Refurb new Pavilion Slimline s5610f, HARD drive advertised as 7200 RPM, watch 5400 RPM in speccy

I don't know if it was just the misinformation on the Bestbuy description because it was a refurb or Speccy reading it wrong, but I just bought the refurb HP Pavilion Slimline s5610f was supposed to have a 7200 RPM HARD drive according to everything I read.
This is the profile for HP http://h10025.www1.h...R1002_USEN#N455
Here is the description of BB

I looked around and everything indicates that the device of WDC WD64 00AAKS-65Z7B0 as being 7200 RPM SATA drive. Speccy also lists it as a 2 MB cache, which I don't think is correct, should be 16 MB, but I'm not too sure.

Any help would be appreciated, as other ways to identify the number of towers disk and memory cache.

Also wonder about this part of the form: data C7 Ultra DMA CRC Error Count 200 (177) 0000000019

Who's 19 errors for the duration of the training?

Of Speccy:
Hard drives
WDC WD64 00AAKS-65Z7B0 SATA drive
Manufacturer Western Digital
Business Unit / Desktop/WD Caviar® brand
TR/MIN/Buffer Size or attribute 5400 RPM with 2 MB of cache
Heads of 16
16383 cylinders
Type II-SATA 3.0 GB/s SATA
Type of appliance fixed
ATA Standard ATA8-ACS
LBA 48 bit taken in charge
Serial number WD-WCASYF167563
Interface SATA
625 GB
full size 640,135,028,736 bytes
Zero Type RAID
01 Read Error rate 200 (200 worst) features 0000000000
03 spinup Time 162 (162) data 0000001324
04 start/Stop Count 100 (100) data 0000000020
05 reallocated sectors to count 200 (200) data 0000000000
07 seek Error Rate 100 (253) data 0000000000
09 hours (POH) powered 100 (100) given 000000001 B
Spin Retry Count 0 to 100 (253) data 0000000000
Attempts to recalibrate 0 b 100 (253) data 0000000000
0c device Power Cycle Count 100 (100) given 000000001 has
C0 Power-off retract count 200 (200) data 0000000007
C1 Load/Unload Cycle Count 200 (200) data 000000001F
C2 Temperature 118 (109) data 000000001D
C4 number of events of reassigning 200 (200) given 0000000000
C5 Current pending sector count 200 (200) given 0000000000
C6, Incorrigible sector County 100 (253) data 0000000000
C7 Ultra DMA CRC Error Count 200 (177) data 0000000019
C8 write error rate / multi-zone error rate 100 (253) data 0000000000
Temperature of 29 ° c.
OK (less than 50 ° C) temperature range
Good condition
Partition 0
Disk #0 Partition #0 partition ID
Size of 100 MB
Partition 1
Disk #0 Partition #1 partition ID
C: drive letter
NTFS file system
Volume serial number E4AF596B
584 GB dimensions
Used space GB 30.5 (6%)
Free space GB 554 (94%)
Partition 2
Disk #0 Partition #2 partition ID
Letter from D: drive
NTFS file system
Volume serial number 829DB1F3
12.1 GB size
Used 10.6 GB of space (88%)
1.47 GB of free space on the (12%)

Ask yourself why the unit was refurb can be intimidating. It's only cicra July2010.

You perform these maintenance issues:



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    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    It's not nearly as simple to do as you think.

    You will need to remove the disk, replace the disk and then restore the configuration from the PC to the new drive - and this last step requires the use of media of HP recovery, which is NOT a CD, but instead, a DVD SET, usually 3 for the operating system and a driver CD.

    In addition, a restoration in this way begins cool and NONE of the data, settings or applications residing on your machine now would be copied to the new drive.

    Let's tackle the first elements-the removal and replacement of the drive.  It's the upgrade and Service of Guide for your PC:

    Information on removing and replacing the hard drive begins on page 17. As you can see, there are a LOT of work involved.

    As to restore the configuration of the PC, there is an easier way which is what you have - and which is 'cloning' the reader in a new, larger, by car.

