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DVD - R burned my video Windows Media Library are not read by my DVD TV player. Can someone please help me fix this problem and tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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    Hello all: I have an Inspiron 2014 3647. The drive is a TSST corp DVD +-RW SH - 216DB. I'm considering buying a program that is sold as downloads of MP3, 21 CD and he's too good a deal to pass up. With beyond DELL desktop computers, I have burned a certain downloads. It's been a while and I don't think as intuitive that I used to do, I don't think now that I can handle the job without your help, although I could call the DELL technical support and ask for their help. I teach you rather your advice to deal with someone in another country who is not clearly understand. I don't have a problem with that when they take possession of my pc to fix all that and sometimes you get a tech that focuses on the task and rarely speaks. Then you get a curious tech that peppers you with dialogue while it works. This is nice 'n' quiet! (Sorry for the hike).

    If I remember, I first create an empty folder on the desktop where will be placed the downloads from the link provided. Then what? I remember something about zip files that require a decoder to decompress the files. That's all that I can remember. Please fill in the blanks with the technical jargon.

    I'll wait for answers prior to ordering when a response contains details, I should ask the seller. Thanks in advance.

    Best of this post in the forum hard disks (HDD, CD/DVD, Blu - ray) here:


  • With audio slideshow created in PSE 9 plays well in edit.  When brought to burn items from the Prime Minister for the dvd, the audio does not play.  He appears in the edition, but no sound is played.  It happens regularly.  What setting could be wrong?

    With audio slideshow created in PSE 9 plays well in edit.  When brought to burn items from the Prime Minister for the dvd, the audio does not play.  He appears in the edition, but no sound is played.  It happens regularly.  What setting could be wrong?

    Thank you very much!   At your suggestion, I've selected out, burn to disc, DVD.  A window shows requiring Save have *.wmv.  OK, reluctantly saves.  Automatically opens first.  Preview has no audio.

    Instead of burning to disc, I chose Edit in first.  The preview has the video and audio.  Engraving option asked under wmv.  BUT by selecting the tab burn, then disc, dvd, part took place smoothly and dvd resulting contains actually the audio and the video.  Yes!

    She should not be incompatible and hard, but I could never have succeeded without help.

    Thanks again.

  • QSI CDRW/DVD SBW-242 won't read DVD or BURN a CD (music CD will PLAY) [AFTER the HD FORMAT and re - install}

    Dell Inspiron5100 WinXP SP3.

    Due to malware, I had to FORMAT my HD and re-install Windows XP OEM disc.  I also reinstalled WIN DVD4 from the OEM disc that came with the laptop.

    Check SYSTEM/DeviceMGR/material indicates a problem with the drive, but: it won't READ a DVD or burn a CD (which she has done before)

    Can't update anything of QSI as they were absorbed by COREL years.  No support available for WINDVD4

    When you try to run WINDVD4 with a DVD in the drive, I get a Popup of WINDVD screen that says:

    CREATE OVERLAY FAILED-Please lower your color depth or screen resolution and try again.  Of course, it worked fine with the reg settings in the past, now Ive tried even lower TWO the RES SCREEN and color at least registered but still does not work

    It WILL play CDs of music (mp3s)

    Found the following material etc.

    Provider: Microsoft Corp.

    File version: 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp 080413-2108

    Driver date: 01/07/2001

    Driver version: 5.1.2535

    Driver files


    "" "" \DRIVERS\imapi.sys

    «"\DRIVERS\redbook.sys «»

    «"«\system32\ c:\windows\system32\storprop.dll»»»

    I installed and ran but it won't play MICROSOFT 'FIXIT' DVDs just run from WINDVD4 and still does not.

    FIXIT now brings me HERE

    It seems that FORMAT/reinstall has missed something the will allow the CD PLAYER of .1BURN and 2. READ the DVD, but allows you to PLAY CDs

    From: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    To: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 08:30:29-0700
    Subject: QSI SBW 242 CDRW/DVD not play DVD or BURN a CD (music CD will PLAY) [AFTER the HD FORMAT and re - install}



    1. are you able to read any type of file .doc or .txt of DVD?

