recovery of Favorites and bookmarks

I work in a system recovery to a desktop pc with ms vista home premium 64-bit OS.

the system would not start after months of get slower and slower boot times.  tried to do

system recovery when finally be able to start the system but when choosing a backup all files recovery

program has failed and the display went blank.  Impossible to recover or restart since.  suspecting HDD

failure (even if NOT functioning HD noise) or a file corrupted (boot or startup).  all the system passed diagnostics?

If the intention of full system re - install OEM (no backups have been made before) disc.

We are planning to check the disc first then put as secondary in other pc to test and backup

files of the disc if you work.  If this process seems correct AND can backup/restore the

Favorites/bookmarks in browsers?  Can they be resettled if so, after the re - install? (old-fashioned or)

the new hard drive)

the owner has a lot of Favorites and bookmrks, and if these cannot be reinstalled then try to retrieve all files

may not be important.  I was told that it takes a LONG time to copy a file from hard drive (750 GB drive).

Maybe 50 GB used.

Please let me know what you think that went and on this stimulus package with your advice.

Thank you people




-Are you referring to Windows backup and recovery or a third party program of recovery for the party?

If you use Windows Backup and Recovery, Yes, you can make a backup of bookmarks/favorites.

Back up your files

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