Recommendation product

Hello. I'm looking for a recommendation on a server configuration.

We are looking for a server to store the music for a radio station.

Storage could reasonably go more than 5 TB over the next years.

Need a Raid 5, raid 1 or 10 would be nice but become too expensive.

Hot Swap HARD drive is not required.

1 gig eth is sufficient, but two would be nice...

The server will end up with a linux system and will be used to share music through the different station on the network.

Will also be accessible from the outside.

System can be a tower or rack.

Looking forward to your suggestion.

Thank you

Yes, you might want to look in the nas synology or qnas systems, if you just need file servers.

ThinkServers is now better suited for application servers, SQL, virtual.

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  • Recommended product record

    Right now our product record uses a canvas to direct the form located outside Eloqua. We want to transform this form to a form of Eloqua and have the information through Salesforce. At the present time, our system is set up to create a new track whenever a product is, but with the help of Eloqua, we are not sure if we have the opportunity to create a new track whenever it is updated a lead or existing eact contact time.

    I know that its not recommended to create the head each time in Salesforce as he creates duplicates, but that's how our systems runs at present. Anyone has any ideas on how to get it to create a new track every time while going through Eloqua? Is a form processing step to resubmit an idea?

    All ideas are welcome.

    Hi Robert,.

    You can create a simple program in Eloqua to create a new track, and then have a stage of transformation of the form of this shape that causes people to this program instead of your standard update CRM program.  That being said, we do not generally recommend this path, as so, things can get messy when you work with several leads for a contact Eloqua SFDC.

    Let's look at how...

    1 Sally is a net-new person to your databases Eloqua and SFDC.  Submitting your product registration form, and are created as a new contact in Eloqua and a new track in SFDC, through this new program you've built.  When the new track is created in SFDC, lead ID (unique identifier for that person) is passed on to Eloqua.

    2 Sally buys a new product and comes back to register it later that day here.  A new (second) track is created, and the field ID SFDC lead his Eloqua contact record is now updated with the new drive ID.

    2 Sally comes back the next day and fills out your form please contact us on the site.  His recording of contact Eloqua is updated accordingly and sent to your standard update CRM program, where his second lead in SFDC record is updated as well.  In this case, the original thread is essentially "lost" Eloqua - as we keep only the most recently created ID SFDC lead to match with.  During the creation of the new track, the value of the ID on the contact record Eloqua would have crushed and we would update is no longer the original head.  This last that each double new is created.

    As you can see, because Eloqua can be the ID for the lead, he has recently created/updated, you could easily end up with information from interactions Eloqua distributed on several tracks (and possibly contacts, according to your internal processes for conversion) within the SFDC.

    The best recommendation I can do would be to talk with the successful Manager to organize a call with our Professional Services team, or certified partner Eloqua for your customer.  In this way, you can discuss the whole of the process to end and completely wore it out so that there are no gaps in the solution provided.

    I hope this helps!

  • Strategy to make changes to Application user on recommended production schema

    What is the high availability strategy recommended when editing a schema of database application on a production using Data Guard Server? I have the following interpretation of how this would work and I don't know if a) it is correct and/or b) this is the best strategy?

    1. transition to standby mode - semi manual Data Guard; the spplication is configured to use now the day before.

    2. apply schema changes on the Production Server database (e.g., update of pl/sql procedures, tables the application, etc.) and the event

    3 reload the data from the day before when it was used as the master (or also set the database to the standby read-only during this period to prevent any DDL transaction)

    4. stop the day before

    5. apply the schema on Standby changes

    6 resume operations of Data Guard
    Thank you


    Once you do a failover to the standby becomes the principal.  If all changes made after a transition to primary school (previously the day before) will be replicated to the standby (which was previously the main).

    I hope that makes sense?

    In this case a better way to test so to activate the sleep mode, test your changes against the day before, then restore the previous day in a dataguard configuration using flashback.  You can use this method on 10 g or 11 g databases.

