(Redirected) Old OS disk missing from the hard disk after upgrade windows 10 mSATA (Dell XPS 2710)

Hoping someone can help me on this issue.

I installed an mSATA card in my system and installed Windows 10 on the mSATA. I kept my old hdd intact inside, because I wanted to keep my data.

System starts well and runs 10 windows, BUT the old HDD shows not anywhere on my computer.

On the computer management screen, it is here and shows healthy. I can't assign a drive letter. Make a right click on the partition does not bring the menu, only the word help. Can't make the system recognizes the disk.

Someone at - it suggestions? Attached screenshots.

Thank you

Hi moonbugs,.

Please repost this in the software and the operating system, Windows 10 forum help.


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    Hi VisBo,

    Welcome to the windows vista forums.

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    I hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need assistance.

    Rehman - Microsoft Support

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    The core of this question was just a bad hard drive I think.  I ran a few tests on the system evaluation and the drive was only writing to approx.  .30 MB/sec... Yes, that's right, less than a MB... I went and bought a new hardrive and everything is good.  I guess the performance against the win7 update was just a coincedence...

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    Any help gratefully received


    Thanks for the reply JJMack,

    Just found this thread:

    Re: Photoshop not an option in the menu "open with...". »

    and although the jpg was already configurΘ for dΘmarrer with photoshop, I chose "Browse to" he chose again, and he appeared!

    More precisely, it is this line that has contributed to:

    "Try setting up the association to open the file for the particular file type Bridge (Edit - Preferences - File Type Associations) and then see if it appears in open with.

    Thanks again

  • Satellite U500-10F - creating recovery disk after upgrade Windows 7

    I bought a Satellite U500-10th with Vista OS and I decided to upgrade to Windows 7, so I ordered at Toshiba upgrade disk and installed it.

    * My question is *: * it is possible to create with Windows 7 recovery discs? * in order to avoid the downside to install vista first then do the upgrade to windows 7

    Whenever I need to do a clean install and also to avoid the disadvantage that it is not too recommended to validate windows whenever you perform a clean installation, because the problems of authenticity can emerge with microsoft!

    Thank you

    Hi m.tarek,

    I doubt that this would be possible. First of all, you have ordered only an upgrade, which means that this version can be installed on a pre-installed version of Vista. It is not a full version that you can install without BONES.

    Besides recovering the files on the second partition (btw, that's a picture) contains the Vista operating system and not Windows 7. It does not update.

    Sorry mate, but this is why there will always be this update of s. Alternative, you can create your own image using Acronis True Image or other imaging software.

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    Hi kmhpix,

    Please reset the Lightroom default return preferences and check if that helps.

    Press the shift + option keys immediately after you restart Lightroom and select Preferences reset in the dialog box.

    Kind regards


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    This laptop is not running Windows 8.1 long enough for me to know if she has had this problem before the upgrade.

    Any ideas?

    Nice day.

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    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards.

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