Refresh rate of the external monitor (closed macbook) reset


Im very new to OS X, I have a macbook air 13 "that I have it plugged into my external monitor acer, when he was in closed mode (clamshell) I changed frequency by accident and now I can't change this back as the ' entry is not displayed. How can I change the refresh rate of the external monitor when the settings show only if the macbook is closed? As I said, I'm new so I am not very confident through many parameters, any help is appreciated.

If you have previously enabled "Screen sharing" Preferences-> sharing system then you can use another Mac to control this Mac and change it to one that works remotely.

You could 'open' the Mac to use its built-in screen and then be able to change the settings of the external monitor.

You can try to reset the setting by following the steps listed here Re: how to restore the display settings

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  • Satellite Pro A120 - lines running on the external monitor refresh

    OK I just want to know if anyone else has this problem if they fixed

    I connected an external monitor to an A120 you can see the lines of refreshing the screen running, I changed the screen and power cables to make sure it is properly grounded and drove up the refresh rate all the way, but it happens still I was wondering if anyone else has the problem, so I know I'm not nuts

    (Yes, I did an upgrade driver and I tried another monitor the only thing what is the laptop but I don't want to get engineers out if it's something I can solve)


    Can you please test it on a few different monitors? Perhaps your external monitor is not one that suits more.

  • What is it's ok to keep Satellite U500 closed while using the external monitor?


    I have a Satellite U500.
    At home, I use a monitor and a keyboard. So I closed the laptop while working at home.

    I can do this, or would it damage the display or otherwise hinder ventilation properly somehow laptop?

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    Hi mate

    Of course, you can close the lid when the laptop is connected to the external display.
    I have a Satellite phone as well and it s connected to the external monitor.
    I also have a USB keyboard.

    I use the external keyboard instead of the internal keyboard for laptop and the cover is too firm

    Don t worried if he of ok!

  • Refresh rate of the monitor 2310 m HP and how to set?

    This may seem a stupid question, but I agree with the idea that there was no matter what stupid questions, people simply stupid.

    What is the refresh rate of the 2310 m, and how can I make sure that my PC card and/or graphic is set to the appropriate refresh rate?

    Just got my new 2310 m today, and boy is snazzy. He hung with its cable DVI - D ma/DVI - I took on my PC and it looks great right out of the box. Haven't heard too much audio yet, but it sounds good so far and the volume level is higher than expected, which is nice. (You can always do evolve that you want only it softer sound.) Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase. I just need to know this small a detail so that I don't accidentally FRY this 'thing'.

    Notice to lovers?

    Assuming that you have installed the monitoring software.  Win7.  Right-click on the desktop.  Choose "screen resolution." "" Advanced settings '.  'Monitor' tab  Refresh rate possible are only to see the.  Probably the optimum is already in place.  My new HP monitor has only three choices and fastest has been already chosen.

    Is not having a wonderful new monitor?

  • Half the Office disappears when you unplug the external monitor

    I have a MacBook (early 2011) with a single office shared between two monitors - with one hand on the internal screen and the other half on a Dell 23 inch. The Dell is my first when I use both at the same time. Until a few months ago, when I unplugged the external monitor, all windows automatically appears in the monitor to the laptop, including the menu bar and dock.

    After an operating system upgraded a few dos systems (I'm on version of El Capitan.6), when I unplug the screen seems not to register - in other words, the left side of my office, including the menu bar and the dock, and all the apps that were there just to disappear. So my laptop seems to think that the other view is always connected and direct, unless I restart with the detached monitor. (I unchecked 'Displays have separated spaces') in Mission Control.

    Is that what I can do to force the Office to redesign the internal screen? (Note that the display is a Dell S2330MX, which seem not to support any Mac OS - so who could answer the question here.) Thank you

    I've known who issues from time to time, try to close and reopen the lid, which needs to redraw your office.

  • Qosmio X 305-bad image on the external monitor quality

    My x 305-701 has excellent image on the original monitor, but if I connect the laptop to Acer 22 ' VGA cable I get a blurry image on the external monitor only.

    It does not matter if I use two monitors at the same time or just the Acer, the external monitor is always blurred the laptop monitor is always perfect. I tried the external monitor in 1440 x 900 and 1680 x 1050 and have adjusted the frequency of refresh of all available parameters, 59 Hz, 60 Hz and 75 Hz, and the blurred image is still there.

    I love this Qosmio and appreciate it even more on the widescreen monitor any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I know that LCD screens are blurry if set to non-native resolution. I think you need to set the correct resolution for the external monitor. Check your external display native resolution and set in display settings.

