Registration of composite clip - how?

Just getting started with FCP - X and have encountered a problem trying to save just one effect that I created (composite?) that uses several masks to remove the text.

OK, so I need to put this in order to duplicate and repeat and maybe use elsewhere.  How to save him?  I tried Control/R, but am unable to reproduce this short clip.  It's a windmill, and I want it turn for a while, so I need to have several clips with the mask, and I also want to use later as this clip.  I can't get it.  Heck!  (and help!)

I could easily do with former NLE - render just clicked and the file is there.

Used to be able to edit messages - where is this option?

In any case, since someone will ask a screenshot for the economy post composite clip I just posted, it's here.  The clip is highlighted in yellow and the masks are above, but how can I save the effect as a composite clip made?  The Help menu is without help

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    Thought it myself with a little more googling. In case anyone has the same problem...

    Simply use SHIFT. It serves the exact same function as OPTION in FCP 7. Make sure that you "track forward selection" back to the pointer tool.

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    Hi jmjb,.

    These entries in the Task Scheduler are often preceded by webreg and should be deleted.

    The link below may be helpful.

    Hope this helps,

    DP - K

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    Hi rain-Line,.

    When you select the trigger/target in the composition that it always by default moves to the active state, you must manually select the normal state in the States Panel and then apply the changes.

    Kind regards


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    something like disucssed here?

    Registration of composite clip - how?

    Alternatively, use

    cmd + c to copy the effects to a clip

    cmd-shift-v to paste it all / or a selection of these effects of other clips.

  • Photoshop CS2 keeps requires registration at startup; How can I disable the registration window?

    I just downloaded and installed a version of Photoshop CS2 system that doesn't require activation on a Windows 7 system. It has already been validated and registered. Everything works fine. Unfortunately, whenever I start photoshop it always opens the registration window no matter how I answer, "register later", "do not save", propose another recording attempt, or simply close the window. It's a very boring horse I want to disable.

    Yes, I installed it as an administrator.

    I was the cause of the breakdowns and have solved the problem; but have not quite yet fully understood the nature of the underlying cause.  I don't know that it had something to do with a combination of permissions and compatibility modes. In any case, I ran the registration process again in a process of trial and error combinations and was finally able to launch Photoshop without the registration window which pops up again. I am being harassed is more when I start the program and I am now it works normally on Windows 7. I intend to run a little more testing to see if I can resolve the issue a little more. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

    On further testing, I decided that if I run the program in compatibility mode earlier it then allow me to properly register the program. I can then return the program for Windows 7 compatibility mode for normal use.

  • How to remove PIP from a group of clips

    I have 7 items Pre and have two questions:

    (1) how can I remove PIP of Clips?  I see how to remove the other 'effects', but there is no option of trash for PIP presets bin.

    (2) how far is merging several small clips into one?  Without exporting and importing countries.

    Thanks for the help

    Which led to the second question, once I edited my clips in a scene of 6 clip, how far is merging into a clip.  (To make it easier to apply PEP smoothly)

    As long as you have material SD (Standard definition), the simplest is to move the WAB (work area bar) to simply include your 6 Clips and the WAB for export to DV - AVI Type II format. Only import into your project and replace your Clips separated with this one. You can export video only, so you don't have problems with the Audio. Now, the answer would include another option, have this PrPro, but this will do what you want.

    Here's a look at the WAB:

    The WAB can be used for both rendering and exporting. He must simply ensure that you select this option and any sequence/project.

    However, I now begin to see how to use the POSITION and SCALE to make it all look smooth.

    Here are the major effects to get used to using. Don't forget, you can also Keyframe these effects, so that they change, as is necessary, over time. Once you master Keyframing, you not use probably half as many Presets for what it is, once again.

    Good luck


  • Podcasts, audiko books etc how to get?

    When I ask a registration for my CLIP to the directory, it shows in the internal memory,

    ALBUMS, books, AUDIO, MUSOC, PLAYLISTS, PODCASTS, RECORDING, and SERVICE.  When I transfer a computer to VIDEO podcast, it will appear in the directory as a podcast in the podcast folder.  When I want to play, my VIDEO displays only the PARAMETERS of VOICE MUSIC FM and none of these records show my podcast.  How can I play a podcast?

    Thank you

    Welcome to the hogarth27 forum.

