Recovery Does not reinstall Windows on HP Pavilion dv5 - 1127cl


Recently, I tried to do a reset to factory my laptop. I used the recovery partition by pressing F11. He traveled all the HP software reinstall it but then would randomly turns off when you try to reinstall windows. I tried the process of recovery time and time again and got the same result. The recovery discs are not available for my computer as well.

My product name and number: HP Pavilion dv5 - 1127cl

Operating system: Windows Vista 64-bit

Error message: Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, run the Setup again.

Any input on this would be a good thing, I was very frustrated trying to get this to work. You wouldn't think your recovery would fail, seems to be a very important option to the computer!


Recovery of the disks available here for $27:

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    Drive HARD recovery does not work because Win 7 ran the Boot Manager and maybe the HDD partition has been affected.

    I guess you want to roll back to Vista preinstalled Toshiba.
    I think in your case, only the recovery disc will help you.

    Welcome them

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    Problem with recovery to factory settings or system/process of repair software, contact the manufacturer of your computer.
    It is their software/recovery process, not Microsoft.


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    This error means that the registry is damaged.

    The registry consists of the following files:


    You can restore these registry files in the restore folder of the system hidden on the C: drive.

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    Run a full scan with Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner , and then run file System check (SFC) Scan and repair the filesystem - Microsoft Community.

    Uninstall any antivirus bloatware, use built-in Defender.  Use the special tool to uninstall any inflated AV: uninstallers (removal tools) for common - antivirus ESET Knowledgebase software

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    Hello together,

    I have a problem with my laptop. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, that the laptop came with Win7 Home Premium 32 bit.
    Now I want to restore the original Windows Home Premium. On the laptop is a second partition with a folder named "disk HARD recovery.

    When I hold the button '0' on start nothing happens. The beginning of doesn´t of system recovery.

    Can you help fix the problem.

    Thank you and best regards,


    This does not work because you have installed Win 7 64 bit as you said here:
    > I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, that the laptop came with Win7 Home Premium 32 bit.
    But have you tried also pressing F8-> fix my computer-> drive HARD recovery?
    Try this

    Otherwise, drive HARD recovery does not work because the boot manager has been changed or damaged as a result of the new install of Win 7 and this is why you cannot load HARD drive recovery.
    That is why it s always recommended to create a recovery disc before changing anything on the HARD drive.

    What to tell buddy you need recovery disks. I guess that you have a European model for laptop

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    If you are running Windows 8/8.1 install HP System Event Utility on the following link.

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    After the relevant installation has completed, restart the laptop and let Windows load fully before checking the fn + esc combination.

    Kind regards

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    Now, I ordered the recovery media kit and when I want to start it it does not start. The manual said, put the DVD, restart the computer and press F12 when the massage "In Touch With tomorrow TOSHIBA" poster.

    The message is not shown in the configuration and the recovery does not start.
    When I press F12 at startup is also the recovery does'nt start.

    What I am doing wrong?

    How can I get my laptop back?
    Any ideas?


    You must boot from the disc.
    This means that you will need to insert the disc, have to turn on the device, choose ODD as boot device and this will start the recovery process.

    Try this!

  • A key recovery does not!

    Hi all, as indicated on the title, my one key recovery does not work.

    Whenever I press the recovery button (the host files charges) and when it finishes, it hangs there.

    The first time I tried this it worked fine.

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    Supaman4040, welcome to the forum.

    I think that your problem is related to the BIOS.  The 700 series video cards require UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS.  HP didn't start using UEFI in its motherboards up to mid-October 2012.  Your computer was released January 25, 2012.  You must contact the card manufacturer to see if they have a VBIOS update which will allow the card to work with your computer.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

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