Recovery of Windows 8 user profile

I used my husband's cell phone to transfer music from my old Windows Phone to my new Windows Phone.  I plugged the devices via USB and everything seemed to go very well.  After that my music has been transferred to my new phone, I decided to move the images on the old phone to my account OneDrive.  At this point asked me for my info Microsoft Password and next I was asked if I would like to access my profile of his laptop or something like that.  I thought that I was simply adding another user to his laptop computer profile, but looks like I ended up replacing my profile with his, and now I can't he come back to where it was before I managed to ruin her day.  I feel so terrible about changes to its system, and it is on the top upset on this issue.  (I'm not in danger, not to worry)

I'm desperate to know how I can fix this, because I'm no expert, and I want just her account back again.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


p.s. I tried a system restore, and it was not fixed.


Hello roxymorgan

If your husband is local, go to PC configuration, select users, and then click on, switch to a local account. I can't guarantee that all of its old data will be restored

If it's a Microsoft Account, select Add a user to the same place mentioned earlier and as usual, that I can't

ensure that all of its old data will be restored.

A system restore does not affect personal files for your information and user profiles

Hope this helps

* Was just watching old unanswered questions so your problem could be solved already *.

Thanks for responding, even though it was already fixed.  I was able to understand what I had done.  My profile is still on his laptop, but he got her back.  (I just had to disconnect from my Microsoft account and sign its local account.)

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    Best regards

    Easy question to answer.  You simply have a corrupted profile.

    When Windows detects a corrupted profile, it automatically generates a temporary with names profile as you describe.  Usually, these profiles are deleted when you connect your computer turned off, but not always.  The solution is quite simple.  You just need to recover your corrupt profile.   There are two general approaches.  One is to do a system restore to a point in time before the profile was first damaged.  The other usually involves the creation of a new user and moving profile data on to the new user (you may reset some of your settings).  To do this, choose one of the following articles and follow through:

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    PS: Corrupt profiles are almost always accompanied by alteration of the disc as well.  After your recovery, perform a check disk (chkdsk) with the "/ R" or "/ F" option

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    My mother told me that she had initially gone on ITunes and downloaded 3 things that the program said she needed. When she went to reboot his computer according to the instructions, she received this error message and cannot connect.

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    I tried to search in the forums, but it's a little confusing. She got also never all warnings "temporary profile".

    Thank you!

    Looks like the user profile is damaged.  To allow for the recovery, you will need to log in with an administrator account.  If your MOM was the only administrator account, try starting mode safe mode (F8 at startup) and log in as user 'administrator '.  The default value is the empty password.  After that, follow the steps in the following article:

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    Corrupted user profile

    I have a corrupt user profile.  Windows XP. When I add a new can be the same, or should be different.  And the user's profile should match the user ID?

    If the profile has recently become corrupted, you can probably get the same user by performing a system restore operation:

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    Otherwise, you will need to create another user and copy your data.  The simplest procedure is here:

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    Hi Mark,

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    Please provide information for a better understanding of the issue.

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    If you are able to boot to your desktop, and then follow the troubleshooting steps below. If you are facing publishes try it from Windows Xp in Safe Mode , and then continue troubleshooting.

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    Hope this helps

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    My user profile may be corrupted on a base exchange network.  If you are using IE8 under my connection, meet various picture errors with IE8.  When you sign in with another account on the same computer, IE8 works ok.   How to fix my user profile - is there a tool to diagnose and solve problems?  Computer is running XP - Pro SP3 and all updates to Windows XP and IE8 are up-to-date.  Have you tried the Microsoft Fix It tool, has not fixed anything whatsoever.

    Thank you

    Information is available on how to fix a corrupted profile, but they are all basically the same procedure has already told you your network Support Technician.

    "How to recover damaged Windows XP user profile"
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    "How to copy data from a corrupted to a new profile in Windows XP user profile"
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    ""Windows cannot load your profile because it may be corrupted"error message when you try to log on Windows XP.
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    I would add that corrupt profiles are almost always accompanied, if not caused, the corruption of system files.  As such, you must perform an operation of check disk (chkdsk) with the option to repair no matter how or if recover you.  If you really feel lucky, a chkdsk operation sometimes will fix a corrupted user profile.

    "How to perform the disk error checking in Windows XP"
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    I will warn you that the chkdsk will take place at the next startup, that it runs before Windows load fully, can only be interrupted and can take more than a few hours to complete.  It has also been known for discs of trash occasionally so it is prudent to update your backups before making.


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    I would like to know which situations of XP Home user profile disappear?

    Profile of user "will disappear" If Windows detects a corrupted user profile.  Usually, this means that the registry user hidden system file: C:\Documents and Settings\\ntuser.dat is damaged due to the failure of the disk, power glitches or whatever.  Generally, two approaches to recover is to restore the registry from a backup (by performing a system restore) or to create a new profile and copy the profile data user (with the exception of the corrupt ntuser.dat file) to the new profile.  These options are covered here:

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    Given that this situation is often caused by the alteration of the disc, a full disk check using "chkdsk" with the /F or/r option is highly recommended after getting...

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    Hope. This help,

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