    Or maybe a simpler method would be to use a snapshot standby (as long as you do not use maximum protection).  It is a feature of only 11g.  You can convert your watch to a watch of the snapshot.  Apply and test all the changes and then return it to a physical standby.

    With active dataguard database pending would still be read-only if you are not able to apply changes to the current database.  You'll also need an additional license for dataguard active.

    Usually all changes must be tested in an environment of 'proper' and not test the day before.  Once again in general, the only time standby is enabled or converted on the eve of the snapshot is in a trial of DR.

    Hope that helps.

  • Recommend products OR for my application (controlling several instruments at the same time)

    I'm new to Labview, currently only using the trial version.      There is money in my budget to buy control software, but I need to qualify my needs.

    What I try to do is to control several pieces of equipment to test as a single system, which allows me to perform automated on conventional measures

    and digital two way radios.

    Here is a list of the material I want to control:

    First of all, my controller is a & Rohde Schwarz 3 PSL.   Fully GPIB active and ready.  It is the PC control software will reside on.


    Spectrum analyser Rohde & Schwarz FSEA 30 with modulation analysis package digital option B7

    FSEA 30 second, same configuration

    R & S AMIQ4 I / modulation generator Q (files of the software residing on the PSL3)

    Generator of analog signals from R & S SMY 02

    Agilent E4431B analog-to-digital signal generator

    Agilent E4406A spectrum analyzer/digital radio test set

    E4418B Agilent RF wattmeter with sensor

    General Dynamics R2670B service monitor

    A typical application will be a test of classical radio on VHF or UHF analog channel.

    The idea is to enter pass and receive frequencies through Labview or any software is best suited for the job, as well as modulation parameters.

    and have the following things occur: assume usage of 150,000 MHz with a FM frequency modulated 1 kHz sounds modulated to the deviation of 2.5 KHz

    in total, with your 127,3 Hz subaudible to a gap of 300 Hz

    Test phase of receiver: send commands to control of instrument of Agilent E4431B signal generator.   Level set to-60 dBm.  Set to 150,000 MHz frequency.  Set

    Audio 1 to 1 KHz and audio tone 2 to 127,3 Hz at a level of 8 pecent of your 1.  SD total do not exceed 2.5 KHz.      Inject the test signal into port RX

    on the radio.

    The value R2670B SINAD function, related to the radio via the audio output port.

    Signal level to ramp down to the SINAD falls to 12 dB.

    Increase the level of the signal to the attenuation of 20dB.   Measure the audio distortion.

    Testing of transmitter: using the attenuators appropriate necessary on the analyzers of spectrum, and/or using a switched network of wiring.

    place radio to transmit using above specifications frequency and modulation.    Analyzers to receive on the frequency designated value

    and measure the transmitter specifications, including nonessential radiation measurement and harmonics.    Measure actual output power

    Via E4418B-power meter.

    I use two monitors to perform multiple tests in a same transmission. One is optimized for spectral purity tests while

    the other analysis of modulation characteristics.    Frequency, duration and RBW are defined according to the needs.

    When you test a digital radio, the signal chain is slightly different.  The AMIQ I / Q modulation generator s I / Q outputs are sent to the

    I / Q inputs on the Agilent generator, the power is on to accept external I / entered Q and the FSEA Spectrum Analyzer (an a)

    the) is passed to a preset that implements all relevant digital parameters so that it can be used to directly evaluate the digital transmissions.

    It is not a very developed in the planning system, but I do not know now whether Labview is everything I need or if I'll need to Teststand or another

    software packages.

    I'll probably want to ask for some advice on how to get this set up, eventually.

    LabVIEW is more than capable of this task. That's what it was designed to do. Use the help > find the instrument Drivers to find and install the drivers that you can use to control and read.

