Reinstall the first elements 10 on a new hard drive

I had to replace my hard drive and want to reinstall first elements 10. It is registered and

I have the serial number, but do not know what that web page to get the download


I figured it out and got the first 10 installed items.  Thanks again for your help.


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  • How to re - install Photoshop Elements 9 on a new hard drive?

    How to re - install Photoshop Elements 9 on a new hard drive? I have the registration key, but everything I tried didn't work.

    Hello craigronach,

    Please visit the following link to reinstall Photoshop Elements 9:

    Download Photoshop Elements products | 9, 8, 7

    Please let us know if there is no more need help.

    Thank you

    Bianka Attre

  • I'm trying to install Adobe Creative Suite for the first time since I replaced my hard drive on my computer. It's saying that the product may be false and it will not be installed. Any suggestions?

    I'm trying to install Adobe Creative Suite for the first time since I replaced my hard drive on my computer. That is to say that this product can be wrong and it won't download. I downloaded before and didn't have any problems. Any Suggestions?

    Use one of the links below

    Available downloadable Setup files:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

  • P7-1258: hard drive died on the older desktop. Bought a new hard drive, need to buy factory restore disks.

    Son PC, no backup discs. Hard drive died, bought new hard drive, everything is good, but must purchase the restore disks so that we can he return to clean state software factory. Are they still available? Thank you.  Product # QW841AA #ABA


    To order a recovery media for your PC, click on the link below, then select the OS from W7 in the menu drop-down.

    The link to the order recovery media is the last element of the page.

  • Equium A100 - will be the responsibility of recovery on a new HARD drive disk


    Don t know if anyone can help, I am just out of warranty by a month and I think that my hard drive has failed, or I had a virus that has hit loads of files and the PC is always eager to run the disc scan and still get errors on commissioning, sometimes start even goes just right to start mode then crash again and again the same thing.

    I have the recovery disk, but this is not sort on the question, so if I get a new hard drive the recovery disc will actually load on a new HARD drive? Why don t Toshiba just give us the full operating system to start with?

    Someone has answers or similar questions that could help please let me know.


    Of course, you can use a recovery with new HARD drive media. No problem at all! Swap the HARD drive and install the operating system using recovery DVDs. All that s!

  • HP TouchSmart 420 - 1000 t CTO: need help with the installation of windows on a new hard drive for HP TouchSmart 420-1000 t CTO (bought in 2012)

    My hard drive is failng in my computer I get the message that "the failure of hard drive" is imminent for several months now.  I did just recovery disks after I bought my computer and that you have ordered a new hard drive.

    I thought that the part of the setup of windows on a portion of the current hard disk that I need to replace.

    I want to just make sure that if I can restore the windows completely and that all programmes provided with the computer are on the recovery discs I want to do it myself - so I need to know I'm doing it correctly!

    Thank you very much.


    PS I found this web page below and I want to just make sure that it applies to me:

    This link in the post seems to apply to the situation.  If you have already completed the defined recovery disc then it should just be a matter of running the recovery disc after the new hard drive is installed.  The recovery disk set will be "restoring windows completely and all programs included with the computer".  Be aware that all other items that were installed or personal data will not be restored.  When replacing the hard drive, do not buy a disc exceeds the limit of 2 TB, such as published in the SPECS for TouchSmart 420-1000 t CTO.

  • Is it possible to use the Acer restore disks on a new hard drive?

    The hard drive on my Aspire 5251 appears to be dead. He was behaving erraticly and we tried a full restore via the program eRecovery a couple of times and it is always wrong (error 0x45d). We also tried discs that we did when the laptop is new with no luck.

    I bought and installed a new hard drive, but can't get the disks to install on it either. I'm guessing that it is looking for something partitioned the original hard drive because he says that something is missing. It is more under warranty and I can't figure out how to order the full install discs from Acer. Is it possible to get these recovery discs to work?

    Also, FWIW, I installed Ubuntu on the new hard drive just to see if it works, and it's so I know everything works at least.


    Yes, you can use your Acer restore on a new hard drive disks. If you have installed ubuntu, you may need to format the HARD disk and to create a partition on the disk hard so that the discs work.

  • How to reinstall Vista on PC Toshiba laptop with new hard drive?

