recovery after installing new hard drive

The recovery disc will reset windows on a new hard drive with the key at the back of the pc



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  • Satellite Pro A120 - Jerky empty reading after installing new HARD drive

    Just installed a new hard drive in my Satellite Pro A120. Made a full new install Vista, installed all the drivers but video playback is choppy/jerky. Even google earth is juddery. It didn't use to be like this with the original hard drive.

    A I had a problem of driver somewhere? I think it's the 945 chipset.

    Hey Buddy,

    To be honest, it's really hard for us, users, to say what causes this problem and I think you should test more yourself

    Anyway, you have reinstalled Windows using the Toshiba Recovery disk?
    You should also check if all Windows updates are installed and if you have yellow exclamation points in Device Manager.
    For any use of video and multimedia substance High Performance plan wrote BobRock_1.

    Sorry, but I think that it s all we can say :(

  • Bluetooth driver after installing new hard drive


    RE: HP Pavilion DV7 - 4270us Windows 7 64-bit

    Two weeks ago, I replaced the internal hard disk on the above referenced pc. I added slowly back the necessary drivers and software using a large HP Expert.

    (Note: I have create recovery discs when the pc was new, but for some reason, they would not install new hard disk.) This is the reason why I'm adding drivers and software available, one at a time.)

    3 questions please:

    (1) because my pc's bluetooth, I don't remember adding a bluetooth driver. How could I know?

    (2) Lightscribe software has been installed at the factory on my pc, but I have not just now. Is it possible to get that back?

    (3) reviewed the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, but was afraid that I wouldn't be able to find the drivers for my pc if I have upgraded. In addition, read on the forum, it seems to be quite a number of issues upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. 1. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you for your help and suggestions.

    For the Bluetooth drivers:

    If you need drivers, follow these steps:
    1. in the run box, type devmgmt.msc.
    2 unknown devices would be listed as such and plotted with a yellow question mark.
    3. Select the unknown device or any other device you need of drivers and right-click to access the properties.
    4. in the Properties window, click the Details tab and select Device Instance of Id or hardware ID from the drop-down.
    5. an alphanumeric string, like this DEV_7130 & PCI\VEN_1217 & SUBSYS_012F1025 & REV_01\4 & 6B16D5B & 0 & 33F0 is the marker for the identification of the unit.
    6. Please provide this number so we can offer you the appropriate driver.

    Here is the link to the lightscribe software:

    Regarding Windows 8.1:

    If you are running Windows 7, you can use Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant to check if your programs and devices are compatible with Windows 8.1.

  • No input signal after installing new hard drive

    SUP guys, im need help, my hard drive on my computer has stopped working, I'd get an important flasher hits and it looks like it please insert a disk and when I did a diagnosis, I had hard drive errors I went and bought a new one.

    In order to take the old one out I had to remove the cables from the hard drive, the big white thing that plugs into the motherboard, the processor fan and cable.

    I put in new hard drive, put everything back as it should and when I boot it all im getting are no signal input on my screen, I have tried on 3 different screens and got the same thing.

    Here are some pictures of the inside of my computer:

    If you notice the VGA thing on the 2nd picture, should no more added to it? I mean in addition to plug the cable from the monitor, I have the impression that there should be something added to the back of it, I just noticed now, the computer and the screen worked perfectly before.

    It's a HP model number is a6655f, it came with vista, but after putting in the new HD, I intend to put windows 7, I have a copy of it.

    I guess with the new hard drive and I am I was right assuming that you have already installed windows 7

    Sounds like you need drivers for the drive, and sounds like a simple problem, download drivers and install I believe that when you install windows 7, it offers you the possibility of drivers installed.

    Oh and you could try to change SATA to IDE in the BIOS and see if that helps

  • After installing new hard drive, video card or drivers are not compatible with Windows Media Center on Windows XP

    After a computor crash and the new hard drive, my disk drive does not work in media center "video card or drivers are not compatible with media center.

    Probably a matter of resolution: you will need to install the specific video drivers XP laptop computer PC manufacturer's Web site.

    See you soon,.

  • Problems opening Captivate 7 for Mac after installing new hard drive


    My HDD recently crashed and I need to install a new hard drive (OS x El Capitan, version 10.11.13) on my mac. They re-installed Adobe Captivate (I use Adobe Captivate 7 for Mac), but now the software and files that I created using the software will not open. Initially, I received an error message stating that I had to install a new version of Java, but even after I did it, it will still not open. I click on the link in the finder and it bounces on the taskbar at the bottom for one second, then disappears. I tried to restart the computer, but it does not help.

    Can anyone help? I need it immediately for work!

    Thank you, Ashley

    I suspect that the reason is the operating system. Even the Captivate 8 was not compatible with El Capitan, I doubt that is the case with CP7. Only CP9 is compatible with El Capitan.

