"$RECYCLE." BIN"and"System Volume Information"hidden folder created in each drive

I got 15 HP r014tx Notebook in which "$RECYCLE." BIN"and"System Volume Information"folder created in each player automatically hidden name. It didn't get deleted if I try to remove it. I use McAfee Anitvirus come with pre-installed with 30-day track.

I want to know how to remove this folder "$RECYCLE." BIN"and"System Volume Information"hidden folder name.


It is IMPORTANT that you do not delete these files. They are very important to the operating system.

Instead, you can hide:

  • Open the Options folder by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, appearance and personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.
  • Click the view tab.
  • Under Advanced settings, make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" and "Hide protected operating system files ' are not checked, and then click OK.

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  • $RECYCLE. BIN and System Volume Information found on drive d.

    Hello Microsoft,

    Can you help me? I found $RECYCLE. BIN and System Volume Information folder on my D drive. Also, I found $RECYCLE. BIN System Volume Information, bootmgr and hiberfil.sys, BOOTNXT, pagefil.sys in my drive C I tried to delete the two folders in the D drive, but it cant e deleted. What is a malware virus? My laptop is infected with the virus. Help, please. How can I remove this? or is it supposed to be deleted?
    Thank you


    Those are the normal os files and they are safe.  You should not remove and probably impossible

    Hiberfil is for example your Hibernate file

  • Why do I get $RECYCLE. BIN and System Volume Information files that are empty in all readers?

    Why do I get $RECYCLE. BIN and System Volume Information files that are empty in all readers

    Original title: prob

    Each partition has its own file to store information about what has been removed to allow you to restore it if necessary.  It is stored in $RECYCLE. BIN on each partition.

    It is a system file and cannot be deleted.

    System Volume information files contains the system restore data for a system restore a previuos point in time.

    There are also a system file and cannot be deleted.

  • I have windows Vista Home Basic, but my system was infected by viruses as recyclebin, System Volume Information. Wat to do how to get rid of this...

    Dear friends,

    (1) I have the windows Vista Home Basic, but my system was infected by viruses as recyclebin, System Volume Information. Wat to do how to get rid of it.

    (2) I want to format my laptop, but the problem is that I'm not having Windows Vista Home Basic Formate how about this disk, please help me in this respect... How can I procedures...

    (3) if I install the new Vista there will be no problem for my laptop... it

    $Recycle.bin and System Volume Information are important Windows that are normally hidden system files. Why do you think they are viruses?

  • There are two folders in my D drive named a $RECYCLE. BIN and an other named 'System volume information' is thease records a part of the activity of any virus?

    I just want to know is the two folders named "$RECYCLE." BIN and System volume information"in my drive D is a part of a virus activity because when I remove the trash to the folder it disappears, and when I try to delete the other folder recycle comes back and I can't remove to access the second folder named, the system volume information?
    Please help me.


    These are the two typical Windows system folders. $Recycle.bin is exactly that, the files in the folder are actually moved to when removing other parts of the car. He installed this folder on each drive that you see when you open the Recycle bin icon on the desktop.

    System Volume Information is a system folder and contains all the files that reside on the disk that are included in food, distributed link tracking Service points, content indexing Services and Volume Snapshot Service. This deletion would be a very good way to break your computer.

    You deleted the parameter Hide protected system files that should never be done unless you have a specific reason to do so. The setting is there for a reason.

  • $RECYCLE. BIN & System Volume Information

    After the installation of updates to the window in all logical drives $RECYCLE. The folder BIN and System Volume Information appeared. Since both are system files so I was not to remove them and I tried to hide but the hide option was unaccessable. Folder of the window that are by default hidden appears in all drives. The option hidden in the properties will also be blocked.
    It seems that each disc contains a lot of folder.

    Help me, I again make hidden, because sometimes he could possible pe it is deleted.

    Dear Sir.
    Cool.Please open by clicking on organize > folder and search options > view in any drive and check the box against Hide protected operating system files under the subtitle of hidden files and folders. She's. See you soon.

  • All hard drives show $RECYCLE. BIN & System Volume Information, is this normal?

    Nice day

    I would like to know if it is normal that all of my internal and external drives to have $RECYCLE. BIN and System Volume Information? I have them has not noticed it before, it became evident yesterday when I used my friends laptop drive. Now all internal and external hard drives connected to my PC suddenly have this $RECYCLE. BIN and System Volume Information.

