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My House has a wireless LAN and all my PC connect you.  It works well.  I have a Blu - Ray player in my living room which has BD-Live and Ethernet connection, but it is not wireless, wired only.  I wish I could put a camera in the closet with the player who will become a part of my WLAN and allow me to plug the inside player, so the player is also on the WLAN.  Any recommendations?

These could help

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  • Wireless Bridge, TV are not not in the sharing of multimedia files

    Hi all - any help appreciated. I have just set up my Sony Bravia TV to the internet through a Linksys Wireless Bridge. Had a little trouble but with resets I connected to my network and internet.

    My Pc Vista show two up as servers but when I click on them, only some of the movies that I have on them appears and plays. Number of files is empty, even if there are the mpgs in them. Those who show your work. When I tried to add the tv media sharing in Windows media player 11 or the bridge or the TV show. The settings are ok, the DHCP is activated and the subnet mask is correct. What I am doing wrong?

    Also the Twonky server help? Can I use twonky server to connect to my hard drive NAS, also unrecognized by TV and has most of my saved movies stored on it.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    I decided to use Directv and attached my wireless bridge. It connected and I was able to play videos but again once my network drive was not appear. I probed more deep - went to administrative privileges and found an article on multimedia. Unfortunately the box shares on the network multimedia player has not verified! Control which allowed me to be able to stream all my video to the TV through directv set-top box. the network drive appeared as a server and all is well.

    I use the wireless bridge to connect directly to the TV when I want to access account netflix to my husband or other internet offerings of SONY, but as a coil of general for my stored photos and video I'll stay connected to the directv because it works very well.

  • The way of writing to a wireless bridge between two different routers.1:broadband and dir 2:dlink 605 l

    I want to bridge.and wireless I can't do that... Please send me how to write to a wireless bridge between two different routers.

    2:Dlink dir 605 l,

    Hi Mohammed Ehsan Jourah,.

    Thanks for posting the request in the Microsoft community forums.
    I understand that you need to know how to make a wireless bridge between two different routers

    What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    To connect multiple computers, install a network adapter in each and run a network CAT5 cabling to connect each one to a hub (and thus the other.) The computer that will serve as a transition will have a standard network card for wired and a wireless network adapter that will connect to the wireless (WAP) access point or gateway on the second network.

    A network bridge is software or hardware that connects two networks or more so that they can communicate. You can create only a single bridge network on a computer, but a bridge can handle any number of network connections.

    You can try the steps at the bridge between two different routers wireless.
    a. determine the coverage area. When using two or more routers, the coverage area should be divided, and each router should be placed in a central location in each subdivision. If you add a wireless router to an existing network, this may mean moving the first router.
    b. decide which router is the main router. The main router is connected to the Internet, a LAN cable or other networks. It should be as close to the wired network connections or who has the best line of sight to another wireless network. In addition, the main router should be a high range router, allowing large tables of State and more users.
    c. buy a spare antenna, as the antennas that come with most routers do not have very good range. Quality omnidirectional antennas can push the range and signal strength of each of the routers, which, in turn, will reduce the cost by allowing routers less cover more space overall.
    d. deploy the primary router carefully. This router is the most important and requires most of the time of installation and options. Set the WEP (Protocol) encryption Service Set Identifier (SSID) and wireless, set up the Internet connection and test the router with some clients (computers). Once you get the main router deployed, deploy other routers should be easy.
    e. deploy the secondary routers, which must be configured to operate in "mode of transition." Secondary routers should be deployed around the perimeter of a large area or 'hot spots' where users placed - for example, will convene a bench Park or the table.

    Create a network bridge:

    Add a connection to a network bridge:

    Hope this information helps you. If you need to get help or information with decision-making wireless bridge between two different routers, I'll be happy to help you.

  • LJ 1536 and Wireless Bridge: prints and scans but lost connection Toobox ePrint

    I connected my 1536dnf LaserJet recently purchased by the Ethernet cable to a bridge wireless to allow printing and scanning from my wireless laptop. It works very well. However, for some reason any communication is no longer with the printer through box HP tools or ePrint, who both worked very well to install. My router main displays the address IP of the LJ 1536 as a connected device. Somehow, the bridge becomes a way? There not at the beginning. Is there anything else that could prevent these kinds of communication but not printing/scanning? Is there a setting to resolve that I've not found? I tried to put the default gateway of the LaserJet printer for the IP address of the gateway instead of the router, but that did not help. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Hey dako,.

    I would bypass the wireless bridge to see if it is causing the problem. Let me know what you find?