    What I recommend is the following:
    (1) download and install Macrium reflect (MR)
    (2) connect the new drive to the computer using a USB car adapter
    (3) follow the instructions in this link:
    (4) shut down the PC when done
    (5) Exchange the disks and reboot the PC.

    You should boot from the new drive with no problems.

    Good luck

  • HP Pavilion Slimline S3600F HARD drive

    Hi, any body know if the s3600f slimline uses a 2.5 or 3.5 hard disk? I think it's a 3.5, but I'm not sure


    If you have clicked on these discs on the link, you know they are all 2.5 "HDD. You can use something like this:

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion a1720n replacement hard drive

    Hey all, first time computer Builder here. a neighbor gave me an A1720N with the hard drive removed. How to choose a new hard drive? Memory/buffer without buffer, 5400 tr/min/7200 RPM, SATA/EDES, 6 gps / 3gps?

    Whenever I think I did the right thing, I read something that changed my mind.

    Here's the original HP Pavilion a1720n Desktop PC product specifications.  All SATA SATA 3 G (3.0 Gb/s) will be compatible. Here's a suggestion: Western Digital - Caviar Green 2 TB internal Serial ATA Hard Drive.

    You will also need to install an operating system.  Suggestion: Windows 7 Home Premium

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    How can I reinstall the CC without having to start a new account after a hard drive change?

    Just got my PC back from repair with a new drive installed and al, I see for the CC options for new accounts to create, I already have one so I want to reinstall my account without having to pay for a new account.  Can someone tell me how to do it please?


    Please visit the given link to download CC: download and install Adobe Creative Cloud applications

    * Connect with your Adobe on which you have registered the product ID.


    Bianka Attre

  • Pavilion Slimline s3760a: hard to replace by disk drive cloning

    Product name: Pavilion Slimline s3760a

    OS: Vista

    Hi all

    I'm Turina, just joined the forum think I write in the right place, but I would like to know if I am not please.

    So we had our computer for several years, the hard drive is in red then am swapping try it before he died of old age, for a WD 1 TB hard drive.

    I use a Sata-usb adapter and the editing software Acronis True Image WD to clone the installed hard drive.

    It is only used at home, and we buy another for games, so it is just the usual photos, music, computer documents, type ftp and Web site stuff, but nothing too consuming.

    I don't think I have the original cd that came with the computer, so I do not have a cd of the operating system.

    Have already saved the computer several times so I'd go back to setting before changing the original hard drive?  No important stuff there that I can't get back.

    The questions are:

    1. The current drive is partitioned, the C: and the D: which is the original Image.  I want to know if I can clone the image factory separately to the C drive on different drives.  That is to say the image of origin on a disc and the rest on another disk.  Actually I don't know what is an original image, but after reading on this subject, I guess, it's the information to restore your computer to factory settings?
    2. If I can't clone separately, when I clone the drive will be the computer then be able to recognize the additional 1 TB or it will still recognize just aware of the 320 GB memory disks.  I know that you can enlarge the partitions don't etc. no idea how or even if I need to do this?
    3. And a separate SSD or same disc for the operating system would be more killing?  Actually I don't think I can put the operating system on a separate drive because I don't have the cd and don't know if I can do it with the cloning software.  But thought I'd ask anyway.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time


    After you run the clone, this player can be connected with the drives original wiring (SATA and power data).

    This new cloned drive should start without problem. The original drive may be stored safely up to your satisfaction.

    A cloned drive is an exact copy of the original disc. It is intact, with all the programs and data files.  There is no further action required.

  • Pavilion HPE - 533 sc: installed new graphics card. Hard drive stops

    In order to improve my graphics performance for games that I invested in this graphics card:

    NVIDIA gtx 950, links shows the map and specifications:

    How fitting the screen stops at initial HP logo and "press ESC to start menu.

    I can also clearly see that disk hard fails or starts the Windows 7 Edition operating system home premium.

    I am running Nvidia GT 630, and back on this card machines works well again.

    It just loks like the new graphics card prevents the hard drive to run.

    All attached cables (power cable 6 pin) and locked firmly into the PCI slot.

