Recovery satellite L100 problem


My laptop model is Satellite L100 and I need to reformat average recovery there. I had a disc that when I bought came with laptop

"Satellite L100/Satellite Pro L100.
Set of recovery DVD-ROM
Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

I insert the recovery DVD and start it's work.

The black background with the word

"Loading RAMDISK image..."

After that...

"Please wait."

At the moment, I saw my pointer and portable auto restart.

I tried several times but still the same problem.

Is any solution to this problem?

Thank you very much


To offer a solution, we need to know exactly what happens and on this path is not easy to say why the installation of recovery stops on this point.

Is recovery DVD OK? I mean is clean and scratch free DVD?
Enter the BIOS settings, set the default value and try again.
If the same happen again try to get original Microsoft installation disc and check if the installation starts fine (HARD drive should be recognized).
You can also try to get another HARD drive and check if the installation stops on the same point.

It's really not easy to say what the problem is here.
Do you use DVDs of recovery for the first time?

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  • A key on keyboard on Satellite L100 problem

    Bought my L100 Satellite in July last year. Problem is that I need a lot more pressure to press the key 'a' all the others. How can I fix?

    Can I get the keyboard to check why it is almost blocked? I had no problem when I bought this laptop.

    If you remove all of the keyboard you will lose the warranty and I would not risk the guarantee because of the unique keyboard key.

    But you can remove the unique key of the keyboard Plug and check if there is dirt or something else with a bad influence for the key mechanism.

    For a replacement keyboard, you will need to contact the service partner in your country? ¦

  • Satellite L100-176: does anyone have driver problems?


    I have a Satellite L100-176 I bought 3 months ago. I started to have small but really annoying problems almost immediately and on the 3rd week got an error major ntfs.sys.

    Finally, I fixed all by myself (after spending a few days read posts on the series of forums) using software free package - How ironic. I have run different tests on the RAM and HDD - problem it seemed unlikely. I used my TOSHIBA recovery CD to reset everything, but so far I still continues to have various problems.

    The system restarts occasionally, some OS WinXP fuctions and services are not accessible. The most serious cause of things (according to MS error reports) is driver malfunctions.

    So, my question is: is this sound familiar to anyone? Are there serious problems known with the Toshiba drivers, I need to know?

    Thank in advance for back-up!


    And factions of WinXP and services that are not available?

    After that using your laptop recovery DVD will once again have the factory settings and all should be on the first day and after the first start.

  • How to get the recovery for Satellite L100 bought in China cd?

    I just buy a satellite L100 in China, the language of windows is Chinese... How can I change the language to Chinese to English on my windows. Or how can I get thecd recovery for satellite L100 innglish language... Thank you...

    Hi Santo

    If you use the advanced search of this forum you will find a lot of comments on a similar theme!

    In any case, I'll explain it once more ;)
    Usually the recovery CD, you can get the Toshiba ASP. BUT you bought the laptop in China. In this case you will not be able to order the CD image of Toshiba in the English language. You can only get a restore CD in the same language, where you bought the laptop.

    But if you want to have the English language operating system, install the Windows from the original CD of Microsoft English.
    You can download Toshiba drivers and utilities form the Toshiba site and install it.

  • Satellite L100 - connection problems with a wireless internet connection


    I had some of my Satellite L100 connection problems to my sky wireless broadband connection. My laptop detects the connection and I have a bubble appears confirming that the wireless connection is connected. However, when I open internet explore it appears with 'cannot display the page'.

    Now, the wireless works with our other non-Toshiba laptop so I know that the connection is ok but it does not connect with my Satellite. Is there something I can do?

    Try reboot you the router. In many similar situations, it helps me.

  • Satellite L100 - need SATA drivers to install Win XP

    Hello world!

    I need your help... This is my story.

    There was a time when I need to reformat the computer laptop satellite L100 and a XP cd is used instead the recovery disc, I'm too dense to know.
    When I found out about the use of the recovery disc, I tried to boot from it, and I've seen the menu which gives me the chance to restore the configuration of the laptop, but I didn't move because I didn't really need to reformat the way at the time.

