Recovery Hidden partition 3000 N200 vista course


I have Lenovo N200 0769 3000 notebook PC series. I had Vista Bussiness that went into the hidden partition. After 6 months, I installed XP and, before that, I did the Vista recovery disc. Now I need to install Vista back but I have following problems.

1 recovery disks that I made do not work for some reason any.

2. I can't retrieve my hidden partition vista. OR I don't know how I can do it.

Can I please a tips what to do. How can I get back my Vista.

Thank you

Boot from your first drive you visited, when he asked for another disk, you must read the crefully at him, (he asks a disc that you can't create yourself), then click on 'no ', he said. It will then ask the first recovery, your second drive, insert it and I hope that everything will be fine.

Hope this helps

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  • Satellite Pro A300 - how to access the installation of Vista hidden partition?


    I have a Satellite Pro A300 PSAGDA 2000R

    It had Windows Vista installed when I got it, but after a while, had to reformat, so I did, (I want to reformat my computer every 6-12 months on average), it came only with XP disks even if he got a serial number for Vista on the underside of the laptop so I installed XP. That was about 2-3 reformats there now.

    However, so that finding drivers I've seen mention of a hidden partition to reinstall Vista (which I hope it is 64-bit) and tried to do this several times but unfortunately it does not work, I guess that maybe what XP installation I can accidentally deleted or something? (Thought they had in fact on some solid state memory which could not be written more or something.)

    * Is there a way I can access it, take another that won't cost a ridiculous amount (for example download) or a nice person enough to create an image to download on a site or something that I can download file sharing? *

    I have also a spare copy of Vista (and a bit of XP) on the drive, none of them will work?

    + Another thing which I am interested in is can I get any of the preview of Windows 8 OS that will run on this laptop? Apparently it improved performance on Vista and W7 would be convenient for running on a laptop, and I have also heard say it is possible to upgrade to the full version of the preview or W7 for a minimal cost and would probably be much cheaper than other methods if possible. +

    And I'm actually quite handy with computers, so don't be afraid to throw big words at me,

    (Tried the methods found on the manual on page 3-8 ([link:]).)

    I have European A300 and I believe that the principle on the rest of the same models.
    A300 was offered with Vista preinstalled but without recovery disc Vista. Image that contains the operating system, drivers, tools and utilities for recovery has been saved on the HARD drive and with book factory owner was able to begin the installation of HARD drive recovery. It works with the factory only settings.

    With preinstalled Toshiba laptop recovery disk creator owners have been able to create the recovery disk that can be used if the disk HARD recovery doesn't work anymore.
    If you don t have access to this image saved on HARD drive recovery, you must use the recovery disc. If you don t have the disc that you have a problem. Recovery image can not be downloaded. All you can download are the unique rivers, tools and utilities that you can use if you install a clean version of the OS (operating system).
    On the European models, recovery image was recorded on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder called HDDrecovery.

    Anyway, A300 works with Win7 32 bit. I installed it on my machine and I m very happy with it.
    > Another thing which I am interested in is can I get any of the preview of Windows 8 OS that will run on this laptop?
    I put t know who should give you this overview, but the fact is that you get it from Toshiba. You should check if you can get it in another way.

  • Satellite A660 - Question about hidden partition

    Recently my shore hardd crashed and he had to be replaced. Then, I used my recovery media to restore. But now when I go into Disk Management displays 3 partitions. (previously it was 2 I think - in the old HDD)

    DISK 0

    Partition-1 1.46 GB Active recovery) hidden
    Partition-2 580 active GB (drive c)
    partition-3 12.5 GB Active (HIdden) (know toshiba recovery thing is here)

    Does anyone know if I can delete the first partition and have just two?-only 15 MB/1.45 GB is used I can resize?
    I present the same for everyone or is it just me?