  • Portege R600 - how to use the external monitor on the docking automatically

    Hi - I just got a new Portege; R600-102. It's a great machine - very light and fast.

    I connect to a Slim port replicator to the office and I wish I could anchor and automatically use the external monitor without opening the laptop. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do it? This process has worked well on my recently retired Dell X 300.

    More precisely:
    # I have the laptop closed Portégé and standby mode
    # I anchor in the Slim Port Replicator (SPR)
    # I press the button 'on' on the SPR
    # I see the message "recovery windows" and the bars of the countdown on the external monitor. (So I know it's connected and you can see the external monitor)
    # The laptop turns on but use the laptop screen (private) LCD
    # I have to open it and manually tell it 'out to watch.
    What can be automatically?

    Thanks for the tips.

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    You use Windows XP Home or Vista edition?

  • Aero off when the external monitor is turned by Nvidia ControlPanel

    Please see subject
    Aero works perfectly when the office is developed for the 2nd monitor in normal mode.
    no work around?

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention my hw: Satellite a100-02 b (geforce go 7600)

    .. and when I reboot Vista behaves a little bit strange.
    a few seconds, everything looks ok, but then it redefines the external monitor to 16-bit color and minimum Vfrequency (60 HZ)
    and a message appears that the 'Desktop Manager' was closed due to a problem.

    Maybe it's because...
    (1) it is an old CRT, not especially known (standard pnp driver)?
    (2) the ability of the graphics card vista is not sufficient in this configuration?

    I heard somewhere that there is a switch in the registry, which disables the dwm.exe test, if the material is
    able to support the aero technologies. What is a way to fix it?


    I read about the registry hack that allows the function Aero Vista on graphics cards that are generally not able to manage the Aero feature.
    But I don t think that the modified registry key might help with this problem!

    In any case, I try to understand what you were doing on the laptop
    You have turned on the display on the second external monitor, then you have changed the position of the screen (you turn the display) and you tried to use the Aero on the external monitor.
    Am I wrong?

    Well, what to say, it s not easy to say if she s a problem or just a limitation of Vista Aero.
    I have never tested or used Aero after the display has been set at another position.

    I think you should test Aero on external monitor without rotation.
    Please also see this Toshiba knowledge base article on

    What are the requirements of Aero in Windows Vista?

  • Cannot get T500 to display on the external monitor

    I'm running Windows 7 on a ThinkPad T500 (type 2082.BSG), and I'm having problems after have recently updated my display on the Lenovo site software (read the list of installed software, I think that the installation of the software that is the cause of the problem is "ThinkPad features video [AMD switchable Graphics (M8x)] for Windows 7 [32/64 bit] ') version 8.752.4 - 101022 a-107489C-Lenovo). Before the update my computer has guessed what display is active (laptop screen or external monitor) and used the active display. For example, when the laptop is docked and the cover closed he used the external monitor. After the update when the laptop is connected and the lid is closed, I can't display on the external monitor. I have to open the lid and use the Fn + F7 to get the display on the external monitor. Can anyone tell me please what settings should I use to get the old behavior.

    Kind regards


    The previous is an old post, but as there was no response, and I recently solved the problem, I write in case someone else runs into the same problem.

    After having encountered the problem I restored the factory default driver (which does not show the problem). However, lately I received another message to the effect that it is recommended to install Lenovo "Thinkpad video Features (AMD Switchable Graphics...). ...". I installed the software but the problem described in my original message reappeared. However, this time, the software of (the age AMD) had a "driver update" option and my video material is correctly recognized and the correct driver has been downloaded from the AMD website, after which the problem described in my original post disappeared.

    Kind regards


  • application (adobe reader software) opens in the external monitor; How can I do ap open in the primary?

    Running Win 7/64 with 2 monitors.  Program opens in the external monitor, not primary.  Have you tried a primary mobile window, exit ap, then re-opening: no solution.


    ·          The same thing happens with other programs?

    Try this:

    a. open a PDF file. Now, UN-maximize the file. Hover over to the other monitor. Now, close the document WITHOUT maximizing it on the new monitor.

    b. now try to open a PDF file. It should open on the new monitor. Blow it up and close it again. Now, a new PDF opens on the new monitor, and it will be maximized when opened.

    c. therefore, apparently, the trick is to close when it is not expanded on any monitor you want to open on. Adobe will remember whether or not a document has been expanded and open PDF one another in the same way, but it will update the monitor to use when a document is closed so that not maximized.

    Look at this link in the Adobe forums:

  • Portege R500 - cannot see an image on the external monitor

    I have a R500 and use a port replicator. I use a DVI connection to my main screen (monitor 22 '').

