Reference DELL Webcam not working in Skype

I have a laptop DELL XPS L502X. Works fine integrated webcam DELL Webcam Central, but do not work in Skype even though the light is on next to the camera violence. Help, please.


It would be best if you contacted Skype support team regarding this issue.

They are experts in the field of your request and would be in a better position to answer your concerns. You can contact them through this link:

You can also join the community of users here:

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  • Reference Dell webcam not working not

    For some reason long ago my dell central webcam has stopped working.

    I recently had my laptop completely reformatted by an expert in COMPUTER & set at level of windows vista to windows 7 Professional

    I put the webcam installation cd in & re installed, but it still does not


    Recently install you / reinstall the operating system? If so, have you installed the drivers in the correct order? How to download and install drivers in the correct order

    Windows 7/8 is supposed to provide the drivers of webcam for most Dell computers. If you system needs webcam drivers, go in driver downloads & enter your service tag, and then select your operating system. If your system is in need of drivers for the webcam, they will appear under entry.

    Try to read...

    Troubleshoot the Dell Webcam and the Dell Webcam Central software

    You can try this file, also known as the Dell Webcam Central.

    Create a new unrestricted user account and try the webcam. The webcam worked?

    If Yes, sign out and sign back in to your account and try the webcam. The webcam worked?

    If not, then the webcam is detached from the motherboard, usually close to the webcam

    If your computer is under warranty, contact Support technical


  • Webcam NOT working with Skype

    Dell XPS L501x

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    FREE Avast Home Edition

    Reference Dell Webcam does not work for Skype.

    Reference Dell Webcam 2.01.18 shows the image without any problems.

    The picture shows Test Webcam .

    Webcam (Video Capture) Diagnostics link gives me an error, this PC of Dell Diagnostics or

    I uninstalled Skype, rebooted the computer. Ran CCleaner and click on register, search problems, difficulty of the selected questions, rerstarted and reinstalled Skype from various websites.

    If I click on tools, options, video settings, the webcam is not working, he's right there with a circle.

    I installed quick access and use it to connect and have no problem. It has nothing to do with quick access.

    Open for suggestions.


    Can try an older version of Skype

  • Reference Dell Webcam Central starts with Skype

    I have a Dell laptop with Win 7 and Skype 6.1.  Whenever I start the Dell Webcam Central from the Skype application.  Can someone tell me how to prevent it?

    Concerning all the



    Right-click on the Dell Webcam Central icon in the test system, near the clock.

    Clear the check boxes that you do not want to happen.



    When I plugged my inspiron Dell5050 the touchpad is not working properly. After removing the charger, the touchpad works properly. I restore my system, open in safe mode, digonsis the system, but it has not helped me.

    Hi dkydell.

    Go to your profile and change your user name. We are not allowed to use Dell as our username.

    Please repost this in the laptop computer forum for interventions.

  • My dell webcam not working not properly

    Please connect its always on display in the supported devices



    Try to read...

    Use and troubleshooting of the Webcam Dell and Dell Webcam Central Software

    Read the link to troubleshooting at the top, and instructions on how to proceed.


  • Webcam does not work on Skype with Ubuntu 12.04

    I have a Philips SPC700NC webcam that does not work on Skype in Ubuntu 12,04. He worked on the 10.04, but after the update it doesn't work. The camera is ok with cheese as it was before the update, but not on Skype.
    Any help to solve this problem is welcome.
    Thank you.

    Check out the tips for this issue to:

    The Instructions worked for me.

  • Webcam does not work on Skype, but I can get a preview in the video settings

    My webcam is not working for Skype calls, but I can get a preview on the Skype video settings and it also works on the various programs and services that use the webcam. This problem occurred recently when Skype has updated to the new layout


    Sorry for wasting time, but the problem was that were far too many people in the Group call and that smaller groups make the video work

  • the webcam built into my Medion Akoya laptop does not work with Skype

    the webcam built into my Medion Akoya laptop does not work with Skype... Thanks in advance

    Do Skype supported say when contact you?

