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After nearly an hour of looking, I found how to get my reference separator to the right place. Now, I want to set the length of this one - to run the length of the text in which it is located, that is to say. from margin to margin across the page. But I can't! You guys have had 10 years or more to give academic Pages users options to improve the presentation of their papers. You always did not despite requests over the past decade. Don't you want writers to use the Pages? Would you rather we left Apple? You do not have one person who can write the code needed to give us more options related to the separation of reference? I don't want a new iPhone an iPad, iWatch, TI-shirt or iWhatever - I just want the layout of my papers to look well placed and balanced! If one of your Bright Young things you please assign to this simple task and make lots of people happy. Thank you!


And Tanya, where have you been during the past ten years, when it was obvious that Apple wasn't going to invest the resources necessary to compete with all the other processing that kept getting better, and that allow actually writers do their job more effectively?

The possession of a Mac isn't priori edit that you must use the software of processing of Apple. Threatening to leave Apple on a reference bar. Go ahead. Go ahead. Or adapt and use the Pages ' 09, any other product of processing suitable not Apple that works on your Mac, or even a complete implementation of the TeX/LaTeX Mac.

In addition, he is a volunteer community of users. Executives of Apple and the product teams involved here, then you're smoking just to those who don't have badges of Apple and have absolutely no influence with those that do.

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    Environment : business Capture

    Question : How do I keep the default values when a work of recognition processor creates a new document due to the separator page?

    Background :

    1. we have a job to import processor.

    2 failing a metadata to the sender of the email message ID value.

    3 work as expected if it is a single document, with no separator.

    4 but when it is to have several documents with a separator page, My Job of recognition is split into several documents.

    5. in the present case, I am losing by default (SenderEmailId) to all documents created by split.

    In this regard, any help is appreciated.

    MetaLink article describing almost word for Word the question shown here.

    "Sample company Capture recognition processor Script to keep the existing metadata for new Documents (Doc, ID 1918874.1).

  • Reference specifications index page

    I am trying to create an index of the object using the Index marker type (using unstructure FM 12). The output should look like this (the image below was created using the type of marker 'Topic'; I need to use "Index" because it is what generates in the ePub output):

    index right.png

    However, when I generate using the marker Index type, I lose the blue text and the chapter number before the page number. From what I can tell, FM is somehow inserting < $pagenum > in the reference specification index page, although I've specified in there it should be < hyperlink > < $chapnum > - < $pagenum > < Defalut Para fonts >.

    Any ideas how I can get it to stop inserting the < $pagenum > in the reference page?

    Check the names of paratag (i.e. compare what FM created with you). FM will only add new entries if it does not find those corresponding to the levels used for Index markers. The paratags should all end up in "IX" when you use the marker "Index".

  • Recording of reference in books page layouts


    What have I done?

    I created a new style of paragraph for my notes in the document root to the format of my book. I put the page layout in the reference of the document, in particular the rules of paragraph options. I have synced all documents in my book to set the same styles for each document.

    The problem:

    Whenever I have create a new note the paragraph style is adopted as expected but are not available options (paragraph nets). Is there a way to force InDesign to apply the same style to all documents or the ability to change the preset reference?

    Thank you for your help.

    It is an old question.  You do not mention your version of ID, but you can try the Jongware script from 2010, but noted his bets in custody this old thread.

    Good luck!


  • Reference to a Page element in the expression of the dynamics of the Javascript Actions

    I hope it is easy enough for the experts here!

    I have a dynamic as action below

    Event - lose Focus
    Selection type - jQuery Selector
    jQuery Selector - entry: text
    Condition - Javascript expresion
    value - this.triggeringElement.value > 37.5

    instead of the 37.5 I would like to make reference to: P16_HOURS

    What is the syntax to refer to this element of the page, I tried as above and P16_HOURS v ('P16_HOURS'), $v('P16_HOURS').value

    nothing works (as you can see javascript is not my forte!)

    Thanks in advance



    Did you try


    Kind regards
    My Blog:

  • Script to add the reference frame graphic Page

    Okay, I'm ready to pull my hair. I looked up and down the internet to find a place where I can see the segment RJ Jacquez on the script that allows you to add images of your framework reference pages to HR styles for tip/note/WARNING/whatever. The only thing I can find is a twitter link, and I can't access Twitter to work. Help, please!

    Thanks in advance... Melissa

    Hi Melissa,

    The javascript required to add images of your pages to reference the framework styles HR shared @ it is public and does not require a log in

    Hope this helps


  • Can you live reference an indesign page into another file?