    Is this a virus? Cause every time I delete the $RECYCLE. BIN it always comes back and I can not delete System Volume Information. I tried to format my external hard drives, but it always comes back. Appreciate if you could help me to identify if there is a virus or not. Thank you very much.

    Hi reo99

    It is normal that the files to be present on all fixed drives and partitions. You cannot permanently delete. This is normally hidden system files. It is possible that you make them visible somehow.

    I suggest you follow the steps mentioned below and check.
    a. you can open anywhere on the disc and click organize.
    b. now, select folder and search options and click on the view tab in any drive
    c. now check the box against Hide protected operating system filesunder the subtitle of hidden files and folders. Click Ok

    I hope this helps.

  • "$recycle.bin & system Volume Information" folder & windows Defender

    Hi, I have recently buy the 8 portable windows, because after 8 windows updates installation "$recycle.bin & System Volume Information" folder are created, I think than a virus files, due to I am unable to delete the files in my system, the folders are created in all of my hard drives. I want to hide this folder into the laptop. How can I do that, I want to know about windows defender is a work in my system are not how to check it in my laptop.

    Thank you & best regards

    Alain Rolland

    Hi, I have recently buy the 8 portable windows, because after 8 windows updates installation "$recycle.bin & System Volume Information" folder are created, I think than a virus files, due to I am unable to delete the files in my system, the folders are created in all of my hard drives. I want to hide this folder into the laptop. How can I do that, I want to know about windows defender is a work in my system are not how to check it in my laptop.

    Thank you & best regards

    Alain Rolland


    These 2 files are normal for any installation of Windows.

    $recycle.bin contains data relating to the trash and the System Volume information contains the Restore Points to restore the system on each disk.

    Normally, these folders are hidden by default.

    In file Explorer, click the view tab in the Ribbon toolbar.

    In the Options Menu, select folder and search options.

    In the Folder Options window, select the view tab.

    Select the option do not show hidden files, folders, and drives.

    Click apply/OK.


  • How to remove an infected file in the folder SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION on T43?

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    Recently, I have bee affected by a series of blue screen errors. Norton AntiVirus and other well-known software just crash. Update of virus definitions files are reported as being corrupted. Fortunately, I used this SPYWARE DOCTOR which founf a file infected by HACKIT name. ROOTKIT in the SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION folder, which is hidden from the usual interface of WINXP.

    Please suggest some methods on how to DELETE the infected on this hidden folder?


    pleas suggest alternative methods to get rid of this infection.

    Thank you!

    SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION is your Restore.As system an alternative to do a factory restore, try flushing the system restore, then you can start fresh. This procedure will not delete your saved data and apps like restoration to the State of the plant would be.

    In order to remove the XP System Restore Points:
    (On XP, you must be logged in as an administrator to do.)
    Go to start > run and type msconfig and press ENTER.
    When opens in msconfig, click Launch System Restore.
    On the next page, click System Restore settings on the left.
    Check the box enable the system restore.

    Reset. Reassemble and turn on system restore. A new Restore Point is created.

    So, if you still have problems, it would mean that you have active running malware, or you have run at the same time a scanner that was falsely reported as this file, please come back. Often our malware removal tools are captured by General scanners as "Hacktools.

  • Formatting the USB in Windows XP disk, create a folder "system volume information" How can I overcome this problem

    Hello team, I tried to format my 2 GB to Format NTFS USB in WINDOWS XP. When I format the drive, it has been formatted sucssfully, but in the formatted disk, a folder is created named as 'System Volume Information '. I tried to remove my USB drive safley but it show and error as "the generic Volume is used in another program... '. ».  Why this happens, the 'System Volume Information' folder is a virus? How can I fix this problem... reply me as soon as possible... Thank you all...


    It does seem like a virus. Since you're a NTFS format, it should be a system folder. System folder is present on NTFS volumes and is used for system restore points.

    If you want to remove, you may need to format the drive to FAT32.

    See also:

    Access to the System Volume Information folder

  • Microsoft Windows Vista: Rebuild the system volume information folder

    Greetings to everyone.

    (1) the Crypto ransomware locker has done the thing is on a friends laptop last week. This is a laptop HP DV900 Microsoft Windows Vista. Unfortunately, we have re-installed Vista, from the recovery partition, before attempting to restore the system, using the system restore. It is my understanding that the system volume information folder, contains files, such as excel and word files, which can be restored, but they are stored by Vista, in a special encrypted way.