    Is it possible that the new card draws so much power that it prevents the hard drive of the race?

    When you press ESC, it seems that the hard drive is registered in the Bios.

    This nvidia gtx 950 is better? It seems to be more the size of the one I have - nvidia GT 630. Link shows specifications.


    First of all try to help me, please do not write that I should get a new machine - I thought that, despite this current have worked without any problems for 5 years now.

    Do not forget that I have to install a lot of programs and to transfer other data - it would be nice to avoid this.

    If if can not be fixed - which stationary HP desktop computer (I have a laptop) can have the new nvidia gtx 950 mounted?

    or this

    HP Pavilion Desktop-500-585no

    Thanks in advance

    I'm not familiar with current PC for sale, regarding upgrades.  Since is considered a new HP, try looking at the list of options on the HP website.  Most higher end PC have the options that you choose before buy you, to customize the generation.  Choose a model with options that match your criteria now and notice the upgrade options - write down them - to avoid confusion later.  OR go with a customized version, but this could mean significant spending.  It is the hand off the coast between prebuilts and personalized.

  • HP Pavilion a6000: I have HP Pavilion a6000 and want to add a new WD 1 TB Hard Drive blue

    I have a HP Pavilion a6000 and you want to add a new WD Blue 1 TB hard and clone (including OS) the old 250 GB hard drive to the new drive and then use the old drive for music.  What should I do?

    You are welcome.

    Sorry, but I can't help you with the question about the SATA motherboard ports - hopefully someone else can help you here.

    However, for cloning, you can use a USB cable to SATA, with which you can connect your hard drive to the USB port on the computer and transfer all the data from the old to the new drive.

  • 27-a010 all-in-One Pavilion: why the hard drive from my old computer Toshiba displayed on my new HP c drive?

    I got this new computer on Monday. The reason why I bought a new was that I suspected that my old Toshiba got compromised. I even bought a new Linksys router that was AC 1900. My new HP computer has McAfee and uses MicrosoftEdge browser. There are several interesting questions, I hope that experts from HP can answer for me.

    1. why my old Toshiba drive appears on the hard drives in the Device Manager?

    2. Why are there readers D two on disk management? Can't update my Windows 10. I bought a new computer.

    3. why hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys, swapfile.sys, BOOTNXT appear on my drive C Windows?

    The above synptoms are normal? I need to do something about these questions or just leave them along? I have a microsoft all in one account.

    Thanks for the reply.


    I don't see your screen but:

    1. new machine uses Toshiba HDD, not your old machine of Toshiba. HP uses HARD disks with many suppliers, including Toshiba.

    2. Yes, it is normal. One with the file system is the real, without file system is a shadow one.

    3. normally, they are hidden system files, you can hide them if you wish.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion p6580t CTO: hard drive replacement options


    I need to replace the hard drive (ST31000528AS) on my HP Pavilion p6580t CTO.  I'm trying to find which drives are compatible.  ST1000DM003 (promoted as a newer version of the ST31000528AS) work?  What of the SSD Kingston SSDNow v + UV400 (it is smaller, but I have not so much storage)?

    f your original hard driveis still functional, I would discuss with the mnaufacturer. There are programs to reduce the partition to make your request.

  • HP Pavilion G6: replacement hard drive on hp pavilion g6

    Im trying to replace a hard drive on a HP pavilion G6 model number is G6 2239dx so I looked hard drives compatible with this model number that I did not buy directly from HP for a heavy sum. I found the other G6 drives with different model numbers, now I know that I certainly need the model number to order the Pack recovery but on the hard drive. It is somehow specific model number or can I use a hard drive from a 1B79dx of G6 G6 model number or any other g6 also. I'm new on this and do not want to buy something I can't use and have not been able to find clear information, I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated!


    Basically you can use any standard laptop HARD drive. But please use Hitachi or Toshiba. HP machines use Toshiba HDD much. You don't need special HARD drive to your machine.

