Recovery for Tecra A3-s611 disk is no longer supplied by Toshiba

I wanted to format the HDD on a Tecra A3-s611 since she had a downloader Trojan horse could have malware 0 - day. I knew that the recovery disc has been lost, but I thought that a retail Windows disc would work with the license key of Toshiba. It did not work and the disc of recovery for this model is no longer made by Toshiba. I'm looking for a 3rd party distributor or to download from a trusted site. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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> I tried to format the HDD on a Tecra A3-s611 since she had a downloader Trojan horse and could have 0 - day malware

have you tried to remove the Trojans with antivius?

> I know that the recovery disc has been lost, but I thought that a retail Windows disc would work with the license key of Toshiba. It did not work and the disc of recovery for this model is no longer done by
> Toshiba. I have

The key part of the recovery image you have with your laptop and can not be used for the activation of the operating system.

> I'm looking for a 3rd party distributor or a trusted site to download from

I know, you can not download. But you can get copy of disk Windows Installer, all the drivers toshiba, you can find on Toshiba support pages:

[European Toshiba driver page |]

[Driver Toshiba Canada page |]

[Australian Toshiba driver page |]

[Toshiba American driver page:]

Depending on your model of laptop, choose the site above for drivers

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    Can someone tell where I can get the recovery for Tecra A2 CD, please.

    Thank you


    Hi Sean

    The Toshiba Recovery CD and all the other laptops and components can be ordered directly from the service provider authorized in your country.

    If you n t know ASP please see this page which provides information on ASP worldwide.

    Go here:

    .. .and choose search for a certified service provider

    Best regards

  • Question about CD recovery for Tecra M2

    Maybe it's a stupid to ask question, but the recovery for Tecra M2 CD comes with windows XP? I need to reformat my laptop, as it is infected by spyware unerasable. When I bought the laptop it only comes with the recovery CD.


    There is no question beast just dumb response. The recovery CD with Windows XP Professional and all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities.

    You can install it on two tracks with the help of an installation standard and expertise. If you have only a partition there is possibility to do both by using expert mode. If you have more questions please write again.

    Good bye

  • Drive necessary recovery for Tecra M4 (PTM40E-OFG0287K)


    I need a restore disk for my * TECRA M4-PTM40E *.
    It is no longer available for sale of Toshiba, so I hope that someone here has a copy I can buy.

    I look forward to your responses.


    Hi eXcalibre,

    If you can order t a store backup media recovery disk, you must contact an authorized service provider. Normally guys should be able to order a disk recovery for older models or to make a copy for you.

    Here is a list of all ASP which you can get in touch with the guys. You can contact them by email, phone or something else: > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    Good luck! :)

  • Trying to create the recovery for Vista, error message disk on scriptlibrary.dat

    try to create a recovery disc for vista, cannot that a window pops up with the following.


    cannot be varified for digital certificates, automation server can't create object

    Help, please

    Hi Michael,

    You're talking about recovery disk from the manufacturer created from the computer recovery partitiion or are you talking about a generic recovery for repairs disk (making it impossible to reinstall the operating system)?

    If the recovery disk from the manufacturer, please contact technical support from the manufacturer for assistance that the process of creating a disk of the partition recovery is their process and not Microsoft and varies by manufacturer and sometimes even my computer within this manufacturer model.  We do not know how to deal with each type or how to handle a problem such as you experience with this process - even if we knew that the manufacturer make and model specific to computer which you did not (but with which we might be able to provide specific links to the manufacturer).

    If you mean a recovery for the repair disk, then try using the following to do an and see if it works any better than any method that you use:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • Need a recovery for Satellite A200 - 19K disk

    I bought this laptop, but unfortunately I lost my recovery disc.

    I need a recovery disk, but I don't know how to buy or download the drive of the appropriate model. If anyone can help me or give me a link to download, I'll be very grateful to her.

    This is the specification which is mentioned on the bottom is:
    Model name: SATELLITE A200 - 19K
    Model No.: PSAECE-01F00JEN

    If more information is needed, please let me know.
    Thank you


    You can buy the recovery disk using this site:

    As much as I know this disc is cheap

    See you soon

  • Recovery for Pavilion Desktop PC disk model a676c

    My computer has been acting recently so I decided to do a recovery for all back the way he came. I had a set of recovery disc I made a long time ago, and when you are installing it stopped at half way through and wouldn't let me complete the recovery process. I now have a computer that will not work and need to find a new set of recovery disc for my computer again.

    I searched on the HP site, and although it shows my computer (Pavilion a676c) it does not list a set of recovery discs can I order to reinstall my computer.  I search the Web without any luck finding the recovery for my computer disc.