    Thank you very much


    Hi wsb123,

    (> Partition-1 1.46 GB Active recovery) hidden
    It's the Windows recovery environment partition. On this HARD drive are for the repair of the system files if Windows can start t more. It s a Windows feature and has nothing to do with Toshiba. This partition, you can find on all installations of Windows 7.

    > Partition-2 580 active GB (drive c)
    With other words, the primary partition because on it a Windows is installed with all your files. Nothing unusual ;)

    > partition-3 12.5 GB Active (HIdden) (know toshiba recovery thing is here)
    As you have already written s the Toshiba Recovery for file recovery partition.

    So I t understand the problem. Everything is normal, and if you install Windows recovery disk you have at least 3 partitions.

  • Lenovo 3000 N200 - cannot access Rescue and Recovery - MBR poss problem?

    I have a Lenovo 3000 N200 sick who was running XP home. I could not start XP and can only access the Rescue and Recovery utility in the Lenovo recovery Partition that would be to rebuild the hard drive to factory settings IE. Windows XP with no data. I managed to copy the data using a Paragon backup cd and then made the fatal mistake of attempting a repair MBR, which was a very tempting option on the Paragon rescue cd. Now, not only it does not boot to XP, but I can run is even more Rescue and Recovery to reinstall XP which is the problem!

    If I boot with windows install disc and take the option recovery console it stops, statement that "recovery console could not find the hard drives connected to your computer. Setup cannot continue. "

    I was wondering if someone another backup MBR restore could help me with this?

    So, if someone has a Lenovo 3000 N200 work and is willing to try to save the MBR to send it to me, then please get in touch. It is probably useful to make a backup for yourself where the same problems happen to you!  In my view, there are a bunch of programs that backup the MBR for example MBRtool, MBRWizard and so on.

    Any ideas, offer accepted with gratitude.

    Yes I know I could buy the Lenovo recovery disk, but it is a matter of principle for me avoid paying £50 or so if I can avoid it! We'll see if we can help here...

    Thank you


    I am pleased Andyp!

    The solution was to set the primary partition to inactive and value the recovery partition Active, then restart and use the Lenovo Care button (now finally works) to access the function of recovery so I could return the laptop to factory State.

    No doubt there are plenty of ways to do it, but the approach I took to solve this problem is released under

    1. use another PC to download Paragon backup and restore (I actually used the trial edition now but the free edition may have a similar feature)

    2nd burn a CD bootable backup and recovery 10.0.

    3. start the CD Lenovo, and after a long wait, a menu should appear with 11 options, the first of them being Paragon backup and restore.

    4. Select Paragon backup and restore.

    5 select properties in the pick a task window and you will see two partitions, a big enough (in my case Go 143, called Preload) and the other is quite small (6 GB called SERVICEV001).

    Note: this is an opportunity brilliant to use the Back Up Partition option to make a backup on external drive USB of the two partitions as the reconstruction of the hard drive with Lenovo Care button you will lose all data.

    6 right-click the partition preloads and select Edit and set idle

    7. made the SERVICEV001 partition right click and select Edit and set the Active

    8 remove the backup and recovery of CD and put it somewhere safe

    9. restart the PC and Lenovo Care button (might be called something different) should now work, allowing you to restore the hard drive to factory settings which will erase all data of a personal nature. You did a backup?

    10 Windows should then start as usual, reinstall Paragon backup and restore, and restore your data.

    Finally, look at this as a lesson to

    (a) you get a writable DVD and use the Lenovo menu under windows to create a floppy disk from Lenovo rescue and recovery started.

    (b) use Paragon or equivalent to create copies of images of each partition and ordinary differential copies of the primary partition.

    I hope this will help other owners who have a hidden rescue for example partition. IBM and HP and would like to receive feedback.

    Finally, I must acknowledge assistance patient e-mail provided by Taisia Smirnova Paragon support by offering me this solution.

    best, Simonides

    (If you found this helpful please click on the star to give me a point Bravo!)

