Recovery CD don't reinstall it Satellite M300 correctly after formatting HARD drive

Hi all

After having my original problem to create rescue disks resolved with your help (thanks again), I'm at the formatting of hard drives of 300. After that, I want to do a fresh install of Ubuntu.
But I must admit I'm rather nervous about all this.

So 2 questions:

1 has anyone done this before and how it worked?
2. I would be able to get the M300 back to the form using the reinstallation discs, AFTER formatting the HARD drive

Thanks in advance!



Usually the Vista Toshiba Recovery DVD should reinstall everything again. Simply said, it must affect the M300 return to the factory settings.
The use of the recovery DVDs is very simple.

You must boot from the recovery DVD and must follow the instructions on the screen!
But note; The recovery DVDs will format the entire HARD drive... as the partitions created, etc...

That s it.

Welcome them

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    Could someone let me know by e-mail [email protected] if I can explain how?
    Also have a Toshiba U300 that is touch screen and then turns blue and switches market by itself.

    > I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite C655 I could correct the entry hard drive record because someone he broke and also the Start button has been removed off the Board.

    Do you mean the SATA connector on the motherboard? Is it broken?
    Well, I'm don't think that its easy to fix. If something is broken on the motherboard, and then for the most part you will need a new motherboard or you would ask a specialist (electronics) for help.

    > Also have a Toshiba U300 that is touch screen and then turns blue and switches market by itself.
    Try to clean the cooling fans using a jet of compressed air. Especially the laptop If OFF automatically due to a higher temperature and cleaning cooling fans can help get the best cooling performance.

  • Satellite M40 - cannot boot from the recovery cd after format HARD drive


    After my Satellite M40 - 133 being affected by the virus of security internet I had to wipe my hard drive. The virus wouldn't let me do anything, boot without failure or system restore. I wiped the disk and it still wouldn't load up. That's why I had to do a full erase of the disk including the hidden partition.

    After doing his now do not let my boot from the CD of restoration as it says invalid partition as his search for files that must be on the hidden partition. What can I do to get it started. I'm not bothered about to recover anything on the disc. If I remove the hard drive and put the recovery cd in, it excludes the disc and begins to start until he fails to see the hard drive.

    Outwardly I can link the drive to another pc and he sees it as a storage device so I'm glad that there is nothing wrong with the hard ware - help please


    Can you see the HARD drive with all the details in the BIOS?
    If this isn't the case, then this means that the HARD drive is faulty or not fully compatible.
    If you can see the HARD drive in the BIOS, then this means that the HARD drive is compatible.

    But this should not affect booting from a bootable CD.
    Even if the HD would not be recognized in the BIOS, you should be able to boot from the CD. For example a live Linux CD has not only any disk HARD because the BONE would not be installed on the HARD drive, but it loads into RAM.

    The question is; Why you are unable to boot from any CD?
    Maybe the discs are scratched or the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disc more because of problems of laser lens
    If possible, try to copy/burn the Windows CD using another computer, and then try to start using the copied disc.

  • Reinstall the Vista Ultimate upgrade after replacing hard drive - remove Windows PowerShell

    My HDD recently crashed and the manufacturer (Dell) gave me a new one with the software and systems II had orginially purchased pre-installed on the drive.  In this case, I had Vista Home Premium installed.  I got about a year ago, bought and upgraded to Vista Ultimate and I'm now trying to reinstall (I have it on DVD).  When I do, I get a message that I must remove Windows PowerShell before upgrade.  I can't find PowerShell in the application removal utility, even if I can find it when I search in the start menu.

    Any thoughts on how to deal with this?

    In addition, since the beginning of this thread, I found the following instructions in another thread:

    How to uninstall Windows PowerShell

    To uninstall Windows PowerShell 1.0 in Windows Vista, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, in the Search box, type appwiz.cpl and press ENTER.
    2. In the tasks list, click View Installed Updates.
    3. In the list to uninstall an update , right-click right of Windows PowerShell (TM) 1.0 (KB928439), click on uninstall and follow the instructions to remove Windows PowerShell 1.0.

