(Redirected) Dell audio drivers will not load when the system is turned on for the first time after his stop.

Dell audio drivers will not load when the system is turned on for the first time after adoption of Windows 10. I have to reboot every time. So what I'm doing puts the system into sleep. in this way, I don't need to stop and restart the system. It is Dell Inspiron N5559. Audio drivers are installed and up-to-date. Equipment works correctly.


Hi akilesh.sharma18,

Please repost this in the Audio forum from the laptop to help.


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    2. When was the last time it was working fine?
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  • Windows XP will not load past the Blue error screen

    Hi, wondering for a while if someone can help me...

    My xp system will not load past the Blue error screen that is displayed when the computer stopped suddenly or inadequate.

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    So far I have tried to leave the computer as long as an unused months while I was abroad, remove the battery for varying amounts of time and leaving the computer as long as a day.

    In the absence of a recovery disk, I have no idea how to do to return to the form and would like to receive advice or suggest, keeping in mind I'm not a computer genius (if had'nt you may have guessed). Preferably, without losing my element pictures and videos stored on the hard drive, but it's just preference.

    Thank you, Jay


    It does not seem good friend if the Windows operating system does not start even using safe mode, then I don t think you will be able to run the operating system without new OS reinstallation. :(

    To back up data from the HARD drive I recommend that you connect the internal HARD drive to external USB HDD controller and a backup of the HARD drive on another computer.

    Then you could try to reinstall the operating system on your laptop using the Toshiba Recovery CD

    See you soon

  • Satellite L500 will not load beyond the screen "Welcome".


    My Toshiba Satellite L500 laptop will not load beyond the screen "Welcome". The right slider thing keeps going around and around, but won't on my desk.

    Last night, he went into a temporary profile and he got a message saying "another profile cannot load at this time please try again later".

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    The error message is not known to me and also looking in google didn t get advice.
    Maybe your Windows operating system is confusing upward.

    Have you tried to boot Win 7 in safe mode?
    Try this. Restart your laptop, press the F8 key.
    In advanced startup options, select the option called Mode without failure.

    If the laptop does not start Safe Mode, try the last good known Configuration option.

    If this n t help, try to fix my computer. Here, you can choose between different settings.
    Who could solve that problem is HARD drive recovery that helps you define the notebook to factory settings. But it also means that your disk should be formatted!

    So be aware of this!

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    Apple has set the rates, price around $300 repair program.  I don't think you can get a price of paste elsewhere.  However, there are third-party sites that provide repairs, parts and helpful videos.  Google is your friend.

  • SK2061: The wireless keyboard will not connect when the PC is turned on.

    My problem is, when I start the PC, (HPK-15 500, 319NA), wireless (SK2061) keyboard, does not connect. I have to shut down the PC so he can connect (no restart, you must stop it).  Have had the PC for 5 months and it has been published. Not changed the battery makes no difference.

    The internet statement States I shoud push the blue button until the USB receiver flashes. This PC does not have an external USB receiver, I guess it's built in! The mouse works OK.

    Hello @JimCar82,

    I read your post on how the wireless keyboard will not connect when the computer is turned on, and I'd be happy to help you in this case!

    Re-connect your keyboard to your desktop computer wireless, I advise you to follow the steps described in this document on the keyboard and wireless mouse troubleshooting. The USB receiver should be found at the back of the tower.

    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I look forward to your response!


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    updated 13 solved the problem...!

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    get the error "no sequence valid is not found for the set of patches" msg trying to launch Acrobat XI for the first time after installing - suggestions?  Using Windows XP.

    Hi James,

    Let me know if the problem persists.

    Kind regards


  • Lexmark printer will not load to the top

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    Ideas: I have a lexmark X 8350 printer and my laptop Dell studio 1737 will not all drivers read and do not print

    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem


    ·        What happens when you try to print on the system? You get the error message?

    ·        You are able to print a test page?

    Method 1:

    Uninstall the printer from the system and reinstall again on the system and check if the problem is resolved.

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  • L50 - B satellite will not start when the battery is completely discharged


    My Toshiba L50 - B won't start when the battery is fully drained but connected to the power outlet.
    I try to work most of the time on the battery to keep the battery in good shape, but when I forgot to turn off the battery drains and the system will not start when I plug in the adapter.