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion 15-n211dx: Hp Pavilion 15-n211dx hard drive problems


    Last March, I bought a Hp Pavilion n211dx-15 and 9 months after I bought it, I had some problems with the RAM because of my eletricity, but I already bought a new pair of ram sticks. I tried to do the system recovery Image minimized by myself because I didn't know it was a problem of ram, in the middle of the installation, the computer froze and the pixels have been going nuts. In any case, when I had the fixed ram, I started the computer and I saw that I had altogether 90 GB of HARD disk space (it comes with a 750 GB HARD drive), the windows installation is fine and all, but my HDD shows that 90GB total and the computer comes with a 750 GB HARD drive , I do not have what to do (if I have to install stuff and HARD drive drivers).

    Thank you


    MAN! I thought about it! I clicked on extend the volume and then chose the unallocated space to send C:\\ thank you!

  • Upgading A Pavilion Elite HPE hard drive

    First off let me thank the guy who responds to this advance. It may be a few days before I have the chance again. Sometimes the unknown Warrior keyboard deserves a bit more then they get lol. So, thank you.

    I have a HP Pavilion Elite HPE. I just took my first slap to upgrade certain hardware and now I have a FEVER. I should have noted some things while I was there, but I was a little excited to get it working again. I noticed a few differences in my template to the list for the Pavilion Elite HPE, I found this site, but I should be able to answer your questions with a quick glance to see if it's right. HP presents my motherboard as "MS-7613 (lona-GL8E)" but I'm sure that my Board is a Foxconn version 1.01 Aloe with a 3.0 GHz AMD Phenom II x 4 processor.

    Then. Here's my question, can I put my 1 TB harddrive to two 2 TB drives? And you have any recommendations on which hard drive I use? I'm new at this and so I don't know I might miss information on this for you, but I think I can answer your questions on hard/software that I use.

    Thanks, Escar Frazzle.

    Pavilion Elite HPE (HPE-210y), AMD Phenom II x 4 3.0 GHz, 4 X 2 8 GB RAM, GeForce graphics 970, win 10

    You are welcome.

    First of all, here are the Product Specifications for the computer.  They show that the motherboard is made by Foxcom.

    The berries of units that are available are:

    Computer case

  • Pavilion p6610f Desktop Hard Drive will not be reset to zero when you restart

    HP Pavilion p6610f than Desktop PC Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit HDD (I think) could not restart. There was no indication of a problem before me by clicking on the button restart. I have this sometimes just to clarify things, looks like things work better. When it restarted, it went to a screen with 2 choices 'launch start repair or load normally. I chose startup repair. He loaded some files & drivers but finally comes to the screen 'blue '. I tried to start the computer with all the 'F' keys, none worked, always came back to the blue screen. Tried to start the recovery discs I did, same thing. I started with the ERD that I did it. Same thing. Would not not even go to Safe Mode. Nothing. But, there is no prior problems. Nothing made me think that I should do something to deal with a disaster. Then a "friend of a friend" came and replaced the hard 'for free' drive and installed windows 8 (which I hate) and now the computer makes a ticking noise and a sound plaintive, as when there is a bad DVD in the drive, it work so now slow, freezes, takes internet forever and made so much noise I think it's going to explode. I think I should replace the hard drive with the "right" and then use my recovery disks. He said that windows 8 was just too big of an OS for the hard drive, it took, that is why it is slow. But couldn't I erase or reformat the hard disk, and then use my recovery disks. As it is, I have no HP software on the computer more.  Is there a way to get the data from my old hard drive? I'm willing to take the time to learn how to do all this by myself if I knew that this is possible and if it is useful? [edited font color and characters]

    Hello Ty965,

    I understand that you fell on some hard drive problems and a friend of a friend installed a former player for you and since he turned slowly and noisily. Personally, I recommend that you buy a new hard drive and then review and follow the instructions on the HP Support document: performing a recovery of HP (Windows 7) system, which will guide you through the recovery process and get your computer back operational.

    If you don't have the recovery discs for your computer you can buy them for a cheap price of HP Media software and the drivercommand.

    I hope that I have addressed the issue to your satisfaction. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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