  • Question about hidden Partition Recovery

    Hi readers,

    Bought Satellite Pro A200 last Nov. I am looking for what is called hidden Hidden 1.5 GB partition. I thought he would have shown in disk management.

    I started pressing F8 for advanced boot options, as the manual says, the repair option is not listed.
    Other users had this experience? Although I have the recovery disk.


    Hello David

    To be honest, I don't understand what you want. To make things clear: If your laptop is preinstalled with the Vista operating system this WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) partition will be automatically created and this option is listed in disk management.

    What is your question now?

  • Re: How to start the recovery from the hidden partition?

    Sorry for my English.

    I reinstalled Windows from DVD Windows (win Vista) because I get blue screen sometimes. After the reinstallation, I had the same problem again.
    Now the shop wants to charge me for the service because recovery F8 does not work. I still have this hidden partition, but I put t know how to do the recovery. Any chance of fixing the problem?

    I don t care about the data and the blue screen, I think than is hardware problem.
    Thank you


    Now you have the problem. You can start the recovery folder HDDRecovery facility just if your laptop has the factory settings.
    When you use Microsoft facilities disk for the installation of the operating system, this option will be gone.

    You have created recovery DVD such as recommended by Toshiba?

  • Hidden partition recovery system


    I bought Satellite L25-S1217. It has partition COST Windows Home and hidden (I think with the recovery disc). Salt (I think) has formatted the C drive and I don't know how the system of "recovery" of the hidden partition.
    You have any ideas?


    You have recovery DVDs with your unit? Laptops in the United States are not known to me, but I put t believe the recovery image is stored on a hidden partition. If yes then it takes an option to create own restore CDs.

    As far as I know immediately Portege M300 was created, hidden partition to the recovery image. If possible check it please with the seller. Otherwise, you can use the facilities of Microsoft CD and then install all the things on your own.

  • Is there a hidden recovery storage partition?

    Compaq Presario C304
    Intel T1350 @1. 86 GHz clocked at 1.86 GHz
    DDR2 533 2 GB
    WD Caviar 60 GB
    Windows Edition sp2 family

    1. the C partition is 48,71 GB D GB 7,18 FAT32 and NTFS
    2. the name of D:PRESARIO_RP
    3. There is only a d lock, named RECOVERY

    Is there a hidden partition that stores the recovery?
    What means PR on behalf of the RECOVERY_RP?

    Thank you!

    When you request support, please provide the number full name or product model of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq made thousands of computer models. Without this information, it can be difficult, even impossible to help you solve your problem.

    The information requested above are at the bottom of your computer or inside the battery compartment. , Please do not include your serial number. Please enter the product/model information in the HP Online Support page for consumers , and/or post it here for our review.

    (1) the C: 48,71 GB NTFS partition is your Windows operating system partition and 7.18 GB FAT32 partition D: is your recovery partition.

    (2) PRESARIO_RP D: is the recovery partition... the "RP" means "recovery Partition".

    (3) the "pad locked" RECOVERY D: folder is a hidden folder / protected with the all files recovery.

    If you have not already done so, please create your personal recovery disk set before you alter or change anything.


    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Lenovo 3000 N200 0769 keyboard problem

    I have a strange problem with the keyboard on a newly acquired Lenovo 3000 N200 0769.

    The laptop came from the work, it had been messed up trying to remove Vista and it would not boot from the CD or enter the BIOS, it was stuck just trying to run Rescue and Recovery more and more without a partition of work service.

    I managed to get Windows7 installed on the machine and it works great except for a number of things.  The touchpad does not work (not recognized by the system).  I suspect the material in this case, so I have a forthcoming replacement touchpad.