    TestStand generally requires the use of a programming language. It runs the tests that you write and provides functionality built for the production of record and report database then you would need to write these modules yourself with LabVIEW fair and some add on box to tools. For a single test configuration, it is perhaps an exaggeration, but it is interesting to watch as an addition.

  • Please recommend an SSD for Toshiba Satellite C660D-10W

    Hi people

    I'm looking for a recommendation for an SSD for my laptop, Satellite C660D-10W

    I want to perform a clean build - I have a new licensed copy of Windows 10 Pro.

    I bought a disc of Kingston after some research online, but subsequently discovered Kingston declaring that they do not support the use of this device in my laptop.

    Toshiba customer support put me on "Topaz", which recommended product + service (though not an SSD!) cost more than 250 pounds. For that price I can get a replacement of like-for-like of the laptop under warranty!

    I'm looking for a simple option where I can buy a SSD and do the installation myself. 250 GB to 500 GB for the region of £60ish.


    I have a Crucial SSD in my C660 - 1 7. He turned my laptop. Boots in seconds!
    They have special offers for the moment like this 250 GB @£ 63,59

  • Can I use webroot antivirus with my Macbook pro?

    My husband has Webroot AntiVirus and can add my MacBook Pro.  Is Webroot a recommended product for a Mac?

    No antivirus is recommended for a Mac. From the messages in this forum what do is cause problems. They are not all good.

    I do not use all those apps

  • Owner of portable dissatisfied with after-sales support

    Toshiba's customers victims of its success? Generally reliable products with the result a poor after-sales support?

    I've been using laptops for business and pleasure for several years without fail and as the owner happy with Toshiba televisions and other electronics, has decided to buy one of their laptops.

    I paid in full for a new L series and after 6 months of normal use, it stopped charging. Felt as if the PIN in the machine that plugs into the charger was loose.

    I contacted the supplier and they agreed he would need repair and after apologize for my inconvenience, were happy to make it happen but is outside, she would probably be repaired faster if I contacted Toshiba and has asked to make repairs.

    So I did. And he's just down the hill from there. First mistake was mine, not record does not guarantee. So I tried to do. But I bought it online and as my machine six months old was apparently made 11 months and 28 days ago, I had to provide proof of purchase. Offering to send a copy of my bank statement indicating the date of purchase, price and provider was not satisfactory.

    This meant contacts the supplier in London during office hours, the same that I work and so not easy to do. They sent me a copy of this and I then spent two nights in train to pass it to Toshiba for verification.

    What I finally did and the next day for another hour of dinner, rang to arrange collection. I was put to a repair tech who said yes, we can fix this but his manager he said, that he would not be a warranty repair, regardless of the fact that it was only six months. I rang the Bell, not happy.

    The next day I rang back, talked to someone else and was able to arrange for the collection, having been said that according to them, it was my fault it didn't work I have to pay for repairs and the cost of return of close to £80. These threats and that is how to display the, have had no matter my statement that it has been used normally as all the other ones I had used for years and was less than 6 months old.

    The following Monday, it was collected not as agreed. He was captured Tuesday and not packed by the company as I said, I did the pilot did not know how to work the box. No more than I have, but I did. And, following the instructions, I do not understand the charger.

    It was returned, without notice, at the beginning of the third week, on four because it has stopped working. By way of explanation, a note of two lines was behind the address says label DC lead to changed, battery tested.

    Happy just to take back, I took it home, plugged in and it does not work. Looks like the charger is defective and the pin code. I am so not looking forward to tring to get this sorted bit.

    Sorry it's so long, but this is my experience of Toshiba service after sale. I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one disappointed, disallusioned and angry customer out there and I'm curious to hear of treatment, others lived.


    In a first time sorry to hear you have this negative experience, but in such a situation, you have to be a little more realistic. It is well known that cell phones or any other manufacturer of different products manufacturers recommend product registration and this should be done quickly enough and not 6 months later. Last month, I bought expensive vacuum cleaner with 5-year warranty and I registered immediately. Now if something goes wrong, I can be sure it will be repaired free of charge.
    Anyway, it's nice to hear that you have made a big mistake.