    After following all the steps (including the update of the MP9 for Media Player [MP] 11) below

    I can get the drive to DISPLAY all the data from the DVD (Master & Commander 'movie)

    on-screen MP11.  He plays (automatically) the intro (ONLY) from the DVD music (as when you put it in a DVD player, forward to press PLAY) MP11 shows all of the content and all the files on the DVD and SEEMS ready to play, but pressing on PLAY don't either not anything.

    2 , what exactly happens when you try to burn the CD? You get the error message?

    Not nothing... He's here

    3. How do you try to burn CDs?

    MediaPlayer, selection of a track list, made a list of titles, and then click BURN... nothing happens

    4 have you tried to play the DVD content in ? windows media player

    I had not before, but now I have.  Previously it was default to my SELECTION WIN DVD4 as the DVD player (I think I've EVER SEEN the WINDVD format/start page on the front screen - it wasn't the default front DVD player either but don't remember what program PLAYS the DVD, he ' comes of ").  Now, go back and see 1. above for MP11 more details.

    Try to update the drivers of CD-RW/DVD drive and check. Also update the graphics driver.

    I did the entire bottom.

    1. click on Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.

    2 click on the hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or click continue.

    3 right-click on the CD-RW/DVD drive, and then select set to update driver.

    He asks if I have an OEM driver and / disk... NO.. I run the program through...

    "Hardware update Wiz can not find a better match the software installed"

    4. right click on the graphics card and select Update driver. »

    There is no "graphics card" on the material.  This machine has integrated graphics using a part of the main memory (or other) to run the video section:

    I find:

    AUDIO, VIDEO and GAME controllers (announcement)

    Audio codecs

    Audio drivers

    Legacy video capture device

    Media control devices

    Audio Sigma

    Video codecs

    All this seem normal but above I see YELLOW TWO warnings under 'OTHER DEVICES '.

    ?!  Ethernet controller "drivers for this divide (code28) is not installed.


    Device type - other devices


    Location PCI bus, device 0, function 0.  "Drivers for this device are not installed, CODE28 to reinstall the driver."

    Has been through the usual (request for drive... Laughing out loud. Impossible to beat")

    See also:

    How to troubleshoot common problems that occur when a Windows XP-based computer cannot read a CD or DVD


    Did yesterday.  It installed/ran "MR. Microsoft Fixit' with the result:

    "Question: media in the CD-RW/DVD drive is not readable" CLICKED top DIFFICULTY... and after computer "worked" on this subject awhile, he says STATUS: fixed.  St ill did not.   MP9 introduced the format of the DVD player but don't seem to read anything other then showing a list:


    Title 1


    Title 3 etc., but could not do anything with this list.

    He appeared a box asking if I wanted to update my MP9... sure why not so I shut everything down and uninstalled 9 and installed Media player 11.

    Go BACK to # 1. now once again.  This is where I am.  MP11 shows all DVD data, the chart "the Album/DVD cover, all"titles"on the DVD, AND play the track audio 'intro' DVD but will not actually READ the DVD. "

    So far it's PROGRESS.  We are at a point where it SEEMS at least that we are ready to PLAY and MP can SEE all the info on the DVD.

    I see many people on other sites of the same question: Player does not work after FORMAT operating system and reinstall of WIN (and in my case: WinXP SP3 and WIN DVD4 of OEM disc)

    Thanks a lot for your help so far... I hope that we can get to the next step and get the reader of CD-RW/DVD on 'PLAY '.

  • CD drive won't burn dvd or read burned dvd but will play store bought dvd

    TSSTcorp cd/DVGW-ts-h652m ata device, it's my player to cd for some reason, I can't burn cd/DVDs, but the reader will read these and play them, also it won't read burned DVDs, Noah he reformatted dvd, how can I solve this problem


    Have you tried to close all programs and then insert the disc in the drive?

