(Redirected) poweredge 2950 change all readers while keeping the BONES

I have a poweredge server 2950 with 5 x 145GB sata HDD and installed a windows 2008 R2, and I SAS 6 x 2 TB hard drives which I bought to upgrade all the hard drives on the server, how can I do that without losing the BONE? I'm new on the environment and I would be grateful to give me advice and measures on this matter, thank you very much.

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    If I have to use my Apple ID, wouldn't that let me use Final Cut Pro as it is allowed to the former owner ID and not mine?

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    Unless sellers are explicitly including transfers of software license, you cannot continue to use the software without eventually getting into trouble. Adobe CS apps can be installed on multiple machines, but they cannot be activated on two. If the 'included' software has already been activated by the previous owner, you won't be able to use it.

    The inclusion of the high-end systems used on applications should be a red flag: avoid sellers.

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    Copy-paste might not include the shaped. A regular import using square is the best way.

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    Hi Baba,

    Here are some step by step instructions that show you how to achieve this effect very easily thanks to the quick selection tool and a white adjustment layer to black & white.

    1. open your image in Photoshop. In the toolbar, click the Quick Selection tool and select your topic.

    2 go to Select > refine edge and use the dialog box to clean up your selection - I activated the option Smart Radius and increases the radius of the selection. When you are finished, click OK.

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    Two ways to do it.  We need to make a picture of 1 x 1 saved as a PNG with transparency and which defined on the background and repeat.  This will work in IE 7 & up and all other browsers.  The other way with CSS transparency that requires a few lines in your code depending on the browser used - http://www.w3schools.com/Css/css_image_transparency.asp .

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    There are two editable texts (unrasterized/editable)... The two applied shadow effects... They are very close together, so the shadow effect over top of the lower layer on layer.

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    Sorry I'm not that good at English, please ask what information I should I provide in addition to the problem...

    Thank you, Vish.

    Group the two layers turn off the shadows on the layers and add the style to the group.

  • How can I change the CPU, motherboard and upgraded to Windows 7 while keeping the old HD and all data on hard drive?

    I am running a Pentium Q9300 with Windows Vista. I have change my mother and put card at level of CPU of AMD Phenom II X 4 965. I bought a new copy of Windows 7. I need to update all those things while maintaining the old hard drive. Well, I don't know how to do it without other wipe the HD, fitness with an upgrade of the OS, or a link is not my new Windows 7 to my old hardware configuration. I need to keep all programs, files, folders, and data I have on the hard drive.

    How can I do all three and the link to my new Windows 7 for my new hardware?


    You can not do

    the old hard disk contains the drivers for the motherboard that is old and in all likelihood will not start when it is installed with the new motherboard

    a clean install is normally required when changing motherboards


    and I think that you should also read this on the granting of licences and motherboards:

    If you have a license to OEM preinstalled, DELL, HP, etc any update at the Board level or changes must be done jointly with the computer manufacturer

    an OEM license is linked to the original tho hardware it is installed on this computer life

    When the computer dies the license dies with him, unless the manufacturer is willing to help you

    If you have a retail license and reactivation problems:

    1. click on start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4

    2. press enter on your keyboard

    3. Select your country.

    4. take the phone activation option and brace yourself for a real person instead of the automatic fast process

    ·                        When you do the phone activation process hang to a real person explain to, instead of the following prompts for automatic scenario


    How to find a phone number for a Microsoft Product Activation Center


  • With vSphere test/recovery replication all while keeping the main site online.

    Hi guys. niot sure if I'm missing something really obvious.

    From what I can understand tha base "recovery process" in vSphere Replication5.1 implies the following workflow

    However, our profession demands that we test the ability to recover the VMs selected the site of DR then than DO NOT impact main site.

    Is this possible without SRM / table to database replication / replication of VEEAM?

    Our installation program

    VCenter PROD (dedicated VLAN x)

    VR PROD device (including VLAN, dedicated)

    PROD-HA and DRS Cluster

    Guest PROD networking (VLAN z)

    DR VCenter (dedicated Vlan X)

    VR PROD device (including VLAN, dedicated)

    PROD-HA and DRS Cluster

    PROD comments Networking (VLAN, isolated, cannot drive to the main site)

    No RS and no possibility to use the replication table according to preverred, no Budget for VEEAM replciation.

    MUST BE DONE, while the primary site remains fully alive >

    Basic procedure to test recovery to DR and come back if I understand correctly >

    1 tasks replication setup (fact)

    2 access to the web in VCENTER DR > Pause/Stop replication on the virtual machines, we want to retrieve.

    3 web access in VCENTER DR > retrieve DR virtual machines using 'recover with the latest changes' (Show stop as primary/Source VM needs to go down)

    3 assuming that it is a path last step 3, we intend to move guests picked up at DR VLAN, one port groups and reconfigure the Ips using Powershell process mass

    4 active Directory and DNS will be changed to Dr. TEST Site to make usable salvaged customers.

    test to DR on revovered VMs in DR VLan 5 users, so this should be route back or affect the site of PROD.