    I use two laptops Toshiba and I recorded two of them after the first start immediately when this option is available before operating system began for the first time.
    Unfortunately, I can't help you with your case but I just want to write about my experiences.
    After a month of use of motherboard on my Satellite A300 is dead. I wanted to just connect the external HARD disk but some electric shock destroys any electronic power and my external HARD drive was dead, too.

    I contacted Toshiba service in my country and the next day I was in the store. I didn't want to be arrogant or make a sort of pressure and comes nicely asked if this can be fixed as soon as possible.
    You don't know me 7 days later I got my laptop back with the new motherboard.

    I was so happy, so I paid the coffee for two technicians who have achieved all this.

    Once more I'm sorry to hear you had bad luck with this, but I think it's only not to give general statements on the service worldwide. Maybe the guys in my country are more motivated to do a good job. ;)

  • Upgrading RAM on the Satellite 1400-253 s

    Hi all

    I have problems with some memory I bought for the computer above. Memory is purchased from Crucial, it's a 512 MB PC133 144pin sodimm (CT64M64S4W75.16FDY) stick
    The problem I have is when I install it I get 3 beeps error (looks like 1 LNG 2 sheets), I tried to install it in different locations, by itself and with the old 128 MB memory stick, but I always impossible he can begin. I know that I have the right type of memory, but still this 'thing' will beep at me... What did I do wrong?

    BTW, laptop working again if I am in the old 2 x 128 MB sticks

    Of course, you bought not compatible RAM modules. I recommend to buy tested and recommended products manufacturer.

    You have two options to do this. Initially, you can use the RAM memory modules recommended by Toshiba 512 MB (PA3108U - 1 M 51) PC133 and PC133 256 MB (PA3086U - 1 M 25) or you can order high-quality Kingston modules.

    Please visit and you will find the memory Configurator. This will help you find links to compatible memory for your laptop satellite.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Atheros Driver for DV7-1245dx.

    Hello, I recently had a failure of the HD on a DV7 1245dx. Put in a new HD and install Vista Home Premium 32 bit, I went to the HP website to solve my driver problems. All the drivers seem to be working fine except for one problem. HP does not have my Wireless driver listed, I installed the Broadcom driver nothing works, uninstalled and installed the driver from Intel. Still, no luck, so I removed the back panel of the laptop and observed card and its FCC ID numbers and the number of the IC. Trace the numbers online and it is an Atheros wireless card. GoTo and they clearly say that they offer no support for the driver and I need to contact my manufacturer. I'm obviously between the hammer and anvil and Im going to hunt down my driver to the I can't assess the security of this Web site. HP simply cares customer support/service more. I had this problem in the past, but it has been easily resolved by finding a similar pattern around the same date of production and to do this way. My clients now see why I never recommend products HP to them... any help? or I have to wait for Amelie to send me the recovery disk that probably does not have the right driver even when... & DLC = in & LC = on & softwareitem = ob-69093-1 & JumpID = reg_R1002_USEN

    If all drivers are working, then you should be able to run Windows Update and have it automatically detect and install the drivers.

  • replacement of lead Pavilion 15 power

    I have an a computer laptop 15-n270ea of Pavilion and I need a power cord replacement as the accountant that he lost, I've been back to PC World and they have no idea what this driver is or where I can get a replacement, they've said we had several people with this problem.

    I talked with the help online and then purchased the smart AC adapter 65 I was recommended (product no ED494ET) but this does not fit.

    In fact, this driver is the typical HP adapter and I seem to have roughly the same outside diameter socket but with a spindle Center round slightly larger.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you


    It's yourproduct manual.