    You have disk problem as the CD/DVD is actually 4 discs in 1 case (burn CD & DVD and CD and DVD read).
    Therefore, it is not unusual for 1 or 2 rooms with not so work that others do it properly.

    Burning at low speed, or by using the master could help. A CD/DVD cleaner might help.

    CD have a tolerance + - and you have to write on the side outside their tolerance. They can be given
    However, it is generally more economical to replace the disk.

    Several good info here:

    Notes on the troubleshooting and repair of readers of compact disks and CD-ROM Drives


    Try this troubleshooting:

    Step 1: Please make all underneath the same if you've done it before as it's often the total of the process which
    solves the problem.

    Try this - Panel - Device Manager - CD/DVD - double-click on the device - driver tab - click
    Update the drivers (this will probably do nothing) - then RIGHT click the drive - UNINSTALL - REBOOT
    This will refresh the default driver stack. Even if the reader does not appear to continue below.

    Then, work your way through these - don't forget the drive might be bad, could be a loose cable or
    slight corrosion on the contacts (usually for a laptop) and other issues.

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060 - a Mr Fixit

    The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista

    When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media - A Mr Fixit

    CD/DVD drive does not appear in Windows Vista, or you receive this error during the installation of Windows Vista after booting from the DVD (AHCI)
    Drive CD - R or CD - RW Drive is not recognized as a recordable device

    Hardware devices not detected or not working - A Mr Fixit

    Another possibility is that the cables are loose. Remove ALL power, then make sure that the cables in both
    ends. Remove and replace, do not just tight. For laptops, you can often clean power and
    contacts data with a pencil eraser.

    Some DVD players do not use the Windows default drivers so check with the manufacturer of system and
    manufacturer of device to see if there is a firmware or drivers for your drive if necessary.


    Step 2: You have disc problems as the CD/DVD is actually 4 discs in 1 case (CD & DVD burning and)
    Playback of CD and DVD). Therefore, it is not unusual for 1 or 2 rooms with not so work that others do it properly.

    Did you follow the Troubleshooting Guide for the reader who still does not work? There are some registry entries
    that the troubleshooter does not, and those who "could" be the cause.

    Check with your system manufacturer Maker and device for possible firmware updates and the good
    Your player registry entries.

    Here are the keys in my opinion, are those in question - for the reader of CD/DVD subkeys of course that he will be
    other subkeys in these keys. Be sure to ask specific keys involved as well as the parameters.


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\0001\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\IDE

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}


    You can probably find more info here and maybe even registry settings correct for your CD/DVD drive
    a person with the same model.

    Forums - a lot of expert real help

    CD/DVD units

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • I recently installed a DVD from ASUS drive, my DVD will not play on Windows media player plug-in but I bought the Corel DVD freeze and will not play.

    Windows XP DVD with Windows Media Player problem

    I have a Dell dimension3000 running Windows XP. I have an upgrade video card NVIDIA 8400 GS with memorey upgrade 2 g. I recently installed a DVD from ASUS drive, my DVD will not play on Windows media player plug-in but I bought the Corel DVD freeze and will not play. Is there a better plug-in or a solution to this problem?

    Try to download the utility "Windows XP video decoder check utility.

    It checks the ability of DVD to WMP encoder

  • Burned DVD will not play on a DVD player

    I downloaded a 22 minute video I want to burn to a DVD in my DVD player.  I tried on the DVD-R and DVD + R.  They burn the disk but will not play on the DVD player.  The error message indicates that the reading is not available on this disc.  I used the windows search support to problem solve on my own, but have had no success.  I made sure that I am selecting the option of CD/DVD drive to use the ISO image format.  I entered my option and I have no filters.  I have the video on NTSC format since I'm Pennsylvania / U.S..  I have not tried burning on slow or average speed because it burns the DVD without problem it just will not playback on the DVD player.  What do you recommend as my next plan of action for troubleshooting.

