Recovery of the BB Messenger messages


First of all, I'm new to BlackBerry, I might be using the wrong terminology or overlooking the existing features.

I am interested in the following Scenario: the user is an application that automatically accepts an invitation from user B (or C, D, etc.) to become a BlackBerry Messenger contact, add user B to BBM contacts list, accept a request of session of user B and transfers user B BBM messages to an e-mail address. Incoming messages may have attachments that are sent to e-mail as well. The application is installed on the device to the user. No intervention is required by the user, apart from the installation of the application.

For the most part, I would like to automate the process of adding user as a contact in BBM and bring texts and files to send to the user via BBM available for treatment outside the device (by sending an e-mail to it off the camera).

1 can add contacts BBM through the API? I don't see a way to do it using the class BlackBerryMessenger
This thread has said no, but he could not apply to the latest version of the OS:

2 can BBM contacts deleted via the API? According to this thread, not:

3. If user B sends a user has a file, not a distinction between a text message and a file using net.rim.blackberry.api.blackberrymessenger.Message.getContentType ()? The data file is available in the same way as the content of a text message?

4. what happens if user C (or D, etc.) wants to start a session while the user is in a session with user B?

5. how the application on the device of the user listen to incoming BBM messages? If I understand correctly the following threads, we can do only if the application is installed on all devices, and then create a BBM session between devices and BBM messages to the application. The application cannot access the messages that are sent to BBM. Is this correct?

If Yes to the #5, then could one use synchronization and desktop API to get the unit off BBM messages? Messages must be analyzable on the side of the office, that is, not deliberately obscure not intentionally or not. Is there an easy way to retrieve messages BBM?

If Yes to #5 and abandon the idea completely, BBM who goes against what I'm trying to do, I guess by PIN or e-mail messaging would be the way to go (via FolderListener, FolderEvent).

Any idea would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi netbek,

Welcome to the forums!

Currently, there is no API available to tie into BlackBerry Messenger. The next piece of Tracker problem was noted that explains more in detail (you can connect using the credentials of the Developer Zone):

Once the new API is released there should be documentation that comes with it to explain what is possible. There is no timeline, but for when this may get rejected.

Kind regards

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    We all know that on an HP system, if a person tries to open the subfolders contained in the part of the Factory Image of the hard drive (D: on most systems), they'll just see a message saying: "contains this area of your hard disk (or partition) contains files used to perform a system restore.»  Do not remove or modify any of these files.  Any change to this partition could prevent a recovery of the system in the future. "Same thing with the recovery discs.

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    Although there is no direct way to accomplish what you want to do, there is a solution that does the trick. Personally, I use the method that I'll share with you and I also provided this information to others on this forum and it worked for them as well.

    First of all, create your HP recovery disks. You will need for these as a failsafe incase something goes wrong. Then, you will need to download an ISO (disk image) of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit a company named Digital River download Microsoft partner. Once this downloaded, you have to burn the image on a DVD to an installation of Windows 7 bootable disc.

    Before deleting the current installation of HP OEM Windows 7, you must take a 'snapshot' of the HP OEM Windows 7 product key and activation OEM HP certificate. Information on how to do to provide in a PM (private message).


  • HP dv7-6b50eb: HP recovery launches the cloned SSD, impossible to install win7 on the SSD.


    I recently bought an SSD to accelerate my HP DV7. So I tried to clone my previous 1 TB to my 250 GB SSD hdd, but it seems that it's quite simple. :-(.

    I have created the exact same partitions (with the same size, orders, except for my main Windows partition type of course being given my SSD is much smaller) on the SSD as on my old Hdd. After that I made an exact copy of each 3 partitions (HP Recovery partition, system and tools Hp) but instead of copying the windows partition, I left a void on the SSD as the size of the Windows on the old hard drive partition is larger (the data) than the available size on the remaining on the SSD partition. I thought that I could boot on the SSD drive and start the restore process to install Win7 on the empty partition. But when I restart the pc, it does not seem to recognize the boot SSD partition, he prefers not to say "No operating system found".

    I also tried to activate the 3 partition directly (which is the recovery partition) to directly on boot as the partition, but it did not work either. The partition to activate before it was the 1st partition (which is the SYSTEM partition), but he has not worked either.

    Can someone help me do that cloning to work?

    FYI, I did the cloning and the creation of the partition using fdisk and dd on ubuntu.