    Hard drive from my Toshiba laptop of sisters died as well as its internal fan and she asked me to fix it, well I got a new hard drive and replaced the dead with a new internal fan and works perfectly fine with a Linux Live CD. However, she had previously Vista Home Premium installed on it, and there was no installation CD, just 2 recovery discs. Now, I was wondering where I could get an iso image of vista UNACTIVATED so I can use his legitimate product for her key. (I also have a week to achieve and I repair to other computers as well, which are not a problem, so time is of the essence)

    Also, I have no money and can't afford to get a Best Buy installation CD, as the operating system has already been installed on the laptop/OEM computer. If that would be legal so getting an online and burning a black CD and use it to get Vista on this new hard drive of his?

    In addition, I know how to install its drivers, and upgrade from SP1 to SP2 via Windows Update Manager, all I need is a vista installation CD Home premium to get his computer upward and execution of how she wants to.

    * original title - I need a Vista Home Premium Installation CD Unactivated *.

    Thanks for the quick response, so you're saying I haft to buy an installation CD to install legally?

    Hey mikethedj4


    I never said you had to buy a dvd installation anywhere in my answer

    I said that there is no free and legal download

    read all of my answer

    I advised you to start from the 1st recovery disk and if you have any problems contact toshiba at the link I suppied you with

    or follow the rest of my advice on borrowing a microsoft dvd vista and using your product key with him

    what he may not know is that microsoft vista dvd contains all versions of vista

    This is the product key that installs the correct version of the dvd

    There are 2 microsoft dvd vista a 32-bit and one for 64-bit operating system

    most of the computers unless asked when bought normally come with the version of vista 32 bit

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • Satellite L300. Observation on the issues cover the recovery of Vista on a new HARD drive

    Hi all

    I need to reinstall Vista (on a Toshiba Satellite L300) runs the "recovery disc" created by Toshiba disc creator before recovery and using a disc of "nine" (Toshiba MK2035GSS, 200 GB).

    Issues related to the:

    (1) I have to partition and format the new drive before starting with recovery disks / DVD (s).
    or which will be done through the recovery process?

    (2) what is the reason for which the current disc is divided into two size equal C: and D: partitions, while
    D: partition seems to be reservered for the system, but only 5 GB are used?

    (3) what is the purpose of the partition 3. ("inactive") with about 1.5 GB of space?

    Thanks in advance for your support and help!


    > 1) I have to partition and format the new drive before starting with recovery disks / DVD (s).
    or which will be done through the recovery process?
    No, because the HARD disk should be formatted during the recovery process.

    (> 2) what is the reason for which the current disc is divided into two size equal partitions C: and D:, while
    D: partition seems to be reservered for the system, but only 5 GB are used?
    On the D partition, you can find the files and folder from HARD drive recovery. HARD disk recovery allows you to recover the laptop HARD drive and in this case, you don't need the recovery disc

    (> 3) what is the purpose of the partition 3. ("inactive") with about 1.5 GB of space?
    It is a Vista partition and is necessary for the backup files. Vista is able to repair the operating system if something bad is going to do this the necessary files that are stored on this partition.

  • Problems reinstalling the programs previously installed on an external hard drive.

    So we have this 900 GB external hard (called the [re] drive) drive still connected to your computer via the USB port. To save space on the local hard drive (drive C), whenever I had to install a program, I would put all of his stuff on the external hard drive. Now, I know it was a stupid idea because it can completely screw your computer somehow. in any case, after I realized that I should only record the program on the computer files, I deleted all the program files on the external hard drive and planned to resettle them on the local C drive. However, for what I'm trying to install on the C drive, I always get a weird error message, and I'm sure it has to do with already being installed on the ext disk. In addition, the ext drive gets disconnected from time to time, and there wearing always changes. It used to be included in the port of J, but now it's on the port of K. When the ext disk used to contain the program files, it was listed under the J drive. After I tried to reinstall everything, the reader became the K drive because he got more unplugged. I don't know that this has something to do with all these installation errors as well. However, no matter what port I plug the ext drive in, it refuses to change: it won't change k. It's so frustrating! I can not even my printer drivers to reinstall correctly, and I'm having a HUGE problem with reinstalling Java. I tried to work around this problem, since a few months now, and now I'm about to take just a baseball bat to this computer and replace this piece of *. And I've already messed around a bit with the registry editor, and I DID find things listed (as in Java or my OfficeJet printer) in the title of the folder on drive J railways, which of course is not an existing file path, because it changed the drive K. But I'm not sufficiently comfortable with the registry, in order to have the courage to do so much = (in any case, someone has any ideas? And the system restore does not restore points soon enough if it's what you recommend.

    Hi Ron,

    What is the exact problem that you are experiencing when trying to reinstall?

