Reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell Optiplex 760

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I reinstall Windows XP on a Dell Optiplex 760.
The system came preloaded with it, even if the certificate of authenticity (COA) indicates has a license for Windows Vista professional.
I'm reinstalling provided factory recovery disc.
My question is, what to do when it comes to enter a product key? Of course the key to Windows Vista Business will not work. There is none on the system or on the cover of the CD.

Well, I found the answer, it does not require a product key.

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    If I have a windows vista dell optiplex 760 and 755 and when I reload with windows 7 can't me activation that is legal?

    "carlostorresWG" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy * _vista...
    If I have a windows vista dell optiplex 760 and 755 and when I reload with windows 7 can't me activation that is legal?
    If the machine came originally with Vista, and you charged it with Win 7 disc by the same manufacturer, it will go into a grace period and the non-genuine end - the key used for this installation requires data appropriate to the SLIC table in BIOS in order to activate it.
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    Best of this post in the Forum OS from Microsoft here:


  • How to download drivers for my Dell Optiplex 760

    Original title; No driver :(

    I'm on win xp family on dell optiplex 760 instead of vista I have struggled with vista but it does not have all the drivers manually, I found the driver ethernet, but other don't download saying I don't meet the minimum req or dell itself said to download a driver manager, but windows won't let me not download it pls help?

    Here you go -->

    At this link are 18 drivers and applications which would have been applicable to your specific computer.  Read the instructions.

    In particular, read only 4 articles linked at the top of this page, including "in what order must the drivers after reinstalling Windows on my laptop or desktop? -->

  • USB key in the machine of W2K3 on ESXi 4 on a Dell Optiplex 760

    I'm testing the new ESXi 4 on a Dell Optiplex 760. In ESXi, I have an Ent W2k3. Machine of R2 SP2 and I want to use a USB device.

    In the config of het windows machine I add the usb controller.

    When I start the machine, I see a 'Remove hardware safely' there is a connected usb controller.

    But if a connected a USB to the ESXi machine it does not appear in the windows machine.

    Should I install additional drivers in ESXi?

    I see if ESXi if he sees the usb ports?

    USB keys are not supported on a virtual computer that is located on ESX/ESXi.

    Incidentally, I don't think not that ESXi is supported Dell optiplex 760... Please see the matrix of compatibility on the VMware Web site.

  • Form factor of the graphics cards that work with the Dell Optiplex 760 desktop computer?


    So I recently got this Dell OptiPlex 760 desktop form factor that I really like and I would get a video card for it.

    It's the desktop form factor. The second largest next to the mini tower. There a 240W (or 250?) food I don't want to change. I would like a GPU that works with a supply of 240 w.

    I wish it were less than 60 dollars. I do some light games (Minecraft) and want to join a substantial amount of FPS with this game. Suggestions of the card?

    I'll give you more information.

    It fits into all THE MODELS except the USFF because USFF has no slots.  You will need to remove the flange size and use the version of low profile.

    cs_setInnerHtml ('video_9366bb5b-9fda-4cca-bfea-c4ec470df1e3', ");

    Maximum power allowed is 25W on low profile units.

    It is also why they Print 25W max on the 16 X video slot.

    Radeon HD 2400 XT 25 W TDP

    Here are valid Dell Low Profile PCI - e 16 X for this chassis - video cards

    XX347 ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro 256 MB, DVI - I, TV out
    YP477 ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro 256 MB, DVI - I, TV out
    CP309 ATI Radeon HD2400 XT, 256 MB, DMS-59, TV out
    XX355 ATI Radeon HD2400 XT, 256 MB, DMS-59, TV out

    cs_setInnerHtml ('video_af6d7d61-a142-4402-9efd-b4abb192eca2', ");

  • GT730 and Dell Optiplex 760 MT

    What is Dell Optiplex 760 MT and compatible GT730 between them? Someone please help me, im struggling to buy one because im scared if that is compatible or not. Thank you.

    Single Slot of the card which are not older versions of 8 inch work very well.

    Double wide cards will not fit.

  • Dell OptiPlex 760 ultra small form factor possible to add ddr3 ram?

    Hello world

    I have an old OptiPlex 760 ultra small form factor, and I just installed 10 windows, which runs most of the time without a hitch.

    This OptiPlex 760 has a processor Intel Core Duo E8600 in there. I've been googling and if I understand correctly, this processor supports ddr2 and ddr3 ram. Does this mean that I can put ddr3 ram in this machine?

    I also wonder if I add more than 4 GB of ram to it. I know officially it says max ram supported is 4 GB, but if I look at my MacBook it says max supported ram is 8 GB and I have 16 GB in it.

    So I wonder if this is the case even with my OptiPlex.

    Thank you.

    I put ddr3 ram in this machine?

