recovery, then on new hard drive

I put a new disc in and everything went well until I tried to use the recovery disc.  I get the message that this cd contains the software originally installed on a hp pavilion pc. If you receive this message on a hp pavilion call hp support.  Now, I don't know what to do, it is an old computer and security disappeared. The computer is a hp pavilion a800n. Can anyone help?


Did a quick check and the part number for the recovery software is for the a800n 5069-8794. You can find it via a number of retailers using the part number in a search engine.  This software must be recognized by the system hardware and provide a recovery solution. I hope that the software you were using was the same number of Assembly.  If this is not the case you can try to acquire the software above and it should work with your system. Good luck!

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  • How to copy the recovery on the new HARD drive partition, HARD drive failed?


    I have a Compaq Mini netbook with Windows 7 Starter.

    The HARD drive has failed and it is not repairable. However, it seems that the recovery partition is OK.

    I want to buy a new HARD drive, install the driver on the netbook, and then use the tools/recovery partition to install windows 7 on a new PC.

    So, the question is simple: how to copy the recovery for the new HARD drive partition?

    Hello s91066.

    If your hard drive of your laptop doesn't have? If this is the case, what do you mean by the "recovery partition is ok? I doubt that this laptop has two hard disks, so if you are able to see this partition of your hard drive may still work.

    You will need a set of recovery disks to restore the partitions on the new drive. If you can start Windows, which you can probably not with a dead hard drive, you can follow these steps if you can get into Windows.

    If you are unable to boot into Windows, you need a set of disks. You can order it directly from HP. The number of the United States / Canada is 1-800-474-6836. If you are in another domain, you must visit HP's Support around the world to find contact information for your region.

    I hope that is useful; have a great weekend!

  • Equium A100 - will be the responsibility of recovery on a new HARD drive disk


    Don t know if anyone can help, I am just out of warranty by a month and I think that my hard drive has failed, or I had a virus that has hit loads of files and the PC is always eager to run the disc scan and still get errors on commissioning, sometimes start even goes just right to start mode then crash again and again the same thing.

    I have the recovery disk, but this is not sort on the question, so if I get a new hard drive the recovery disc will actually load on a new HARD drive? Why don t Toshiba just give us the full operating system to start with?

    Someone has answers or similar questions that could help please let me know.


    Of course, you can use a recovery with new HARD drive media. No problem at all! Swap the HARD drive and install the operating system using recovery DVDs. All that s!

  • With the help of recovery on the new hard drive disks


    I have an old of Pavilion.  The hard disk starts to sound a bit grumpy.  I have a spare I want to replace it with.  Can I create recovery discs using the partition, and then replace the hard drive and reinstall windows xp on the new drive? or the recovery disks only works on the original hard drive?

    See you soon,.

    Hirroshi wrote: what determines if the new hard drive will be compatible with the recovery disk?  Could I connect the new hard drive in another Bay and try to use the recovery disk, before removing my old hard drive?

    Hello Hirroshi, it seems that drives hard very little HP only work in an HP computer, or so I said. I think it has to do with some code that HP puts in the Master Boot Record, but that's just a guess. I read on the Forum that this is the case.

    I suggest that you delete the partition on the replacement hard drive, and then create a new partition and format the hard drive. You should be able to use the recovery disk, if they are not damaged and that you have a valid burn.

    You can try to install the replacement hard drive in the system you propose, and it can work very well. It's certainly worth a try.

    Here is a link that shows how to perform a recovery facility when a hard drive is replaced.

  • l hp dv6-6179-er: recovery on a new hard drive

    Hello world!

    I had the problem with my laptop, it is impossible to re - install windows from the recovery DVD, because the hard drive is broken. Is that going to be a problem to set the new hard drive and install the operating system? Is that there should be some error messages or something?

    shakog wrote:

    Hello world!

    I had the problem with my laptop, it is impossible to re - install windows from the recovery DVD, because the hard drive is broken. Is that going to be a problem to set the new hard drive and install the operating system? Is that there should be some error messages or something?

