recovery disk dilema slimline s3220n

HP release a reminder on 16 models because of faulty nVidia chipsets, if you replace out your hard drive breaks down shortly after (Err1_Err3).

I got the hard drive about a month ago now and I'm finally sent me the recovery disks because my computer says something along the lines of "(quelque chose) failure please insert system disks"

well to the fact there is nothing on the drive, it does not recognize the cd/dvd drive and I can't find same in Setup.

so, how am I supposed to do the recovery?

Follow step 3 in this link.

If it does not yet recognize the drive I would also clear the CMOS (with power off, remove the battery and wait 30 seconds then put again) and see if the drive is recognized. I would also try one of the extra power connectors. Try a different cable of borrowing and to see if we could be the problem.

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    I did the recovery disk when I bought my HP Pavilion Slimline s5737c-b. I tried to recover my computer and got an error code: 0xe0ef000e. I need to buy recovery disk and don't know how.

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  • HP Pavilion p6 2000-ukm: recovery disk/boot on a new HARD drive?


    I have a hp Pavilion p6 2000 ukm. Recently I started getting on my HARD drive error messages, saying it was a failure. I recently bought a new HDD in my pc. I connected it correctly and it says that I need recovery disk / boot disk.

    To my knowledge when I bought this pc there was no disk Windows 7. Now I know on workstations, you create your own.

    My question is... How to get windows 7 installed on my new hard drive when I plug it in? I'm looking for the iso of windows 7, I think that his name, but I can't find any .iso file.  I'm trying to install windows 7 on my new drive HARD I need not my other files like music... etc. I'm looking to get my HARD drive installed with windows 7, where it has IE and I can go back to the installation of everything I had previously. Should u use "create a system image"? Its a big file and requires 7 + dvd discs is my only option? I have my 25 key windows 7 as well.

    Any help is thank you attended.


    Here's the phone number,


  • Bought the new model of HP m8530f... impossible to create the recovery disk?

    Bought above the pc about 3 months... still new to all this, I'm just a simple user of office applications and surfing.  Fallen on the disk recovery and reading that you can create your own recovery disk or the order of HP.

    Once again, the pc brand new.  I was all order from HP, but saw wanted to try to do it myself and save $20.  I followed the steps, arrived at Recovery Disc Creator, the moment where I click Next I get an error like this:

    "A recovery disk set was created for this pc. That one game is allowed per pc.

    WTF?  It was brand new, out of the box!

    All this experience?  I really don't want to pay HP $20 when I can make myself at home.  However I can not because as the "already created recovery disc?

    What can I do?

    I was able to connect and discuss with a representative of HP.  They have made an exception and will betray me a free recovery disk!

    Now, that's service! That means a LOT to me!

    Thanks for your suggestion to CherylG!  I have not found this file, that you suggested... and not an expert to change the extensions of file... so don't go any further!

  • Recovery disk

    Tried to use my recovery disks but says to contact Hp Support Hp.Called but said they no longer support my HP Pavilion 8694F.

    I need to get NvCpIDaemon in NvQTwk.Also DVD player does not play. Freezes after 30 sec.of running. Is it related to the

    missing entry? I thought that if I used the restore disc I would solve the problem. Cannot use the original disc. Help would be deeply appreciated!

    You get an error message?

  • EliteBook 850 G2: SimplePass absent of the software recovery disk


    First of all, I don't know if I post the question in the right place, and I apologize if I'm not.

    I bought the laptop with windows 7 and received two CDs with it, one for install windows 10 and the other to re - install the software that came with the computer.

    I used a program before moving on to Windows 10 * that has been activated with my finger, saved my passwords, and I was able to connect to my windows with the fingerprint account.

    After the upgrade to windows 10 and install all of the software contained in the software recovery disk, I can't find this program.

    This software should come in the recovery disk? Why is it missing? How can I get that again?

    * which I'm not 100% sure it was SimplePass


    Your enterprise class system uses a software Client Security (not SimplePass).