    I am currently working on a group of documents that will total about 12 volumes, each of them having the same content pages, tell you what's in each books. Is it possible to reference one of these pages of content in all the other files so that I don't have to update content in Volume 1 page each time and it will update automatically the other volumes?

    The only way I can think to do at this time is to have the content page as a PDF file I copy every file and save it on when I need, but I don't know that there must be a better way than this.

    A book (capital B) resolve your situation? You can do the preamble for each volume to another InDesign document, document and content that will appear the same in each volume, then the rest of the volume as another document.

    Another alternative is to create a content stand-alone document and place its pages as a picture in the other. You can even use "Edit original" on this image: it opens again in InDesign.

  • How do I reference links display page numbers in DOC/PDF?

    Using RoboHTML, I made a few topics with links to other topics that work very well when the product in a CHM.

    However, when I publish through print (with hyperlinks to keep checked), the links appear, but they are useless when printing because they reference no page number. Maybe I forgot something basic, but I can't remember how to ensure that the links appear with something like "xyzTopic (see page 23).

    See the Word Macros on my site.

  • How to write the Java script to reference the 1st page 2nd page text field?


    I'm developing an interactive form of VISITOR info with webdynpro ABAP, his as well as 2 pages. Their hierarchy is,

        |            |
        |            |
        |            |------Text_Field_A_1
        |            |
        |            |------Text_Field_A_2

    Now, I chose the 'Text_Field_B_1' of page_2 and write the script Java, my requirement is; If Page_1's ' Text_Field_A_2' is set to 'Value_ABCD', THEN the 'Text_Field_B_1' of page_2 should be 'readOnly '. Pls let me know WHT is the Java script for this requirement?

    If (xfa.event.newText == "ABCD)."

    VISITOR_form. Page_2.Text_FieldB_1.access = "readOnly";


    Put the script on the Text_FieldA_2 change event

  • Pages: Sounds/Photos as reference text?

    Can I use a photo (or a melody?) as a reference in the Pages? I'm writing a story in Pages and music (its not text) and pictures to be endnotes. Is this possible please? I use a MacBook Air. My opus system is OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.

    Thank you

    John M

    Lol just text notes.

  • Cross-references in the output PDF from Framemaker: how to center the Pages?

    I think I understand quite well the functioning of cross-references in Framemaker, but one thing that bothers me, it's how, when you generate a PDF from Framemaker file and clicking on a reference, the resulting page view locates the cross at the top of a page reference marker.

    It's very annoying and confusing when, say, referring to a figure of legend that appears at the bottom of a page. Page display that results when such a reference in a PDF document after Center the text of the _following_ page, with the text of the legend of the barely visible figure at the top of the page.

    My question: is it possible to build cross references that show the page, when you click in a PDF document, is centered on the page that displays the cross-reference material?

    Thank you very much.


    Not AFAIK in FrameMaker.

    But in Acrobat, set the initial view one Page instead of continuous.

    File > properties > Initial View.

    Two upward (direction) and two up (cover Page) would also work.

  • (VBS CS2) Need help for indexing: creating a page reference

    This is my first post on this forum. While I have years of experience in PageMaker scripts, I am new to scripting InDesign. I need to create a reference of current page and index Word, 'Widgets '. I read PDF until my brain has turned to mush. I can't seem to connect the dots (literally) when it comes to this task.

    This is my test script. The last line is where I'm stuck:

    Const idCurrentPage = 1668444263
    Hello REM everybody.
    Set myInDesign = CreateObject ("InDesign.Application.CS2")
    Create a new document of rem.
    The value of myDocument = myInDesign.Documents.Add

    A REM get a reference to the first page.
    My page = myDocument.Pages.Item (1)
    REM create a block of text.
    Set myTextFrame = myDocument.TextFrames.Add
    REM specify the size and shape of the text frame.
    myTextFrame.GeometricBounds = Array ("0P0", "0p 0", "18 p 0", "18 p 0")
    Text of the REM entered in the text block.
    myTextFrame.Contents = "This is the new WidgetPro."

    Create a new history of rem.
    Set monarticle = myInDesign.ActiveDocument.Stories (1)
    REM is the editor of the story.
    Set myStoryEditor = myInDesign.ActiveDocument.Stories (1). StoryEdit
    REM enter text.
    myStory.insertionPoints.item(-1).contents = vbCr
    myStory.insertionPoints.item(-1).contents = "Widgets".
    REM creating an index (not sure if this is necessary).
    Define myIndex = myDocument.indexes.add)
    REM has add a topic (not sure if this is necessary).
    Set myTopic = myIndex.Topics.add ("Widgets")
    REM set a reference to the current page DOES NOT WORK
    myTopic.pageReferences.add (myStory.insertionPoints [myIndex], PageReferenceType.CurrentPage)

    A little more information if this can help: this process of building the story with words or corresponding indexed expressions through 30 + chapters for a total of 500 pages in the final book. The index is at the end of the book is created via the normal InDesign menu commands.


