upgrade to 14 elements in order to edit Raw files, or
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  • Can I order a recovery as ISO image?

    Hi guys,.

    I need to order a recovery disc. The thing is that I live in Australia at the moment and I bought my laptop in the Greece.
    Anyone know if I can buy an ISO image?

    Thank you

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    As far as I know that something like this is not possible. You can order the DVD media only.
    If possible, try to get the original installation of Microsoft for the OS installation disc. All the necessary drivers, the tools and the utilities that you can download from the support page of Toshiba Europe -

    By the way: maybe some family member can order it for you in Greece and later of you send it.

  • How to reinstall the recovery Windows 7 image?


    I bought a new Toshiba L650 computer laptop,
    The day I bought the laptop, I installed UBUNTU on it and by mistake I used the entire disk for UBUNTU. And I lost the entire windows partition and I didn't even create a backup disk.

    Is there a way I can recover my windows. I have the windows 7 CD key written on the bottom on the laptop. Can I install using a few windows 7 CD and use my CD key and still use it?


    I hope my answers help you, then let's go:
    > Is there a way I can recover my windows.
    N ° after installing Linux or any other OS version clean there is no way to install the original Toshiba recovery image.
    > I have the windows 7 CD key written on the bottom on the laptop. Can I install using a few windows 7 CD and use my CD key and still use it?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. This key belongs to the recovery image you have with your laptop and it cannot be used with another version of Win7.

    If you have original Toshiba recovery image and use the laptop with the settings you need to order the new recovery disc.
    You can do it on

  • How to create the recovery disk from image on another laptop?

    Hi guys,.

    I have a laptop where the recovery partition was reformatted somehow.
    Although I used partition recovery software to recover the original partition, the original system partition containing the Creator program of recovery was also missing.

    I was wondering if just, is it possible to create a recovery disc install creator on another computer Toshiba Recovery disk, extract the image from recovery partition and then create image recovery disc?

    See you soon


    Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. It is not possible.

    I had the same situation after partitioning my hard disk, he disappeared and did not make a recovery disk.
    You can order the new silver recovery disk:

    or get a copy of Windows and install it. Then, download all the required drivers and enjoy.

  • HP Envy 17-j015sr: Envy 17-j015sr recovery or Win8 image kit


    Have a problem with the HP Envy 17-j015sr laptop. HARD drive died. Cannot fix and mount the partitions even under Linux. SMART is down.

    You need to reinstall the operating system on the new HARD drive. But have a question - what Win8 image do I use to install OS correctly to get the key to the series, which is included in the BIOS firmware?

    Or need to use recovery system for this product kit - couldn't find it in the Internet.

    Please notify.

    S/n: [redacted]

    I downloaded the image 'Windows 8 unilingual (Rus) x 64', which is installed on most of the laptops for the Russia. Works perfectly, licensed and activated without any problems.

  • After the system recovery complete original image

    Win 7 Desktop was unstable after a few years, and I wasn't able to run a successful restoration to any number of restore points, so just yesterday, I backed it up and ran the recovery of the system of internal recovery option in the Recovery Manager and not from disks.

    The process was nice and smooth, but in 'My computer', I noticed that my original image on the D drive already appears almost complete and wonder if this is the case?

    It shows only 327 MB 10.7 GB free space.

    My concern is it will be full in no time and leaves no room for new info in case it is always necessary.

    So my question is, or the original image is correct as this is what I have to do something now, even if it means another recovery?

    Thanks for the tips

    You are the very welcome

    Happy computing!


  • How to create a recovery with the Image of the DVD of Windows 7 Partition?

    My laptop got screwed that I started a month on vacation and no DVD of Windows 7 with me. I think that the best solution would be a partition with a bootable Windows 7 DVD image.

    Any suggestions on how to make a? -Nigel M

    Make a Windows 7 image and store it on a separate partition

    1. create a partition large enough to store an image of your Windows 7 installation
    2 make a Windows 7 image and save the image on this partition
    3. with the program allowing you to make the image to burn it to a bootable recovery CD Imaging
    4. If you need to restore the image, insert the CD to boot and start the restore process.

    Create a System Image in Windows 7

    After you install and activate Windows 7 create a system image as a backup of your current computer in case you need to reinstall it. That will save you the trouble of having to reinstall Windows 7 and installed everything currently again, and it takes much less time to do.