    If I could get it back or if I got the complete information system volume, would be possible to replace the current and to restore the system to a time before the ransomware hit?

    (2) in fact, I've used a file recovery program and was able to recover a huge file with the name:

    {11d89a13-09a9-11e4-9917-cb6a370b41f2} {3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752}

    This file is approximately 1.99 GB, and is dated on 17/07/2014. I suspect that the virus deployed on 18/07/2014 as the most important Excel and word files have the date of last modification of 18/07/2014. And those files that have changed on the 18/07/2014 cannot be open - unless I have change the extensions of excel to .csv file, in which case excel files open, but the info is still obviously encrypted.  OK, so I have the part of the system volume information folder content, which seem to be of the part that contains the files there, as this is a fairly large file.

    My question is this: is a reconstruction of the folder system volume information, based on this possible of the file? In other words, using this file I have cancelled/recovered, can we restore Vista from this file?

    Thank you for your time.

    You cannot use the system restore to recover files from the user.  Restore points would be zero because of the new facility.  Update of installation dates would be irrelevant as well as software installations.  The new installation files will take precedence.

  • C drive properties 'System Volume Information' and D disk error

    I did previously press properties of drive C and press the safety button don't miss. Now my pc c diving all the file disappear and turn into "System Volume Information" folder only. If I try to search previous folder still can enter in through to find the name of the folder. In fact, I would like to know can get any method back to my previous version of pc that can see the folder back. Indeed pretty weird as the last time I try to use the search function can always get the desired file name that I used to have. But currently when I remember one of the things to look for, but it cannot search again. Not sure when I'm going to fix the system, the file appears again. My C drive disk space not reduce but just show the 'System Volume Information' folder but not show anything this either inside after click the folder. Not sure you have encounter this problem or not.

    Next to my disk error C, my D drive also seem to mistake, as evidenced by the "Valorisation" folder but doesn't show anything. But when I click on the search button, can find some files as shown in my D drive path. Don't know how to recover my files.

    If you know who are faced with this problem and the method to solve, can share with me.

    In any case, thank you very much.


    I suggest that you try to perform system restore and see if it helps:

    It will be useful.

  • System Volume Information files - how to remove them and that I have to stop their training?

    System volume information files are occupying more than 35 GB of space do not defragment and are like a partition on my HD, they cease to increase in volume. How can I remove them and do I need to stop forming?

    Run the disk cleanup tool and delete system restore points:

    Delete a restore point

    Restores system stores the restore points in the "System Volume Information" folder.

    "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP - http://www.winvistaside.de/

  • Cannot delete the folder to the windows system volume information 7.

    I can not delete system volume information folder in D: / E: / Windows 7

    I took possession as administrator on the folder, but I can't remove it completely!

    I start a command prompt and deleted some of the files it contains, but can't delete the folder!

    In vista, I could eat to remove after that ownership on the folder by pressing Delete the folder will disappear!

    any ideas?

    don't ask me why I'm trying to delete the folder pls... I just need to

    Thank you

    Old post I know but I had this problem on several of my removable HDs, and finally I managed to remove the 'System Volume Information' folder:


    Right click on desktop, and then click [New-> shortcut]
    Write: cmd.exe

    Click [next] and then click [finish]

    Right click on cmd.exe icon, and then click 'run as administrator'
    Now select the external hard drive (f: in my case)


    Yes now the following (you can copy paste):
    F:\>attrib s h/s/d
    F:\>attrib - r/s/d
    F:\>Rd "System Volume Information" / s
    Are System Volume Information, you sure (Y/N)? There

    And you're DONE ;-)

  • System Volume Information folder 23 GB even when system restore is turned OFF. All backups shadow removed

    Dear users,

    I am facing a very strange problem and I tried to solve this problem for more than a month, but no use. I called the Support technique Microsoft in India and they send me the details to email customer support to get this addressed redirected.

    QUESTION to the folder System Volume Information in Windows 7 is 23 GB of my SSD. My SSD capacity is 120 GB. If this space takes more than 20% of my total space of SSD.

    I turned off the system restore feature and it is noted below.

    The system restore is turned off as shown below

    Space Ghost maximum allocated memory is about 500 MB. There is no current backup shadow


    I'll have a 120 GB SSD and more than 20% of the space is getting lost here

    I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on a Dell E6220 laptop

    No virus / Trojan horses and system completely clean. Looking for Solutions...

    Run the Disk Cleanup Wizard (be sure to include system files)

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