recover files from itunes library


I always enjoyed the sort function by "Time played" and "Date added" in iTunes.

The problem is that I accidentally deleted these files. (if this data is stored in the .itdb or .itl / .db or .xml files)

You can ask, how can this be possible. Well, I didn't follow the proper procedure when transferring to a new iMac. I just copied all the music files in the folder iTunes Music, rather than make a file "Export Library" in iTunes.

However, my question is: is it possible, next to a backup/time machine, for me to recover this iTunes data?

I've always been connected on iTunes with my own personal identification number Apple so I thought that maybe it could be a back-up of this somewhere next to Apple?

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


That data is stored in the iTunes library database file, which is in your user account music/iTunes / folder.  You have access to your old Mac?  If you do, the best way to transfer your data complete a new Mac iTunes is to copy the old Mac iTunes folder (in your music folder user account) on an external drive.  Then, on the new Mac, replace the iTunes with the old Mac folder.  When you run iTunes on the new Mac, it looks like iTunes on the old Mac, with all your songs and data (such as playlists, playing account, ratings, etc.)  This document describes the procedure in detail

How to move your iTunes library to a new computer - Apple Support

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    iTunes > Preferences > advanced > copy the files into the iTunes Media folder when adding to library > Off.

    However, I would advise that it is not the best approach in the long term. Have iTunes connected to scattered across media room makes it much harder to keep the library saved properly or move it to a new computer, the time is right. For general information, see make a library of portable split .

    If you want to avoid the creation of duplicates when you add content to the library then could be ~User/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/automatically add to iTunes iTunes that add you to the library move it in the standard location in the media folder, and make sure that you have only one copy of each file. Readers of third party can access the same media folder.


  • Any missing files in iTunes library

    Let me start by saying this: I used to work for Apple in the store. I know that the software and the beautiful products well (it has been a few years since then), but I was never a genius. I do not do things that will eventually be glitch the operating system.

    Here's the problem:

    • When I started using iTunes, I unchecked "copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" that I didn't like the way iTunes duplicated my files of music (unnecessarily taking more space), as well as their sorting system.
      • Therefore, all my files are simply located in my "Music" folder I recognize that there is a problem when it comes with that.
    • I met the problem with iTunes, in which he cut off the ends of a fair few of my songs. The only way to solve this problem is to create a new library. I decided to import my old one because I didn't lose my plays and reading lists, once again (I had this problem before and simply started again, at the same time the simplest solution).
    • I didn't have enough space on my Macbook so I used a drive hard portable 1 TB to consolidate files and export of the library as a selection. I managed to import into a new library, and the songs that had been cut played in its entirety. Perfect! First problem solved.
    • However, each of my files is now 'missing' (exclamation points) - this is ~ 4 700 music files. As a result guests to locate missing files, iTunes fails every time to find any other ones in a similar situation.

    Is there a way to locate the missing files en masse, since I do not have an iTunes Media folder (it is empty)?

    Is there a way to locate the missing persons file by ALBUM (which is how I got together in the artist file)? It sucks, but it sucks less than having to locate the 4 700 music files manually one by one.

    Any help is very appreciated. I feel that I googled this to the ends of the Earth with no luck.

    iTunes will attempt to move the files en masse - but only if it has been set to organize media. If you have disabled that iTunes can't / don't try to find others.

    If this problem only somewhere between points 3 and 4 above?  "Consolidate" has a very special meaning with iTunes as an action done iTunes and to consolidate you need iTunes using preferences default to the Organization and to copy media.  At this point in your description I start losing track of what it was exactly you did and when things started does not. It is not just a matter of practice that need to be turned on before you start iTunes is it?

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    Sometimes, my DVD player disappears from Windows Explorer and Device Manager.  I tried all the normal steps to stop the problem (remove UpperFilters and so forth), but it still happens from time to time.  When the disk is visible, it works fine.  The problem is that when I tried to move some images there in Windows Explorer to burn them on a CD, the drive has disappeared in the middle of the movement.  Now, the folders appear in the window of the E: drive (I have not closed the window or turned off power the computer since this happened), but I can't undo the move or copy them.

    I get the error "E:\ refers to a location that is unavailable.  It can be on a hard drive on this computer or on a network. etc... »

    I can do to get the files back, or that I lose the files forever?

    Work with your system and not the CD to do so.

    If you have Vista Business, Vista Ultimate or Vista Enterprise, you can be lucky.  They have so-called saves shadow copies, which are deleted or modified files that can be recovered in case changes/deletions made by mistake. more information about how to use this feature to:

    If you have Vista Basic or Premium of Vista, shadow copies is not available; However, there is an alternative that is free and the shadow copies feature called Shadow Explorer.  Although it will not help you this time, it could very well save you in case this happens again.

    In case this does not work (not all files are available through shadow - it occurs periodically), here are some additional free recovery programs that might help: (first try Recuva) (try this second - if this does not work then the chances of recovery are very slim but you can try the other options if you want to).

    The files are not really deleted until they are crushed (although they are no longer available through conventional methods).  If you decide to try these recovery programs, you should stop using your drive hard immediately in order not to replace the data that you are trying to recover.  He slave on another PC and launch the recovery of this PC.  Even now you have definitely lost some of them if you use the same PC.  If you can not do this (slave on another PC), you run the risk of overwriting the data with every action you do on the PC (but you may still be able to recover some or most or even all files - it's a matter of luck).