    1. click on the Start Menu and type "Save", and then click Backup of your files.
    2. in the Control Panel window that appears, click the blue link to the image.
    3 create a system image window should pop up.  Select which hard disk, DVD, or network location, you'll save your image.  Click next to continue.
    4. on the next page, check disks in your system and your system for.  Once you have selected the drives, click next to continue. Note: You can select as many records as you want (if available), but you choose to include means to the greater will be the size of the image.
    5. the next window is just a review, make sure everything is correct, and then click Start backup to start the process.  It may take 10 minutes or more, so patience is needed.
    6. once the backup is complete, you? He's prompted with the option to create a system repair disc.  It's a good idea, just in case your system has problems in the future.  Click Yes.
    7 choose which disc recording drive you? He's use to burn the disc.  Insert a CD or a blank DVD for the physical disk, and then click on create disc.

    How to restore Windows 7 from a System Image

    You can also use a disk imaging hard program - they both allow you to create a rescue disk.

    Reflect disk imaging:

    Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition:

    Windows 7: create a Partition of Installation of system to install Windows (I nstallation Partition, not an image)
    (1) create a partiton of 3.5 GB at the beginning of the hard drive, then the rest of the hard disk you want to partition.
    (2) copy the whole DVD on this 3.5 GB partition and make the partition bootable.
    Open the command prompt and run the following:
    x:\boot\bootsect/nt60 x:
    (where x is your score)
    A message "startup code has been updated on all targeted volumes" should appear.
    Then, verify that the partition is marked "active" in disk management.
    If necessary, right-click on the partition and 'mark the partition as active.
    (3) upon reboot of the PC will automatically launch the partition setup and add an entry 'Windows setup' in the BCD entries. If this is not the case, change the boot with EasyBCD menu. http://NeoSmart.NET/DL.php?id=1

    Questions about installing Windows 7?
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions from Installation Windows 7 & responses

  • Pavilion G6-2123us: recovery of System Image of WD My Passport Ultra

    On my Pavilion G6 Notebook, I created a Windows 7 System Image and stored on an external USB WD My Passport Ultra.  When I boot my drive to repair (with the connected USB drive) and asks him to restore a System Image it says that it manages.  Because it's there (my Windows 8 machine can see the images on the USB drive), I guess that the G6 can not see My Passport USB drive.  I've updated the BIOS and other software recommended on the G6 as well as update the firmware on My Passport but no luck.   The G6 are able to see the key USB when I started upward in repair disk mode?   I give myself the option to load drivers for my external hard drive, but I don't know what that way with a USB connected any device.  If the G6 should be able to see the USB key, what should be my next step?

    I'll call this resovled.  The answer is that the native Windows tools to manage the system image in Windows 7 are really quite poor and you're better off using another product.  But whatever happens, to start on the ERD and see the USB you have to plug the USB on the right side (mouse) USB port.

  • Help (recovery of the image of an xml file name, then appear inside the movieclip

    Hello guys, I just want to ask sometihng about the display of the image inside the movieclip by pulling on the image name in the xml file.

    It comes to my xml file.

    <? PHP

    Header ("Content-type: text/xml");

    $host = "localhost";

    $user = 'root ';

    $pass = "";

    $database = "test";

    $gelo = "image1.jpg";

    / * xml output * /.

    $xml_output = ' <? XML version=\"1.0\? > ';

    $xml_output. = "< GALLERY > ';

    $xml_output. = '< IMAGE > '. $gelo. "< / IMAGE >";

    $xml_output. = "< / GALLERY > ';

    echo $xml_output;

    ? >

    This is the code inside my actionscript

    stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

    var loader: URLLoader = new URLLoader();

    loader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.TEXT

    loader.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, loadCompleteHandler);

    loader.load (new URLRequest ("http://localhost/loadimagefromxmlAS3/data.php"));

    function loadCompleteHandler(event:Event):void {}

    var xml = new XML (;

    txt.text = xml.toXMLString ();

    trace (xml. IMAGE [0]);

    var list: XMLList =

    var loader: Loader = new Loader()

    This ["holder_mc" + 0]. AddChild (Loader)

    Loader.Load (new URLRequest (list [0]. IMAGE))


    When I run it in flash, I got the error


    TypeError: Error #1010: a term is undefined and has no properties.

    at xml_fla::MainTimeline/loadCompleteHandler()




    I hope you will consider my ignorance since im a beginner with actionscript. Thank you

    (1) you should have "Permit debugging" enabled in the settings of publication so you could tell exactly the line of witch will not

    (2) this line makes no sense for me: var list: XMLList =

    Change it to var list: XMLList = xml. IMAGE;

    (3) loader.load (new URLRequest (list [0] m:System.NET.SocketAddress.ToString (()));

    (4) also this line is suspicious: this ["holder_mc" + 0] .addChild (loader)

    Why not just say: holder_mc0.addChild (loader)?

