Reduced after formatting ability

One of my disks in HARD disk shows a reduced after formatting ability. Why would he do that?


Binary (where a kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes) and Decimal (where a kilobyte is equivalent to 1000) are the two different number systems which are used to express units of storage capacity. Industry standard is to display capacity in decimal places, but some programs to measure the ability of a disk in binary format. I hope that answers your question!

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  • Partition on HARD drive disappeared after formatting using the product recovery disc

    My laptop came with a partitioned hard drive C and D drives.

    After formatting my hard drive using the recovery disk of the supplied product with my computer, I don't have any option to partition the HARD drive, only for the 1. 46 GB for some recommended backup, and the remainder became the C drive.
    D drive disappeared. Now, when I put the USB ant in my laptop, it reads as D drive.
    Can you please help, I need to have my hard drive partitioned into C and D drives, and flash memory can be any subsequent letter.

    Hello Richard

    Is it so complicated to tell us which model of laptop you have exactly?
    Anyway, when you use recovery Toshiba you cannot lose score. After using the recovery media, you'll have to factory settings and the structure of the HARD disk will be the same as on the first day.
    Something like that is definitely not possible.

    > I don't have no option to partition the HARD disk
    This option doesn't exist. On some older models of laptops, just an option to set up the first score ability there.
    After the first start, you can go to disk management and activate the second partition. All that s!

    Please tell me what model of laptop have you then I can tell you more about the partitions.

  • Windows 10 won't install after formatting in the installer from the disc


    I tried to install 10 Windows on my MacBook pro 13 ' 2012 with SSD and HDD 10.11.5 running. I followed the procedure step by step with the Bootcamp Assistant for two hard drive. I have my USB Windows 10 install prepared, latest updates of Bootcamp and puppy 35 GB disk. I did this several times and can not get pass the Bootcamp with Windows partition install formatting. Whenever I click Next after format, he says "we couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information see the installation log files".

    it say something about MBR and Windows needs EFI.

    I had the same problem, you click on the partition where windows should be installed? Seemed that Windows did not know where to put them.

  • How to reinstall Win98 after formatting C on Sam 2180

    Hello, I am working with Satellite 2180. I have a problem with reinstalling windows 98 after formatting C:
    I have a boot disk with CD support for the A: drive. When I start it works well it also makes a ram on D: drive. He sees the CD to E: and the dir and the setup.exe, but does not start when I type setup or setup.exe. I also type Act E:\setup it won't work.
    I understand that there is no driver CD in MS DOS. I have the original win 98 cd

    Please help me. Sorry for my English. I'm Dutch

    If you have an original win 98 CD it is possible to boot from the cd. You may need to enter the bios to change the boot CD-ROM device. You can also try to format the hard drive since a win 98 boot disk and then boot your computer with Win 98 in the drive. The installation program should start automatically.

  • HP Mini 110-3000: after formatting wifi network icon missing

    Dear Sir.

    I have HP Mini 110-3000. As there is problem in my original preloaded operating system so I formatted and installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit operating system.

    After formatting, find it me impossible to see the wireless network icon in my tray instead it is another icon that is used to connect to the internet using a LAN cable.

    What is the problem?


    Go to Device Manager and look at the list of devices it.

    Is there a device listed in the Device Manager, labeled as a network controller?

    If so, this is the wireless card that need to install the driver.

    If you don't know which driver you need for the wireless card, please report it to the listed hardware ID of the device that you see as a network controller.

    To find the hardware ID, click the network controller device.

    Then click on the Details tab in the upper part of the window network controller.

    Now you will see a drop-down list of property, and it will be set to the Description of the unit.

    On this list and select the 2nd item (Hardware ID).

    After the first string of characters you see in the window.

  • Before I formatted my computer, I got a box that says translation but now, after formatting has disappeared. How to get back there? m.v.h torus

    Before I formatted my computer, I got a box that says
    translation, but now after formatting has disappeared. How to get back


    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    It is certainly not a feature of Firefox. You have a backup of your data before you reformatted?

  • External HDD factory software deleted after formatting - how to get it back?

    Hello world

    Today I received my new Toshiba HDD (product HDDR320E04EL symbol) and when I opened it for the first time I was prompted to choose the type of file format and I chose the more compatible option which is fat, but shortly after I had to change it to NTFS and I just formatted the drive.
    Any software that is preinstalled NTI BackupNow EZ, More4You and McAffe trial application have been deleted, and I wonder how I could restore the driver settings with all the software that he initially understood.
    In addition, anyone know what happens in this case with the possibility of password protecting data? My drive is empty now and doesn't seem to have an option for encryption, and I wonder if she has been included in the factory-installed software.

    Many thanks for any help.


    I m wondering if you received any CD, disc, etc. as well as the HARD disk drive.
    If not, then I guess that the preinstalled software has been removed and it is not possible to recover the data to a previous state

    I have a HDD from another manufacturer, and two applications were pre-installed.
    No drives were shipped with this HARD drive and after format HARD disk, I lost the mentioned applications and data
    I think you have the same case

  • Re: How to restore data after format disk?