    Page of the site system Web pilot:

    Laptop HP EliteBook 850 G2

    The Synaptics (fingerprint driver) driver is in the category

    Driver - keyboard, mouse and input devices (5)

    Download Driver Synaptics and information Page:

    Synaptics WBF fingerprint driver

    The security software is in the category

    Software - security (1)

    Client Security download and information Page:

    HP Client Security Manager

    Load / install the fingerprint Synaptics first driver >

    Restart and sign

    Windows key > settings > accounts > Sign-in Options >

    Assign an identification number (Security Windows requires to enable the fingerprint reader) >

    Activate the connection of fingerprints

    Once the Windows PIN / fingerprint is activated, load and install the Client Security program >

    Restart and sign

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  • Satellite A500 - problems with the creation of recovery disks

    I bought a Satellite A500 yesterday and now I'm trying to create the recovery discs before anything else.
    However, towards the end of the 1st DVD I get an error message saying "Faile dto open the next file. e:\Boot\BCD (0201123-F1-00000000 error code)"and then when I click 'OK', the DVD is ejected giving a message"unable to create recovery 1' media. Physical examination, I noticed that the DVD is written almost entirely.

    Any advise on this? In addition, in the interface, it shows a USB option and says to insert a USB media with more than 7 GB of free. That I can use it to create the recovery disk? If Yes, when I reinstall windows 7, this allows as a bootable drive?

    Greately appreciate any help on this matter. If it is defective, I want to return as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Thank you

    As far as I know, that you can not use external device for recovery, it is therefore very important create recovery DVDs.

    Try to create the recovery disk using only DVD-R media. Use high quality media like TDK or Verbatim.
    Last month, I've created on the Satellite A500-157 recovery discs and everything went well.

  • Satellite Pro C660-1LR - new HARD drive but no recovery disk

    I need help for my son who is the Satellite Pro C660 1LR laptop.

    In this portable hard drive is completely dead, I have not created a disk of recovery for this system of portable computers.
    I bought a new hard drive that is installed... However, as you guessed it I have no access to reinstall an OS, this laptop works on windows 7.

    I'm not really tech savvy so if someone can advise me please do explain to the fool proof format! I try to avoid having to buy something expensive.

    > I'm trying to avoid having to buy something expensive.
    Problem is that you don't have many options in this regard.
    If you want to have the factory again settings you must install recovery disc. You can order on of course is not free, but, in my opinion, without a doubt the best solution.

    You can buy the Microsoft installation disc and install the clean version. You must purchase a valid license for it.
    In this case, you must install all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities for more than one by one.

    Just in case you can get this installation of Microsoft and the free license you can save money.

    Believe me, the best solution is the original recovery disk command.

  • Satellite A30: How to get the recovery disks?

    I damaged my recovery disk 2 on my A30. Where can I get replacement?

    You will need to contact the ASP in your country for ordering CD!
    These CD's are not very expensive one I m that you can buy the recovery CD for Toshiba service point!

    Please visit this page to find the nearest ASP in your country!

  • Lost recovery disk Toshiba Satellite A50

    I am currently in the United Kingdom. I bought my laptop TOSHIBA to Hong Kong in 2004. I lost the recovery disk and cannot restore my laptop after the recent attack of virus on my laptop.

    Please let me know how I can get the recovery disk. The operating system is Win XP Home edition.

    Usually, the recovery CD can be ordered from EPA, which is responsible for your country.
    Try to contact the guy and ask the new CD/DVD.

    Here you can find of Toshiba global ASP.

    Greetings mate ;)

  • Re: Equium L40 - 17 M: recovery disk left material inactive

    I had my 17 m crash Psl49e L40 and die.

    I phoned for help and they advised me to run my recovery disk.
    I do so I can boot my laptop BUT no usb device connects, no card network is found over a host of other issues.

    He asked me if I had an add on disk (which I did not) it stopped all readers and setting is correct?