    Only you can decide if the data is important enough to take the PC to an expert data recovery to recover files (they will have better programs and hardware to do that none of us do, and I've provided above).  Do NOT go to the Geek Squad or one of these centers of store-, they generally don't know what they are doing - it take for expert data recovery.  It will cost you a little and they generally offer no guarantees.  The decision is yours.


    With regard to your CD player is going, you need to update the device drivers for it. Go to the Device Manager by going to start / find and type Device Manager and enter and then double-click on the program icon that appears.  Check each device to a red x, yellow! or white?  These identify devices with problems probably (drivers, but also of conflict or something else).  Click on each for more details and troubleshooting tips.  If you need to get the drivers (and do it for your CD-ROM drive), to leave the computer dealer or the manufacturer of the device (NOT of Microsoft Updates).  In fact, you must disable automatic updates in Windows Update driver as follows: Follow these steps to get the drivers:  Once you have the drivers, you can install them via the following device manager:

    If new drivers do not help, try swapping try it with one you know works and see if the problem moves.  The road from the other work of the computer is on your computer?  Drive your conputer there problems on the other computer?  If so, you have a hardware problem with the CD player and need to replace.

    You have computer anotherr to test the CD that you tried to do to see if it contains any files or data that are accessible?  Try some of the above recovery tools on the CD to see if you are able to recover files that have been moved (it might work).

    Good luck and I hope this helps!

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  • I can't burn a CD from iTunes library

    I'm trying to burn CDs of music from my iTunes library, and when I press the button burn CDs, it starts to burn, then cancel the burn. There then get a message that it does not burn due to an "unknown error 4280.

    I tried to burn data on a disc to determine if the problem is with iTunes or with the computer. Windows tells me that it cannot format the disks (which I've used SEVERAL times). I'm confused why it suddenly won't work now.

    My computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium.  Any help would be appeciated.

    ~ Elizabeth

    Hi wvpd8277,

    After some research, found that the following iTunes support section, which explains this specific error:

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    It depends on if you have encryption enabled or not.  If you have the encryption on, then you will need a copy of your encryption key or the files will be locked forever.

    If you encrypt your files, you can recover the files simply by putting the hard drive on another computer and navigate on it as if it were a USB key (it's just a reader), you can even appropriating and re - set the permissions on the folder.

    Another option is to start by using any Windows install CD or USB.  At the prompt to install, skip it and press SHIFT + F10 to open a command prompt.  So to reach this player (the letter can be no C: in this mode) and use the command copy to copy the file to another disk or USB stick.

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    I have an existing library of songs on my windows media played, but I must just have a song I hear and purchased from i-tunes. Unfortunately, I can't seen so he could copy/move etc from my files of i-tunes on my media files on windows. How can I do this? I realize that most people are going in the opposite direction and can find a lot of help to get my songs from windows to i-tunes, but I'm rather uncomfortable with windows media player and relatively late as I have nor have an i - pod, or plan to get one.

    Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

    Thank you


    Downloaded my first song from i-tunes, but cannot get ' in 'my music library from windows media. " How to do it here?

    Drag and drop the file in your "Music" folder

  • Can I delete this file from iPhoto library?

    I'm going through old files and found a library iPhoto 44.7 MB file and it is listed as a photo library migrated under kind in the Finder. I don't know what it is. Can I delete it?

    Thank you!

    It may be the iPhoto library you were using when you all first positioned on the Photos which have moved from the iPhoto library, then renamed the original as you can see.

  • How to extract deleted the file from itunes backup iPhone photos

    I bought an iPhone 16G 6 s two months ago and the storage is in short lately. So I deleted a large number of items than the iPhone, especially for photos and videos. But now, I realized there were 3 important photos deleted by mistake. Luckliy, I backed up the device with iTunes. I know that iTunes is the official way to restore an iPhone. In my case, I only need to restore these 3 photos, there is no need to restore the whole itunes backup. How can I retrieve pictures only from the backup file?

    You can't isolate only the photos in the backup file

    You will need to do a restore - fix these pictures and re delete others


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    Like a lot of other people a lot of my already purchased songs are missing in my library. My computer was stolen early 2015 and everything I bought before this date has disappeared.  I followed all of the suggestions to restore but without success. The songs were purchased between 2011 and 2014. They have a circle/question mark next to them. I went to my account and I don't have an option to Hide/Unhide.

    I can see the purchase history so I know that I paid for them. I searched my computer for m4a files - missing purchased songs aren't anywhere to be found. I deleted the songs on iTunes that bring the matter / the circle next to them and restarted.

    I tried following the instructions to redownload files, but all the songs that I paid to have an 'x' next to them and no download cloud icon which means I can't download them again.

    I have a Macbook Pro running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and spin the latest version of iTunes.

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    Have you tried the advice given by Apple here. Download your past - purchases Support Apple

    If you have already tried, contact Apple about this by fillingthis form.

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    Saving your files:

    You can remove the hard drive and put it in a hard drive USB enclosure > plug it into another computer > and try to read and copy your data in this way.

    Or, you can download Knoppix > make a bootdisk to > start your system with it (IF your material is all work) > and copy your data from the hard drive like that.


    "How to use Knoppix.

    See you soon.

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