    But, I do not see Windows PowerShell (TM) 1.0 (KB928439) in the generated list (although there are many, many others).  I found three programs of powershell appears when I put in the search box of start powershell.  Can I just delete them?

    Thank you.

    Try download Revo to uninstall all the programs of PowerShell.  I hope that you will find the main program so it can be uninstalled.

    If that doesn't work, uninstall each update of PowerShell that you find.  Also, check the master list of program to see if you can find.  A when done, reboot and start the installation again and see if you come up against the same error.  If so, we may have to try another way to get rid of it - but we will cross that bridge if we come to it.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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    I formatted my laptop "L40 - 18w" after that all usb ports do not work.

    Could you please help me on this issue

    Thank you

    Ben is right. After the installation of the operating system as a first step, you need to install driver chipset.
    Please see the download page for Toshiba under
    There you can find all the drivers for your model of laptop including driver chipset.

  • Satellite A60-772: What readers need after format HARD drive?

    I would format my hard drive. Should what drivers I have to load after the format? Thank you

    Hello Eliane

    After the installation of the OS, you must install the drivers, tools and utilities. As far as I know with your laptop is also supplied Tools & Utilities CD. This CD contains all this stuff. If you do not, you can download it from the Toshiba support under page support & downloads.

    It is very important to install things in the right order. To make this review please document Instructions of facilities.

  • Satellite U840 - how do I reinstall Win 7 after replacing HARD drive

    I had a HARD drive error.

    So I formatted the hard drive (after trying for months to get the process to finally finish that)
    Now, I a U840 Satellite with a clean HARD drive and do not have the installation for Windows 7 discs.

    I searched the net and found nothing of use!
    Help, please

    see you soon


    You need to create the own recovery in the past disc!
    This recovery disk allows you to install the Toshiba image after the HARD drive is dead or has been replaced.

    In case you have not created this disk, it is possible to order this support:

  • How can I reinstall Photoshop CS5 after the hard drive on my iMac replaced?

    How to reinstall or download Photoshop CS5 after the hard drive on my iMac replaced?

    Hi hawkejo1,

    Please install Photoshop CS 5 from the following link: Download CS5 products

    And it to authenticate with the serial number.

    Kind regards


  • Satellite C650, media recovery fails after replacing HARD drive

    I have a 3 years C650, and the HARD drive has failed. I got a replacement drive and sorts to recover from the recovery media disks that I created and although he claimed to have re - partition the drive and reinstalled windows, windows startup fails when tried to configure the devices "could not configure windows to run on this hardware.

    After this error, the boot sequence goes into an endless loop, asking to start the installation procedure.

    Thinking that my records may have been corrupted, I ordered a set of Toshiba recovery disks. Once again, these go through the recovery process and still once, Windows startup does not exactly in the same place.

    A little annoying to have spent £30 for nothing.

    I have a picture of Windows system on my external HARD drive, but I can't get the machine to a point where it will actually start so I can recover from that.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed is welcome!

    Thank you


    Of course, this isn't a problem of recovery disk.
    I guess there is a problem with the HARD drive but I n t think that the HARD drive has failed I think there is a problem of setting

    First, you should go to BIOS and check if the SATA set to AHCI.
    Then you should also format the HARD drive again.

    I recommend to use the freeware tool called GParted. You could create a live USB stick bootable flash memory which will allow you to start the unit and start GParted tool.
    Format the HARD drive, and then create a partition.

    After that, take the recovery disk and start the recovery procedure.
    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro 2100: How do I reinstall the OS after replacing HARD drive

    I have a Toshiba SP2100 and I want to replace the hard drive, but I don't have any recovery CD
    So, how can I put the o/s back on?

    Try to connect the external HARD drive to the computer via the USB port and try to copy all content from the internal HARD disk external HARD drive. Then you could try to insert the external HARD drive in the laptop.
    But I've never tried this procedure and don t know if it will work.

    But usually after replacing HARD drive you should boot from the Boot CD as recovery CD or the original CD of Microsoft Windows.
    After the installation of clean Windows OS, you can visit the Toshiba drivers and you can download and install the drivers of Toshiba and utilities.

