Reconstruction of the table should be performed after removal of most of its data?

Hi all
We are on Oracle on Solaris 10. There is a table in my DB of production that has 872944 number of lines. Most of his data is now useless, that it must keep, based on a date column in the table just last a month of rest data and delete data. Thus, after the array will be just 3000 lines.

However, as the table was huge earlier (872 k lines before you remove), the deletion of data releases his oracle blocks and reduced the size of the table? Otherwise, this will help in the reconstruction of the line (redefined online) table so that the query that performs a full scan on this table goes faster?

I checked using an example of a table that simply deleting data does not remove the oracle blocks - they remain in the user_tables for this table and complete the table scan cost remains the same. I think that after this deletion, I have to do a re-definition of table online, which is the right decision so we have a query that makes the full table scan?

Thank you

If read you about the orders, you will find that they require a DDL lock. Your users should not notice this.

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    Glenn's suggestion for the fix is the same approach that we had to take to resolve it.


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    its okay, I use to do all the time with the other thinkpads when my battery died on me. It will not damage your laptop.

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    Thank you

    First of all, please let me know if my approach is correct or not.

    Seems ok

    The user can select any row of the table and press delete. The button must remove the entry from the table. Is it possible to remove operation on the table in the declarative component.

    You have several ways to do this:

    (a) similar to the declarative component attribute, you can bind methods, for example: ADF Essentials eCourse - declarative components ADF: work with methods

    (b) pass the name of the iterator to your component and then use it to remove programmatic in backing bean

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    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    You should always clean up first! If there have been copy paste action in the repository on the risk that the aggregation tables have new id "submarine".



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    Hi Experts,

    Environment: on Solaris 10.

    We have a table that contains the CLOB data and this table takes about 111 GB!


    Name                                      Null?    Type

    ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------



    LAST_client_msg_ID VARCHAR2 (36)

    LAST_client_msg_DATE DATE

    LAST_client_msg CLOB




    Select * of dba_segments order by bytes DESC;

    MIGRTN SYS_LOB0000111131C00008$ $ LOBSEGMENT SAMS DATA1 20690 6 1963 14528000 119013376000 <-the top row

    This segment is to table INFO_MESSAGES. I confirmed by joining in ALL_LOBs.

    This segment: SYS_LOB0000111131C00008$ $ belong to this column: LAST_USR_MSG

    The column LAST_USR_MSG were originally from huge text data, each line having approximately 4 MB in size. To reclaim the space, we have put this column of small as "data truncated" data using an update statement for the half of the rows in the table.


    Update INFO_MESSAGES set LAST_USR_MSG = "data truncated" where rownum < 25001 (this where clause was based on other criteria on a real mission but he updated 25000 lines - half of the table).

    Now after having done that, the size of the table has not changed!

    The table is still 120 GB. So what should he do to recover the space here? Should we export, truncate, and import the table - or can it be reconstructed (without causing locks and allowing application to access it or there at - it other better options?)

    Thank you


    You must use dbms_redefintion, at the same time, change BASICFILE (have you been to) to SECUREFILE

    The latter LOBs will reorganize automatically.

    Demo at


    Sybrand Bakker

    Senior Oracle DBA

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