  • No sound after installing new hard drive

    I recently installed a new hard drive for windows XP and I installed all the updates of windows updates. I plugged in an Altec speaker system exactly as I did before, but I can't not all sounds.

    When I click on "Sounds and Audio devices" in the Control Panel, I see "No Audio device".

    I tried all the troubleshooting options. I think I need to download new audio drivers, but I can't figure out how to do this.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated!

    There could be a possibility that you may still need to download additional software.
    Perhaps, your motherboard has audio drivers available at their homesite or perhaps your sound card as well.
    However, if you have a brand system / pc, and then click on his homesite and look for the model number for the available downloads and updates.

    DB·´¯'·.. ¸ ><)))º> --> sent via windows live mail
    "stefff05" wrote in message news: 5eb879d3-2646-4a25-8e81-286abb719b2e...

    I recently installed a new hard drive for windows XP and I installed all the updates of windows updates. I plugged in an Altec speaker system exactly as I did before, but I can't not all sounds.

    When I click on "Sounds and Audio devices" in the Control Panel, I see "No Audio device".

    I tried all the troubleshooting options. I think I need to download new audio drivers, but I can't figure out how to do this.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated!

    DB·´¯'·.. ¸ >-))) º > ·´¯'·.. ¸ >-))) º > share nirvana mann

  • Catalogue lack of LR 5.7.1 after installing new hard drive

    A few days ago I was forced to install a new hard drive on my computer because of problems. I have re-downloaded all of my programs which included Lightroom. I had a disc for Lightroom 3 and then had updated to LR 5.7.1 online. I used a link to Adobe for re - download 5.7.1.  I have an Acer running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

    Now I have 2 major problems.  There are a total of 139 images in my catalog that I guess are the catalog in LR3. They appear when I click the icon in the grid. I got about 4000 processed images so why don't others appear under all the photographs?

    The way I work is to download my camera pictures in folders on my hard drive which is now renamed F drive.  Then I pass to the ones I deal with in Lightroom. Which causes probably my second problem. When I click on set to the point that one of these images to 139, the file is not found.

    How do I find the catalog for the rest of the 4000 images and how to 'find' the images first 139?

    Thank you.

    These photos are considered to be 'missing' by Lightroom... I can say because it is an icon of exclamation point on each of the photos in the Filmstrip at the bottom. You must reconnect the photos in Lightroom by pointing to the actual location on the hard disk of this photo, or alternatively, you can log records both.

    This document explains and illustrates how to do this.

    Adobe Lightroom - find moved or missing folders and files

  • Help with Bluetooth after installing new HARD drive

    The hard drive failed on my laptop HP Pavilion dm4 3099se Beats Edition son. I replaced the hard drive, installed and activated Windows 7 64 bit (using the key supplied with the notebook windows). I used an oem Win7 disc, not the recovery disk.  Then I installed the drivers needed to make it work again. But I can't get the Bluetooth works, even if the wifi works. Use the Intel ProSet Wifi driver but the Intel ProSet Bluetooth driver returns an error when it is installed... and Bluetooth does not appear in Device Manager.

    I installed the ProSet software also. It is also an error "can not properly installed. I have not installed the HP software (which I hope it is not necessary).

    Is there than a bluetooth radios category in Device Manager?

    If so, then the generic microsoft drivers have been installed.

    Otherwise, the device is not enabled and is not being picked up by Windows.

    If you have not installed the software of HP connection manager, and who controlled the bluetooth when you reinstalled the hard drive, you need to install this software, turn on the BT using this software and go from there.

    On some HP business notebooks computers where the wizard wireless HP (predecessor to the HP Connection Manager software) controlling the wireless and bluetooth at the same time and no device showing in Windows when I reinstalled the operating system, which has happened to me.

    After installing the Wireless Assistant software, the two aircraft were then visible and I was able to install the drivers.

  • Restore itunes after installing new hard drive

    Very well. I have a HP DV2726ca the HARD drive was not. I have several external hard drives. I backed up my music folder and then just copied the contents of the folder this music in the new music folder.

    When I open iTunes I see not those exclamation points or I see a bunch of clouds. shouldn't the fact that I kept physical copies say that I wouldn't have to download anything?

    I have a "iTunes folder" and a folder named "music m4a files.

    I put all my songs inside this folder "automatically add to iTunes".

    I'm so confused. In the past, I had more easily. right now I don't have one of my playlists. I clicked on see the duplicates and there were many, some are same as triples.

    I allowed my computer again. I don't understand why I not see an exclamation mark on the left side of the song or I get a rating of icloud. not sure if there is something that needs to be downloaded to play my protected music old ones I bought 128 and require authorization for the file set.