    I tried to configure the extended desktop but cannot get the external monitor to work - my laptop monitor remains off and I can't make it work even after checking the display settings to be "extend my Windows desktop on this monitor.

    What is the problem?


    What happens if you connect the monitor directly to the laptop without docking station? It work?

    In addition, I would try to update the display driver and BIOS. The two you can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L360-14F - cannot play videos on the external monitor

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L360-14F
    Video files as avi, flv, mp4 are played with SM-player etc on the screen of the laptop, but not on the external monitor attached.
    A newspaper there is the error message: MPlayer crashed by the bath OF CPU/FPU/RAM usage.

    Which may mean that?

    You already go to the external display by using the FN + F5 keys?
    To do this.

    In addition, you must go first to the external screen and then you need to start the windows media player or other video player.

    I advise to use the VLC Player. It s free fro and plays most of the files

  • HP Envy X 2 (15-C001dx): HP Envy X 2 (15-C001dx): question seeks to use the external monitor

    I have a brand new HP Envy X 2 (15-C001dx) with Windows 8.1. So far, it works fine by itself. I tried to connect an external monitor to the laptop using an HDMI cable from the laptop to a LG L246WPQ screen. The problem is that 10-15% of the left side of the content portable screen does not appear on the external monitor. Missing from the external display is the word "Start" in the upper left with roughly 2 columns to tiles. This occurs in the two "dual display" or "show only the screen 2" modes.  It's using a resolution of 1680 x 1050 times the cell phone and the LG appearing in support. Using the touch screen on the laptop I can scroll tiles to the right and see the missing columns at the far left. The information displayed on the external monitor begins as far left this screen will be displayed. In other words, there is no black and white on the left box. Except for the missing information on the left side, from the rest of the external display content seems fine. I have updated video driver of the laptop at the latest on HP.COM.  No change in behavior. I tried all the options I could find on the LG OnScreenDisplay, but nothing does the display not better. I've seen complaints on some forums that some "DPI" support added in Windows 8.1is causing many grief monitor for some people. Who would have something to do with it?

    This sounds like a video driver problem?  Something incorrect or incompatible with this LG monitor? Suggestions on other things to try?

    Thank you

    @outback ,

    Hello and thanks for the display on the HP support forums,

    The first thing I would try this question takes the hdmi cable and plug it on another monitor or a TV.

    If the same problem exists then LG issue.  If the same problem occurs on other screens or TV then looking at a resolution problem on the output of the system.

    Even if you can be able to higher resolutions sometimes native resolution will eventually force you to lower it.

    I have two screens at home who can manage resolution 1680 x 1050, however the native resolution is less than that.  and according to what I connect to the screen will depend on what I can get away with.

    Here are some links that you can see and which can be useful.

    Troubleshooting screen HDMI and sound problems

    I checked on the model of monitor you are using, and it seems to have this problem on many different systems.

    LG L246WPQ

    L246WP 24 '' LG display moved to the left driver Nvidia 8.15.11 - EVGA GTX 260

    Here is a list of the problems of google I found.

    The screen shifted to the left.

    I would like to know how this happens.

    Thanks again for posting and have a great day.

  • Portege Z830: I want to disable internal LCD and use only the external monitor

    I have a Toshiba Portege z830.
    I use my laptop in "Extended desktop", mode with an external monitor, which is the main display.
    In this mode, the two screens are still on, but I want the built-in LCD screen to be opened only when I use it.

    Is this possible?
    Thank you.


    In my opinion, this is not possible.
    In extended mode, you use and display internal but extended and the long part is visible on the external monitor.
    In such a case its any that your external monitor is set as main display.

    If you want to use an external monitor only, you can only export the video signal on external monitor by pressing FN + F5

  • Tecra A10 - 1LL - connection with the external monitor


    I have a problem with my laptop Tecra A10.

    When I connect to an external monitor to the laptop I have to manually switch the screens because external shows nothing. When I disconnect the monitor I have to pass the screens manually with FN + F5 because the internal display shows nothing.

    My old laptop (Tecra A9 (PTS52E-0E702NGR)) is the poster automatically whenever I connected or disconnected an external monitor.

    Anyone has an idea why the A10 light automatically as the old notebook? Maybe it's the only spot in the preferences of the display driver that I don't see right now. :-)

    Hi SilverWizard,

    What happens if you try to switch on the external monitor using the options of display driver, or that this combination of buttons don t work?

    As wrote Al - eX you must update tools from Toshiba to get the keys FN working again. Everything can be downloaded here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    It's working now?

Maybe you are looking for

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