reference implementation Office leak trace toolkit

I decided to run the Toolbox to see what he does on a project and found a leak unknown 0x0A185718.  The event is described as a reference leak, and he said: it's in the top level VI and it happens when I stop the program.  The Toolbox is worm 2014 and I am running it on a sp1 project 2011.

I noticed that when I click on an entry in the Toolbox it will take you to the location of the event.  But since this is the top level VI that doesn't really help.  I went through and closed every reference I could find, but I still get the flight of the unknown.  I tried the process example LabVIEW with the Toolbox and that seems to work very well.

So I started to disable parts of the code and tracked the leak down to read DAQmx (analog 1 Wfm Nchan Nsamp d) .vi.  I created a test vi with only that vi and it will generate the error unknown when they are arrested.  I also tried with the DBL 2D output and had a reference unknown error.

Is this a big deal?  No idea why it is even unknown error if it comes the DAQmx vi?

You close and the task of clearing?

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