    The battery charge indicator is orange light as it should. Only when the battery is fully charged to 100%, it will run at startup and function normally after that. I tried to turn on the laptop several times during the charge cycle, but only when the charge indicator changes from yellow to white it starts. Tested for 2 bodies.

    My old Toshiba always immediately turned on when I plugged the adapter even when the battery has been completely drained. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

    Thanks for responding... I hope well :-)

    Toshiba L50 - B
    Windows 8.1
    Any standard/original setting since I only acquired this laptop a month ago.

    The laptop should light up if the power adapter is plugged in and power the laptop corectly any if the battery is empty or during charge.

    Please check the version of the BIOS that is available on your mobile phone and compare with the BIOS available on the page of the Toshiba UE driver
    Maybe you need to update the BIOS, but to be honest, the history seems really odd to me and I m afraid that there could be some power supply electronic problem

    So in the worst case, the laptop must be checked by authorized service provider.

  • Why are the table of contents will not appear when the project opened on the intranet?

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    What else can we do?


    Hmmm, the dialog box, the page that should open the WebHelp is actually named 'startpage.htm '. It would seem that it is the HTML page, you must link to the.

  • Adobe Edge (with video) + Sizmek does not load on the first attempt in Firefox

    We tried to get a series of Adobe Edge HTML5 with video to work with Sizmek and Firefox and have had no luck.  We did a series of works autour and nothing seems to work.

    But if we do a sequence of basic Adobe Edge it works fine, but as soon as that video is attached it crashes and does not do anything (on initial load).

    We found this banner of Adobe Edge with video works with all browsers except Firefox unique.

    So far, we tried the following solution.

    What has not worked

    • Move the code of compositionReady edge of Sizmek at the head of the document.
    • Mix video load order in the file edge.js
    • Reduces the size of the video thinking it could be a weight of file problem.

    What worked

    • Deleted the video in the Edge file and have basic animation and it works very well.
    • Removed the Sizmek EB codes and it is loaded with videos, but is of no use to us because it does not respect the framework of ad Sizmek platform.
    • Re-build the banner using only the model Sizmek with greensock and works perfectly.

    Have contacted us the support of Sizmek and crossed a few developers and they said that the issue is in the ship's library and the compositionReady event is not dispatched to the first loading of Firefox.

    They have also done a few tests and think it might be a big problem with Adobe Edge and asked that contact us Adobe to find a solution.

    Can someone please point us in the right direction or other solutions of workaround to get the edge work "reliable . with Sizmek and Firefox?

    We know that we can build with just all the code, but our digital designers are not coders and need a solution to animation of timeline as opposed to a text editor. (With "Edge animate the logical progression of Adobe Flash for them")

    Thanks in advance!

    My current configuration of the system: MacPro (end 2013)

    Operating system: OSX Yosemite 10.10.4

    Animated adobe Edge Version: Adobe Edge CC 2015

    Version of Firefox: 38.0.1

    Here is a preview link:

    http://platform.mediamind.com/Eyeblaster.Preview.Web/default.aspx?previewID=9tJlNivoKiW3dH KTuk0LbbCgEiv2EIykKfVwKNgMDykKfuZrA44UDg % 3D % 3D & AdID = 31080610 & lang = en - us

    Link of the Adobe Edge sample file:

    Dropbox - 970 x 250-video - standard.zip

    .. .on investigated further. including an ogv version seem to fix this problem for some reason any (FF should play mp4s without problem).

    The VGO must be first in the order of the source. I think that this must be done manually in code.

  • Envy 15-j051: my HP Envy 15-j051 does not load when the computer is on, but will charge when turned off

    whenever I'm on and trendy get plugges but do not load, but when I stopped and keep power connected it charges the battery. I checkd the battery and it says primary school-OK (1) tell systems check all past

    @lagrit1023 ,

    Hello and thanks for the display on the HP support forums.  What you have going on here, it's a problem with the regulation of power on the motherboard or a problem with not enough amps from the power supply.

    Can you try feeding on a laptop or have a place that you can take to check?

    The only other way to check if you have already made the checks of the battery and so on is getting the system sent repair.  To do this, you will need to contact the HP support by phone.

    Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.


    Please let me know how things are going.

    Thanks again for posting and have a great day.

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