    Thank you.

    Hi Wawood and Mista B,.

    Thanks for your comments I have a previous message, but strangely I have not found trace of the previous message, maybe I forgot to press the 'POST' button:-s.

    In any case, I was thinking that I understand your remarks Wawood but my goal isn't specifically for the windows on my new SSD partition (not interested in reducing the windows partition, it is just a statement), it was ok for me to any re - install from the recovery partition, a windows 7 from scratch.

    And I'd say Mista B by saying that it would have been stupid HP do not allow someone to use the recovery on the same pc partition, just because it has a different hard drive.

    Finally, I managed to do what I wanted to for those who are interested (HP is not so stupid after all:-p), here's the method I used to clone my hard drive of 1 TB to my 250 GB SSD and keep all the native HP (recovery, hp_tools, System) partitions with a 1 TB hard drive works correctly.

    So what I have is:

    -J' put the SSD as a second drive on my laptop (I guess it should work in the same way if connected by USB)

    -J' I started my pc and downloaded the EaseUs partition master

    -J' ran the program and began by doing a thorough cleaning of the SSD

    -J' made a copy of the system partition of my hard drive of 1 TB to my SSD

    -J' made a copy of the partition my hard drive of 1 TB HP_TOOLS to my SSD

    -J' made a copy of the recovery of my 1 TB hard drive partition to my SSD

    -J' created a new empty NTFS partition in the remaining partition

    I'm done with the same exact score as agenda in my 1 TB HDD.


    2 NTFS empty

    3 recovery


    After that my SSD was not bootable, because the MBR has not yet been copied.

    Then I started a live CD of Ubuntu and I installed boot-repair and he ran.

    I chose the advanced options and set set the mbr and boot from the partition 3.

    I then put the partition recovery (partition 3) as being ACTIVE.

    I removed the hard drive of 1 TB of the laptop (to avoid any error during execution of recovery which ends with the recovered 1To:-p) beeing and replaced it with the SSD.

    I then rebooted the laptop and it starts directly on the recovery partition. I finished in the recovery strategy (I could not choose the recovery from an earlier point in time given that the windows partition is empty (no windows backup)).

    I chose over the full restore, the slight recovery with only OS and drivers and it does the job of recovery. Now that the of what I write this resolved thread :-).

    Hope this helps some people out there with the same questions.

  • I'm having a problem getting rid of the pop-up message Trapapp. I tried to insert my HP disc but nothing seems to get rid of this irritating message. Help, please. Thank you.

    I have tried everything I know and always without success.  Appreciate all the recommendations.

    Hi paulbolton,

    ·         You did it of any material changes or software on the computer before this problem?

    ·         What is the full error message that you receive?

    ·         Exactly when you receive the error message?

    The TrayApp.msi file is associated with the HP Photosmart Digital Imaging software.

    I suggest to uninstall the HP Photosmart Digital Imaging software and reinstall it back.

    Note: You can download HP software applications from the web site of the customer; or if the software was supplied with the computer, you can reinstall using the HP application recovery process.

    For more information, please visit this link: resolving MSI startup errors

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • Maybe easily recovery Outlook Express folders and messages in WinXp Home v6?

    I've performed on a system Windows XP Home sp3 v6.00.2900.5512 Outlook Express as the e-mail client.

    Make a few mistakes that took place I lost a number of records and messages [probably of thousands] (and how I got the installation folder tree) in Outlook Express. Luckily (I Think) the program a few days ago asked that I want to compress the files Outlook and after doing so I have .bak files in the Recycle Bin.  I wonder if I can simply copy the .bak files in the own (whatever they are) subdirectory and everything back to normal?  I hope that no key of registry or something else needs to be done.

    I would like to experiment, however, since I am running XP home, I can't have other options if I have something to spoil as food does not easily seem to work for me, XP Home lacks the ability to use ASR to restore the registry hives and I don't have any backup software file in order to get it right the first time means a lot to me :)

    Also, I did a search of the hard drive and it shows that, in the subdirectory doc um ~ 1/name of user/Application data / identities / {x-x-x - x-} files such as Sent items.dbx (553 MB), sent items (1) .dbx (33 MB) & Envoy points (2) .dbx (75 Kb), the most important [sent items.dbx] is a few minutes more than the #3 file but it is much bigger and what if all I have to do is to take the files such as this one and put it in (which directory)? and he will restore that particular file this morning before the problem was which would be awesome!