    That's what you bought I guess: HP 65 w Smart AC adapter

    The compatible 65 W HP Smart AC adapter (NFPC, RC, 3-wire, 4.5 mm) for your product have part number is

    or 710412-001  714657-001

    Here are some I found in online stores:

    Original HP 710412-001 65W AC power cord/charger adapter

    Original 65W AC adapter 710412-001 714657-001 714159-001

    Original HP AC adapter charger for 710412-001

    Original OEM HP 65W charger

    You can ask the dealer Power AC Adapter with reference numbers mentioned.

    Thank you

  • G62-340US: the best RAM and SSD together for an older G62?

    I want to improve my old and slow HP G62 with a new SSD and RAM and I have a few questions.

    First of all, I found two very similar RAM packs on Amazon and I don't know what is the difference or one that will work with my laptop?

    Second, it is possible to install an SSD in the computer? And if that's the case, what is the recommended product?

    Thirdly, if I replace my hard drive with an SSD, should I buy another copy of the operating system or is at - it a way to save that?

    You want the package of upper memory which is the right speed and density of your laptop. The other memory is more recent and probably not compatible. The top of the page says memory is for a Mac that is not in itself a problem, but you may want to consider the memory recommended by HP:

    4 GB (for models 1.1 and 1.2 only) 599092-001

    Absolutely, you can install an SSD on the laptop. Assuming that your 10 Windows is activated you can do a full system image bootable Windows 10 or you can install clean media media creation tool again and the activation of just MS servers identify your computer and you will be activated again even if you change the hard drive.

    Let us know if you need help most.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as SOlution' to help others find it.

  • Notebook HP 2000 - 2121TU: which RAM to buy?

    I have this laptop HP 2000-2121TU running windows 8.1 update 1 32-bit. I want to improve my RAM. I've already posted a question about it & I got to know that this model can be upgraded to 8 GB max, but versions 32 bits can address up to 4GB of RAM. So I need extra 2GB Ram. So can someone advice me who buy RAM like kingston, transcend etc company & my RAM preinstalled is 2 GB of DDR3 Ram, so I need to buy 2 GB memory DDR3 or DDR2? I'm also confused in DDR3 & DDR2.

    Help, please.

    Big_Ram wrote:

    I have this laptop HP 2000-2121TU running windows 8.1 update 1 32-bit. I want to improve my RAM. I've already posted a question about it & I got to know that this model can be upgraded to 8 GB max, but versions 32 bits can address up to 4GB of RAM. So I need extra 2GB Ram. So can someone advice me who buy RAM like kingston, transcend etc company & my RAM preinstalled is 2 GB of DDR3 Ram, so I need to buy 2 GB memory DDR3 or DDR2? I'm also confused in DDR3 & DDR2.

    Help, please.


    The processor supports DDR3 1333 MHz memory modules. I recommend products Corsair, Crucial or Samsung. Kingston and Transcend are also good manufacturers. You and your wallet.

  • Audio HDMI not listed under playback devices

    My laptop is and Inspiron 15 (3521, end of 2012). This morning, I was with my HD TV as a second monitor. The audio and the video worked. I wanted to switch the audio to the laptop and I accidentally disabled the external audio device HDMI so the portable speaker in 'use of the device' in the tab «General' of the «Speaker Properties» window I went to the dell support page and reinstalled the "Realtek ALC-3221 high definition (HD) Audio Driver ' recommended product for my laptop Dell support page. My internal Laptop speakers work once more, but I can't adjust the audio to the external speakers to my HDTV. The video works but not the audio. Before all this, when I right click the icon audio and selected "Playback devices", both the internal speaker and external speaker HDMI were classified as options. Now, however, only the internal speakers are listed. I just want to know how I can get back the external speakers to HDMI on my playback devices. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello. Return to the playback of the sound and made properties right-click in the empty area to open the context menu, then click on 'See the disabled devices' and see if HDMI Audio return.

  • HP update cannot replace HP Health Check?

    The reason why I ask because the health check tells me to install 3 the same updates, he set up last month.  So I won't use it.