    Hi, people

    I need your help to restore some important data which disappeared after formatting the hard drive.
    I have not any backup that was my mistake.
    Everyone's help is appreciated.

    Thank you all.

    Hi mate

    I don t think you will be able to do.
    Usually, data are lost after you have formatted the HARD drive.
    Of course, there are some different applications that could help recover some data for example. Data Recovery Wizard, but it is not cheap software.

    But I found this:

    Maybe it helps. Good luck

  • Recovery CD don't reinstall it Satellite M300 correctly after formatting HARD drive

    Hi all

    After having my original problem to create rescue disks resolved with your help (thanks again), I'm at the formatting of hard drives of 300. After that, I want to do a fresh install of Ubuntu.
    But I must admit I'm rather nervous about all this.

    So 2 questions:

    1 has anyone done this before and how it worked?
    2. I would be able to get the M300 back to the form using the reinstallation discs, AFTER formatting the HARD drive

    Thanks in advance!


    Usually the Vista Toshiba Recovery DVD should reinstall everything again. Simply said, it must affect the M300 return to the factory settings.
    The use of the recovery DVDs is very simple.

    You must boot from the recovery DVD and must follow the instructions on the screen!
    But note; The recovery DVDs will format the entire HARD drive... as the partitions created, etc...

    That s it.

    Welcome them

  • Waste product creates Backup Windows.old after format

    I have Toshiba Satellite A200-1CR Windows Vista Basic
    I want to format the system with DVD product, is recovery product recovery backup Windows.old after format?



    No, the Toshiba Recovery CD format the whole HARD drive and installs all new!

    Simply said; the use of the recovery CD redefines the laptop to factory settings.

    Best regards

  • HP a6210 after format I have no internet

    After format, I installed windows xp and I have no internet to find help right drivers.please

    You need the XP driver for the graphics.

    If you have internet, then the driver chipset installed the ethernet driver you need.

  • Gettinng less updates to Windows Update after formatting Windows

    Original title: problem with Windows Update after PC format

    Hello, I have Windows 7 x 64 OEM and today I had to format 6 times my PC because of my graphics card.

    Problem which is the 5th time that I formatted my PC, WU shows me less up to date than the first time. And in format 6, least of all day.

    How can I solve this problem? Thnaks.

    Hi Josele69,

    Whenever you install a new update, it contains the updates released before. If you will get only the recent updates. When you run windows update, you also receive only for new updates when you're done with the updates offered. This might be a reason you found less updates after formatting windows.

    For more information, see the links:

    Install Windows updates

    Install Windows updates in Windows 7

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Try to run the update to Windows XP. Had a complete crash of the PC and XP complete recharge after format. Could not downlaod updates XP then reloaded without format. Still can not download updates.

    Sorry about the title full, never used this site before

    Complete computer "meltdown" MB had failed. put spare MB in and loaded win XP - PRO after format. Could not downlad win updates.  Depc 0x8024400A error.

    Reload XP - Pro without format hoping to fix the problem.  No luck.

    Need help badly.

    I use AVG2012 for safety

    I am able to download the programs from other sources.

    I can't download the "Fixit" program as it equires SP3 and I'm to SP2.

    I tried the manual method and Thatcher did not.  I'll try the "aggressive" mode tomorrow (7/5) and if that doesn't work I'll

    seriously considered returning on Win2K.

    and then again loaded WinXP SP2 and I can not even do Windows updates.

    First, install the drivers necessary for the computer after reinstalling XP SP2. Then install the SP3 package after you a stand-alone download of SP3 Installer from this link:

    Once SP3 is installed, try Windows Update. If it still does not work, or if the SP3 installation fails, you should get some messages or error codes. Post back with the error code.

  • I'm having a problem reinstalling Windows XP. After formatting the disk and create partitions, it will not complete the installation.

    Problem reinstalling Windows XP

    I'm having a problem reinstalling Windows XP.  After formatting the disk and create partitions, it will not complete the installation.  He goes back and reinstall Windows again.  I go through the installation of 39 minutes, the computer restarts to complete and it loops back and start the installation again. Why it does this and what I can do to move beyond this?

    Go into the BIOS and make sure that you your hard drive is not set to off, and that is the first priority boot CD and your second HD.

    Don't push when it restarts anything just to let him do what he does and report back if anything I'm sorry I have no idea.

  • No Internet after formatting

    Access to the Internet after formatting


    After formatting my pc with xp OS my Internet does not work, but prior to formatting, everything was ok... What should I do?


    You must download and install the drivers for the network card on your computer.

    See this article for help: How to manage devices in Windows XP

    Additional resources:

    How to troubleshoot possible causes of Internet connection problems in Windows XP

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    I just had AT & T U-Verse installed and it has an option that allows you to view the photos, etc. to share media from my PC, but AT & T told me that I had to get a utility of DRM against MS.  I am running Windows XP SP3 and WMP11.