reminder of database options

I tried to make a simple seq using a reminder of database options (access database).

I get data in the table UUT_RESULT, which mean that the result of my test of numerical limit is not connected.

Is something wrong with the schema parameter?

Where can I find documentation on the parameters in the callback of the schema option of database, for example the exact name "generic insert (NOR).


In your fileglobal you have IncludeStepResult set to false.  That will have your limits and measurement in it.

You questions about documentation.  I can't really point to anything specific, but all I know is that this is because it's this is put in the list of results for each step.  Essentially, each stage has a result called subproperty.  All that is in this container gets put in the result and then connected to the database later if IncludeStepResult is set to True.

Hope this helps,

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  • reminder of report options

    This issue was discussed by different threads before. However, I am still not able to make it work properly.

    I have attached a simple sequence containing a single step and a report options reminder.

    I don't get a report named ".xml". Dynamic name is missing.

    Can anyone 'fix' the parameters in the callback to report options, add any dynamic name (for example $UUT).

    Thank you

    I received a lot of support of the request NOR engineer, and after a struggle of my reminder of report options now works.

    The lack of precise documentation and the long list of parameters, as well as other strange phenomena made this very difficult.

    I think that NOR did a simple thing (choose (in your sequence) where to store a report) very complicated here.

  • Where is the virtual private database Option

    Apex 3.2, I could find in virtual private database option

    Shared components/security

    I now use Apex 4.2 and I can't find this option under

    Components/security shared or anywhere else.

    Where is he past?



    It is in the same place, but renamed in database Session

    Kind regards


  • Custom Logging Codes and Messages database options

    I use TestStand 4.5 with the provided standard SQL database schema. I noticed that in the table UUT_RESULT the only time where what a UUT_ERROR_CODE or a UUT_ERROR_MESSAGE is written is when the UUT_STATUS is error. I would like to be able to connect our custom FileGlobals.Error_code and FileGlobals.Error_text in these fields when the UUT fails a test.

    I'm rather not change the schema but just get help on how to get my global variables in the correct fields.

    Thanks in advance.



    To accomplish what you're trying to do, IE. the value of the message and the error code USE without updating the database schema, you would have to change the entry points for Single Pass and Test UUT for patterns that you use. You must add a step after the MainSequence called step that evaluates if the call to MainSequence failed and if that were the case, change the last result placed in the Locals.ResultList table. You must set the Locals.ResultList [x]. Error.Code and Locals.ResultList [0]. Error.Msg properties on this result for the global values you mentioned. If overall file values in the template file, then this is an easy task. If the global file value is in the customer file or another file, you will need succeed somehow to the entry point. Many options: store values in station model and global entry point will recover, have value assign customer at the local level in the point of entry using expression as RunState.Root.Locals... or create temporary properties on Execution.RunTimeVariables that contains the model entry point access determine if exists and pull values of. You will need to make sure that the previous values are disabled before the next USE. I hope this helps...

  • Missing database option

    At school, they use education Multisim/Ultiboard 10.0.1.  I have install the eval education version, I have the option of database.  When I use student edition purchased, there is no option for the database.  I need this option for the class.  Is anyway back this option?

    Thank you


    Try this:

    1. Open Multisim
    2. Click Tools > Database > merge database, the database merge utility should appear
    3. Click Select a component database name and the company database open ythe file that you have been given
    4. In the target database box, select user database
    5. Click Start
    6. When the utility of treatment is complete, the components must be available in your user database

    Hope that works for you.

  • How to uninstall Oracle 11 g database Options?

    I encountered a problem. A company that has developed an installed Oracle 11 g EE application.

    I guess they would use all the default options. Some of them are allowed separately and are not used. So I need to uninstall them.

    For example, I see that it is installed 'Advanced Compression'. I tried to uninstall it from the Universal Installer, but it is not an option.

    In Oracle 11 g you cannot uninstall options by running the runInstaller as you could in previous versions.