    I guess that the video is not DVD compatible Mpeg2.  According to the DVD player, some will play other formats, too.  If there is no program for video on the computer, try Windows Movie Maker (free) to see if the video will too be converted to standard DVD Mpeg2.

  • What measures are needed to burn DVDs from first 12 items

    How to burn DVDs from pse 12 or lightroom 5 Debbie ! @ Debbie can you help me

    y at - it that someone out there can help me

  • Burning DVDs from first pro timeline

    Is it possible to burn a project of first pro timeline directly on DVD without yet?

    Thank you


    First Pro 2 used to have a burn directly to dvd fearture, but overall it wasn't much of a success.

    The way it goes is that you send your timeline yet. (File/dynamic Link/send to yet)

    Still opens, choose the settings of the dvd.

    Timeline appears in the project window.

    Go to build, then press on check project.

    End Action game and remote title (clicking on the name of the 'problem' the appropriate tab wil open. Remote title = button remote control)

    Burn DVDs.


  • Qosmio G20-118: Multi drive is not burning DVDs

    Hi guys,.

    This day I have never been able to burn a DVD with music files from itunes (in the form of data) using my G20-118, although I have no problem what to do in my old office. I have tried several different DVDs without success. Everything seems to go smoothly until the last dry when there is an error. I had the same problem that burn DVDs with Sonic. Finally, my drive rarely reads CD of music stored on other computers. It also came with data CD, although rarely.

    Do I have a defective disk? This CD/DVD that you tried and must work on my system?

    Thank you very much!


    I don't think it's a compatibility issue with the disks because the player accepts and then displays an error.

    For me, this looks like a bad drive, but perhaps you must first reinstall the driver or the whole system.

    Good bye

  • Qomsio X 300-engraver of DVD no longer Burns DVD double layer


    I have a 3 years old Qomsio X 300... Today, I tried to burn a DVD DL disc... and the shock was that I could not

    I don't know why... I have burned 7 front DVD DL discs with no problems at all of RICOH and Verbatim brands (the + and - if it matters)

    I tried several burning like ImgBurn, Nero 9, Windows burner software... None of them worked... It fills just the cache... I hear a clicking sound and keep it for about 5 minutes... Then he comes up with the message "write error". Differs from one application to the other...

    I tried all the media I have:

    Reading: CD / DVD / DVD DL
    Writing: CD / DVD only

    My drive is: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA - T50N
    Firmware: RT04

    If someone has an idea? Is this a software problem or the drive is faulty?

    Thank you.


    To be honest, I have not an answer to your problem, but one of my friends had a HP laptop, and in one night, it burned like about 10 DVD, a few days later, he tried to burn even more to discover that the drive has stopped burning DVDs, it can still be read but not burning. So I guess that you have a similar problem, which is most likely a hardware one.

    After all, the laptop optical drives are not heavy ones, we really need to be careful to use them, not as the ODS Office.

  • Problems burning DVD - dm4 3010 tx - win 7 64 bit SP1


    I use a dm4 3010 tx - win 7 64 bit SP1 portable computer.

    I can't burn files to DVD, I can play DVDs fine. I tried with 2 software:

    => Burner(error message in image) Windows disk

    -Online Imgburn: error message - disc finalization failed

    Any suggestions?

    Error message using Windows disc burner:

    Thank you


    Have you tried a few different brands of media? Sometimes the burner just don't like some discs. If so, the only thing I can think of to try is to boot from a Linux Live USB and see if it can burn DVDs from a Linux program as k3b for burning. That solve a software problem (Windows).

  • Media Player - can't burn DVDs its request to connect a burner?

    I can't burn DVDs of windows media player to drive in the drive, it says to connect a burner and restart?

    If you create a DVD for data backup purposes the following
    Freeware can be worth a try:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)


    (It's a free app
    to burn CDs and DVDs)

    CDBurnerXP create data disc
    (the green bar at the bottom of the screen
    turns red if you add too many files)

    If you create a video DVD to play in a free-standing DVD
    Player of the following freeware may be worth a try:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    DVD Flick
    (the download is: "dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.7.exe")
    (Download from (direct link) is the fastest).