    The biggest problem is the keyboard.  It does not at all when the machine starts.  This means that I can't get into the BIOS, and I can't "any key" to boot from a CD.  As soon as Windows (or Ubuntu, I used to help recover the machine) load the keyboard driver, the keyboard to life and it works perfectly (I'm typing this message on the keyboard)

    Because the keyboard works perfectly when the drivers are installed, I am inclined to think that the keyboard material is OK.  With Windows installed, I have updated the BIOS to the latest version, no change to the problem.    I tried using a USB keyboard (before flashing the BIOS), but it does not either until the operating system loads.  I also tried to reset the BIOS using the contact in the hard drive compartment.  This causes the BIOS to complain and offer F1 or F2, but the keyboard does not work, so I still can't get.  I reinstalled the keyboard and the touchpad connector on the motherboard.

    Any ideas?  I would like to replace the keyboard if I did fix it (or I ran out of options!), but I bet that someone else ran into the front.  I tried Lenovo ringtone for support, but when they found it was out of warranty, they said "I'm not allowed to talk to you."

    See you soon


    You have the problem solved.

    I was doubtful touchpad.  AMD got one off of eBay just finished install 10 minutes ago.  The keyboard works properly as soon as the machine starts and the touchpad is recognized and working properly as well.

    See you soon


  • Satellite A200-10W: can I collect if I delete the hidden partition

    I think Linux installation on my toshiba laptop, but before I do that I have a few questions.

    I noticed I can do with my recovery dvd recovery, but I also have a hidden partition on the HARD drive.
    If I install linux (and modify the original scores) can I still make recovery from recovery DVD I got with my new laptop?
    (If I can't do what are my options to install linux and always perform a recovery to Vista later?)

    Hi Luka

    Yes, you will be able to recover the laptop back to factory settings if you delete the hidden partition.
    In this case, you will need to use the Toshiba Recovery CD to get to factory settings.
    The hidden partition is used by Vista. Vista uses this partition for some backups and repair opportunities.
    The use of the recovery CD will format the whole HARD drive and also create the partition hidden too.


  • Satellite L300 - I can recover from the hidden partition


    The vista on my L300 will not start.

    I try to use the modem for the first time, but he could not communicate with the line. So I delete in "Device Manager".

    After the reboot, vista boot screen appears only for 3 seconds then restart the laptop. There is no way, no safe mode...

    Contact the hd as an external drive XP say 'unknown' 0 bytes, with Linux just like named 'vista' and I could open all the files.

    I have no recovery. DVD burning with the Toshiba Recovery program has failed tree times and so I give up.

    the hidden partition is ok. On my laptop from a different manufacture, I can recover from this hidden partition. Is it possible to do it on my L300?

    Thanks for the information



    The hidden partition you want to say has nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery image.
    There are files for system restore, and it is a feature of Vista, not Toshiba. If you want more information about the restore of the system here is a good article from Wikipedia:

    The HARD drive recovery folder contains the original recovery image and if you don t have access to this folder and do not burn the recovery disc, you need a new.
    You can get one from an ASP, but you can also order a disc here:

    Good bye

  • The hidden partition

    Hi dear,

    I'm here looking for a solution for my problem restore acer Apire E1-571.

    I bought this laptop as refurbished store Curry with 8 pre-installed windows.

    After that the first boot and windows update, I immediately created WindowsImgageBackup on external hard drive.

    For reasons couldn't start windows. Then I created a windows recovery CD a friend 8 and through the recovery options. Auto repair all, refresh and delete everything and reinstall windows are failed one after the other. Then to restore the WindowsImageBackup Windows. At the end of the process got "Windows successfully restored" to this day, that the backup was created.

    To restart windows, it has managed to pass the acer logo and got a flashing screen and never goes out of this screen.

    Then I managed to with help from someone on the net to pass through the former function of F8 and run windows Safe Mode, and it has begun to find mode safe mode with active network.

    I went to settings of computer laptop-general update or reinstall from there, but get error message says 'there are some missing files, your recovery media will provide these files'. Of course, I have no recovery media! Have one, will cost me £60 and 14 working days as I told by acer support.