    Regarding specific advanced compression, the answer is: you cannot uninstall. Discover * can the Advanced Compression Option (ACO) be disabled or uninstalled? [1459216.1 ID]. *

    See MOS for all other options that you can uninstall as there may be a way to do it.

    For example: * how to remove the Option of extracting data from the database [297551.1 ID] *.

    Another option is to re - install the Oracle Home, using the custom install and not to install some options do not require you. Advanced compression is not one of them but the partitioning and security label are among others.

    If you do not use the feature. It shouldn't be a problem really.

  • Manage the database option

    I use the DBA in SQL Developer (3.0.04) and when I right click on the database connection and select "Manage database", I am invited to a password for the user that I'm connected with success in the main window of SQL Developer. However, I am never able to connect successfully via the option "manage." After I enter my password and click on apply, the window that is displayed in the right pane displays ' * overall of database state: Invalid Username / password. " I am trying to connect as a user with DBA privileges and I also tried as the SYSTEM user.

    I know for a fact that the password is correct, but no matter what I use account, I receive this error.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you.


    Check the database connection properties. Maybe you specify the default role rather than the SYSDBA role. That goes into the credentials, of course. Unfortunately, the first half of the error message is somewhat misleading, but in the end requires you to verify the credentials.

    You can run this query on a connection with the appropriate privileges to see which users are allowed SYSDBA.

    select * from v$pwfile_users;

    Kind regards
    SQL development team

  • Remove a database option is not available in the wizard DBCA


    I have 11v3 of HP - UX. I installed Oracle Standard Edition and after that, I installed Patch Set.
    I configured the two databases using DBCA. At the end I save scripts (not create database) and run the shell script.
    The databases are running.

    I tried to delete a database using DBCA, but option delete a database (and also "set up the Option database") are not available, they are grey.

    What is the problem? What should I do to get the opportunity to delte the two DBCA databases?

    Kind regards

    Pavli wrote:

    I have 11v3 of HP - UX. I installed Oracle Standard Edition and after that, I installed Patch Set.
    I configured the two databases using DBCA. At the end I save scripts (not create database) and run the shell script.
    The databases are running.

    I tried to delete a database using DBCA, but option delete a database (and also "set up the Option database") are not available, they are grey.

    What is the problem? What should I do to get the opportunity to delte the two DBCA databases?

    Kind regards

    DBCA reads the ORATAB UNIX file to determine which databases exist to be deleted (and DBUA did the same thing to determine which databases are to be upgraded). Most likely the ORATAB file contains no entry without comment for your database.

    Niall Litchfield

  • Linking of database options

    Version Oracle

    OS version Red Hat AS 5

    I have several public and private database links. I'm looking for is information on how I can make them more safe and no idea how I can reduce the number of them.

    Ideas, documents and examples welcome.

    Cooper wrote:
    Right, right, thank you.

    Here's the deal. Each year, I get an outside audit and they bust always my chops on the number of links. I am convinced that I have not one more that I need and most are private. I locked the connection as tight as possible.

    So must just be my ground and say I need them and this is the reason business?

    I would punt the problem to the head of the company that requires / wants the data in the remote database.
    Become a volunteer to remove the DBLINK as long the auditor to take the heat when remote data not be available.
    If I were in your position, I would say that someone else needs to decide the link stays or a goes.
    This is NOT your battle.

  • database options

    How do I know when to use RAC, Oracle Streams and Data Guard

    As in this case we need and what we should use


    How do I know when to use RAC and Data Guard and Oracle Streams?
    As in this case we must use, and what we should use?

    If there is no rule, but it really depends on how management or customers (decision makers) like their data and need 100% availability (24/7) (if no guraantee).