    Songs, podcasts, and audiobooks can beneath the point of music in the Clip. Select music and press the right button for more options. Press down and you'll find the Podcasts. Selection of Podcasts will list all the different programs and by selecting a program, you will be able to choose an episode.

    Note that the latest firmware (v01.01.30) shows episodes in reverse order, from the most recent. This will be fixed in the next update.

  • Make a group of clipping with a compound path

    So, as of today, I am new to scripting for Illustrator, I use the ExtendScript Toolkit. However, I am not new to my own script solutions and I do not have any experience with JavaScript.

    What I'm trying to do is the following: for all selected items-> duplicate selected item and make a group of simple clipping with it

    What I'm left with visually does not change the picture, but gives me a lot of clipped colored areas that I then can I change in isolated mode, which allows me good shading faster and better. That the doing by hand takes hours on some pictures, it would take a second with a script.

    The script itself is already works for normal PathItems. As evident in the title, as soon as I have to apply the same thing to CompundPathItems things stop working. My question is a bit like this old thread [problem with clipping path transparent], but I couldn't find a solution because I get different behavior.

    When I run the same script that works perfectly with the normal PathItems with CompoundPathItems I get this: 9046 error: the top element in the group must be a path element to create a mask

    Well, it's a problem. There is absolutely no difference between making a clipping with a simple path mask and a compound path in the GUI. Frankly reference guide not helped with this problem at all, the only thing that I learned from it is that the CompoundPathItem object is an attribute of cutting, but those included PathItems.

    Here's what I have so far:

    If ([i] selected. TypeName == 'PathItem') {}
    newGroup var = doc.groupItems.add ();
    copy is selected [i] .duplicate (newGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATEND);.
    Selected [i] .moveToBeginning (newgroup);
    newGroup.clipped = true;


    As I said, this part is exactly what it is supposed to do for normal paths.

    For CompoundPaths, I use this work around.

    If ([i] selected. TypeName == 'CompoundPathItem') {}
    newGroup var = doc.groupItems.add ();
    copy is selected [i] .duplicate (newGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATEND);.
    Selected [i] .moveToBeginning (newgroup);
    compoundItems = selected [i] .pathItems;
    compoundIndex = compoundItems.length;
    for (f = 0; f < compoundIndex; f ++) {compoundItems [f] .clipping = true ;}
    var lineList = new array (10);
    for (l = 0; l < lineList.length; l ++) {lineList [l] = new Array (I * 10 + 50, ((i-5) ^ 2) * 5 + 50) ;}}
    newPath = app.activeDocument.pathItems.add ();
    newPath.setEntirePath (lineList);
    newPath.moveToBeginning (newGroup);
    newGroup.clipped = true;
    newPath.remove ();

    Mind you, this workaround works in so far that it ignores that annoying error and evil and composite clipping path also works with the only problem being that created composite clipping path as it is always displayed in its original colours in the layers section and is always selectable. When I lock the composite clipping path I can work with it, but still...

    So the question is, what am I missing here? Surely, there must be a good way to do this.

    app.executeMenuCommand ()? That is me away so far, might be just the right thing. I will definitely take a look, now just to find a ref about it, because unfortunately official documents Ref I do not mention this command. Any place with a list of possible commands?

    Ah, also of course I only do for the isolation mode. If you care to hear the background, it is here:

    As I said it's for photos of shading, I'm working on. I repeated and tried through a bunch of techniques. For example, gradient mesh on my first few true works. Now these cracks don't do well with complex shapes, which previously I mitigated by using a simple square or rectangle gradient mesh and using the original form as a color clipping mask. It worked, but it was a huge field of work.

    After a lot of attempts that I went to the use of simple gradients as a background for the form, and then I do the shading freehand with the blob Brush tool, using a graphic style and filters to make it look like to the right. Is better, but do it right all the clipping masks takes me much more time than anything else.

    Now the problem is that shading is not supposed to cross the lines, it's impossible to do correctly without messing up the order, either using clipping masks, where the script. Because you know, if you use a form of the task with a strong Gaussian blur near the lines, you'll find yourself with stuff on both sides. If you do not start close to the line that the shading will be not look right if the darker the shade needs to be close to the line. And that's where magic of clipping masks.

    And finally, here's an example of how I work with the script and the result:

    After that I drew a sketch, adjust the line widths and at the neatness I turn the paths to sketch the lines and then turn them into a live paint Group (which would ruin the line widths, unless you put the paths in first contour lines).