    Good luck...

  • Burning DVDs in DVD player not working not

    We have problems with burning DVDs from our PC (slideshow photos and music). It downloads very well and gives us a confirmation that he copied the disk correctly (we can see in our PC) However when trying to see it from a DVD player does not work.  We used a DVD-R disc.  We have windows XP/Windows Movie Maker.  We used these DVD-R discs for other records from a digital recorder and they worked very well in our DVD player.

    We have problems with burning DVDs from our PC (slideshow photos and music). It downloads very well and gives us a confirmation that he copied the disk correctly (we can see in our PC) However when trying to see it from a DVD player does not work.  We used a DVD-R disc.  We have windows XP/Windows Movie Maker.  We used these DVD-R discs for other records from a digital recorder and they worked very well in our DVD player.

    Burn a video DVD that will play in a free-standing DVD player you
    need software for DVD creation... the only version of Windows XP that
    included this option was the "Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

    See the following article:

    Movie Maker 2 and DVD burning software-
    Media Center 2005 Edition

    Perhaps the following freeware should help you get started:

    (FWIW) It's always a good idea to create a system
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    DVD Flick
    (the download is: "dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.7.exe")

    Save the file to a folder on your hard drive and
    install from there.

    Be sure to read the Guide:


    Tutorial DVD Flick

    Burn any Format video DVD PC

    To create a video DVD base that should play in a free
    permanent drive DVD... try the following...

    First... read the DVD Flick Guide to familiarize
    with the program.

    Open DVD Flick and insert a blank DVD in your drive.

    If the window of Autorun from your computer... just close it.

    Click the project settings button and check... Video /.
    Target format... residents United States... Choose... NTSC /.

    The title button left click Add and navigate to your
    Video clips and select the ones you want on the DVD.

    You can have by selecting one and then use
    the up and down buttons.

    Left click on the button create DVD / OK / Yes / Yes.

    Please wait while the DVD is created.

    When the text "Completed successfully" is displayed you
    DVD Flick can close. Now you can eject your DVD
    and play in your DVD player.

    At some point you might want to buy more
    Advanced Cyberlink, Nero, Roxio, software
    Ulead, etc... but at least it is a start.

    Good luck.

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Try to burn DVDs - software decoding error message

    When you try to burn a DVD from Director of windows, he arrives at 2.4% of the coding and then stops and gives the following error message:

    "One or more files that have been added in DVD maker may not be decoded properly.  Make sure you have decoding software installed on your computer that can decode the different files and then try again. »

    Before these last months, we had no problem burning DVD.  Now, whenever we try, it's the error message that occurs.  I am really a novice when it comes to corrections of the computer, so I'm hoping to get appropriate assistance.  Thank you very much!

    Two possibilities come to mind, is an essential Codec you are missing or if you have a defective Codec installed.

    Look for defective Codecs in MOVIE Maker via the Tools / Options / Compatibility tab.  Remove all entries except the AVI compressor.  See if you get more than 2.4 percent.

    Rule out the possibility of miss some relevant Codecs, discover and download and install something like that and test again.

    Basically, the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is going to play all video files on this planet.

    K - Lite Mega Codec Pack
    K - Lite Codec Pack Full (less features)"

    K - Lite Mega Codec Pack 5.6.1

    There would also be other causes, then you can try some of these.

    Give Movie Maker a clear race by temporarily disabling all startup programs and Services of third party (non-Microsoft).

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Try System Restore and System File Checker program.

    How to repair the operating system and how to restore the configuration of the operating system to an earlier point in time in Windows Vista

    DVD encode - comes in at 98.9% burned, then fails

    Vista - creating Windows DVD fails at 99%

    Do you have enough space on the DVD for the file, and you have the same amount of free space on the hard disk for the temporary work files (maybe even a little more)?

    This is a FAQ on the Codecs it's Vista related and interesting to read.

    Windows Vista codecs

Maybe you are looking for