  • My built-in webcam does not work on Skype - latest version

    Hello everyone.

    I hope you can help me.

    My web cam does not work on Skype. The camera itself works - I checked through Lenovo web conferences.

    I have attached a txt with the DirectX Diagnostic tool information.

    I hope you can help me, Skype is really great, everything works perfectly, except for the video...

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Try to update the drivers for the built-in camera:

  • Inspiron N5110 integrated webcam not working not

    I bought Inspiron N5110 last week. Right from the first day, I could not use the built-in webcam with Dell Webcam central or the Skype software. When I open Dell webcam central, it displays this message down 'no supported Webcam connected '. Even in Skype, when I click on the video, nothing appears. I uninstalled and reinstalled dell central webcam, but no use. I also uninstalled the driver for the webcam in device-> imaging devices Manager and reinstalled. But it's always the same. I also could not see driver for webcam my computer model in the Dell Web site. support for drivers has the same problem?

    I have a similar problem, but I think that the issue could be with the Dell Webcam Central.  I have uninstall and reinstalled the program, then also installed new updates for it.  I deactivated and activated the device.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver.  I've updated the driver.  I downloaded a new driver, based on advice from another forum (includes a new version as updates).  Still nothing works.  However, I got the camera worked briefly at some stage tonight after one of my moments of "Reinstall driver".  Not a lot of fun.  Spending a few hours on Skype to my family (I moved recently interstate) attempt to fix then to see them and have them only hear me.

    Any ideas?

    Otherwise I'll be in him passing on Dell.

  • Satellite M200 - Chicony webcam not compatible with Skype


    I have a Satellite M200 series and my Webcam Chicony works very well with YM. When I tried to use it on Skype, he'll tell me that "Skype has not found video source preferred. Webcam can be used in another application. Then I tried to move to the tools in Skype and checked the video settings, I changed the cam of default for a Chicony USB 2.0, still the same error message. The next thing I did was open the software assistant camera, but by clicking on the buttons will do nothing. I can open the device itself. So, I updated the device driver in Device Manager and the result is that I had the best and the last driver installed. Still not working in Skype.

    Any suggestions? I'll be very grateful for any help. Thank you.


    I think that Skype is one of the best applications to work with the webcam. I use it on the first day of purchase and there is no problem at all.
    What you can do is to restart your laptop, switch-webcam help software, start the Skype and try to configure the webcam in Skype settings again.

    He has to work. It works on my Satellite P200 and my Satellite U400 friends. He has to work in your case too.

  • Microsoft lifecam VX2000 is not working on Skype

    The microphone on my new microsoft lifecam VX2000 works very well but the webcam does not work on Skype.  Why?

    You posted this in a forum dedicated to provide feedback on the web site of Microsoft Answers.

    See if you can get answers in the forum "photo and video" depending on your version of Windows.

  • Inspiron N5010 webcam not working only not with the Windows8 Pro


    My webcam is blocking my computer as soon as access you it via Skype or open the Dell Webcam Central software. Windows 8 pro is the operating system. The webcam shows fine on the device, the said driver update manager that it is all of this to date. Driver is 6.2.9200.16420 (dated the 21.6.2006).

    Please can anyone provide a solution. Thank you.

    Vikram Hi, I uninstalled the Dell Webcam software, then uninstalled Skype. Reinstalled Skype for Windows8 version and everything works fine. Thank you very much.

  • Webcam not found by Skype

    Friday last Skype forced me to update. so far, I've used the 6.1.999 special version. With the 6.18.0 of the latetest version it does not recognize the webcam not more. There are configuration-> device management. No other program is using the webcam. Why Skype does not see the camera?

    First uninstalled ASUS Virtual Camera application.

    If this will still not help then uninstall the version 6.18 and install the old version of Skype.

    You can use this link to download Skype

    Don't forget to turn off the automatic updates.

    Tools-> Options-> Advanced-> automatic updates-> turn off automatic updates

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