    Also, if not all the records of previous mail are located in either the bin or able to find in files of type xxxxx (1) .dbx as the subdirectory above is there anywhere else I can go to retrieve the messages/folders, which disappeared this morning. I have a program to undelete on the system but there of own set of problems and is not reliable or even running, at the present time.

    I hope I have this in the right area as I see that 8 forums listed to choose from.

    Thank you for reading this and any help or suggestions you may have,


    You have a corrupted message store.  That's why you have the type etc. (2) in the file names.  The best thing you can do is to backup all files dbx and bak you have and then save.  Then you can try the recovery.

    Start of OE and set up a new identity.  This will give you a new bank messages and the new registry hive.  Then add your e-mail accounts and make sure they work.  Then, if you have any dbx with folders.dbx files directory, you can try to go to file | Import | Messages and then choose to import from a directory and not to another identity and then see what is important.  After this date, you can try to manually import files using the method described here: and you can try the dbx files and bak (just rename the bak to dbx), but do not try and import existing files such as Inbox.dbx box--instead create new folders and rename those you are trying to import.

    If you have not yet recovered messages, my DBXpress program ( will extract messages from the dbx corrupted files (as long as the files are not filled with zeros) and there is also an exclusive excerpt from disc feature that will bypass the file system and analyze the entire disk directly to messages , and if they are still there, he's going to recover them.

    In the future beware of the antivirus software which aggravates the tendency to the destruction of messages in OE (see and back up frequently (see


  • Is signed in to Windows Messenger message on each reboot of Windows XP.

    Original title: problem connecting Windows Messenger.

    I am constantly (maybe not always) get a connection on the front of Windows Messenger message as my Windows XP Tablet starts and I'm connected to Windows. Then, I need to fill my username and passwords (again - not always) and I always check the box to remember such things. It stores this kind of things like a cookie that is erase my cCleaner or something? Why that often? I'm sick of it and considering only using my Yahoo Messenger, that always records me automatically at startup.

    Windows Messenger seems to work fine now. I just disconnected from Windows then recorded on twice, and it connects to Windows Messenger on its own well. I need to go to file > disconnect, then file > sign in during all windows connect to prevent show the signature in the thing forever. If I did these two steps, it would always be quickly connect.

    Also... don't know why you say cCleaner deletes passwords. Mine does not work. If I want to erase the passwords, I needed to:

    To delete information from Internet Explorer, click on tools > Internet Options. Select the content tab, and then click AutoComplete > settings. Uncheck the user names and passwords on forms, so it will not save those ever. Click on AutoComplete delete history... Now click on the history button to AutoComplete to remove. Check all of the boxes on the next window that you want to remove, and then click on delete - maybe not forms and browsing history

    But now I have this feature disabled, I use the password Omnipass software that uses fingerprint for me my reader to log on Windows, and then save the usernames and passwords for all sites. Is a system much better, because it will allow me to see the names of registered users & passwords after proving my identity with a shot of fingerprints. It will also allow me to delete only a single username / password entry if I need to change it, without destroying all others. Also, I can choose to disconnect Omnipass at any time so that the usernames & passwords don't fill up, if I need to temporarily circumvent this.

  • I can not connect with the windows Messenger

    I can not connect with the windows Messenger


    In which case it's a server problem, you will get a better response in the Live Messenger forum.

    My moderator tools cannot transfer messages on the forums of Windows,

    Please re - ask your question on the Forum Windows Live

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Recovery of the FAILED system now BOOTMGR is missing


    I have a HP Pavilion DV6-2155dx with win 7 Home premium
    I started having problems with my system and had to retrieve it, but the recovery of the system has failed again and again with the error 0xC0000225. Finally, I found in one of the forums that system recovery partition has not started because somewhere, probably after that I did the new partition, my records have been converted basic dynamic. I had to buy online for $ 30 software back to basic disks, and finally, the recovery partition has been recognized. I chose the option of recovering your system back to the State factory, but after the process started, if failure after only 1% of the process, telling me that the computer cannot be retrieved for the image is missing or something like that, I don't remember the exact message. I said 'ok' and the computer restarted, now I get a MSG "BOOTMGR is missing" using the recovery disk, I tried Chkdsk, but then I realized that the disk is GONE.

