Record high-quality 3d

Hi people!

I want you put in my VI a land of 3d surface high quality, such as this one:

The problem is the 3d resources that come with LV are far enough away from what I need. In my project, I create a table with 4 columns: X, Y, Z, Signal. They are all float values. The image in the example we see that there is no creation between Z coord and the color of the surface. There was also the color of column of Signal.

So, does anyone know where I can find such thing? It could be a VI, a DLL or an ActiveX that I would call the window of the main façade.

Thank you very much



Thanks for your reply, for (imstick).

This color matrix imput has really solved my problem, but it made me look for what it is. So, in a bone these seaches, I found a post on "Adding a 4th dimension" on a 3-d chart. In this post, I saw thar I can use the wMatrix property to control the color of the point individually.

The document on this subject is in:

Thank you all!


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    If you want to convert to CMYK, you must use the correct profile, the results may not be as expected.

    CMYK profiles are dependent on the device - the press is either calibrated to a known profile (which may be available in Photoshop), or he has a profile, which you would have to get the printer.

    If you want to print an Indesign document, the recommended workflow is to export to PDF and converting CMYK when the pdf file. The CMYK range is smaller than RGB, so unless you're aware of this, you will have a few surprises.

    You cannot print very saturated colors with CMYK and blues often come different looking than RGB.

    If you configure the Color PS with CMYK (workspace) profile settings, you can (work in RGB) press Ctrl + Y and get a glimpse of what will look like colors in CMYK. You can even edit in this mode, tweaking colors, but of course limited by the CMYK range.

    For all this to work and get good results, you must have a calibrated monitor, and it helps it of course to have a good printer, who knows what she's doing. And, if possible, be there during printing. Printing on an offset press is not like printing on your desktop printer - there are much more variable.

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