    6 not recovered VMs to the main site. This required once more primal VMs being to low or EVEN be removed from the inventory!

    Procedure here

    VMware vSphere 5.1

    Looks like so there is no way to use vSphere replication to TEST the abilty to toggle, unless you can share the secrets with me.

    If you are using vSphere replication without SRM above it, recovery Test is not available. The process, you can follow in case you do not want your main Web site:

    (1) perform a recovery using the second option (retrieve by using the latest available data). In this way you will not have to power off of the VMs source and your main site will be online.

    (2) when the recovery is complete, stop the replications (which will be in a State of recovery)

    (3) power off VMs recovered, unsubscribe them inventory of VC, but keep the files of disk intact.

    (4) manually configure all repetitions using disks that have been left in the form of initial seeds. This will cause the changes to synchronize.

    In step 4 of ease, you can use the multi-vm replication configuration wizard vSphere. Just make sure that the data store target each disk that will be used as initial copy is put in the folder with the name of the virtual computer. Then, you could try to configure all virtual machines at once, performing the search of seeds and confirming to use.

  • (Redirected) PowerEdge 2950 - disk failure

    Buon giorno

    HO a PowerEdge 2950 cui non riesco a qa Server da collegarmi console (window sin corso accesso).

    failure of disco 3 he display tell

    STO pensando di riavviare comunque server of it

    My devo acquistare UN disco in sostituzione.

    Come posso fare.

    Grazie by it support

    Sartore franco-

    ADMIN NOTE: replace character removed according to the TOU >

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  • is there a way to allow all users to keep the settings for Dream Weaver DD?

    I'm on a roaming profile and keep the problems with it saves settings. is there a way to define the Dream Weaver to keep the settings on the local computer so that everyone who connects to the PC using the same settings. I'm tired of spending all my time reset place Weaver of dreams rather than being able to use it.

    Thank you

    Christopher J. Crandall

    Is synchronize site settings, preferences, keyboard shortcuts, and workspaces in Dreamweaver if you want?

  • How to remove an extension of data store (while keeping the files)?

    Hello world

    I am looking for a way to move/delete an extension of my single data store. My data store consists of 2 extends from ~ 150 GB each. The data on this subject would be inserted in the Go ~ 150 remaining.

    Is this possible? If yes how? ESXi automatically rearrange the data to avoid losing data while dropping an extension?

    Thank you


    It is not possible to remove a measure and keep the original data store.  You must move your data, delete the data store and then re-create.

  • Why the drop shadow options change all layers not only the photo im working on?

    I have a poster with different layers, like text, photo, etc.  I have inserted a new photo and make a shadow, changing the size, spread and distance, but when I change some of these options as the angle or distance all the layers on the poster who shadows behind all the changes that I chose for the inserted picture.  I reproduced just the photo layer to use a drop shadow (using only the option of distance), then it changed all the text on the poster with her.  ??? None of the layers are related to each other.

    Only the angle of the drop shadows can be (and are by default) linked together. To enable or disable this feature use the check box use Global light right next to the Angle selector

  • Make a floor (solid white) transparent while keeping the shadow


    I have a project where I have to throw me a shadow of an actor on the ground. I have created some solid time as a floor and threw shade for my taste. I want to be able to take the floor, I created transparent everything keeping the shade.

    I tried to apply the SHIFT channels based on Luminanceand then apply the reverse effect. I either get a black ground (if I use the RGB channel) or complete transparency with no shadow seen that if I put the channel invert alpha.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Best regards


    Adolfo's right. You apply effects to the white layer. You just to drop a solid black below 2d then of set the blending mode to Silhouette Luma. That's all there is to it.

  • Check all postings while committing the form

    Dear gurus,

    I created the type of master detail form and I want to apply validation for some items, but I just wanted to ask those while committing the form and if there is some deviation message should appear stating the problem and the cursor should access the problematic element.

    Manish Manyal



    trigger key.

    IF :System.Form_Status = 'CHANGED'  THEN

    Please check commit_form built-in.


    Published by: [email protected]@h on November 19, 2009 04:09

  • analog output while keeping the value after the program

    I use a USB 6001 output a simple analog voltage. Right now I'm still in the process of experimenting to see how to control my blood pressure when I noticed that, after I complete my program, data acquisition is always show the last analog value.

    My VI is attached. I use the stop and remove commands at the end of the program so I don't understand why he continues to keep the last value. I used a breakpoint, so I know that program happened to stop and clear commands.

    How to exit back to 0 when I close the program, assuming that there is some other way than the writing of 0 at the end of the program.

    I did not find the related items, but if it don't just answer with a link.

    I thank very you much for any assistance.


    The DAQ hardware is supposed to retain the last value so write a 0 before deleting the task is the right method.

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