Recovery Manager InI file not found?

UM I'm trying to restore my laptop (Compacq) but because I had the virus "Vista Guardian" and he screwed me really bad. When I click in it I have to "find program" and then cross the thing - Bonneau - and then I got to restore factory thingie and it will...


and then restart the entire system.


Yes, but it won't work. Whenever I try to download something or even to open a program like internet explore, it will say either "application not found" or make me 'open with' and it does for EVERYTHING.
So the F whatevers do not work. :[

You may buy a home recovery disk and start from reinstalling Vista

For questions about the Compaq recovery process, you will need to contact them

This isn't their recovery process, Microsoft. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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  • RStoneFUpdate.ini file not found

    I buy a HP Pavilion G7 series.  After execution of recovery one disks window pop up error message indicating why the 3 possibilities of the update of the factory RStone could not determine OS edition.  First, C:\HP\BIN\RStoneFUpdate.ini was not found.  Second, C:\HP\BIN\RStoneFUpdate.ini does not include the valid value of Win7ConfigurationFlag...  Third, it could be the unexpected interruption in the process.


    I understand that comes with the laptop recovery disks, and they do not allow to make the recovery. Yet once again, I suggest to contact HP support and explaining the problem. They should be able to help you get the recycled materials that will work.

  • SRA order "matrices of discovery has not not" adv0408 file not found in VMware Site Recovery Manager.

    Hi all

    Can we add several table managers at sites in VMware SRM?

    How to record several managers of the group a table copy in SRA?

    "When I try to add new array manager of second table at one site I get the error message" SRA order "matrices of discovery has not not" adv0408 file not found in VMware Site recovery manager.

    Versions: VMware SRM 5.5

    Cruiser storage: Fujitsu Eternus SF v16.1, SRA 2.3

    Thanks in advance,

    RAMU Reddy

    [email protected]

    Thanks Stefan,

    I contacted my storage team. It was with License Manager (ACM) advanced copy number. After license ACM registry in SRA Database of SRM server, everything was fine and I was able to protect all remaining VM.

    Best regards

    RAMU Reddy

  • file not found ODBC.ini or could be accessed

    now I order change repository password in linux Env below.
    She throws exceptions. How to fix? Please give me some advice. Thank you.

    . / nqschangepassword d AnalyticsWeb u Administrator Pei jacky123-n martion123

    exception is:
    Connection to AnalyticsWeb error: [nQSError: 46090] file not found odbc.ini or could be accessed.

    Did you run her - and first to define paths?

  • manage the runtime error 1000: server lost connection/file not found

    I have a videoDisplay object that throws an error file not found on the server running, even if it is there. Sometimes it works, sometimes it throws the error and the program cannot recover from the error, so after that the error is thrown, the object is stuck until the refill. I've seen examples of using the NetStream class to load the file before playing and also the class NetConnection.

    What is your preferred method for the two video load, assuming that the user will change the video source several times during the session and management research of server errors?

    Yes, you'd know that if you're using FMS.
    If you use a var can be linked to the source of the string, this is the first place I'd watch. You can try a stripped down from the sample application with no link? Just change the source of a button click and see if the server generates the error... I bet it won't

  • Lsass.exe - Unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because the oleaut32.dll file not found

    Original title: oleaut32.dll xp

    My system XP pro/sp3 does not start normally, without danger or with the original sys disk. I get a message
    Isass.exe - Unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because the oleaut32.dll file not found. reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
    However, I can't in the operating system to do a re-install.
    Any suggestions?

    If c:\windows\system32\oleaut32.dll is missing, you will see messages like this:

    Lsass.exe - Unable to locate component
    This application has failed to start because the OLEAUT32.dll file not found.  Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    If the missing file is the only problem, you might have to do a reinstall to fix.

    There should be a copy of Oleaut32.dll in the c:\windows\system32\dllcache folder, so if you can get in the XP Recovery Console, you can just replace it - then you are going to have to start on something to do.

    Once started in the XP Recovery Console, you must enter this command at the prompt:

    Copy c:\windows\system32\dllcache\oleaut32.dll c:\windows\system32

    If the file is not in the dllcache folder (it should really be), depending on your installation, this command can work:

    Copy c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386\oleaut32.dll c:\windows\system32

    Answered in the affirmative if invited to replace any existing file.

    I don't know what the Microsoft Support Engineer think that KB307545 or KB922371 will help you.  I think that the MSE is just throw a few things to try and some links.  You don't describe symptoms consistent with the need to use one of these methods.   I would say the MSE has never seen this problem before, made no attempt to reproduce the problem, and has no idea how to fix this.

    If your CD does not start in the Recovery Console, or if you don't know what kind of CD do you have to do a CD of XP Recovery Console and boot on it (no media XP required).

    Here's how:

    Boot into the Recovery Console Windows using an XP bootable installation CD.