    It depends on the chipset and since Crucial offers only DDR2 RAM for this system...

    It may or may not work with more than 4 GB. Look so all about these forums to see if anyone succeeded with more than 4 GB. At the very least, buy it from a source so it takes 8 GB does not work.

    And do not compare apples and...

  • Need help to reinstall Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop

    I bought this desktop computer Dell Dimension 2400 in 2003 as a wedding gift for my daughter and son-in-law.  They are busy and it was not much used, but it just got to the point where he needed the reinstalled op.  I've done it before on my computer so I suggest you to do it for them.  When my daughter went to recover the disks supplied with the PC there is no House of windows xp included reinstall op edition drive and I don't think I ever had one with the PC.  Other CDs were there.  I decided to try to use reinstall windows xp edition drive family of my Dell Dimension 2200 op.  I was told that it was OK to do this when I spoke with a Dell technician.  When it finished formatting and installation of the op I found that I did not set up an internet connection.  In Device Manager, the Ethernet hardware has question marks by them and are highlighted in yellow, even though I had put in the resource CD and downloaded that and everything on all the other drives right after the installation.  If I could get on the internet I could download the drivers and other necessary things for other minor problems, I'm having too large icons, etc.  The only difference between the Dell Dimension 2400 and my Dell D 2200 is the 2400 internet ready came from the factory, and I added the ethernet card in my Dell Dimension 2200, Linksys.  Otherwise, they both use the same broadband, Roadrunner, which is always on cable modems.  What can I do now?

    The product key is the 25-character code on the sticker on the computer case.  Keys for the home edition are not compatible with other editions (Pro, Media Center, etc.).

  • Dell OPTIPLEX 760 error when loading the BIOS, lights 1 and 4

    Hello! Staff DELL, I have a problem with my desktop OptiPlex 760, already I have 4 Mesescon this problem and I have not found a solution, it is that my PC is locked in the burden of the BIOS and band LED diagnosis 1 and 4 with the Green switch LEDs.

    I wonder if there is no solution to the problem, because I have tried several found options and still no solution, hopefully take into account and help. Thank you and greetings from Panama.

    Video testimony:


    The diagnosis of LED 1 and 4 Indicates defective. POWER SUPPLY.

    If the machine is under warranty, we can repair...


  • Del optiplex 760 running slow


    I have problems with the computer running slow, tried to reinstall windows 7 and Dell diagnostics, but he doesn't ever show results... Tried to download the update of drivers for change the bios but still no change... much hair pulling not sure of what to do next any ideas would be appreciated cheers

    How do you reinstall, did you clean install?

    In the Task Manager, which is the use of the CPU and memory and which execute background tasks?

    What CPU is installed? All the cores of the processor are displayed in the Task Manager?

  • Dell Optiplex 760


    I'm in trouble to choose the best drivers for my Optiplex 760.

    I don't know, is there version A00 better than (for example) A23.

    How can I determine, as drivers to use?

    Thanks a lot for all the replies!


    Thank you very much! I too found drivers for my Optiplex, but sidn can't know which one to use.

    Thank you!

  • How to reinstall Windows XP on a Dell computer used, I can not past the log-in, that I do not know the password.

    A Dell computer has been passed down to me and there is no way to learn the password that I need to start.  Is it possible to get after that without having to destroy the entire system?  I have a Windows XP reinstallation cd.  I could use it and if so, how?

    If the PC is used, you SHOULD wipe everything! If you liquidate accepting, this page should be useful:

  • Reinstall Windows 7 on a Dell motherboard no?

    I am looking to buy a new motherboard, of course I prefer not having to buy another copy of Windows 7 so im asking if its possible (and legal) to use windows 7 key product that came with my Dell Inspiron 570 to install in a new motherboard. IM assuming that it's not, but I can so to know for sure before I spend $ 100 on a BONE, I can not even need.

    OEM license must be supported by the OEM that can not help you without using their equipment. You can change minor things, but a motherboard is classified as a new computer and the OEM license is tied to the computer OEM i.e. you cannot transfer it.

  • I reinstalled windows 7 in my dell with a hard drive recently changed. all these mistakes came after him: "windows has detected a problem with the generic bluetooth adapter," continues...

    "Bluetooth adapter", there is no driver installed for the SM Bus controller ' and "there is no installed driver for network controller" Please help!

    I downloaded all the drivers I could from and install, still nothing. Troubleshooting Microsoft, nothing.


    Have you received an error code?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you run the Microsoft fixit tool and check.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2:

    See the following links for more information:

    Bluetooth devices do not work correctly on a computer that is running Windows 7

    Method 3:

    I suggest you to see the links and check.

    Add a Bluetooth device to your computer

    Connect to Bluetooth and other wireless or network devices

    Change settings for a Bluetooth compatible device

    See also:

    Tips for solving common driver problems

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