    With this live paint group need me a few minutes to color my piece dish. Then I develop the live paint group, in case of doubt, spend a few more minutes to make transparent traces of all regions, I need the shadow in one piece, and then I select all areas and use my script to activate the neat clipping masks. Then I can click on any field, enter the isolation mode, and go up one level, so I'm in the appropriate group, where I can shadow freely without the problem beyond the lines.

    At the end which allows me to apply shading complex and comprehensive, without wasting time to get there.

    PS: well, I just found out that draw inside is really close to what I want to do, and oddly enough, it produces the same Visual discrepancy with transparent traces that produces my script. I'll take a closer look that, while my script is a little more than just the stuff of clipping mask, so maybe I'll go for a hybrid solution. Everything that makes for a better workflow.

  • Compositions of understanding with different pace

    Hey everybody,

    I work with AVCHD video with a rate of 25.

    If she drops my film in a new composition after affects sets all

    up automatically.

    I would now like to what is happening to my avchd clip if I change the frame rate

    of my compostion of 25-24. What excatly is happening on the frame

    missing? AE just get rid of it?

    Does make a difference if I just changed my settings from 25 to 24 model

    or if I drop my comp 25 in a new one with 24.

    She thinks the opposite, if I change my rate of 25 to 50,

    Does this mean that AE double the frames of my files?

    In general, the changes have no impact on the speed of my images?

    I'm looking forward to your reply. Very much appreciated.



    PS: this indictment for first Pro as well?

    When you create a layer in a composition, and this layer is based on a video footage item, the composition of cheques to each frame of the composition to see (example) the element sequence data. If there is not a single image of the data of the element of film that aligns exactly with the framework of the composition, then the composition of the samples of executives of the images of each side and executes one of several things: it can simply choose one of the two frames, or it can simply mix together, or he can do something much smarter and try to reconstruct the image that would have existed between the two frames. What he does depends on what interpolation setting you use.

    When you use a piece of film that has a rate that is higher than your publication and the two rates are relatively high, you don't need to worry about this at all, because the default settings tend to work perfectly.

    To summarize, the cadence of the right composition changing how often the composition samples data of the image of the film element. It does nothing for the point sequences mmee and does not affect how fast the video of this film playing in a layer.

    To interpret a film as being another frequency, or to comply with an element of film at a frame rate, you use the dialog box interpret footage.

    For more information, see "Frame rate".

  • Composition in AE vs Pr Pro &amp; economy settings as preset QT movie


    I'm on a Mac using CS4

    I use Premiere Pro and in it there are many presets for specific project.   I use the XDCAM presets for XDCAM EX1 pictures.

    In the Composition AE preset, there is not a predefined as in RP Pro XDCAM.

    I think I'm going to answer my own question.

    I guess I copy the preset values Pro Pr and create an EA is predefined in custom for XDCAM EX clips

    It is better to create a composition, the exact size of the clips or should I do the composition width and height a bit smaller, (and to reduce the scale of the clamp if necessary), just in case I want to Pan the image around.  Also if I made the smaller composition size how would that affect with an undesirable Pr Pro model event?

    Last thing, if you make it out of AE to use Pr Pro, I read that it was better to choose Animation as the preset for maximum color and make a Quick time video, if I have more editing or effects to apply to the Pr Pro, not H. 264, he corrected that.

    Thank you



    The reason why it is not a specific XDCAM predefined in AE is, because unlike editing applications, After Effects does not use a particular codec for video processing. Treated AE always internally in a uncompressed space. So, if you leave the specific codec of the equation, the XDCAM format is the HDTV standard presets, depending on size of image (720 vs 1080) and frequency of images you use.

    H264 is a codec for broadcast and distribution. It is not really intended to be used as a format for exchange between applications. QuickTime animation is very nice, as well as a few others.

  • Just got my Sansa clip +. Made my head. Help, please...


    I got my Clip + yesterday and I am impressed by the sound, but I really need help on the following please:

    Drag and drop the gel: it does seem like other titles at all. If I try to delete a file Explorer windows (W7 Ultimate) album, it's maybe 2 or 3, then locks up. The progress bar freezes, and eventually it times out. These are quite normal MP3 files.  I can drag some of the individual titles in, but then that he is stuck on everything won't. Why is this? On an album, there are 4 that will not in all.