    If you have no XP bootable media (or aren't sure you have) create a bootable XP Recovery CD of Console and do not forget.

    This is not the same as recovery disks that might have come with the acquisition of the system store.

    You can make a bootable Recovery Console CD by downloading an ISO file and burn it to a CD.

    The ISO bootable image file you need to download is called:

    xp_rec_con. ISO

    Download the ISO from here:

    Use a new CD and this simple and free program to burn your ISO file and create your bootable CD:

    When you install ImgBurn, DO NOT install the Ask toolbar.

    Here are some instructions for ImgBurn:

    It would be a good idea to test your bootable CD on a computer running.

    You may need to adjust the computer BIOS settings to use the CD-ROM drive as the first device to boot instead of the hard drive.  These adjustments are made before Windows tries to load.  If you miss it, you will need to restart the system again.

    When you start on the CD, follow the instructions:

    Press any key to boot from CD...

    Installing Windows... going to pronounce.

    Press 'R' to enter the Recovery Console.

    Select the installation that you want to access (usually 1: C:\WINDOWS)

    You may be asked to enter the password (usually empty).

    You should be in the folder C:\WINDOWS.  It's the same as the

    C:\Windows folder that you see in Solution Explorer.

    The Recovery Console allows base as file commands: copy, rename, replace, delete, chkdsk, fixboot, fixmbr, cd, etc.

    For a list of the commands in the Recovery Console, type help at the prompt of commands or read on here XP Recovery Console:

    After replacing the file, remove the CD and type 'exit' to leave the RC and restart the computer.

    You have not to set the BIOS to boot the disk HARD since the CD won't be.

  • On the computer, it does not load XP but goes to the XP start and says: NVRD32.sys file not found

    On start-up the computer, it does not load XP but goes to starting XP, and says NVRD32.sys file not found. I have to go up to xp home line manually and it load. How to fix the problem, so he starts xp automatically without entering start xp
    Thank you

    Posing for the PC model, you show that you do not know the answer, it was a software problem, but you're right, it's a Dell.
    In any case, I found the answer elsewhere, must with the boot.ini file on XP

  • Don't rip CD - error "file not found".

    I'm trying to rip CDs.  The player will open and read the CD but when I try to copy the CD, I get this error message "file not found".  When I try to change the location where the ripped files should go, there is no location listed and I can't change it.  It is as if he is not anywhere, for music to go.  Help!  I am a music teacher and need!  It's used to work very well!

    In the WMP library, you click on organize and select manage libraries - music. What places are? If there is no available location, remove them and also make sure that the default saving location is set. Do the same for the other libraries (videos, pictures, and Recorded TV).

    If this does not help, close WMP, open Windows Explorer, right-click the music library, select properties and click on restore by default. After that, make sure that a backup location is defined (as indicated by a check mark).

  • Get error "Failed to Downlaod 907 invalid COD file not found"


    So I created an app for Blackberry and it works 100% in the Simulator... But when I try to copy the application on my physical device and install it using the .jad file, I get the error 'failure of Downlaod 907 invalid COD file not found' every time that... It won't install. But when I use the Blackberry "Rock FIle Manager" app and use its functionality of COD Installer application installs fine... Also, when I use the 'Create-A-JAD' program to create a .jad file from the file and then .cod file replace the build with the Create-A-JAD a .jad file and then install the app, it works...

    I used the software 6 SDK and my physical device is a Blackberry 9300 which is runnin OS6. My application is signed... Here is a link to an image that demonstrates that the app is signed... http://www.freeimagehosting.NET/ytoge

    What could be the problem so that it does not install it?

    Thank you very much!

    you could try to unpack cod (its actually a zip file that contains the subsidiary COD), maybe it helps.

  • Synchronization of blackBerry Smartphones Medis "network file not found."

    Impossible to find a solution for the following.

    Media files are stored on a NAS drive and mapped Drive 'R' on the PC

    Organizing media is iTunes (Win), perfectly handle all files, playlists etc.

    The sync to BlackBerry Desktop M (6.x) media together as "itunes."

    First time, it worked perfectly, files moved to Blackberry as a whole. Later, once, Director of office deleted all files and since on the media manager tab is a status message after each music file "network file not found."

    Win7 64

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you

    seems the version number. moved to build021 (6.0.1.x) and it works perfectly again

  • WOW64.dll, Wow64cpu.dll, Wow64win.dll files not found

    Hi all

    I'm on Windows 8 pro on a self-build.

    I was looking through the tabs of Autoruns and KnownDLLS tab is showing that loading of the 3 DLL through the registry are not in the files required - details are:
    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\KnownDlls
    _Wow64 file not found: C:\Windows\syswow64\Wow64.dll
    _Wow64cpu file not found: C:\Windows\syswow64\Wow64cpu.dll
    _Wow64win file not found: C:\Windows\syswow64\Wow64win.dll

    These DLLS can be found in C:\windows\system32.