    Have you used the Toshiba Recovery disk or have you installed the Windows operating system using a disc of Microsoft?
    I think that the devices do not work due to lack of drivers or bad drivers.

    If USB does not work, then I recommend installing the chipset driver.
    If missing a LAN or WLan card, then install the LAN or / and WLan driver.

    You may need a few details on the devices inside the laptop.
    Install a tool of diagnosis of hardware called Everest Home Edition. This allows to obtain information and material.

  • Portege A100: where can I get the recovery disk?

    Anyone know where I can get the recovery for my portege a100 disc as my one was lost in a recent move of House as well as all my other software.
    any help would be received with gratitude


    You can order the Toshiba recovery disks in the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.
    Before posting questions, you should use the advanced search for similar topics. This similar issue was published a long time here in the forum

    Cordially ;)

  • Can Tecra M9 - I upgrade the RAM and get a Windows 7 recovery disk?


    I want to know if it is possible to upgrade my Tecra M9 about RAM - memory? I think that I now have 2 GB.
    I also need to know if Toshiba sells a recovery disk to my computer with Windows 7, or do I have to buy a Windows 7 disc and serch for drivers on my own if I want to have the new operating system?
    My language on the portable computer setting is Swedish.

    Cordially Mikael


    I also put t know how much RAM have been mounted, but I checked the Tecra M9 user manual and it can be upgraded to 4 GB of RAM. This means that you need two modules with specification of SO-DIMM DDR2 200pin for upgrade. In the user manual, you can find some information about it.

    On the issue of Windows 7, I think that Toshiba will not release a Windows 7 recovery disc because this model isn't Windows 7 supported:

    You can install Windows 7 from a Microsoft disc but you will have to collect the drivers on different websites or other, you use the Vista drivers.

    Welcome them

  • Qosmio G30 - recovery disk to unzip files, but nothing happens

    I have a Qosmio G30 running Windows XP MCE. Windows has somehow was corrupt and laptop could only be started in safe mode. I backed up all my data but when I run the restore disc, it gets to 100%, but then nothing else happens. It says to eject the disc, but then just restarts automatically and that's all. I can't even open in safe mode now because it indicates that the installation is incomplete and I must rerun the recovery. I tried this but nothing helped.

    I'm stuck because now I can not open in safe mode.

    Any suggestions?


    Have you tested what happens with Microsoft XP disc?
    In addition, I would try to format the HARD drive first. Therefore, you can use a Microsoft disc to wipe the entire HARD disk. After that try the recovery disk again.

    Check this box!

  • G20-114: Re-install operating system recovery disks

    I have a 114 G20 with two drives hard sata 100 GB and recently reinstalled my operating system. The way I put in place, it is that I have XP MCE and all programs on a drive (drive C) and all my documents and given the other drive (drive D).

    Reasonably enough is for that if I need to re - install the OS I can keep my data on my D drive and reformat and recover on the C drive. However, in practice I couldn't do this job.

    To use my data while reformatting, I had removed the D drive and plugged into another PC. Try now that you want recovery disks would not begin their process with a single disk in the machine. The recovery work that once I had replaced the second disc in the machine.

    In addition, once begun, she insisted on the restructuring of the two drives before reloading the OS, despite me setting the raid option to two independent hard drives. Fortunately, my natural recovery disks distrust had caused me back up my drive D on an external drive, so I do not lose anything, but I would prefer not to have to do it again if I ever re - install Windows from scratch, as it seems to defeat point of two drives and keep the applications and separate data.

    I'm guessing that it is something else, that I was wrong or that it is necessary to have both drives up something to do with the process requirements raid as part of the recovery.

    So someone could tell me if it is possible to perform a recovery with a single disk in-situ, or without recovery wiping both discs and if so, how.

    Thank you very much.


    Well, I think that it s because of the RAID drivers on the Toshiba Recovery CD. This CD is designed for use with two hard drives.
    If you want to use the Toshiba Recovery CD so that the two HARD drive must be placed in the unit.

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