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Is there an app that anyone knows of that will allow you to record a telephone conversation? I had a pretty bad customer service with a particular company and want to start the recording of the conversation to be able to send to the branch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



No it's not legal in most of the countries to record phone calls for applications it does not allowed

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    record Skype calls for imac

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  • Complete recording of calls to agents in UCCX

    Hello team UCCX,

    Hi, looking at the RND for UCCX, I stumbled on the following. My client is looking for default logging for all agents in a contact call center. The following description seems to provide that. Can you please provide information on the concurrent sessions? This contact center will be 55 agents and all need simultaneous registration.

    is this the information GI research below:

    "Finish the recording of calls. CAD can be configured to start and stop recording the call answer and release automatically. Conditions which calls must be recorded are defined in a script of the application. There are limits to how many simultaneous call, recording sessions can be performed. »


    Yes, it is possible - you basically configure the workflow in use by agents (i.e. probably the workflow 'Default' If this is new to you) so that there is a "Utility Action" of "Start Recording" when a call is "answers." This is configured in office administrator who is the server default UCCX isntalled.

    Someone has gone to the effort to make a how-to here:



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  • Record a call


    I tried to record a call and it seems to be more difficult than I imagined.  I figured out who to record audio, but apparently only to save it from the microphone, it seems not to take account of the telephone conversation.  I guess it could be a different data source.  Am I missing something simple?


    Call recording is not supported by RIM API.

    Even in the RIM API version 4.7

  • BlackBerry Smartphones recording a call

    Hi - I am a market researcher who is often on the road.  I use a curve 8500 and need to know: it can record calls?  I have interviews with consumers that I would save, sync with my PC and then download to my client.  It seems that the curve should be able to record both sides of a call, but I don't see this feature and can't find it in the help or documentation. Thanks, Jim

    No, there is no way to record a call on the device, and I didn't know of any third-party 3rd party apps that do.

    I'm sorry.

  • Do record Skype calls?

    I was wondering if Skype logs calls and are in the databases of the company.

    Hello and welcome to the Skype community.

    Records Skype NEVER calls.


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

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  • Connection of the unit to record a call

    Looking for guidance on the installation and/or use of the unit CNX to allow subscribers to record a phone call.

    Thank you

    Connection supports the same type of record features direct, the unit done - there is an article 'start live recording' in routing rules that you can configure and call to register a call for the user box Conference in unity and use the record conversation direct who silently records the Conference and then leaves the record resulting as a message to the Subscriber that initiated the call.

    You can get more details on the live page account of the note here:

  • Detail of movi record customer call

    Dear all,

    We would like to collect the history of calls and the duration of the customer movi.

    Using the report function CDR of the user, the total duration of the tms report and County in some time. Someone knows how to get a more detailed report including the information of call by call.

    However, we are doesn't have to seek details of call report that has more than 3 months. Is it possible to retain the report detail of appeal for a longer period of time?

    Best regards.


    Check your statistical parameters of TMS; Administrative Tools\Configuration\Statistics setting - you can specify how many days you want there.

    As for more detailed records, take a look at the extension of the TMS Analytics, he could do it for you.


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  • Is it possible to record Skype calls in first?

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  • How do I delete the account call records

    How to clear the records of call, duration and cost of the Skype account

    As it is clearly demonstrated that how much time I call and date, cost and number of appeal, I do?

    Help, please...

    Hi faaaaisal!

    It is not possible to delete your folders on your account on our Web site pages. Calls for the last 6 months will be stored here but calls that are more than 6 months is no longer show. But if you ever need to have your records of call which is older than 6 months so you can contact Skype Service customer care for assistance. You can use the link below to find out how you can contact:

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  • Call free recording App

    Hi all

    Is there any application for registration of free calls to Iphone?

    Android supports a lot of apps, devices last windows 950 also built App. Why cant IOS support?

    Due to the nature in iOS sandbox, an application cannot control/interfere with another

    App. Any application that would provide the recording cannot access the phone application.

    If the recording of calls is important to you, maybe the iPhone is not the best choice.

    You should always choose the product that best meets your needs.

  • < double > call recording does not work after 5.0.2

    Since I've updated my 2nd generation of bike g lolipop 5.0.2 I can't record my calls, the app only record my voice, but does not record the voice of the one person talk to. have you tried the other app, please can someone recommend a call recorder that works on 5.0.2 .cos I use it for my business to examine complaints and arrested.

    There is already a thread here:

    Please continue the discussion there before creating new threads on the same issue. Search is your friend.

    Double wire closure.

  • Is the corded handset on the Brother MFC-795CW & it can record calls?

    Printer multifunction Brother MFC-795CW.

    Brother MFC-795CW all-in-one printer - is the combined connection hard wired or plug wire & can record the calls of the machine?

    Here you can find the characteristics of devices:

  • Voice call recording still not possible?

    Hi all...

    I've read many threads on voice call recording. I also read where Mr.Mark Sohm and Mr.Simon Hain says it is not possible... I want to ask you:

    It is still not possible even after JDE 5.0?

    Thanks in advance...

    There are services that transmits a phone call via another service, that records the call.

    It is not possible to do it locally on a BlackBerry Smartphone.

  • Call recording and no oversight, no audio

    I'm trying to do a monitoring office with IPCC Express 4.0 (5) Premium with CallManager 4.1 (3). We not want analysis of the control of Office Server. Configure the VOIP monitor server in the administrator as white. The record button, I gave the agents on their CAD. Phones are 7941 s-61. I activated extending to the port of the PC. When I record a call the size of the file is displayed as 1 KB. When I save the file on my desk the size of the file is presented as a larger file, as 192kb. All PCs have the Broadcom cards, I enabled 802.1 p on every PC and added the registry key on each. I installed a sniffer and see the 802. 1 q traffic when I sniff the port while making a call but I have no sound. I'm capable of running a station but that's it. I double checked all my settings and everything seems fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    The first thing to check is the office administrator make sure you that you have selected a server record next to the extension and that the surveillance area office is check. Second make sure that all the workarounds for you network cards are in place. Finally, run PostInstall.exe from the bin of CAD directory and make sure the right network card is selected for monitoring.

Maybe you are looking for

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