    The recovery disks work on a new hard drive, if they do not post back with the error message.

  • Pavilion 15 - p002: HP Pavilion 15-p002 minimized Image Recovery on the new HARD drive. Is this possible?

    The original crashed the HDD on HP Pavilion 15 - p002 and I got a new HARD drive. Because I don't have a copy of the installation disc Windows 8.1 I wonder if execution of Image reduced on the new HARD drive recovery is possible. Help, please.

    Try this link:

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • recovery after installing new hard drive

    The recovery disc will reset windows on a new hard drive with the key at the back of the pc


  • Satellite L670D - issue of recovery on the new HARD drive

    Hi all.

    I actually sent this support Toshiba has a few days ago, but still have received no response and thought I would try this forum.

    That's the problem; the hard drive of my laptop is a failure, I had warnings to create a backup and replace the drive hard as soon as possible. I have done this and have mounted with success the computer with a new brand Hitachi 500 GB hard drive, with no problems.

    Then, I entered the program installation and makes the dvd the first boot drive. The first disc of recovery in the drive and it starts perfectly and started the process. I then went through the recovery procedure with the DVD 3 x on my computer, it seemed to work flawlessly, and after inserting all 3 disks in the order as requested, I was instructed to remove the final support.

    I have reset the boot hard drive and windows started normally until I got to this point. "the installation program starts services. Then comes a pop-up window saying; "windows could not complete the installation, to install windows on installation, this restart of the computer.

    Of course I tried to start in a few other ways to the f8 advanced boot options, but he always does this same thing.

    I can't imagine what the problem is that everything seems to go well until this?

    Hope you can help me solve this problem.
    Thank you
    Malc Fisher


    Only thing I would say is that you need to install recovery image again. Please try it out and post comments.
    It will be interesting to know if the same thing will happen again.

  • Equium A200-1V0 - recovery on the new HARD drive problem


    Hoping someone can help, I just mounted a new Toshiba 1 TB hard drive for my Equium A200-1V0, used the Vista came with the computer recovery disk, everything seems to be installed ok, but when you try to start, I get a message saying that Windows Vista is unable to run on this hardware. Any suggestion is appreciated.

    Thank you

    There must be a compatibility problem. Usually the hard drives up to 500 GB are not problematic for the old machines.
    If possible, try to install the version of the OS. When you can get Win7 32 bit would be great. Win7 32-bit is supported for your machine and in my view, it will work perfectly.

  • OneKey Recovery on the new hard drive

    I own a lenovo ideapad Z570 and upgrade to a larger HARD drive (of 600 GB to 1 TB).

    The only thing that bothers me is the "OneKey Recovery".

    So my question is: How do OEM partitions and recovery, just after installing windows7 on a new (blank) HARD drive in order to facilitate the "OneKey Recovery."

    You want to have an oem installation (with preinstalled applications or you are flexible with a clean install of windows?
    The okr partition will be there only in the hard disk installed in the factory and it won't work even if you copy the partition without making any changes. If you wish, you can also do a recovery partition custom of a key with your own backup recovery

  • Satellite P750 PSAY1A: how to create the recovery Toshiba on the new HARD drive partition


    I have an old Toshiba Satellite P750 (PSAY1A-01Y022). I just upgraded my memory from 4 GB to 8 GB and am preparing to take my 500 GB HARD drive 1 TB. I had to order the disk online and wait to happen.

    I always try to understand how to create the arrival of my new HARD drive Toshiba Recovery Partition. I do the same thing for an old book, I handled based on something similar to it's original factory State.

    I have reflected on the recovery partition, but does not know how it was created. It is not NTFS. Does anyone have experience in the creation of a Toshiba Recovery on a new HARD drive Partition?

    And the help is very appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,

    Recovery partition can be created when you use the original Toshiba Recovery disk and install recovery image. Before the partitions to boot OS install will be automatically created, recovery image copied on a recovery and then partition as last step recovery image installation starts.