    In very simple words:
    RAC:_ high availability (divide and conquer) political
    Data hold: * further develop the system availability, if the main system breaks down and you need to have minimum application downtime and service times.
    Streams: _ you should this small article of Oracle to understand and you'll know when to use it:

    Published by: OrionNet on January 25, 2009 18:21

  • DBCA does not deselect options database


    After a software successfully on IBM AIX 7.1 installation I started the creation of the database using DBCA

    I noticed that in the section "Database Options", all components are selected and the boxes are Devils so I can't disable any component.


    I found MOS Doc-ID 1590570.1 and it seems that this is normal.

    1 does anyone know what is the reason for this?

    2. has someone at - he found a solution for this problem? I prefer not to install unnecessary components...

    For some reason you seem to think that it would be an advantage to install a CBD with only the necessary database components. Well, apparently you can create a CBD with all components installed, or create a non - CBD were you can do not to install certain components. I'm afraid a users forum is perhaps not able to provide you with a definitive answer why there is such a design.

    The way I see it, from what I learned about 12 c so far, what you are trying to accomplish would probably add more complexity, affecting many aspects of the multitenancy, including the PDB of the SEED, which should be adjusted according to your custom options. It will also complicate things when you decide to connect or transfer other databases in your CBD.

  • change of database for processing result

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question regarding the change of the use of the database for the processing of the result. My environment is 2014 Teststand, LabView 2014.

    I need to be able to change the database used to store the result data programmatically. I use the simple example of the user interface provided by TestStand as a starting point to build the user interface. As I do this is by creating a global variable of station (StationGlobals.DBName) in the TestStand. The user can select its database via a combo box in the user interface. When users perform a sequence, Teststand asked to the user interface, the name of the database selected by the user (using UIMessage).

    It does not work like I wanted. It is better described the symptom using the following use cases:

    1. start the user interface

    2. choose a database (DB - A)

    3. run a sequence

    4. check the result data tables in DB - A. This works.

    5. choose another database (DB - B)

    6. run the same sequence

    7. check the result data tables in DB - B. They are not DB - B.

    8. check the result data tables in DB - A. They are in DB - A.

    It seems that the global variable of the station can be passed to the configuration database before you start to execute any order. The next event in the sequence, it does not take effect more.

    I wonder if I need to change a reminder to operate correctly.

    No idea why it behaves in this way? Here is a screenshot of my setup of database:

    Thanks in advance for any pointer.



    Hello Warren_Scott,

    apparently in my case, when I change the database between runs, I can simply turn off the option "Share Data Link between executions" in the result of treatment-> database option and it will work. Thanks for your suggestions.



  • iPhone 6, iOS 10, recalls is no longer an option to update to alert

    How an editable reminder to extend, for example, an hour after the initial alert?

    Are you referring to something like a snooze option? I've not seen a reminder have this option, except to set once again. Otherwise there would be a badge on the reminders application icon, but that does not give you an extra noise/vibration.

  • ATEs by using the shared but sequence having separate databases

    They just showed me two ATEs that use a common test sequence stored on a network server.  It is desirable that both connect their results to different data bases MS Access, but changing the connection string Expression to an ETA updates the Database Options on the other.

    Is it possible to share a movie file, but newspaper results from each ATE in different databases?

    Hi Jim,.

    To do this, you can add the ProcessModel DatabaseOptions callback sequence to the same sequence as your MainSequence file, and then programmatically set the Parameters.DatabaseOptions.ConnectionString based on who ATE called the shared sequence. This assumes that your shared movie file uses a process template.


  • Deployment of a new scheme of database on a Test System?


    I created a new MYSQL schema (on a development machine) I want to deploy a number of test systems.

    What is the best way to do it? Is there a file somewhere in the directory of TestStand I can copy?

    Thank you best regards &,.


    I don't think that you are correctly using the schema definition. The scheme applies only to the database. The schema does not exist in TestStand and you do not the schema port anywhere except if you want to install a new database somewhere database options for a specific read/write database schema are stored in the TestStandDatabaseOptions.ini file and you can choose to include this point in a deployment.

Maybe you are looking for

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