    Programs must be uninstalled and reinstalled to the correct location.

    If the deleted programs are still in the Recycle Bin, you can restore them and change the drive back letter and follow the correct procedure.

  • Hard drive crashed. Want to get the Win Vista original license to new hard drive

    My laptop is running Win Vista. The hard drive recently crashed. I was unable to recover the operating system. Y at - there no possibility to retrieve the activation key for the Original Win Vista OS?


    You don't give us enough information.

    Vista came pre-installed (Dell, HP, atc) or have you bought a license for sale at retail?

    If it came pre-installed, look for this sticker with the product key on the laptop case or in the battery compartment.

    The key that would be in the operating system that is pre-installed on the drive hard WON'T help you to re - install the operating system.

    See you soon.

  • Pay to reinstall a version of PS4 on a new hard drive?

    Hello. I bought Photoshop 4 five years ago and installed it on my PC with Windows 7.

    I recently had a problem with my hard drive and had to change.

    I tried to install PS4 on nine (+ Windows10) but the serial number of the drive is not recognized, and setting up the program asked me to pay for "Br4. Is my serial number not relevent more?

    Excuse my bad English.

    Thanks for your help.

    In this case, you must contact the Support from Adobe and check with the serial number once:

    Contact the customer service

    [Click on always need help button and select the Chat option]

  • Unable to connect to the internet after installing the xp of origin on a new hard drive.

    I get the message not connected area. I know that the connection is ok because I ask this question on another computer using the same ethernet cable.


    Hold down the Windows (between Ctrl and Alt) key and press the Pause break key. What is stated in the "system:"section (specifically looking for anything that tells you what is your level of service current pack, which will be either 1, 1, 2, 3 or nothing shown)? "

    Second, please do the following...

    • Click Start
    • Click on run
    • Type devmgmt.msc and press ENTER, this will open Device Manager window
    • Enlarge (click on +) on the section network cards - what is listed?
    • Similarly, what is listed under other devices?

    In addition, indicate the mark, the serial number and model of your PC, or if it is a custom build, of the brand and model of your motherboard.

    I suspect that you have missing drivers after re-installing. These will be available on the PC or motherboard manufacturer's Web site. You may have received a driver CD with the PC that would also contain the drivers.


  • Install the new hard drive - how to proceed?

    My hard drive has bad sectors which (according to Spinrite) is not repairable.  I also ran all the HP utilities who tell me that the hard drive needs to be replaced.  So, I bought a new one that is the same size and the brand as what exists currently in my laptop.

    Laptop is HDX16 that came with Vista.  I upgraded to Win7 before realizing that my Imaging backups were a failure due to bad sectors.  The last good picture I have with Shadow Protect is the system with Vista and is now 3 weeks old.  Meanwhile, I use Norton Security backup feature to back up all my files on a daily basis.   I noticed yesterday that Win7 has a built-in backup feature imagery so decided to see if she would complete successfully and he did.  So now, I have a picture of the Win7 installation as well.

    I did system recovery disks for my laptop.  If I read information of HP correctly, when I run the restore, it will automatically create the partitions C & D on the new drive, install the recovery disk D environment and continues to run since that installation of Vista hard disk?  If so, once the operating system is running on the hard drive again, I think I can then move to Win7 yet and then use the recovery feature to copy the image, I made yesterday to the laptop.  Is this correct?  Am I missing something?

    Otherwise, my other option would be to run the recovery discs, then use the Shadow protect recovery disks to copy the old image of 3 weeks, then switch to Win7 again and somehow find all the files I have created/changed over the last 3 weeks I want to keep and they copy to the laptop?

    Any suggestions appreciated because this is the first time I installed a new hard drive.

    Thank you.

    JO Anne


    It may be faster to simply restore the image of Windows 7 that you have created the new hard - to do this, you'll need to the Image and a Windows 7 repair CD (you should have been prompted to do this after you have created the Image of the system).  The link below is a guide detailing how to restore an Image of Windows 7 on a new hard drive.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion HPE H8 - 1360t: need to reinstall the operating system and software preinstalled on new hard drive on HP Pavilion HPE H8 - 1360 t

    My hard drive crashed while I have to reinstall my operating system and the software pre-installed on a new hard drive. I have no recovery disks. What should I do?

    Marcel, welcome to the forum.

    Here's a guide to help order you HP system recovery discs if they are still available.  If this isn't the case, you will need to purchase a full copy of the operating system.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

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