  • WRT1900ac - has no Config - error unexpected 2117 wireless bridge

    I'm having a problem connecting 2 routers together in Wireless Bridge mode WRT1900AC.  I followed the instructions here to step 7 (Clicked "Yes" to the "Warning" screen), and then I get this error:

    Unexpected Error
    We've encountered an unexpected error. If the issue continues, please visit our Technical Support site.
    /jnap/router/InitiateWirelessConnection -- Status: 200 OK Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 05:22:03 GMT Server: lighttpd/1.4.34 Connection: close Content-Length: 87 Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    This router is brand new.  The only things I've done are:

    1. Perform a router unboxing conversion
    2. Ignored configuration wizard
    3. Try to configure wireless bridge mode
    4. Received the error saying I need to reset the router to the factory settings
    5. Reset the router to the factory with the red button settings
    6. Router connected directly to the link upstream (cable Modem)
    7. Through the Installation Wizard
    8. Update the Firmware to the official version:
    9. Has crossed the Bridge wireless installation Instructions here
    10. Got to step 7
    11. EU 'unexpected error 2117.

    I retried again and got a different error:

    I thought I would add another update here, given that the issue has been isolated and fixed:

    It turns out that plugging in the Comcast cable on the floor was very old, had a longer cable length, and was also on a split bar.  Called Comcast to help solve our problem, and they were able to test the intensity of the signal on the line.  Signal was not reliable on the cable on the floor, so we moved the modem more near the source of moving the cable (don't run, no separator, the best signal of shorter cable).  Upstream of the modem connection was immediately more reliable, moving router downstairs gives the best WiFi coverage for the rest of the House.  I have decided at this time that the extra router was not necessary and referred.  So, Detective Conan... problem was double: bad signal on the incoming line from Comcast and bad location for WiFi router upstairs.

  • WRT1900AC cannot see Wireless Bridge

    Hi all...

    I have a WRT1900AC (FW the router and wish to connect a wireless bridge that is connected to my DirecTv box.  I have an old WRT54G ver 3.1 running DD - WRT which I did in a wireless bridge.  I have good connectivity to and from the DirecTv box, but no connectivity to my gw wireless which is my WRT1900AC.  The WRT1900AC can't see the wireless gateway that is.  I have triple checked that I have the identifier SSID is correct and the security in the WRT54G wireless setting and even tried to use an old bridge G from Linksys to connect wireless and the exact same problem occurs when.  No device can see other wireless.  I suspect the WRT1900AC as the source of the problem.  Wireless gateways both try to connect 2.4 Ghz radio.

    Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


    Reset the DirecTV box and we're ready now.

  • E900 as wireless bridge

    The E900 has the ability to act as a wireless bridge?  If so, how I would establish that.

    You can configure to be an access point but not a bridge wireless with Linksys firmware.

    If you have version 1 of material then DD - WRT is supported and very probably can turn it into a wireless bridge.

  • Using the E2000 as a wireless bridge

    After informed that I can not use the AP I bought yesterday as a bridge, I decided to get an another linksys E2000, as the guy in the shop told me that I can throw in for sure bridge mode.

    Now, like I do for the first time, and my English isn't the best, I was not able to find some instructions, or better yet a step by step guide that can help me. I searched the Forum, but I can't find anything on the E2000 in Bridge mode. LIKE I said that my English is not the best, if anyone can help me? If anyone can find instructions step by step would be great. It is not a problem if it is in English, there are a few pictures. I hope that I can finally use the WLAN today...

    The WET610N is a wireless bridge. It should work. I don't have that so I can't say if it's good or not.

  • The router access point wireless bridge

    Hi I recently moved into a new building which has a few hot spots for the Internet connection is included in the rental price. I don't have a model of linksys Cisco wireless-G broadband router. WRT54G2 V1 and I am trying to create a wireless bridge between the point of interest (I have my own Unique Internet identifier) the router, which is then connected to my office using an Ethernet cable.

    Can I create a wireless bridge, if yes, how can I do this?

    Thanks in advance

    The router (WRT54G2 V1) does not have a capacity of wireless receiver so you will need a separate ethernet bridge.

    Your installation should be like this:
    (((WiFi)))---> (((pont Ethernet<-wired connection-="">routeur Linksys<-wired connection-="">ordinateur de bureau))

    I hope that makes sense. XD

  • WAG120N wireless bridge with E1500

    I have my internet to come into my WAG120N and out wireless. I want to install a wireless bridge between this and an E1500, so I can connect my TV to the E1500 (via ethernet cable) and have access to the internet. Unfortunately, I can run a cable from the WAG120N to the location of the TV. Then she I can get the E1500 filled the WAG120N wireless, I hope I can work around this problem.