    I had installed 10 windows but I have problems to install again on windows 7. my computer gives me several s bluescreen per day. I told someone the errors, and then he said sounds like a HARD drive problem. whenever I did the test drive HP that it would fail within a second. so I bought another 500GB which is what I had in this laptop before.

    This laptop comes with Windows Vista. I upgraded to 7 years and then updated on 29 July. It does not appear that I can install windows 10 so I just want things to normal with windows 7.

  • How to copy the recovery on the new HARD drive partition, HARD drive failed?


    I have a Compaq Mini netbook with Windows 7 Starter.

    The HARD drive has failed and it is not repairable. However, it seems that the recovery partition is OK.

    I want to buy a new HARD drive, install the driver on the netbook, and then use the tools/recovery partition to install windows 7 on a new PC.

    So, the question is simple: how to copy the recovery for the new HARD drive partition?

    Hello s91066.

    If your hard drive of your laptop doesn't have? If this is the case, what do you mean by the "recovery partition is ok? I doubt that this laptop has two hard disks, so if you are able to see this partition of your hard drive may still work.

    You will need a set of recovery disks to restore the partitions on the new drive. If you can start Windows, which you can probably not with a dead hard drive, you can follow these steps if you can get into Windows.

    If you are unable to boot into Windows, you need a set of disks. You can order it directly from HP. The number of the United States / Canada is 1-800-474-6836. If you are in another domain, you must visit HP's Support around the world to find contact information for your region.

    I hope that is useful; have a great weekend!

  • Just installed new hard drive 1 TB

    Just installed new hard drive 1 to and vista only reads only 127 GB. How can I get vista to recognize the full 1 TB

    Take a look in disk management.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Problems of new messages after the new hard drive installed.

    Just had to have a new hard drive, motherboard, and installed video card. Used to be I could click the "e-mail" on my desk and my new email would open automatically when the Windows Mail open. Now, I can't my new e-mail unless I have manually click on the send/receive button. I have the parameters monitored to check for new messages every 5 minutes. What am I doing wrong now?

    Thanks for any help!

    Yes, I use Vista, funny... it's windown help that popped up for me! Sorry!

    It is ok. For most wanted if sure we had dealing with. This is the forum for Vista for the future.

    Vista implemented network, electronic mail and to get online

    Tools | Options | In general. East: send and receive at startup checked? Also try to set it to 6 or 4 minutes. Send yourself a test message and immediately close WinMail. Wait a minute, then open a WinMail. A little luck?

    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • Re-installing Linksys Connect on mobile after the new hard drive installed

    I have a router E4200 and had loaded on my laptop Connect. My hard drive crashed and needs replacement. I have had no problem signing on my WiFi once I got the new installed hard drive.

    With the new hard drive, I now do not have Linksys Connect installed on my laptop. My question is: can I re - install connection with the router works perfectly good or re-setup Connect with the router already up and running will cause me problems?

    Thanks for any help.

    Here is an article on the configuration of the software once the router has already been put in place.

  • XPS 8300: Install new hard drive 3 TB BSOD results after imaging but not after Win7 clean

    I have a XPS 8300 and the original Seagate 2 TB hard drive is dead. Because being forced to install a new HARD drive, I opted for 3 TB and bought a WD because I had horrible luck with Seagate repeatedly.

    Anyway, I installed the new HARD drive and booted from the Windows 7 64 bit Pro installation disc and attached my external drive to backup and choose the backup image to the new disk. It completed without error, but when the computer restarts, I get a blue screen of death with the 7B stop code. I tried to put the HARD drive in a box and attached to another computer, and all my image files are there so I know that the computer was able to write the image to the new HARD disk. How to fix the BSOD errors? I set to update to the latest version of the BIOS (A06) but always the blue screen. I tried to install the latest Intel drivers also and which does not seem to do anything.

    Frustrated, I installed Windows 7 clean on this drive and I am writing this message from him. The drive appears in my computer as a 2 TB. Disk Management displays 100 MB System Reserved Partition, Partition C: of 2047 GB and 746 GB unallocated.

    Why a new installation does not seem to work (I know that I would have to format the 746 GB to use it and to give it a new drive letter) but the imagery that the disc breaks down. What Miss me?

    I've seen a lot of posts on using Intel drivers to solve similar problems. These drivers get breaths during the imaging process? Should they be installed before the imagery of the backup? (Thought that I did, but maybe I didn't do it right - their installation can be verified before the disk imaging?) Tried to call Dell and Windows support... am no where in a hurry.

    Hi LG1382,

    You cannot start Windows 7 on a 3 TB drive. You can use it for data, but not as the system drive. Windows 7 can only start TPG on systems with BIOS UEFI, which does not the 8300.

Maybe you are looking for

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