    The problem is that the hard disk 16 GB hidden recovery partition created by acer. I ran the DISKPART command to CLEAR the hidden attribute to create the recovery from it, media but CLEAR command never works with this partition despite test it with other partitions and it works fine.

    Is it possible to not hidden this partition and create the installation OR acer media make it impossible to get the 60 books of clients despite the payment of pray complete product including the HIDDEN PARTITION at the time of the purchase?

    Note: All assistance should consider my laptop works ONLY in Mode safe mode with network enable and can access the internet by any download but not all facilities!

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    As if in response your other post, I suggest that you try this link to view these scores of Win8 explore using the command diskpart as administrator. You can then transfer them to a USB stick and use it for recovery.


    Jack E/NJ

  • Hidden partition appears when it is open to the top of my computer

    I have recenetly had to do a clean install on my Acer 5520 Notebook. Back up be corrupted when I used the command D2D, I had to do a clean install of WinVista Home Premium 32-bit with my other drive of WinVista pc. I just change the product code. All right, but now I can see the hidden partition when I open my computer. He also made another letter to the different partitions C: is the drive, D: drive used for data to the top what are now the E: drive and the hidden partition is D: drive. My cd burner used to be drive E: is now the F: drive.

    The question I have is this. How can I get which is hidden or masked? and everything back to normal. I'm ready to reinstall if necessary. Help, please.

    You will need to discuss with Acer as to how you can hide their originally hidden restore Partition...

    You have installed Vista differently from how it was done in the factory, and how it's done using their recovery Options.

    They installed the recovery partition, not Microsoft.

    Acer eRecovery made

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Cannot find my hidden partition.

    Ok. I have a NEC VERSA E6510 laptop which is currently under vista. These days, my computer has encountered a problem, so I send my computer to the shop to fix it. They said that I installed the trial version of Windows 7 and I continued using the same window if the trial period is over and so as they said, the late windows 7 crashed systems. So my told them to fix it to the original state. They asked me if I had ISO disc, but I hadn't any disc since I bought my laptop. OK, after that, come back to my computer, but I looked different from what I saw the 1st time I bought the laptop. It don't have a hidden partition, the last time, until the computer went crashing, he had the hidden partition recovery system which is by pressing F11 and it will lead me to the recovery to factory setting mode. But now that I tried to restore factory setting but the key F11 which is hidden partition does not work. What shout I do? I want to restore to factory setting in return.

    Ok. I have a NEC VERSA E6510 laptop which is currently under vista. These days, my computer has encountered a problem, so I send my computer to the shop to fix it. They said that I installed the trial version of Windows 7 and I continued using the same window if the trial period is over and so as they said, the late windows 7 crashed systems. So my told them to fix it to the original state. They asked me if I had ISO disc, but I hadn't any disc since I bought my laptop. OK, after that, come back to my computer, but I looked different from what I saw the 1st time I bought the laptop. It don't have a hidden partition, the last time, until the computer went crashing, he had the hidden partition recovery system which is by pressing F11 and it will lead me to the recovery to factory setting mode. But now that I tried to restore factory setting but the key F11 which is hidden partition does not work. What shout I do? I want to restore to factory setting in return.

    Hey Darkromance

    as you now no partition recovery contact the manufacturer and ask them to send you a set of vista recovery disc
    they do normally for a nominal cost

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • Removal of the hidden Partition

    HI, I'm going to rebuild my system with Windows Vista, as it has been bundled with XP.

    In doing so, I considered the removal of the hidden partition.  If I delete it, will be I have only be removing the option to restore the default settings?  I did recovery DVD, so if this is the case, I should be fine.  I have will always have the ability to strike the thinkvantage button at start up and have some other tools that are there, such as diagnosis, or don't lose that as well.

    Thank you


    I deleted my hidden also partition after recovery disks.   You can use the discs to restore everything, including the hidden partition if necessary.

    The removal of the partition information is here:

    An excellent guide to a clean install of Vista is here:

    Good luck!


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