    I want to make sure that HP Update will analyse all updates of specific HP for my laptop.

    Thank you >

    Question side: with the HP update, do I need to use Windows Update?

    1 year Pavilion dv6 (NB636AV); Windows Vista Edition Home Premium 64-bit SP2; battery 12 cells; 3 GB OF RAM; Intel Core 2 Duo

    hp health check is unfortunately far from being perfect. It often detects drivers that need to put up-to-date and then installed old drivers, sometimes even older than those identified as being 'too old '.

    Windows Update gives you rarely drivers, but all the critical updates are really critical, when they set security questions and performance inside windows, and there is no one else able to set these except microsoft, via windows/microsoft update (update of microsoft being the cotyledon also providing updates for office and other microsoft - recommended products).

    There are 2 steps to follow in order to stay up to date with drivers when having a hp laptop.

    1 download page check youre laptop ( > support & drivers > download drivers and software (and firmware) > type in your model > go > choose your operating system). Here the important updates are bios, quick launch buttons, hp protect tools (for professional laptops), firmwares, audio drivers (unfortunately changed by hp - using the latest almost always requires you to mod those generic for yourself, which is quite complicated) etc.

    2. recognize that hp is too late by offering updates for drivers and get these other places, mainly manufacturers their web sites as intel (chipset, wifi, ethernet, graphics etc drivers). Some drivers offered by HP are best to be avoided completely, as pilots mobile gpu (graphics card). Get the latest from intel, ati or nvidia (get that your gpu is of) and mod them accordingly ( for ati, for nvidia)

  • T61p broken Grafics card... Now, what


    I am a student of the Germany and I the T61P now for three years and it is no longer under warranty for one year. Unfortunately the grafics card just died yesterday. Something like this can happen, but to such a cheap laptop from a reasonable manufacturer, in my view it must be covered for reasons of quality and image. I understand that I am not a lot of value to Lenovo as a private person, but I have recommended the Thinkpad products for four private and two customers of the company successfully. Anyway it was not so much an attraction to the customer service either.

    anyway I won't recommend products Lenovo in the future because of their housing. Other companies like Siemens, whose much better take care of their customers, are much more tiled...

    Now, my question would be where I could get a new Board or are there other solutions for that?

    Best regards


    I also work on a guide to correct those parts retrieved from the huge quantity of units on the used computer market.

    Please also understaqnd that even if it's any comfort to you, but the actual percentage of failed units is stil low, and lenovo did do a lot of post warranty repairs, but this could not continue indefinitely, after all, used electronic die and the true beauty of thinkpads is at the time where a rare failure , there is a huge amount of used computers and leave available replacement for this purpose.

    Consider also looking for a replacement card to a late model T61/T61p with nVidia graphics, the date codes 08/08, 08/09, 08/10. These should have a GPU that is more reliable.

    PS. I can send you the text of my guide of prilimary (without graphics) in private, if you want to look at, send me a PM

Maybe you are looking for

  • removal of the toolbar

    I have a toolbar "A LOT" and I want to not go.

  • Qosmio G50 - Windows XP SATA Driver and BSOD

    Good evening to all... I bought a Qosmio G50 and am frustrated with Vista. I want to load XP 32 on the system. Here are the configuration information: Model name: Qosmio G50Part number: PQG55C-01R039OS version: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 6.

  • My computer is turned off and restarted. Now, it is said, I have 3 days to activate Windows.

    It was activated at least 2 years ago. I don't have the CD with me as I am a foreigner. What should I do to keep my computer running past 3 days? Why do I need the CD or simply enter the reg code?

  • Windows Update, error 80200053

    will be updated not keep getting error code allso itunes continues to go to the temporary folder

  • Damage of Trojan

    Stupidly, I opened a junk e-mail and I almost immediately lost my internet connection and then a window pops up informing me that a Trojan horse had infected my computer.  Can I safely back up my photos and documents on a USB at this point or that wi