    Anyone know why the registry entries pointing to the right folder?
    Can I copy the DLL Wow62 in C:\Windows\syswow64\, or edit registry entries?


    Don't be concerned if autoruns reports these files as not found.   Just ignore it.  These three files are critical to (and invisible to) 32-bit processes running on a 64-bit processor.

    For a little fun, you can see this by launching the Aboriginal and x 86 versions of Windows PowerShell, type the following command in both.   Surprisingly, you will get different results:

    CD $env: windir\system32

    dir. wow

  • File not found error when you use agent ODI.


    I am trying to load data using the csv file and get the following error.

    ODI-1227: SrcSet0 (load) task fails on the source FILES LOCAL connections.

    Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ODI-40438: file not found:

    I am going through the oracle blog and discover this ODI agent and the source file must be in the same server. But I can't place t of the file to the server of the odi where the agent is running. Can anyone know how to solve this problem.

    ODI configuration:


    ODI Linux server

    ODI Client Windows 7.

    Thank you


    Hi Paul.P,

    If you select an agent for execution of your, this agent should have access to all sources of data (DB, files,...) used in your integration project.

    You can map a network drive on the server where the agent is running and move files. Or you can get it from the original location via FTP or sFTP, for example. But your server must be able to manage this file at some point, if you want to use.

    If there is no way you can have the files on this server, you must take the opposite approach and install a new agent, where the files are located.

    More information:

    Kind regards


  • File not found error in the Welcome screen

    Help please!

    I have the exact problem described below, but do not have a folder with the same name as the volume created on the volume. Please can anyone help - I have tried everything. This problem happened when I upgraded to Fireworks CC!

    "At the launch of Dreamweaver on your Macintosh if your home screen does not load and you see an error"File not found", please check if you have a folder with the same name as your volume created on the volume. For more information about this event through the pdf document attached. Other dreamweaver dialog/panels that will be empty because of this problem are Jquery color chart, Adobe Edge Webfonts tab in the dialog manage fonts, dialog error W3c information, dialogue externalize Javascript and svn revert dialog. After having made changes indicated in the attached document, please check all the dialogues/panels affected to confirm that everything is working as expected. »

    Thank you

    This problem has been resolved by renaming current Martin of the Volume of work. The reason to get the "file not found" error in the case of Martin is because there is a folder inside the current workload that has the same name as the Volume itself (the name of the "system" folder. Please refer to the screenshot above).

    @cabolivar, can you please check if you have any folder in your root folder which has the same name as the name of current workload? If it's confusing, please post a screenshot as Martin. Try out us and solve it for you.

    Thank you


  • Start of the beekeeper fail with: globalInitNLS: NLS boot file not found

    When you attempt to start the beekeeper I get the following error:

    C:\oracleBeekeeper\product\\beekeeper_1\opmn\bin > opmnctl.exe startall
    opmnctl: from opmn and managed all process...
    globalInitNLS: NLS start the file not found or invalid
    -used block related to the default startup

    Quick searches on the error suggest setting ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_BASE during ORA_NLS33 environment variable initialization.

    I tried these suggestions as well as tinkering with the path of windows and have had no chance.

    We run Database, hive and beekeeper all on the same box. As it is a project that is in a phase of research, we have not touched the box in a month or two. The last time he was hit it was working fine.

    Are there any other suggestions?

    Hi Thomas,

    May not be related, but had problems with the beekeeper on Windows with oranls10.dll until I set the following variable



  • Error file not found in Temp. Firefox does not start

    When I try to start Firefox (Windows 8.1 desktop computer) I get a full white screen with only the following error message:

    File not found
    Firefox can't find the file at / c; /Users/ username/AppData/Local/Temp/name of file (more than fifty characters long, all the numbers and letters without anything that looks like a real word and ends in /BGAW05 .htm).

    It of only a button to Try Again that never works and some directions to verify the name of the error file, or check if the file has been moved, renamed or deleted. I check to see if the file is no where on C: and it doesn't. It is there no file in Temp even remotely close to that name. I run Firefox with several tabs that are registered and come back when I restart Firefox. So maybe this file in Temp was associated with a deleted tab.

    As I said, this error message comes up full screen, covering the taskbar and not reduce it, restore, close buttons, as if I was running in mode Metro, I never do and will never do.

    Because of this error I can not even start Firefox now, so I had to become a user of Internet Explorer.

    How can I get Firefox to stop looking for this file?

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    I found a solution to my problem. Looking in my info on solving computer problems, I noticed that some problems can be resolved by the administrator. I tried with Firefox and it worked. The only damage was that I lost the current tabs. But Firefox seems to work fine otherwise.

Maybe you are looking for