    Now, what can I do to access the recovery partition?

    I also try to download an iso of windows 7 that I found a link to here on the forum (to fix the "bootmgr is missing" error) ( but the problem is on the thumbnail activition key below my computer is clearly more and was half-earased.)

    My serial no is [personal information deleted]
    My product is WA781UA #ABA

    Parts of the activation key, that I CAN see is [deleted personal information]

    can you please tell me what was my original activation key, or on the contrary - how can I fix my laptop? I've been around this week! Lose hundreds of hours of work!

    Resolved - I called Microsoft and sent them a photo of the sticker + computer details, and they sent me a new activation key.

  • Why do I get the catastrophic failure message when I try to save?

    Why do I get the catastrophic failure message when I try to do a back up?


    You don't say how you try to back up or where you save up to.

    And do not make backups on the hard disk recovery Partition

    Backups must be performed either on DVD or external hard drive.

    How to back up your data (this applies to all versions of Vista).

    How to restore these data:

    If you have Vista Business, Ultimate or enterprise, you can perform a full backup of the computer:

    How to restore this backup of the computer:

    See you soon.

  • The recovery of the system allow me to restore my previous setting because it says missing file (0 x 80070002)... How can I fix?

    Hi my names daniel

    My computer will not load past the system recovery options and I don't want to lose all my files, so I tried to restore vista windows to a previous setting from when I remembered last the computer works, however, when he made an error comes up saying that it cannot complete the process, because it lacks the file (0 x 80070002).

    Can someone help me on my problem?

    Hi Daniel,.

    I think you are referring to the recovery of the system for the restoration of the system, I want to know if it's something else.

    (1) what is the complete error message you receive?

    (2) to clarify, you try to run the system restore from recovery Windows (WINRE) or in the Office environment?

    (3) remember you to make changes prior to this problem?

    Method 1:

    Step 1: Start the computer using safe mode and then try System Restore. To do this, follow the steps below:

    Access Advanced Startup menu options by turning on your computer and pressing the button F8 continuously until Windows starts. In the boot advanced options, select Mode safe

    Startup options (including safe mode)

    Step 2: Put the computer to an earlier point in time where everything worked well. To do this, follow the steps mentioned in the link below:

    Method 2: You can run chkdsk to repair bad sectors on the hard drive in safe mode or from the Windows recovery environment.

    Run the check disk from the Windows recovery environment

    ) a command of Windows access (as shown in the link below) recovery: run the disk check to repair bad sectors on the hard disk.

    (b) at the command prompt, type chkdsk /f and then press ENTER.

    (c) now, type chkdsk /r and press enter

    See the link below
    How to access the System Recovery Options menu?

  • Full recovery of the basic system for Windows Vista family

    How can I perform a system recovery complete on my computer with Windows Vista Edition basic family if she did not come with a recovery disk or the recovery of the system built in?

    Contact the manufacturer of your computer for a set of restore disks.  There may be shipping and handling involved in ordering them, if they are still available.

    "moondune62" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    How can I perform a system recovery complete on my computer with Windows Vista Edition basic family if she did not come with a recovery disk or the recovery of the system built in?

  • laptop past in an endless loop of starting after the recovery of the PC

    I have a laptop of DV2109NR who was riddled with viruses. It was suggested that to make a recovery of the PC hard disk. The first attempt was made without reformatting. After 10 hours, the recovery said that completing. After you click OK, the machine went to the screen of Microsoft XP, then a black screen, then the HP invent screen with options press ESC to change the order of starting, and F10 to access the configuration. This scenario keeps repeating. The computer ran for hours and nothing happened. I then did an other PC Recovery do a reformat of the HARD drive and I am still affected by the same systems. I went in the diagnoses and tested the HARD drive and got an error message 'test status #1-04 Fail', which I understand is a bad drive. The drive was working fine before the recovery of the PC.

    I also tried emergency boot CD disk, change the boot order, but nothing happens.

    Can someone me in the right direction / I hope I did it correctly guide as this is my first time posting. Thank you

    If the HDD was beginning of failure, probably the stress of 'charges from virus' and make the recovery pushed over the limit. A new hard drive should be relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Hope you had a defined recovery disk.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Hello, yesterday I connected to my computer, then I started firefox and Word popped up, when I tried going on other things, the word pops up again. All my games on my desktop and icons is now Word icons. Regrad thomas.