    If anyone knows where I can find these I would greatly appreciate your help. Right now I have a computer that I need to get running to access all my saved data.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    You are the very welcome, Cruiser:

    You must get this disc set then, as it is a completely different PC as I posted above.

    Merry Christmas to you too!


  • Any disk recovery for Tecra M2 will work correctly on M2?

    Will any recovery Toshiba Tecra M2 work labeled disks correctly in any laptop Tecra M2?

    I think that Yes, the image of Toshiba placed on the Tecra M2 Toshiba Recovery CD should work on each Tecra M2.

  • Drive recovery for Tecra M1

    My old Tecra M1 running Windows XP gives very poor performance and I would be happy to empty it completely and reinstall the OS... but I can't find my recovery disc - I'm sure I created a!

    I tried a utility create this - without success. I also tried "Reboot without danger", but there is no option to create a recovery disk or reinstall from the 'recovery' on the HARD drive Partition.

    Does anyone have ideas how I can improve it? (I tried the Toshiba site for purchasing recovery media, but my Tecra is before 2006 and if this isn't an option.)

    Thank you

    You have the old model of laptop and HDDrecovery was not available at the moment. Currently, each laptop shipped with recovery DVDs.

    Laptop HDD recovery option doesn t exist.
    For any new OS install, you have two options:
    -try to get somewhere original recovery installation disc
    -install the OS using the Microsoft WXP installation disc. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba supports the page.

  • Need of recovery for Tecra S1 CD

    I can't find or I have never been a recovery CD to my Tecra S1.
    I need to reinstall Windows XP Home edition on my laptop
    How can I get? Is it possible to download?
    Can anyone share with me?

    Please answer
    Thank you

    Recovery image can not be downloaded. I'm pretty skeptical that you can order a copy, because he is old enough laptop model. I recommend you check eBay because I saw recovery of product very often different CDs.

    At the end you have another option: get the CD of Microsoft facilities for the installation of the OS. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba supports the page.

    Good bye

  • Recovery for Equium M70 necessary disk

    I tried to retrieve my Satellite M70-337 using the product recovery cd that came with him, but he is corrupt and I now have a white laptop.
    Where can I get a new recovery disk from? The laptop is too old for me to be able to order one from Toshiba.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This model of phone is too old and you probably can not drive recovery of the new order.
    What you can try is to contact the nearest service Toshiba and ask them if they have one that you can borrow for testing purposes.

    Alternatively, you can use the install of WXP Microsoft for installing the OS disc. Download page for all the necessary drivers, you can find on Toshiba you don't need recovery disk.

    If you need help on this topic let me know.

  • Necessary recovery for Satellite P300 (PSPC4E) disk


    My dogs eat my laptop my Toshiba Satalite P300 (PSPC4E) computer recoverydisk.
    I have the data partition on my drive on the D: drive.
    Can pick up from my D drive, or if anyone can download a recovery disc?
    If you help me and load the disc, please contact me at: info [at] funnymedia [dot] nl

    Thanks for your help and answers

    The Toshiba forum is not designed to share files protected against copying or similar.
    If you have lost the recovery disc or if your recovery disk is damage then you can order a new one from here:


    Welcome them

  • Recovery for Pavilion G6-1206AX disks

    My hard drive had to be replaced recently and I now require recovery disks in order to get it up and running again. Where can I get these? I looked online and are struggling to find them. Thank you.


    I can't find them either nowhere.

    You can do your own installation of W7 media if you can read the Windows 7 product key 25 character on the bottom of your PC.

    Here's how...

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Or use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. Link and instructions below. You need a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB compilation method.

    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.

  • Can I order a recovery for my HPG72 259WM disk and use it on the new drive?

    My hard drive crashed on my G72-259WM and I don't have a recovery disk.  If I order a recovery disc can I load on my new hard drive to mount my computer and go?


    Yes, you can order the recovery disk and install it on your new hard drive, you have two options to order the disc either, you can call the HP technical support and order the CD or you can click on the link given below to order the part.

    Order of the recovery disc for Windows 7, Vista or XP

  • Necessary recovery for my Satellite L750 disk


    How could I get the oem recovery disc for Satellite L750, part no: psk2ya - 09 k 028, given that I can't come back to factory default

    For customers in Australia and New Zealand, this FAQ might be interesting:

    + Created Toshiba Recovery media can be ordered by calling technical support on 13 30 70 (Australia) or 0800 445 439 (New Zealand). The serial number of the product will be required at the time of the order and is usually located at the base of the unit. +

    + Note: Shipping and handling charges apply for recovery media requests and is charged AUD $66,00 Inc GST for delivery in Australia and NZD $88.00 inc GST for delivery within New Zealand; payable by credit or debit card. Also Toshiba Australia & New Zealand may not create or distribute records for international models +.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • HP ENVY disabled wireless adapter

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