    After a while, (again), I need to reformat, but the problem is, claims the installation from the toshiba raid recovery disk drivers.
    That's happened? and what do I do?

    I have read a few forums and they propose to change the SATA mode in the BIOS options, but I can't find it in the laptop, you I saw in the other computer toshiba laptop. How can I change the SATA mode in the L100 laptop?

    I also read that I have raid drivers must be copied to a floppy disk, in which I don't have an external floppy drive.
    Is it possible that I can install it without pressing F6 or something, which is on the Windows desktop? Or I can save it on a USB flash drive?

    Thank you!


    First the SATA mode option is not available in the L100 BIOS, so you cannot change this mode compatible.

    Secondly, you n t need the floppy drive to install the SATA drivers.
    If you had read several threads here you would like to know that you can also use the software called nLite that would help you to integrate the SATA drivers into Win XP.
    This application creates the new Win XP with SATA drivers, and you can use this CD to reinstall windows XP.

    I wonder why the Intel Storage Manager was not placed on the page of the European driver Toshiba in the region however, L100 driver download as mentioned, the Intel Matrix Storage Manager contains the SATA drivers and you need this package.

    You can search in other series of laptops such as the Intel Storage Manager or looking for on Intel page and it would download.
    Then as I ve mentioned use the nLite and include the SATA drivers.

    More details about nLite you will find on the page of nLite:

    Good bye

  • Satellite L100: How do I reinstall the Office OneNote

    On my Satellite L100 is preinstalled OneNote. It also contains parts of the office, as the packages of Auditor spelling and language for Outlook Express.
    I just uninstall the Office OneNote and now I can't reinstall it. It is not on the recovery disc and the Toshiba - can't take it anymore.

    How to get back the language and the spell checker?


    Unfortunately, the OneNote is a part on the image of Toshiba which is placed on the Toshiba Recovery CD. It of not possible to reinstall simple applications without installing the entire recovery image.

  • Satellite L100-121 - Toshiba TEMPRO warns me for nothing

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L100-121, and Toshiba TEMPRO installed.

    The icon in the system tray is usually red or orange or gray, which indicates that I have alerts, but when I click on see the alerts and click on current alerts, there is nothing there!


    And sometimes it start with windows, sometimes not.
    Thank you!


    Toshiba Tempro tool always sends a notification if a new software / driver was transferred to the page of European driver of Toshiba.

    This is only a notification, and it doesn t mean that you need to update anything!

    So if your laptop is running without problem, then you don t need to update anything!
    If you wish, you can disable this software also in msconfig--> startup.

    I did it because I t need all notifications

  • Satellite L100 - graphics card not found on Windows 7


    I have a laptop model L100 and I loaded win 7 ultimate. I have a problem win7 automatically finds the drivers for all the parts, but only the graphics card is not found.

    How I can load it or how can I fix this problem?


    What Satellite L100 you have exactly or what graphics card does it?

    In your case I would visit the Toshiba European page and search your Satellite L100 driver download list. There you can download the display driver for Windows Vista. The Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7.

    Check this box! decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Satellite L100 - how to download and install the update to the BIOS?

    I bought this Satellite L100 in 2006, and it occurred to me that, now, I might need a updated BIOS (laptop computer sometimes freezes at startup).

    I found an update on the site Web of the Satellite from July 6, 2007, but download instructions are confusing and the driver do not just come through. Can someone help me with another link for this download?


    Normally, if the computer crashes to the screen Toshiba menas there is a problem with the detection of the material on the laptop. Maybe the HARD drive won't be recognized correctly or something else. I put t know because I m not a technician for computer laptop, but you can test the laptop without HARD drive if it crashes again on the Toshiba screen.

    But a BIOS can't solve this problem. I think the best way would be if you contact an authorized service provider. Technicians can verify the complete laptop computer hardware.

  • Satellite L100-179 sometimes short, sometimes does not


    My Satellite L100-179 is around the age of 9 months. A month after buying it is quite dead. Returned, and they replaced the card mother and keyboard. 4 months ago it does the same thing, but I left it for a day and she starts without a problem.