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    It's 12 FF, under Win XP.

    If you use a software like CCleaner cleaning then check the settings in the Firefox application.

    It is also possible that the permissions.sqlite is corrupted, then you can try to delete this file and let Firefox to create a new copy to see if that helps.

    • Do not use 'Clear history of Firefox closing' to clear the 'browsing history '.
    • Do not use "Clear recent history" to delete 'Cookies' and 'Site preferences.

    Compensation of the "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, windows pop up, installation of software and passwords.

  • HP Envy 700 series: D Image Recovery

    With regard to the D recovery image on my system.  How can I tell if it's a Windows 10 image a windows 8.1 or even an image of windows 7?  I did not have a new image after upgrade to windows 10 and don't know how or if I have to.  The calculation updates than on its own or I have to delete the image and make a new one?

    When I went to do a recovery usb, option disc a little lower on a specified backup windows 7.

    Yet once, how can I find out what OS is the image and then how to make sure the recovery image D is an image of windows 10?

    If I do the recovery usb image, I must still D recovery image at all?  I gives me the opportunity to withdraw once the key USB is complete.

    Yes, that's correct.

    I always recommend that do you the recovery however W7 image.

    Here is the link for Macrium Reflect.  I used it to create images of system on my PC.

    I also did system images using the tool of imaging system (Windows 7) found at W10.

    I used the W10 DVD I made Microsoft experimenting with a clean install of W10 on my PC that I had upgraded to W7 to test W10.

    The installation ran flawlessly and since W10 has been previously activated, the new facility in W10 activated automatically because we "knew" that he had previously been legitimately installed and activated.

    When you go this route, you will have the choice to enter a product key (which none of us have since we have updated for free), or click on the option 'I don't have a product key', which I did, and turned, off he went.

    I tried restoring from an image of W10 performed through the tool of Windows 10 and it failed.

    I wasn't a restore from an image of Macrium yet.

  • creation of recovery on USB flash drive image occupy space drive (C).

    Hi friends, I have a computer hp laptop with window 8 preinstalled. Today, I created a USB stick 32 GB recovery image. In the image of disk recovery pen occupy about 21 GB, but the strange thing is that this process also occupy my equal to 21 GB of disk space (C). Before creating recovery USB key image, my free memory from the disk (C) was 60 GB free but after creating it, drive (C) reduced to 40 GB memory. Is this normal or has done, I made a mistake. If it is not normal that how I can release these 20 and 21 GB on my drive (C).

    Process that I followed to create recovery image- as indicated by the hp guide
    HP Recovery Manager > under the heading- (I liked to take the measure of security), I chose "recovery media creation
    and follow the instructions on the screen... and successfully created the recovery USB Flash key. But my drive (C) breaks down. I don't understand why this is happening because I provided the window 8 with 32 GB USB key to create the recovery image then why there are also equal space on drive (C).
    Please help me friends how free up my space of 21 GB drive (C).       Thank you...

    Hi John, first of all thanks for reading my problem and give me the solution. I created the recovery hp by using hp recovery manager disk, but now my problem is sloved. Here's how. Searching on the net about my problem, I get a link to my solutions. Multiple method received there but my problem get solved by the first method only. There, he is responsible for download Piriform CCleaner, install the same. Restart the computer. Open the ccleaner > there you will get the "Run cleaner" option and follow the instructions of onscrenn. And everything about the reader is done.

    THANKS to PIRIFORM Ccleaner.

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    Hello, we moved recently, and somewhere along the way, the outer screw on the antenna that connects to the lower part of the Tower has been lost. It is the one with about 3 feet of cable attached to a free-standing round bottom antenna. I have diffic

  • I do, however, I want to make sure it is stopped.

    Good, lately my PC slowed down due to some strong enough process, I put it through, and I was wondering if doing what that link says to do is good at making and will not damage to my PC somehow. Thank you.

  • Profile Temp problem. Windows 7, area

    I have about 50 machines on domain with Windows 7 32 bit OS.  We are having a problem with windows not catch our default profile for three of our users and instead giving them a Temp profile whenever they log on to the domain.  One is a normal user a