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I was looking for help online and in the same place, I inadvertently pushed a button. It down immediately loaded an application for the cleaning of your operating system. He called RegCure Pro of ParetoLogic, Inc., after running it, the message informed me that I had problem 197. To fix that I have to get a product key. When I pressed the button to get the key, WOT, "my awakening" for the pitches dangerous possible warned me. My question is. Is this a legitimate application of maintenance.  and ParetoLogic, Inc., affiliated with Microsoft or Windows?


Microsoft Malware Protection Center - deceptive: Win32/RegCure


I would like to ditch RegCure like a hot potato
RegCure Review consumer: Forget what others say, it's the words you will need to
Hear about RegCure July 2009

Free registry cleaner software - why pay when you can get it for free?

Seems that these sites that encourage these poor products are all part of the scam. They
understand a couple or legitimate products (as appropriate), and then note all their products higher and
they are practically the same.

Unless you know how to recover from a wandering deletion and which can be extremely difficult
It is better to use a registry cleaner. They "fix" very little and 'BREAK' a lot

Run RegCure uninstaller C:\Program Files\RegCure\uninst.exe

ParetoLogic RegCure Pro "claims" can be uninstalled using the Windows uninstaller.

Or better use Revo to uninstall:

If RegCure is running using TaskManager to close (end) - right click on the taskbar
-The Task Manager

Revo Uninstaller - Free Version

I hope this helps.

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