    Same thing happened this morning. Totally dead, so I disconnected and removed the battery. He tried again, but nothing helps. Then I put the battery and the socket and left for 20 minutes. It has sprung to life again.

    What happens here? Someone had the same problem? What is the cause for this? Maybe a faulty motherboard? The warranty runs out in 3 months so I would like to know if this is a major flaw.

    See you soon.


    > What's happening here? Someone had the same problem? What is the cause for this? Maybe a faulty motherboard?

    Believe me, we can only speculate on the fault.
    But I'm sure that this is certainly not normal behavior and I definitely recommend the service guys asking for additional verification.

    Who knows what will happen in the next time. Maybe the laptop no longer starts? I this would not risk and would take the warranty!

    Best regards

  • Satellite L100-120: Wlan does not allow the transmission of large data packets

    Satellite L100-120, Intel 3945ABG.
    Router Wi - fi is 3COM OfficeConnect Wireless, same problem with Dlink DI-524.

    By default my wi - fi card does not allow the transmission of packets of data.

    I use ping-f-l 1464 to check if it is possible to send a large package. All packages more then 600 large fail to be sent.

    It is tragically wireless performance and I almost cannot use internet at all. I solved the problem partially by setting the MTU to map wi - fi at 548. Connection is now stable, although I can not yet send massive emails. Anyway, it is not a good situation to have such a low MTU value.

    Everybody respected this problem?

    I think you will find the solution in this announcement:

    I think the secret is the update of the BIOS!

  • Satellite L100-113. Keyboard is dead

    I recently acquired a portable Satellite L100-113.
    I'm having some problems with it, but the most fundamental is that the keyboard is dead: no response from it either.
    It does not start, so it is clearly not a windows problem, and an external keyboard works ok.
    The obvious answer is to replace the keyboard, but given the other problems, I wanted to be sure that the fault and not only a symptom before I have throw too much money at it.
    Furthermore, I don't really see how it disconnects (I don't like to force it unless I don't know.

    Any tips or suggestions?

    Thank you.

    > It does not start, so it is clearly not a windows problem, and an external keyboard works ok.
    > The obvious answer is to replace the keyboard, but given the other problems, I wanted to be sure that the fault and not only a symptom before I have throw too much money at it.

    I think it is question of s keyboard theoretically it could also be a cable to lose (connection) between the keyboard and the motherboard, but I put t see any reasons why the cable should jump
    So maybe it s keyboard problem and it seems that a replacement could help you.

  • Re: Satellite L100-179. impossible to activate the new WLan card inserted

    Hi all

    I bought a computer laptop satellite L100-179 wireless about 2.5 years ago.
    Last week I bought an Inter (R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection, this is an internal card!

    I installed the card and the latest drivers and the card worked properly under Device Manager
    When I tried to use the card after setting the wireless settings, I started to have problems.

    I then installed the software for the card help with the problem which has been the software Intel(r) PROSet/Wireless WiFi that gave me a little more information about the problem. All the settings for the wifi are enabled except when I press Fn + F8 I get the following message:

    Wireless communication is disabled. Please turn on the wireless switch.

    But there is no switch on the side of the laptop just a plug of cache.
    I've ran out of ideas to get this working and would be really grateful for the help.
    My OS is XP home SP3.


    I think that your Sat L100-179 is not extensible WLan.
    If this laptop has been delivered without the WLan card and the WLan switch does not exist, then you cannot use an internal WLan card!

    In this case, go to an external solution such as a USB WiFi key for example

    Welcome them

  • Upgrading RAM on Satellite L100 194

    Satellite L100 194 > PSLA3E-02X012G3

    I have the above model and I tried to install the 2 GB ram 2 x 1 GB Corsair DDR 2 and it does not work, the laptop does not start.

    I tried updating the BIOS, but no result.
    Also, I lost my original utility disk. There is an image that can be downloaded by the owners of toshiba?

    You have faced compatibility problem, and it's typical when behavior not compatible module is used.

    On this forum you can find many threads where to report persons on the same problem with modules of Corsair.
    I recommend to buy Kingston or Toshiba modules. Both are tested and work properly.

Maybe you are looking for