    A sort of migration of files from one to the other HARD disk is not solution.

    Only for laptop with factory will work and the usable recovery partition.

  • Portege R500-11Z: recovery disk to help prepare a new HARD drive

    I bought a new hard drive (SSD) for my R500-11Z and I put in an envelope with the USB cable before installation - I want to be able to format the drive and create a new copy of Windows XP before you get out of my existing hard drive.

    I'm looking for ways to use the recovery disk and it SEEMS that it should be possible... EXCEPT...

    I discovered that on the recovery disk there is an executable called recoUNPACK in the Tools folder, which should, in theory, restore the contents of the disc to the hard drive. However, because the new hard drive is plugged into my existing XP set up, he gets a folder called System Volume Information written in it. The presence of this file causes the recoUNPACK to fail. He gets, at 59%, every time, and then survey the error - System Volume Information already exists.

    Any person proposing the deletion of the folder should consider their knowledge of the XP - there is no way to do this, ask Mr. Google if you don't believe me. I also tried this with full of this folder write permissions so that, in theory, could replace recoUNPACK...

    I would be very grateful if someone knows a way of "forcing" crush the System Volume information folder or another way to 'restore' the recovery of my new hard drive disk (other that disassemble the laptop and substitute physically the disc!).

    I have reviewed various options for establishing a USB bootable drive, but as I will adapt it in my laptop I don't want running all versions of XP - so using the recovery disc supplied with my odd R500. All bootable USB I can find only programs, fat32 format, and I would stay in NTFS...

    And the reason why I want to do it this way, it is that I want to continue to use my existing hard drive until the news is ready - its supposed to be an effective way to work... but so far the time wasted, trying to restore the disks could have been better spent undoing the screws on the rear of the machine!

    Thanks in advance

    > However, because the new hard drive is plugged into my existing XP set up, he gets a folder called System Volume Information written in it. The presence of this file causes the recoUNPACK to fail. He gets, at 59%, every time and then lift the error - System Volume Information already exists

    Hmm the right path and the letter of the partition or volume entitled did you use?

    As far as I know that the command should show something like this:

    + recounpack.exe d:\imagename.tpa z: f +.

    (z: is the letter of your external USB drive and may be different in your case)

  • Recovery is possible on the new hard drive?


    I think about buying a new hard drive to improve the performance of my laptop Satellite.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to restore my system using the recovery on the new hard drive disks.

    Thank you!

    As far as I know you can do it. What you need is to buy hard drive compatible and functional.

    By curiosity, but what model of laptop do you have and what hard drive you want to buy?

  • not sure: the new hard drive installation

    I have a Desktop allows a hard disk which is a failure.  F9 during boot diagnostics say its bad.  I just got the HP recovery disk and I'm not sure that 'when' to instaqll them.  I put the OS on the new hard drive and then first run the recovery or recovery disk?

    If you have the recovery disk set for this PC, run recovery on the new hard drive.  To install everything back like it was new again.  The installation of the OS process is executing the recovery.  Install the new hard drive, and then run the set of recovery disks.

  • Want J010dx m7: windows will not start until after full recovery of the system with new HARD drive

    Hello world

    I need help here.

    My HP envy m7 J010dx works perfectly with my original hard drive (1 TB).

    I am preparing a second HDD (NEW 320) as backup.

    I took off the Moose HDD (1 TB) and replace it with the NEW HARD drive (320GB) and try to do a full recovery of the system with the HP recovery DVD.

    After full system recovery and laptop computer needs to be restarted in order to continue, the laptop keeps restarting on the logo of windows 8.

    I think it says device not found Boot. Also a test using the UEFI tool material HP and all pass.

    Replacing the NEW HARD drive with the original of the old HARD drive and it start normally.

    What can go wrong here in this case? Thank you very much for the help.



    OK, I read through the thread and this is my point of view on this based on works including restore process with the user created a recovery (UCRDs) media which the user indicated that they used.