  • Satellite a210-171 needs new HARD drive

    I took the laptop to the computer repair shop, they want to charge me £100 to replace the HDD with a 500 GB one and reinstall windows. I am not satisfied with the service, the length of time necessary to diagnose the problem or the price then I refused to let them fix it. It took 3 days to identify the problem and more they can not even give me a quote until they had installed the new hard drive!

    Is it easy enough for me to replace the HARD drive? I don't really know where he is, than only what disk HARD buy! I have the original recovery disk, it will load everything once I have replace the HARD drive?
    I need really, really little help and advice here!


    > Is it easy enough for me to replace the HARD drive?
    HARD drive replacement is very easy, you need a HARD drive 2.5 SATA, and here you can find some nice videos how replace HARD drive on laptop series different.

    Here you will find the replacement Satellite/Satellite A210 HDD Movie:

    It's the right one for you!

  • Satellite A135 - new installation of HARD drive "windows cannot be configured.

    I have a portable Satellite A135-S4467 with a hard drive failed (WD 160 GB).
    I bought a new hard drive (WD 320 GB).
    When I try to install windows vista (32 bit) on the new hard drive by using the original factory software installation CD toshiba, I get the following error message:
    "windows cannot be configured to run on this computer hardware.

    After reboot, Windows will start normally or in safe mode.
    I updated the BIOS to version 1.9.
    I tried also to install the updated RAID/AHCI drivers of intel to the windows installation, as recommended by the windows forums - I always get the same error message, even after several attempts to completely reinstall windows.

    Several forums, I searched for recommended to change the settings of the HDD (RAID COSM) in the BIOS.
    I don't know how / if to do this. When I enter the BIOS, I see the hard drive, but I can't select it, so I couldn't try it.

    It seems that I've tried everything, without success. I took care to unplug all external/etc devices during the installation as well. I also did all the drivers are for vista 32 bit.

    Help, please!

    Have you tried to install the OS using the Microsoft installation disc?
    There may be a compatibility problem with your new HARD drive.

    Do you get a place another HARD disk capacity not more than 200GB and test it?

  • Satellite A200 - question format HARD drive after replacing


    I know this is probably a stupid question to ask as I am not that great with computers.
    I have problems with my hard drive from my Toshiba Satellite A200 laptop.

    Now, when I took it out it was a 120 GB so I bought another Seagate 320 GB hard drive to replace it.
    Now can I just put it back in or do I have to format the known brand hard drive.

    So if anyone can help it would be much appreciated

    Thank you


    New HARD drive should be recognized by the laptop properly.
    If you purchased a HARD drive 2.5 SATA, so I put t see serious reasons why this HARD drive is not working.

    Once the HARD drive has been replaced, boot from the Toshiba Recovery disk and follow the instructions on the screen. The HARD drive must be formatted during the installation procedure
    That article should work

  • Satellite 1410 714 extremely slow after replacing HARD drive


    I have a Satellite 1410-714 which has had a hard drive failure. I replaced the drive, but now the computer is extremely slow. Windows has been reinstalled, it was really slow too much and now it takes minutes for windows to start.

    I suspect that something might have broken on the motherboard and the hard disk. I checked mobo replacement parts, but have not found anything for-714, so a 1410 mobo compatible? This model has a processor celeron 1.8.

    Thanks for help.



    I can t think the motherboard is broken after replacing HARD drive.
    I suggest updating the BIOS first. Maybe your old BIOS have a few problems with the most recent HARD drive.
    Please check site driver Toshiba for the latest version of BIOS.

    Have you used any anties Virus applications?

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    CS2, Acrobat 7 + Audition 3 (AND PREVIOUS) activation server has disappeared, then read below



    You MUST use the special version and the serial number on the page, not your original drive or serial number


    NOTE that CS2 will not install on a "modern" with an Intel Mac

    When you install the special version of CS2 on a Win7 or Win8 or Win10 computer, you may need to right click on the program icon and select compatibility Windows XP in the popup of option

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