    As I said earlier, in classic VB there are void and functions. A Sub doesn't return anything, and its settings are not surrounded by parenthesis. A function returns a value and its parameters are surrounded by parentheses.

    For example

    Msgbox "This is a sub"
    result = Msgbox("This is a Function")

    even if the same command is used, it changes the rules when you return a value.

    (Please note this wackyness changed in

    If you wan't to deal with a Sub in function, you can add the "Call" keyword before the Sub.

    For example

    Call Msgbox("This Sub acts like a Function")

    Good luck


  • Script to rearrange the pages?

    I'm looking for a script to reorder pages in a large document (a few hundred pages).

    I need to be able to create the new order based on the former page numbers [for example: I need to specify that the new order must be 100, 3, 9, 212 178... all reference to the original page numbers.] When I move pages manually former page numbers are no longer valid, that's why I can't do it manually.

    Anyone who has seen/written such a script is invited to respond, and all those who would be willing to try to write a.  Thank you.

    Hey, it was a lot harder than I thought!

    This script seems to work - but it's true, I only tested with a document of 20 pages and some random reiterations. Run on a copy of your document and scream if she isn't good. (And boyo, I hope it works...)

    You can fill your new command in the first line, separated by commas. You can also enter a range, such as "5-10", if you happen to have a few pages in the original order. All numbers must be entered inbetween the quotes on a single line.

    var order="1,20,2,19,3,18,4,17,5,16,6,15,7,14,8,13,9,12,10,11";
    // Create an array out of the list:
    ranges = toSeparate (order);
    if (ranges.length != app.activeDocument.pages.length)
     alert ("Page number mismatch -- "+ranges.length+" given, "+app.activeDocument.pages.length+" in document");
    // Consistency check:
    sorted = ranges.slice().sort(numericSort);
    for (a=0; a -1)
       indexes = s[l].split("-");
       from = Number(indexes[0]);
       to = Number(indexes[indexes.length-1]);
       if (from >= to)
        alert ("Cannot create a range from "+from+" to "+to+"!");
       s[l] = from;
       while (from < to)
        s.splice (++l,0,++from);
      }} catch(_){}
    // s.sort (numericSort);
     return s;
    function numericSort(a,b)
     return Number(a) - Number(b);

    Copy and paste into a text editor - the editor ESTK which comes with InDesign is correct - and save it as "rearrangePages.jsx" in your script file. It becomes immediately available in your Scripts panel. Then just double-click to run.

    It should warn you to duplicate as well as some other incompatibilities issues I could think. If an error ("cannot create range"), your input is bad. If it warns you when executing ("problem with page... "), it cannot move this page for some reason any...

    Absolutely no warranty. Run on a single copy. It can severely damage your Document if it won't.

  • Distiller does not provide an end of the line square on a line of length zero but correctly restored at one end of the round line on the same line.  Why?

    Page 673 of the PLRM3 clearly indicates that the square and round line caps must be returned on a line of length zero.  However, when I distill a PostScript file with lines of length zero, the square line caps are not rendered. (Round hats is properly rendered.)  Why this inconsistency?

    In addition, please quote the reference zero paths of length on page 673. I may have missed, but I don't see that in my copy. The PDF reference is explicit on this point and reflects your experience rather than your expectations.

  • a single audio file are available on different pages?

    I have an audio file in my paper that gets read at different points of navigation via buttons. The problem is that I have to put that audio file on each page (this is a transcript of the audio), because it cannot access the audio buttons on the same page. So instead of a single file, which can be accessed at different points of reference on each page, I have to place this file on each page so that it playable from any page. I tried to put the audio file on a master page, but the buttons could not find when you create an action; the audio should be placed directly on the page. Any ideas? I want to access the same file from different pages and want the file incorporated, not separated from the document.

    Unfortunately, in the last version of InDesign, buttons can only trigger objects on the Board even in my tests.

    I believe that in earlier versions of InDesign (CS4 and earlier?), buttons could trigger objects on other pasta spread as well. Engineers may have found problems in doing this and added to this restriction.

    You're really pushing the limits of technology, and I'm running out of ideas to suggest.

Maybe you are looking for

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