    If you just want to jump to the conclusion at the bottom, you can see my opinion. If you want to know 'why' Please read the entire post.

    Model No.: m7-j010dx

    Product #: E0K83UA #ABA

    Ships OS: Windows 8 (64-bit)

    Recovery HP part No. Kit: 730336-002 (3 DVDs + extra)

    User replaced the HARD drive with a 1 TB hard drive 5400 RPM with HP ProtectSmart hard drive Protection a new hard drive is a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 ST9320423AS 320 GB 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache SATA 3.0 GB / s 2.5 "Notebook internal hard drive.

    With the help of UCRDs sent media recovery media (SSRDs):

    When the UCRDs are created, only the drivers for the HW operation (this is a critical point, that I will look later) are burned to the user created a recovery media.  Consider this a snapshot of the current HW, the base drivers and software applications.   If you change the HW on your laptop or desktop where the additional device requires a different driver for these features, a few questions you might - recovery process could stop because he can't find the right driver, a blue screen, a lack of start-up or other unstable system.

    A few years ago, I had a PC that would not recover because the Blu - ray (ODD) optical disk drive did not work.  I replaced the WEIRD Blu - ray with a generic DVD/CD burner into the new part of Blu - ray is presented.   I got the PC using SSRDs thinking I would put some time and just install the Blu - ray after the PC has been recovered.   The PC recovered and when the new Blu - ray showed I installed the unit and guess what?  All PCs have shown in Device Manager and applications was a generic ODD - no Blu - ray capability and ability to read Blu - ray content in the default HP provided for multimedia applications delivered with the PC.  Applications were there but no Blu - ray capability.

    Huh?  It looks that I did not put any time at all.

    I inserted the new Blu - ray ODD and distributed recovery with the HP SSRDs.

    After recovery, I had all the Blu - ray drivers and applications supported Blu - ray.

    The difference between UCRDs and SSRDs:

    UCRDs provide a glimpse of what is installed and functional both disks are created.

    Version Digest of the player on what is happening with SSRDs to retrieve a PC (before Windows 10):

    SSRDs have all the drivers for all the HW and SW qualified for the unit.  There may be several drivers for hard drives, different types/screen resolutions, sides, etc.  Based on the characteristics of the specific laptop / desktop a process is run called "Do / don't.   After entering the recovery SDRD, the Notebook media boots to Recovery Manager.  The first step is a raw copy of all the contents of the disc on a temporary partition.  Following the Do / do not process looks at the characteristics of this specific unit and remove all other drivers and applications not used by this device.  Drivers and the only successful applications are the features supported.   And then, the new operating system and recovery partition is created.   The PC end recovery of cleaning process and restart the laptop / desktop. And, Yes, you guessed it, if you create the user created a recovery media, you only have the drivers for HW devices and applications of HP on the PC at the time.

    So, that being said, what could be the cause/solution?

    Hard drives can be different enough so that a different driver (not the UCRDs) is necessary for the newly installed HW.

    The SSRDs are supported on the new HARD drive installed?

    I don't know, I have an office boy, and I have not tried on this model of laptop.

    If you have / acquire SSRDs, I recover the laptop with the new installed HARD drive and see if it works.  It may or may not.  I don't know what drives were qualified for this laptop.

    If this does not work, the last option is cloning via USB connection (old HARD drive in the PC, new HARD drive connected to a USB 3 via the SATA Adapter (dongle) USB port, install or download software cloning and cloning the old HDD to the new.)   I just did this on the two older Windows 7 computers laptops using a SanDisk Ultra kit.  He has worked on both units.


    I don't think that the problem is caused from a HARD drive of 1 to a 320 GB HARD drive, as it meets the minimum specs for a complete installation.  I think the problem is related to the use of UCRDs to retrieve and the UCRDs do not have the HARD driver/firmware/application disc.

    But then again, I know.

    I am an employee of HP...

Maybe you are looking for

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