Recognized SD card but not visible

When I insert an SD card into the reader, the card is recognized, but not visible in Windows Explorer or another program. In the hardware menu information, the SD card reader works properly.

No idea how to solve this problem?

Kind regards


What cell phone do you have?
What SD card do you use the SD card reader?

Look in your user manual if your SD card will be supported and check from Toshiba Web site for an update of the BIOS.

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    Printer was fine for 9 months.  That is, Apple devices could print using AirPrint.  Computers laptops MacBook Pro and Windows 8 were also very good.  But now printer is not visible by any device when trying to print / set up a printer.  Finally managed to do work with a USB cable, but it's not practical for all members of the family.  Have you tried:

    Full power reset

    Reset wifi

    Updated drivers

    Recycled all devices that are used to be able to see the printer.

    To confirm, the printer says that it is connected to the wifi & AirPrint and wakes up when the control panel is touched.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello @Insightful_Chap! I'd love to help you with your Pro Officejet 8620.

    I understand your description that the printer is connected to your network, but is no longer visible for your devices. Although the printer is connected, I would allows you to use the following document to solve the problem as it will guide you through the necessary steps: HP Officejet Pro 8610, 8620, 8630, 8640 and 8660 e - all-in - One Printer Series - printer does not maintain the wireless connection.

    Please let me know the results of your efforts and we can go from there.

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    Try clicking on File > Load Default environment (RoboHelp 7)

    or file > environment > load default environment (RoboHelp 8)

    See you soon... Rick

  • Watercolor Wizard installed CC PS in 2014 but not visible in the window > Extensions

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    I think that it works with Photoshop before they took the Flash, so PS CC and not CC 2014.

  • USB-6009 recognized by Windows but not by MAX

    I have a NOR-USB-6009, just bought this week.  I installed the full package of NOR-DAQ (NIDAW910f0.exe), rebooted and plugging the unit.  It is recognized by Windows (it appears in the title of "Data Acquisition hardware" in Windows Device Manager), but will not appear in the measurement and Automation Explorer, despite updates and reboots.  Any advice on how I can make the device appear in MAX, so I can set it up?

    I'm running Windows 7 x 86.   MAX is the 4.6.2f1 version.  The driver is listed in the Windows as version 2.4.0f4, copyright 2010 (it has been downloaded this week, so obsolete driver versioning should not be a problem).  I tried several USB ports, all with the same result.

    The light on the unit will flash green.

    I did two NOR-USB-6009; I tried both, with the same result.


    Thank you!


    Problem solved, FYI.  The solution was just to restart twice more.

    The answers to your question, however, wer:

    * It seems perfect, with the small icon or no exclamation point

    * Yes, it's called a USB-6009 in Windows

    * Yes, the device has worked before

    * Yes, all other USB stuff works very well

    We will not call it a problem for the moment; I don't know what was going on.

    Thanks for your quick response!


  • iTunes is running but not visible in Windows 10 icon

    iTunes works fine, but the window does not appear. When I run iTunes, I don't see anything. The task manager says it is running, but it does not appear in the taskbar. Do you think that there is a way to make the iTunes icon visible on the taskbar and display the iTunes window?

    I recommend that you get in touch with Apple customer, because they are the company that makes iTunes.

  • DeskJet f380 recognized as printer, but not scanner

    I have a F380 all-in-one on my network connected to an old XP box. I have a new box of Win7 that I am connected to the network, and although I can add the printer as the printer, it is not recognized as a scanner. The function 'Add a device' HP is useless because it is looking for a USB connection to this computer - added that a network device is not an option. Control Panel Add a device function does not see the printer. When I browse through the network of the XP machine, I can see the printer (it's how I added it as a printer) but there is no option to add as a scanner.

    When I open the HP Solution Center, it is said that for a network installation, put in the installation CD. I do this, but Setup never made the system requirements because it is an older drive and it do not recognize Win7, and none of these compatibility options can move.

    UPDATE: I downloaded the HP Windows 7 installation program, which includes a network option, but it does not find the printer on the network. Meanwhile, I can still print it. Why is it so hard...?

    Thank you.

    Hi madmatt32171,

    It is not easy to sharing the printer from XP to Windows 7. I suggest that you install the USB printer to Windows 7 computer using the software on the link below and follow the Microsoft document for installation printer sharing. By installing the printer on the Windows 7 computer, this will install the drivers for the printer when you go do the printer sharing session. I would like to know if you are successfully able to install this printer on the Windows 7 USB computer?

    HP Deskjet and Officejet Full Feature software and drivers

    How to use Windows XP to share a printer with other people on your network

  • Disk hard online, but not visible in Windows Explorer

    Hi guys, I need a little help.

    Today, I installed an old 80 GB Maxtor Diamondmax 10 PATA hard drive on my other PC, a Dell Inspiron 530, as a second HDD. I had to order new parts to connect actually upward from the power supply and motherboard SATA and IDE connections are not, but all those who are working very well.

    My problem is that this Maxtor drive does not appear in Windows Explorer. BIOS, see Device Manager it disk management he sees (and even said it's online). Just not Windows Explorer.

    In disk management, it is not a drive letter assigned to it, and when I right click on the disk partitions, anything but 'Delete the Volume' and 'Help' are grayed out. (Screenshot here:

    I'm a bit stumped, it's almost like I can't use the drive at all. Any ideas?