    I have updated the firmware on the E1500 bridging support, but from what I can tell that it provides only fill via a cable. Is it far from fill wireless?

    See you soon


    1. routers Wireless Linksys don't support wireless connection.

    2. either install 3rd party firmware like dd - wrt or tomato or buy a dedicated wireless bridge and connect the E1500 to the bridge. This way, you can also use the wireless in the E1500 for wireless connections.

    3. another check power line ethernet. It is often a more reliable and quality solution.

  • E3000 as a waterfall on a wireless bridge router

    Can you offer any suggestions on how to implement the next network. I would like to make it's good and I'm ready to buy the right equipment.

    Here is a diagram of the structure:

    After my research, I realized that normally router B to there should in fact be only a switch, which the IP assigned by DHCP router A to all customers in both networks A and B. However, one of my goals is to ensure that the network B will remain operational, even if the wireless bridge loses its connection to A router and Wan. It seems to me that the best way to proceed is to use a router instead of a switch to Y. It is not necessary that B Network Clients see Clients in the network has only access to the WAN is required.  In addition, network B Clients must communicate to 1 GB (there is a NAS box) and I do not want their throutput to be constrained by the speed of wireless bridge.

    Can I use an E3000 router B to Y, and if so how should be configured. I understand that I must give another IP address that the router has to X. The challenge for me is to know how to configure the network B so that it is independent from the router except for internet access. I have to configure each network on a different subnet?

    In addition, the wireless bridge link must be distinct from wireless networks and B. Is it possible by simply assigning their own SSID wireless bridges and routers wireless in A and B different SSID?

    Thank you


    Thanks for all the help!

  • Having trouble getting a Dlink DWL-G820 wireless bridge to work with wrt610n

    I'm trying to get a few dlink wireless bridges to work with wrt610n, but not having a chance.  I left Wrt610n router with the IP default '' and configured accordingly bridges with addresses "".

    Wireless bridges is not happy.  Any ideas?  Bridges have been working well when I was with the IPS "" with wrt610n

    Sorry guys, the problem was the security setting wireless that I used on the WRT610N, not the addressing system.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Network Magic cannot discover a "BEFSR41" router behind a "WET610N" wireless bridge

    Just upgraded to a WRT610N 2 version in my office.  He pulls an IP address from my cable router and distributes IP addresses (this is setup for DHCP) without problem.  I need to extend the home network to another part of the House so I took 2 x WET610N wireless bridges.  Since many devices will have to use the bridge I'll recycle my BEFSR41 as a switch.  I have the router configuration and bridge; the bridge connects to the port "uplink" on the router, and the DHCP has been disabled on the router.  But when I run Network Magic BEFSR41 router cannot find the other side of the bridge.  Any ideas?

    You need this post in the section Network Magic from this forum.  If the router acts as a switch, it will be transparent and not e seen.

  • Using a WRT54G2 as a wireless bridge

    I currently have a WRT54GL which works perfectly for years and now I want to create a wireless bridge to my home entertainment section.  I want to connect 2 or 3 devices and so I'm not looking at the WET54G for my solution.

    However, it is possible to use the snazzy WRT54G2 - watch as a bridge?  The built-in DHCP server complicate things, or can it simply be disabled?  Are there other technical issues which would prevent or complicate a facility like that?

    Thanks for any help or advice you can offer me

    You can disable the DHCP on wrt54g2, but you can't use it the way you need, you will connect wrt54g2 to the wrt54gl router by an ethernet cable... In your set, you can't do wrt54g2 communicate wirelessly to wrt54gl...

  • With two routers wrt320n wireless bridge

    Dear reader,

    I want to bridge two routers too extend my network onbuildings on my compound. I I drew of how it should be. 'Bedrade' means 'wired', "Brug" means "bridge" and "draadloos" means "wireless" its all Dutch.

    Thankgs in advance

    Regarding accurate features 3rd party firmware that we need to ask in the forums of 3rd party firmware. I think that dd - wrt and tomato two add configuration options to configure a WRT as wireless bridge. You would operate a WRT in the normal way (i.e. you don't need 3rd party firmware on that one) and the other as the bridge that connects to the first.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I've been using a WRT 400n for awhile with 2 pc... a tower near him and a computer laptop about 50 ft, in another room. As much, I would say I am only using the 2.4 GHz to channel 11 band. We have just added a Sony Bravia HD TV and a Sony Blu - ray p

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