    Can't delete some folders: I'm going to drag a folder and it works OK, but when I try to delete it, it says that I can not, because it is write-protected, and the only way I found to get rid is to format the clip + and start over.

    Records do not remain separate: I maybe drop 3 files in, but on the music list that they are all bundled together. For example, I dropped 3 metallica album files in (also those who would not delete). Kill Em all, Ride the relief and Master of Puppets. But they are not separated on the clip +. The order in which they will be is:

    01 - hit the lights

    01 - fight Fire With Fire

    01 - battery

    02 - the four horsemen

    02 - Ride the relief

    02 Master Of Puppets


    What should I do? My last MP3 player was about 5 years ago and it's simple.

    I'm not going back, I love the size of it and the sound is quite impressive, but I'm going to need, if I can't get a grip on it.


    Go to system/settings/USB settings and change it to MSC. This should make the Clip act as any other flash drive and simplify slide / move. The other mode is the PSG, which is supposed to work with Windows Media Player and sometimes gets tangled with protection against Scripture and other oddities - to avoid, IMHO.

    If you click on the list of music, on a second page, you will see the folders and you should be able to find your music in the same way as on your computer.

    But like most new mp3 players, the Clip works also by labels instead of folders.

    Lists the Album, artist, etc. you see are not records. These are databases built since the tags ID3 - electronic tags in the files themselves. Album lists each title of the album found among the mp3s. Etc. It looks like your Metallica albums do not have the field filled in the ID3 tag Album or the Clip cannot read this field, so it is to find the artist (Metallica) and the track number and doing the best he can.

    This can be corrected very easily if you keep just with the single explanation below.

    Download the free program mp3tag.

    When you install it let it be added to the context menus (an option during installation).

    After installed, open it and go to tools, Options, Tags, Mpeg and under writing choose ID3v2.3 and ISO-8859-1. (ISO-8859-1, this is how Windows displays the text in the English language).  Make sure that these options are saved.

    Marking is not standardized in particular, and who's going to save the tags Clip how like them.

    Click on an album, and then look at the tags. Click the header file name to put in order - those who seem to work - and then fill in the other fields correctly. You can labelled the album both highlighting everything and put the artist, Album, etc. in the box on the left. Obviously make sure album is in the area of the Album.

    MP3 tag also has some other nifty features. One is assistant tools/auto-numbering. Make sure the files are in order, from top to bottom, reading, choose the option of leading zeros. If an album has 10 tracks and they are labeled, 1, 2, 3, etc., the Clip will play 1, 11, 12, 13, before 2.   Leading zeros fixed that.

    Under Convert, you can convert your files in tag names.  It's pretty obvious, how it works, each field is shown by the artist %, etc.  So in the box to convert you can type Track % - %Title% and complete them for your file names.  This could be your best option, but mp3tag is very flexible, and you should understand something.

    It is best to take off the Clip files problem, fix them on the computer and return. You can just format and start over. If you have not freshly formatted the device, you can delete MTABLE. SYS of the clip - which is the database of the ID3 tags - and when you unplug it will make a new MTABLE. SYS to your new tags.

    Further, it takes about 5 seconds to make sure that the artist and the Album are consistent on the album in full and run the auto-numbering wizard before adding the album to the Clip. Then you can search... and destroy.

  • Put saved audioboooks in sansa clip +.

    First, I am very new to this, but I searched the knowledge base and my question is launched, but it's always a part of the solution, and I don't know how to do this.

    I saved my audio books on my computer over the years.  These are Media Player files (assuming that the mp3), but they do not play on the ipod of my husband.  I have read and said that to get them on the clip I have of course the genre is an audiobook.  What does it mean?  I take these files and go to media player and click like, audiobook and can bring them into this folder.  (2 audio books from Audible is there.)

    Yes, I can enter the books in Media Player and from there in the clip, but just like when we tried with the ipod, notebook files are scattered in the music files.   My goal is to get books in audiobook file in media player and on the clip.

    Thank you

    Open Windows Media Player (if that's what you use), go to the folder and select all the files. Right-click on the file group and choose Advanced Tag Editor. There is a field of type on the right. Audio books to type in there and save it.

    The flags say the Clip + how to organize your files. (This is where you will have the Album, artist, etc.).  When he sees audio books in kind he separates them from other mp3 files. If she doesn't have audio books, he thinks they're music.

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