    Here's some more information about the system:

    OS: Windows Vista editions Home Premium (Build 6002, Service Pack 2)

    BIOS: Phoenix AwardBIOS review 1.0.18

    Motherboard: Foxconn G33M02

    CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2140 1.6gHz

    Memory: 3072 MB DDR2 SDRAM

    First HARD drive: 250 GB Hitachi SATA sister

    HARD drive secondary: 80 GB Maxtor Diamondmax 10 PATA (with jumper set to "Master DS")

    GPU: ASUS EAH4670

    And I should add, just in case... This is PATA to SATA card, I use the drive: & _trksid = p3984.m1439.l2649

    And I just use a SATA to Molex cable I found to convert the power.

    Thank you


    Thanks for this info. I looked more into filesystems and it turns out that the disc was either FAT or NTFS - it was EXT2 which is a Linux file system. I found this by starting Ubuntu that supports multiple file systems.

    I didn't format it had data on personal, but I found an EXT2 driver and can now browse the Windows hard disk.

  • How to prepare the folio for prior approval from Apple, but not visible on Android?

    Quite possible I just forget something, but it doesn't make sense to me. We have already active application in the App Store and the Google game, with a lot of questions for sale. Now we must prepare a special issue, which will go on sale next week or something like that. So I want to prepare the purchase app for prior approval. Now, we do not have full Folio, just one with a dummy cover.

    Workflow according to the guidelines of the guide to publication is:

    -make public and retail folio

    -submit the purchase app from Apple

    - and wait.

    I did it.

    OK, but what about Android? I even created in-app purchase in google play, set the correct product ID and set as unique, but I still see this dummy folio on Android. I can't buy it, but I see it, and it's not good.

    So how to solve this problem?

    Thanks for the quick help!

    Martin, I've confirmed this with a tester. He said, 'on Android (Google Play), the customer will see all public folios because Google does not provide an API to check what is available for purchase on their servers. On Amazon AppStore applications, the folio must not be visible. »

  • Satellite A300D - HDMI card but not HDMI port

    My Satellite A300D - 13G get an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 series video card which allows to manage a digital DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort video output, but I don't have HDMI (or DVI or DP) port on my laptop.

    It is possible to add this digital video output port?

    You can add it as a external display only. Google around a bit and pick up some information about this.

    According to the specifications of the laptop our laptop has 1 expresscard slot, in order to check in google if you can find a few HDMI to expresscard adapter.

  • Flash cards are not visible on the screen when I use the FN key

    When I press the "FN" key is more the meaning of each F1 to F9 keys on the screen.
    I restored my system, the screen was beautiful, but disappeared again.

    Where is the problem?

    > I restored my system, the screen was beautiful, but disappeared again.
    Have you changed anything in the autostart options?

    Please try to restart flash cards using this option in the start menu > all programs > Toshiba > utilities > restart Flash Cards.

    Always the same problem?

  • My integrated Webcam is recognized by MAX but not as the IMAQ device


    I use with 2014 LabVIEW IMAQ 14 and IMAQdx14.

    I am able to use my webcame MAX both in the Vision Assistant, but when I am trying to generate vi, in the wizard, IEEE1394 Imaging is grayed out.

    When I am using triggered image acquisition and select cam0 as the name of the interface (name of my camera to the MAX), I get the error code:-1074397163 (NOR-IMAQ: the session or the interface passed is not valid.)

    In MAX, I can see and use my camera, but it appears directly in the devices and Interfaces (and not under devices NOR-IMAQ)

    I can't find out if it is compatible live show... Is this to say that my camera is not supported by IMAQ? Is there a way to check whether LabVIEW?

    Thank you


    Hi Karol,

    Since you are able to use the camera in MAX, it is DirectShow compatible. The reason why you get this error, it is that your device is not compatible with the IMAQ driver. Instead, you should be using the driver IMAQdx and corresponding IMAQdx live. Once you use those, you should be able to control in LabVIEW. It isn't an IEEE 1394 device either, so I think that it is expected that all options for this would be grayed out. Hopefully that should get you going in the right direction, but please post again if you have problems with the generation of VI you.

    Thank you


  • Printer has been installed but not visible

    Hey friends...

    I have Windows XP SP2 and network using SHARP MX-3100 printer, many other times I have installed the printer,but I could not see the icon of the printer anywhere and in any other document, I'm confused about where to find this printer. Before a few times I had no problems like this. And now I'm on printer canon also network. I have no problem in that. If someone familiar give me ideas please


    Hi Mohammed,.

    Make sure the physical connection to the printer is correct.

    You can also follow the steps in the link below: Advanced Troubleshooting for network printing problems in Windows XP:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows recognizing helmet speakers, but not micro.

    So I am using my Xbox a loan helmet since around Christmas and have just discovered all this time windows was my webcam microphone instead. Which is not a big deal... But it does not recognize that my helmet has a functional microphone.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't quite sure where to put it.

    In fact, it turns out it was just never want a headphone for PC use.  He apparently has bad caps or what some jazz.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Audio waveforms extended but not visible.

    I'm in first CC 2015 on a macbook pro 2014. For some reason, my audio waveforms will appear in the source monitor, but will not be displayed in the timeline panel. What makes the audio synchronization very difficult for me, and I was wondering if anyone could offer advice. I tried to empty the memory cache media, copy the project and audio redisplay after each change. Always nothing.

    Here's a screenshot of my question:

    Near the upper left of your timeline is a "key" icon Click on it and make sure that "Show Audio Waveform" is committed.

Maybe you are looking for

  • The numbers "could not open file for some reason any."

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