Recently changed my Apple ID and now does not update apps

I know that this happens to a lot of people and I searched the forums to find someone with the same problem who received the help of the community, but I have not found the post again so I decided to make my own.

I had to change my apple ID because I got hacked. I don't have a new brand, I changed the email of the Apple ID, I already had. Everything seems fine, except that now does not update my apps on my iPod touch. I know this is because applications are no longer associated with the correct email and this is most likely the problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

I made sure that I disconnected all my accounts (Apple store/iCloud/choice of account) on all my products apple (2 pounds of Mac and iPod) and has signed all the accounts mentioned previously with new Apple ID. No progress, which makes sense because the applications are linked right old Apple ID?

So I deleted all my apps thinking I could redownload them. But they are associated with my iCloud it seems... so I tried to disable my iCloud on the iPod so that apps would show 'get' instead of 'download' in the Apple store (basically doing my iPod are realizing that it is a new Apple ID and I want to get the apps for "the first time"), but that no longer works.

My last attempt was to remove an application on my Macbook, in the hope that "get" appears instead of "Download", but in a way that no longer works. I even connected to my iCloud with my new apple ID and none of the apps show on my iCloud. I'm quite confused. Someone at - it insight, ideas, or suggestions on how I might remedy other that go into an Apple store or do a factory reset on the iPod? Does anyone know if the factory reset would even work?

Thank you!

Of the information your provided, it seems that your created a new ID ranting as update the e-mail address for the original code.

What did you do?

Say this, you:

Change your Apple - Apple Support ID

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